Genre: Sci Fi
Notes: Very fast paced, character/action oriented. Would be best in chat or 1/1 play.

A Spark is found. One of the prophesied people that can help save the universe from Oblivion. With the spark and the Others that will help the Spark, it is the hope that they can stop the Void from consuming reality.

Sparks: People that have “sparks” are people with the ability to “control the universe”, according to folklore and legend. In reality, everyone has sparks, there is only a precious few that can see them or control them. A person who is “a spark” would be able to create things from nothing, control the fabric of reality, etc. (Essentially, a god.) (sparks can come in red or blue and are opposites? You can combine them or split them apart.) Living Sparks in the universe: 1.

Voidlings: Creatures of nothingness that are part of a larger collective. This void wants to consume the universe back to the vast amount of nothing it started as. You cannot touch a voidling (or any part of the void) as you would dissolve in to nothing.

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