Shannon Douglas / Mishella Jonas

Character Name: Shannon Douglas
Gender: Female
Age: 11
School/Grade: 6th Grade
Talents: Creativity and Imagination
Inabilities: Paying Attention and Easily Bored.
Fears: The Dark, Physical Pain, Spiders
General Personality: People see Shannon as a very mature and well behaved young lady. Especially for her age. Though she’s really shy in large crowds, she can hold pleasant conversations with individuals be they adult or younger than her. She is that kid that always plays mediator. Smoothing over fights, trying to keep everyone involved, and making sure all the people around her are having fun. Everyone knows Shannon, because she is always trying to be everyone’s friend!
Inner Personality: Shannon craves attention and wants to be the person in the “spotlight”. But, she never wants to be aggressive about it and risk having someone get mad at her or be upset. She’s super jealous of her younger brother to the point of “hating” him for all the attention he gets, but always feels like she doesn’t have a right to feel that way and is a bad person for it. Shannon always keeps her real thoughts and opinions to herself, as she thinks it’s more important to be friendly with everyone than to rock the boat.
Secret: She doesn’t get an allowance, so sometimes she steals money out of her mother’s purse.
Background: Shannon was born to a young couple unexpectedly. So the first two years of her life, she spent being shuffled back and forth between her parents and her grandparents. When her little brother was born with a major disease, that made it all the more important for her to be more self sufficient. While her brother spent a lot of time in the hospital, Shannon was being groomed by her grandmother and mother to be an Independent Woman. It was their way of making sure Shannon could take care of herself while they were busy with her brother.

Ever since 5th grade, Shannon has been babysitting herself, pretty much! Dad is always at work and Mom is too busy. She hates being around her little brother, so she runs out and escapes to play as much as she can. She spends a LOT of time daydreaming. Writing short stories, drawing pictures, making costumes for herself and her Barbies with the money she pilfered out of her mom’s purse. Recently, her grades have started suffering because she’s way more interested in the things she creates than the boring homework from school. Her avatar in the games she plays with friends is the kind of person she would like to be one day.

Character Name: Mishella Jonas
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human Alien Wizard
Age: 26

Strengths: She’s like a gymnast! So she can run and jump and spring and do somersaults.
Weaknesses: Girls don’t have big muscles and she can’t tolerate getting hurt or sick.

Talents: Animal charming!
Inabilities: Lying. She’s a really bad liar!
Fears: Pure black darkness! Giant spiders! Being in prison! (Because then it’s dark AND it has spiders!)
General Personality: Mishella is outgoing, courageous, brave, and cunning! She was born to be a heroine and does it well. Everything she does is for the good of other people!
Inner Personality: She’s actually super scared of her responsibility and worries that she won’t be able to handle it. She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s scared about stuff and always pretends she has everything under control, even when it’s all falling apart.
Secret: Mishella had a twin brother that she thinks she accidentally killed when they were kids, but he’s actually still alive somewhere.

Special Items: Mishella has a necklace; A blue sapphire she calls a [i]firestone[/i]. It’s on a gold chain and she ALWAYS wears it. It has magic powers, but she doesn’t know about it yet!
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, and a crossbow!
Magics: Sometimes she can cast spells, but they require a lot of energy so she tries not to do it often. They are usually elemental.

General History: Mishella and her Twin Brother are actually from another world! The entire place was falling apart because of war, so their family and a bunch of other people used magic and science to find a new place to live before it was too late. When they found a new place, they made their home and things were pretty happy for awhile. But, one day Mishella and her Twin were out playing in the woods. A big bear monster showed up and was going to eat them! While they were trying to fight it and escape, Mishella hit her brother by mistake and he fell off the cliff in to a river below. She thought she killed him and was too afraid to go back home and tell her parents. So she ran away!

Now Mishella is a drifter and with the friends she travels with she tries to make up for what she did by saving other people.

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