Quinn Moon

Even as a child, everyone knew Quinn Moon was going to be something one day. Both she and her twin Coyote shared that special quality, but Quinn had a little more sparkle sprinkled on top. As soon as she was old enough, she joined the Girl Scouts and began her childhood career as a volunteer and entrepreneur. Making the world a better place was always her passion. Her do-gooding tended to get her labeled as a dweeb, especially when her grand ideas involved weird inventions or outlandish business ideas. But she was smart and people had to appreciate that she knew what she wanted and was creative in finding ways to get it.

Quinn is a people person and has always wanted to be directly involved with helping people. She’d volunteer everywhere. At the old folks home, at the animal shelter, at the transition house. She participated in charity bake sales, joined cleanup crews. She was also a hopeless romantic and full of crush feelings for her brother’s friend Duncan. Quinn was hoping that during high school he’d finally realize that she was super cute and they’d fall in love and get married and have three kids and two dogs and one cat. But if that didn’t work out, she decided she would definitely marry Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars.

No one could expect the outbreak or how it could completely rip apart their life. Having her mom turn zombie and try to eat her and her brother is an image that’s cemented so deeply into her mind that she still has nightmares about it. Worse was getting separated from her siblings and never knowing what happened to them. For awhile she relied on “twin magic” and really, truly believed she would know if her brother died and it gave her hope that they’d find them again.

At 16 Quinn fell deeply, hopelessly in love with a boy in their traveling group. He was a couple years older than her, loved her just as much, and for almost a year they made each other happy and kept each other in good spirits despite the state of the world. Then, BAM, random zombie horde attack and he was bitten. He was ready to die, but Quinn didn’t want to let go. In the end, her father had to take him out.

From that point on, Quinn lost her sparkle, her hope, and any sort of belief that they were going to make it. Everyone is going to die, and it’s just a matter of when. There’s no point in daydreams and wishing for a future that’s never going to happen. Despite these hopeless feelings, Quinn is still Quinn. She can’t abide other people’s suffering or sadness. She keeps the dark thoughts to herself and still tries to encourage hope in others. She stays strong for her Dad and for the battered people they run into or collect. They need to hear those words to be able to keep surviving. Sometimes she feels like the only reason she can keep going is because she knows her Dad wouldn’t be able to without her.

As part of a traveling group, Quinn tends to take over planning and management and tends to boss everyone around. She keeps people and herself busy and makes sure they are never without enough supplies. A surplus is always better. Being prepared is essential. You never know when something bad will happen, when new people will show up, or when you need to run. Having extra on hand is great for trading with other groups too. Plus, busy people can’t sit around being mopey people.

Thanks to her years in Girl Scouts she’s got wilderness survival down as an art form. She can identify edible plants in the wild. She fishes. She knows first aid, safe camping, and how to use most tools. Everything else she has learned through experience and lessons from the people they come across.

Dad taught her how to handle herself with a gun and knife, including some close combat things should it get that far. She hates guns, but she’ll use them. Quinn is less skilled when things get up close and personal. Panic starts creeping in and taking over. She keeps an ice pick on her because it’s easiest and quickest for a zombie kill.

Quinn is directly responsible for their strange ability to adopt people into their group. She’s not doing it on purpose, she just tends to take care of people and gives off this sense of a safe space.

Quinn doesn’t curse ever. She still thinks if she curses in front of her dad she’ll get grounded or something.

What she wouldn’t give for a hot bubble bath and a bowl of real ice cream.

Hopes and dreams about the future? Nope, don’t have those anymore. Lets just try to die as painlessly as possible and not turn in to zombies.

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