Romhilda or “Rommy” if you like to live dangerously.

Mid Twenties

Is about 8 weeks pregnant and swears if she ever sees the father’s face again, she’s going to kill the man. (She probably won’t actually do it, but she really WANTS to.)

Was an apprentice bird trainer to her mentor and adoptive parent. She was recently married, and her mentor died shortly after. Rommy inherited the business. …then her new husband sold it all out from under her and took off with the profits. She could’ve stayed and worked with the new owners, but hunting down her runaway husband sounded like a better idea. She intends to start up a new business.

Rommy has only JUST realized she is preggo. Considering her husband is a no-good low life, and she hasn’t anything to her name but a hawk, she is not sure how she is going to handle this baby business. There’s time to think about it, right?

A skilled hunter and animal trainer. She knows how to handle a wide variety of critters. Has never applied her craft to people before, so that’s going to be a challenge.

A little awkward with people, but can deal with them well enough as long as things stay professional. No problem facing down an angry bear, but the same doesn’t hold true with an angry person. She likes people, but they are unpredictable and confusing so it takes her awhile to connect with them on a more personal level. Physically she has no hesitation at defending herself, verbally is a different story. She is guilty of making judgements about people based on first impressions alone.

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