Sci Fi Space Opera #997839

A military base is under surprise attack! Pilot(s) tell a teacher friend to meet them at the escape pods, go straight there, no detours etc, as they got orders to follow first.

On the way woman has to dodge several enemy soldiers but gets stuck when a few torturing and ripping apart a fellow teacher are in the way. She tries to sneak past and is caught herself. General McBad is there and asks where he can find [insertname here], and by the astonishedly terrified look on her face, realizes that’s her! He assures her that her fate won’t be the same as her friends, and to be sure he has the right person drops a bit of her blood in to a test vile. It goes all shiny.

CRASH BAM BOOM goes a distraction and the woman is rescued by her pilot friends. They make it to the pods and she gets strapped in and off they go.

[b]~~~ Plot noooootes[/b]

The military has been hiding returned Atlanteans for generations in exchange for technology. It’s been long enough that ones in the civilian population don’t know what they are anymore. But the military has always kept track. Recently someone has betrayed the military and given information to the big bads. Everything from where bases were located, secrets, and the full list of Atlanteans. They want these Atlanteans because something in their blood can fuel some ancient lost weapons tech. The same tech that has destroyed two other planets. (venus and mars?)


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