SATHERIANS (From Sathera)
Most of the life on Sathera is located on the land masses near the equator, making the dominate races prefer heat and warmth. Satherians value their life of pleasure and leisure. Arts, Music, Food… If you want to sample the most wonderful things in life, you would spend a month in Sathera!

All Satherians are gifted with “Shifting”. It’s a chameleon-like ability to alter their physical appearance. Some have this gift stronger than others, and it’s usually based on age and practice. Someone with a great talent may be able to alter the entire shape of their body. BUT, shifting can only be done by what is physically capable of the body. One could not make themselves smaller than they are (where would it all go?), but they could stretch themselves larger, for example. Shifting the shape of bones is very painful business and not done by many.

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