Saori Miyako


Name: Miyako, Saori (Last name first, as traditional Japanese style.)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthplace: Aotakigawa, Japan
Occupation: Doctor/Healer


General Appearance: Beautiful, Radiant… Normal! Saori doesn’t claim to be a great beauty, but if you deny she is, she might hurt you. Her hair is long just to her hips in a raven black with bluish tones when hit by the light. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown with that half closed lazy expression, topped with thin eyebrows that have that uncanny ability to cock up with a dubious look while she’s staring you down. Saori always has a pleasant smile and warm eyes, though rarely if she thinks no one is looking, she might look lost in a sad or serious thought. The shape of her body is slender, almost too slender, due to her excessive use of her energy to care for others. She is all muscle and skin, aside from a very robust chest which sometimes gives the impression that she might topple with all the top weight.

Saori’s choice of clothing is simple and feminine. She wears a wrap around kimono styled top along with a separate straight skit with a slit at one side. Usually this is ensemble is in ivory with different color trim around the seams, cuffs and sash depending on her mood. No matter what the clothing she wears, Saori always chooses to wear her tan dearskin boots. They are her favorite things in the world.

Strengths: Though Saori is a healer and not a fighter, she is skilled in defensive actions. If she is forced to be at the scene of a fight, she will be on the outskirts protecting from outside attacks or doing long range attacks herself. Her main goal would be to jump in to someone’s aid if they were to fall wounded in the middle of battle. Shielding them from any further attacks, she’d use her skill to heal them as best as possible or remove them to safety.
Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat or close range fighting is not her strong point. As she spends so much of her own energy on caring for others, her own body is not as strong as someone with her training should be.


Current Goal/Purpose: Build a stock of herbs and medicines from all over the world.
Talents: Cooking a delicious meal from seemingly nothing! Going from Sweet to Crazy in less than 2 seconds!
Inabilities: Keeping her temper during completely inappropriate situations. (Like someone spilling the milk…)
Fears: Ghosts, Demons… any sort of supernatural beasties that seems “inhuman”. They freak her out.

General Personality: Sweet and Sour Saori is the nickname many people in the village tend to call her. The kind and gentle care she gives to others comes as natural to her as making riceballs. But, it’s riceballs with a dash of wasabi. Strangest things will set Saori off in to a complete murderous tangent. She will be worried sick as she tends your wounds, but if she discovers you earned them from doing something stupid, well… You might need to go elsewhere to heal your face once she’s through. If Saori is cooking a meal and someone tries to steal a bite before dinner, you find yourself pelted with raw potatoes. Why is Saori so moody? No one is really sure, but people suggest that she spends so much time trying to be pleasant and kind to people that she bottles up all her real thoughts and they end up exploding out of her in petty tantrums. Her behavior in a fight or otherwise serious situation seems to have these same yin/yang tones. In the middle of a battle she’s happy, smiling, seemingly unworried about the situation. But, if someone is hurt or in serious danger her smiles are turned off like a light switch and she is instantly involved and managing the problem. Saori is one hundred percent focused on her task of taking care of others.

Inner Personality: What is Saori when no one is looking? Saori isn’t sure. She seems to wrap herself up in a happy aura, that often times she doesn’t even understand her own feelings about things. In fact she spends so much time trying to consider what her place is in life and how she feels, that she thinks too much about it. Saori doesn’t know what to do about herself, so she just tries to keep her mind focused on everyone else.

Secret: If there’s a secret in Saori’s life, she probably isn’t even aware of it herself.


History: The Miyako family appears to be a close loving group of people filled with tradition. This is very much true, but they rarely seem to show this affection towards each other. Saori’s parents love each other with out a doubt, but they fight like feudal clans night and day. Coupled with the continuous Father-Son battle between Saori’s father and her grandfather, it’s made home life a little shaky. (The actual cause of the tension between her Father and Grandfather is still unknown to her. They never actually want to explain why they’re so angry and insist it’s not a woman’s business.) Despite the rocky times, Saori loves her family and is content in knowing her family loves her, even if it’s unspoken.

Saori is the reigning Doctor and Healer of her village. Injured students, warriors, and villagers come to her for assistance with all sorts of wounds from mere scratches to near fatal injuries. Only a few times has Saori failed to save someone, and this is something that scars her deeply. Though she still smiles, she’ll step back or change the subject if those people are mentioned in her presence.

A life outside being a doctor? Never! There is always some ill or injured. Though, when Saori can escape her duties she adores cooking. She’ll cook so much that she tends to have much more food than she could ever eat by herself and is always trying to pawn it off on others. Her cooking talents are almost as fantastic as her healing, as she can take completely random ingredients and make a delicious meal.

Present Life: There is a shortage of many rare herbs and medications that are a staple of any prepared healer’s collection. Saori is trying to travel and pick up these necessary things.

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