Rhiannon Alina Sutherland

Mid to Late 20s.

Adopted as a baby to a quiet unassuming couple. Rhiannon’s life was very mild and uneventful. She’s always had very vivid dreams of this other world, that inspired her to begin writing stories. Rhiannon has now published two very popular books about her fantasy world, and is supposed to be working on a third.

The reality is that Rhiannon is from this otherworld, sent away as a baby because of a prophecy:

A seer of sun and a seer of moon;

born at the break of dawn a child split in two;

gate unlocked once king’s blood spilled;

strings of darkness woven till death devours.

Fearing that what having twin daughters could mean and not knowing how the prophecy would play out, King Boril ordered one of the daughters to be quietly killed. His wife, the Queen Innes, could not do this. In secret she sent the child to another world where she would be safe and no one would ever find her. They raised Princess Muireall as an only child, never telling anyone they had twins. The midwife that helped birth the twins was sent to the pit.

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