Suun Unashi

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Character Name: Suun Unashi

Age: 33 Earth Years

Birthplace/World: Sathera

Occupation: Fabrics Artisan & Trader


General Appearance: Suun loves bright colors, thin gauzy fabrics and lots of shiny gold bits.

Strengths: Flexible, lithe, and bendy. Suun can contort her body in to all sorts of fun positions.

Weaknesses: Though she’s fit and strong, Suun knows she is not a warrior class, she’s a lover. Thus, she carries weapons to make up for this.


Current Goal/Purpose: Live and Let Live. Suun is content with her life and lifestyle, and has no long term goals.

Talents: Idle conversation, putting people at ease, completely useless trivia, body massages, playing the harp, and… yoga?

Inabilities: She relies heavily on a hand held PDA system for all of her information storage, dates, messaging, mail, ect. She can’t (and refuses) to live without it.

Fears: “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” She is fond of that quote and doesn’t seem to have any known fears. She does find herself uncomfortable in situations where she can’t have a civil conversation with something. (Such as, hungry man eating beasts or rogue robots.) There is a lack of being able to control the situation then.

General Personality: Suun is the embodiment of everything pleasant and sociable. Able to have conversations with the most highest of powers, or lowliest of men with out ever missing a beat. Depending on who she is speaking to, she could be the most sensual of women, or perhaps perky and light-hearted. Suun is what you need her to be in the moment. Despite her chameleon-like personality Suun never seems to put anyone at suspicion.

Inner Personality: What is Suun when she is not putting on a show for others? Suun values her privacy and personal space. When she is not “working” she prefers to be alone to cleanse her body and mind. She likes her peace, quiet, and tranquility. Suun is very patient even with harsh personalities, but will NOT tolerate any breach of her privacy. Suun also has a high standard for her clients. She will not accept any clients that do not meet her expectations.


General History: Suun was born and raised in a typical Satherian family. She has two brothers, (one who is also an escort, the other is playing a “strings instrument” in an orchestra), and her parents. Suun, despite seeming to have a talent for several perfectly normal hobbies, decided to go in to fabric design because it pleased her aesthetics.

Present Life: Suun is on a vacation. She has “adopted/enslaved” (insert character here) because of his (doing something stupid that annoyed her). He is now her “servant” until he finally apologizes. It’s all his own doing, as she would be much happier if he would just leave.

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