Sorcha inghean Feradach of Clan Cullaich, Queen of Collamagh

Ages 3 – 8
King Feradach was killed during at skirmish at the border. Mercia’s raids on border villages were common, but when they targeted the largest trade town in the lowlands, the King made a personal appearance. The battle was hard but won swiftly. Unfortunately the King sustained internal wounds and died a few days later.

As the only child and heir to King Feradach, Sorcha became the Queen of Collamagh at the mere age of three. Queen Caitriona ruled in her stead as Queen Regent, with Feradach’s brother giving council. They ruled as Feradach ruled, upholding his visions for the country’s future.

Before long, Collmagh found it’s borders attacked at all angles. Mercia had always been a threat on land, but Huaich began to more aggressively hit port towns. Collamagh’s growing wealth and influence had become irresistible. Without enough men to defend the country, Queen Regent Caitriona sought powerful allies. With Ailmain sharing issues with both Mercia and Huaich as well as having a prince not much older than seven year old Sorcha, Caitriona accepted the betrothal.

Sorcha spent the next few years at the Ailmain court under the care of her aunt SOMELADY along with her cousin Maura. She was very fond of Dietrich.

Age 9 – 17
At age nine someone tried to smother poor tiny Sorcha in her own bedchamber. The traitorous woman killed herself before she could answer the question of who sent her. There were major issues in Collamagh. Battles with Mercia were still common, but worse, there was dissent amongst some of the clans about the union with Ailmain. A small grouping believed it was the wrong choice and rumors suggested they were backing a new heir. Queen Regent Caitriona was beginning to second guess the arrangement.

Ailmain did not want to let this investment go, but Sorcha and Dietrich were still too young to marry. Sorcha was spirited away under the cover of night to an unknown location, with promises to Caitriona that her daughter would be safe and that Ailmain would continue to support Collamagh.

Sorcha’s years at the Abbey were quiet and peaceful. Known only as another one of the orphaned girls who made their home there, Sorcha was expected learn and do her chores like all the others. She cared for the animals, washed and mended clothes, cleaned, cooked, amongst other things during the day. At night she would be tutored in history, politics, court and all the necessities of being Queen by LADYNUN who had once been lady of the court in her youth. There were a brief few months when Sorcha was thirteen that she decided she was sick of hiding and she nearly ran away along with the aid of her friend and confidant before they were caught and she got a terrifying lecture from LADYNUN. Once she had a crush on the boy that brought letters and parcels to the Abbey, but that faded and before long he was chasing some other girl.

Sorcha’s location has been discovered and an attempt has been made on her life. She must be returned to the Ailmain court and is soon to marry Dietrich.


Sorcha was born naturally wild and rebellious. She’ll listen and follow the rules but first she has to ask why and expects you to be able to answer her in a way she finds satisfactory. Raised since birth to be a queen, her responsibility and obligations have been drilled in to her. When she was small, she willfully fought against it, but as she grew older and gained experience, she understood what it meant to be Queen. Sorcha behaves appropriately for a place and situation, though she still has her moments of being a reckless teenager.

Sometimes Sorcha feels trapped by her position. Doing sneaky reckless things become very enticing for an opportunity to get away and not be a queen for a few moments. Most of the time she resists, but some opportunities are too good to pass up. This is generally aided by someone whispering in her ear that it’s a glorious idea.

Love and Happily Ever After is not something Sorcha ever expects to have. That is not something Queens get. She’s just glad that Dietrich is close to her age, her friend and someone she actually likes. It could have been a lot worse. Daydreaming about romance is so lovely though!

Sorcha feels like she needs to prove herself to the world. Because she grew up away from her own country and not fully part of the Ailmain court, she feels like neither are going to take her seriously as a ruler. She doesn’t want to be Dietrich’s trophy wife, she wants an equal partnership. Sorcha has opinions and she is going to share them.

At the moment, Sorcha also thinks she’s invincible and perfectly capable of handling herself in a dangerous situation. Foiled assassination attempts and growing up in a safe place gave her a false sense of security and has made her ill prepared for life at court. She’s been told what’s it’s like and how to be careful, but she’s over confident. She carries a knife with her and she insists she knows how to use it.

On the bright side, Sorcha learns fast from mistakes. She will admit when she’s wrong and take responsibility for it. If her trust is broken, though, it takes a lot to build it back up again. Sorcha doesn’t forgive easily and the more personal the hurt, the more stubborn she is about it.

Sorcha has learned the hard way that titles can affect even the closest of friendships. At the Abbey she had several friends and once it was discovered that she was a Queen, it changed. Her closest friend felt so betrayed that Sorcha never shared her secret. The rest simply treated her different. There felt like an uncomfortable invisible barrier. There is a rumor that one of the girls, one of her friends, was the spy that revealed her location. But because Sorcha had to leave the Abbey so quickly, none of this has been resolved. She doesn’t know who betrayed her, if someone at the Abbey even did, nor has her best friend yet to respond to her letters. Friendship is now something very precious and valuable to Sorcha.

