Silver Tear… Beginnings of a Prolouge?

It was pouring down rain that morning at the St. Mary Adoption Center. The children were inside enjoying the warm of the playroom, some playing board games, while others were enthralled with videos or simply playing pretend. Sister Maria was busy helping some of the younger ones clean up the paints and clay from the their art project when one of the older children tugged on the skirt of her habit. “Yes, Kathy?” She looked down at the young girl with concerned. The little freckle-faced red-head was wide-eyed with wonderment, dancing back and forth on her two feet with excitement.

“There’s a baby at the front door!” Kathy exclaimed, barely being able to keep her excitement under control.

Sister Maria sighed. Kathy was known for telling incredible tall tells, so she was a bit reluctant to believe the young girl. The last time she saw a wizard outside in the tree house and all that was found was a tiny grass lizard. “Now Kathy, dear. You know what we said abou-”

“But Sister Maria it’s a real baby! At the front door! Cooing an’ everything!” Kathy was very insistent, tugging on Sister Maria’s clothing in an attempt to get her to go see.

“Oh, alright. We’ll go see.” Sister Maria sighed as she rose from her seat, following little Kathy out of the playroom and in to the halls. As they walked Maria could hear the faint sounds of gurgling and babbles. Her eyebrows furrowed in curiosity. It certainly sounded like a baby. Reaching the front doors of the center, Sister Maria swung open the doors. Kathy squealed in delight as there was indeed a baby sitting at the front steps, wrapped up in a old tattered looking blanket with a small note attached.

Maria was stunned as she quickly stooped and swept up the baby in to her arms, closing the doors to block out the rain and cold. Who could leave such a young helpless child out in the rain like that? “Kathy, please go summon the other Sisters to my office at once! This is very important!”

Once the employees and volunteers of the agency were gathered in her office, Sister Maria motioned to the young baby that was situated in a small seat, trying to fight off sleep to watch all of the excitement. She held up the note for all to see and passed it around for the others to read.

“Her name is Jetta… At least that is what it explains in the note. It gives little information other than her name, and to please protect the child from any dangers. I am completely lost at what to do!”

Quiet murmers echoed through the room as the Sisters read the note and watched the small sleepy child. Sister Chantal, one of the older ladies of the establishment spoke up. “We will simply have to keep her until we can find her family or place her in a safe home. We couldn’t turn her over to anyone else. She is such a sweet little thing!” Others chimed in with their agreements!

“Well… I suppose we could keep her.” Sister Maria looked down at the small child, who has since lost it’s battle against sleep. “Welcome to St. Mary’s, Jetta…”

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