Scarlett Coheedan

Character Name: Scarlett Coheedan
Gender: Female
Status: Pretend Princess (She is actually a servant posing as a foreign princess!)
Kingdom: Labarin
Kingdom History*: Labarin is a teeny tiny little spot of land belonging to her Uncle, Prince Jareth. They are known for delicious pears and honey bees. (Or would be if it was a real kingdom.)
Age: 20
General Appearance: A Ginger red-head with hazel eyes. Strong solid body standing 5’6″, moderate curves and bust. She isn’t grandly beautiful, bit neither is she an eyesore. Scarlett has features that makes it easy for her to blend in and not be noticeable.
Masquerade Appearance: A deep green dress with gold trim and peacock feather design. Her Uncle spent the last of their money to get it, but it was well worth it! The effect is impressive.
General Personality: Scarlett is down to earth and realistic. She knows her place in the world and where she belongs. But she doesn’t have much of a back bone for defending herself and is easily intimidated by stronger individuals. For the moment she is stretching her acting skills, acting differently with each person and trying to be the kind of girl they would like to marry. She’s after a husband.
General History: Scarlett was born a peasant and grew up a peasant! She’s been working her entire life. When her parents died she was put in to the care of her Aunt and Uncle. The pair were always trying to come up with schemes and ideas on how to “better” themselves and their station. Usually it was just harmless schemes and trickery. Get rich quick plots. But now… Now her Uncle has the grand idea of marrying in to money. Here they are with an attractive young woman, perfect age for getting married. The Plan? Come to the Masquerade and other events posing as a princess and find a good desperate RICH man. Scarlett isn’t really keen on the idea. But these people took her in and cared for her, how can she say no?

Uncle Jareth Coheeden: The man enjoys intrigue and playing games. He also enjoys ridiculous over the top frippery and indulgence. He stays nearby trying to help build bridges and find Scarlett that rich sucker to make him them rich.

Aunt Urial Coheeden: Aunt Uriel is a lazy beast, that she can’t even make it to the parties. She does, however, have plenty of opinions and advice on how to land a man.

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