“That’s the wench that ruined the best stew I ever made. Had the whole pot exploding over the town and covered everyone in peas! Do you know what it’s like hearing hundreds of villagers screaming, I’M COVERED IN PEA?”


Character Name: Siraza
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: Screw you, she’s not telling.
Occupation: Insane Wizard


Height: 5’5″
Hair: Coppery Orange
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Marks:
General Appearance: Her clothes are often a hodge podge of color and she is always wearing a top hat with feather plumes.
Strengths: She’s got good strong arms!
Weaknesses: Siraza likes to take the “easy way” with magic, so she’s a bit lazy and easily winded.


Likes: Insulting old people.
Dislikes: Pretty much everything.
Talents: Making fantastic potions and stews!
Inabilities: Controlling her spells.
Fears: Overly affectionate people. People getting in her personal space. And… fish. *Shudder*
General Personality: Everyone believes Siraza is completely mad! Nor does she make any attempt to change their minds. She’s rude, unpleasant, and down right villainous. She steals, lies, pranks, and harasses to her heart’s content.
Inner Personality: Siraza just doesn’t like people. She probably has a good reason for it, but she’ll probably never say why or admit she has a problem. People annoy her, thus she annoys them right back.


General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

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