History of Collamagh

A clan (Colla) united the warring clans under one banner. The lands became known as Collamagh. This was so long ago that the original story has become more of a legend than known fact. Some say Colla was a single man blessed by the fae who birthed the first clans by giving sets of lands to his sons. Others recognize Colla as a conquering clan that fought and captured it’s way across warring tribes to unite all it’s people. There are five clans that claim to be direct descendants of Colla, and most often it is one of these clans that rule as Sovereign of Collamagh. The Cullaich clan has the strongest claim due to a long recorded history. At present they have held the throne for six generations.

Collamagh is a small country and for most of it’s history as been self-reliant with no desire to get involved in world trade or politics. Trade markets with other countries were small and few. When the Cullaich clan regained the throne they began negotiations for international trade and allies. The town of Braewick is now it’s largest port of trade.

It’s major exports are fish, cattle, fine leather craft, and wool. Though recently a wealth of silver mining has begun.

In the past three generations, Collamagh’s rising wealth has attracted the attention of it’s neighbors. Huaich has begun to threaten it’s ports, while Mercia is pushing in at it’s land borders. Treaties have not been successful with either country, with things going as far as Mercia out-right trying to invade. After the death of King Feradach in one of these skirmishes, Collamagh made allies with Ailmain through a promise of marriage to it’s still-young Queen.

The Queen Mother Caitriona has been ruling Collamagh as Regent until her daughter Queen Sorcha takes control.

Character Relationships

Caitriona inghean Roibeird of Clan Cullaich – Sorcha’s Mother. Queen Regent of Collamagh. Woman with a spine of steel. Caitriona is not someone to be trifled with, but living without her husband and the years of ruling in Sorcha’s stead have started to take their toll on her health.

SOMELADY of Clan Cullaich – Maura’s mother, Sorcha’s Aunt. King Feradach’s sister. She married in to Clan Cullaich from Clan ????, another clan that claims to be a bloodline of Colla. She feels her daughter has a bigger right to the throne than Sorcha and there is a small group of people who agree. This is not something she openly advertises.

LADYNUN of Abbey – As a young woman, she was a lady of the court. She chose not to marry and joined the Abbey. She is one of the few people that knew Sorcha was at the Abbey and was Sorcha’s teacher. She’s a stern, pious woman, and no one would call her friendly. But she was a good teacher and kept the girls of the Abbey in line.

Maura inghean Magnus of Clan Cullaich – Sorcha’s cousin. They grew up together and were together in Ailmain until Sorcha was whisked away to hiding. They were close friends before, but haven’t yet recaptured that friendship. Maura is a quiet, gentle and thoughtful young woman. Some believe she should be the Queen of Collamagh and that this marriage to Ailmain is a terrible idea. She may just agree. Quietly. Where no one can hear her.

Besseta of Clan Maxton – A lady of titles and fortune and ambitions. There was a lot of sneakery involved in getting anointed as one of the queen’s ladies. She absolutely believes that Sorcha marrying in to Ailmain is the right thing to do, but would happily take her place if given the chance. Openly admits (to Sorcha) that she would throw Sorcha under the carriage if it meant she could wed the future king instead and reminds Sorcha to mind her reputation and think about what’s best for her country. Because she’s not the only one. She’s a huge bitch to anyone she doesn’t deem worth her energy and is kind of an awful person.

Delila of clan Lochreid – Is an absolute nitwit and unreasonable moron, but she is the last heir to her family name and property. She was shipped away by her aging Uncle in hopes that some besotted fool would be charmed by her prettiness enough to ignore the fact she’s an idiot and marry her anyway. She doesn’t want to get married though, Delila wants to run away and have some torrid romance and amazing adventures that get written about in history books. She’s incredibly supportive of Sorcha, especially if there will be a drama involved.

Bridget of Clan Neacail – Probably the closest to Sorcha in temperament and interests, in fact the were almost instant friends. She’s spent most of her time in Ailmain. She encourages Sorcha’s independence and right to use her weight as Queen. She doesn’t have a notable or wealthy family, and she one daughter of seven, so the connections she makes at court are very important. Bridget understands how much pressure Sorcha is under and is always there to whisper advice in her ear, or to sit and listen.

Confidant Friend at the Abbey – Sorcha’s first friend at the abbey and eventual confidant. She was secretly the “decoy girl” should anyone ever discover Sorcha was there. She possibly dies when the abbey is invaded.

Friend at the Abbey 2 – Arrived at the abbey a couple years after Sorcha and became part of the trio. She’s always been competitive with the other two girls and filled with questionably bad ideas. She’s incredibly offended that Sorcha never told her the truth, yet trusted their other friend. She hasn’t spoken since and won’t return any of her letters.


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