Along Came You

Along Came You 003: Friends With Benefits (TBC)

Miranda: Miranda didn’t wake him up when she did. How could she? He was so cute when he was sleeping… and he really did deserve a nice surprise. So she showered and dressed, left for the market. And within an hour she had returned with a sack full of groceries and a bag of booze. Bottles to replace what she drank, and a really nice wine to go with dinner. Now she was in the kitchen with the broiler heating up as she chopped up vegitables. -07:55 Dec 12
Derrick: He didn’t realize she was bac when he blundered into the living room in full view of the kitchen with only a tpwel adn that busy drying his hair. "Hey sweetheart." he said with a smile as he pulled a pair or undies from the drying frame and pulled them on followed by shorts and a shirt before eh wondered into the kitchen looking for tip bits to steal. "What did you get? OOOhhh a rose.. you remembered my favorite… not trying to get me drunk again are you?" -07:59 Dec 12
Miranda: She swatted his hands away from the food as she laughed. "No, absolutely not. I’ve had enough hangovers this week! But…! You can’t have an amazing meal without wine, right?" Why did he look so good half wet. Last night was such a mistake… now she was -never- going to be able to get through a day without imagining him naked. Or be able to see him naked without having her stomach doing gymnastics. Just at the thought, her knife nearly slipped. "So…! You slept okay?" New subjects! -08:03 Dec 12
Derrick: "I think I sleep better when I’m being used as a matress." he said leanign over her shoulder to see what she was chopping. "Anything you need help with? You for rose so there’s meat involved right? Rose needs meat even if itls a little saucy pork in a salad or do I need to go and get something white?" he was teasin gher, mostly. He loved his wines but each one had a certain place. -08:06 Dec 12
Miranda: "For your information I found a fantastic roast that I am about to pop in the oven and it’s going to be the most delicious bit of meat you ever stuffed in your mouth." She might not know about wine like he did, but she did know food. And if she didn’t like having him stand so close, she would have shooed him away. "Are you going to pour us a couple of glasses or be executive chef?" -08:11 Dec 12
Derrick: "Oh you know I’m going to do both." he said already going to get two glasses and place them on the counter and get the corcscrew from his the concenient hook and engly ease it out to make sure there was no cork on the wine. Not nesissary in the age of plastic corks but a good habit. Then he was placing a glass nect to her and chilling the rest. "Good to know years with me hasn’t gone entirly to wast, even if still don’t look after your hair." she did thoug, she had goegious hair but he also knew she was still self contious about it. -08:17 Dec 12
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Miranda: Right on cue and hand was up to brush her hair behind her ears, and the second she realized it she stuck her tongue out at him. "If you havea problem with my hair, you can complain at my stylist. He lives here, you know." Another tongue-stick in his direction and she picked up her glass for a sip. There would be no getting drunk tonight! She would have to pace it. Then Miranda was right back to bustling in the kitchen. Anything to keep from staring at him! -08:22 Dec 12
Derrick: "Oh I have plenty to say to him don’t you worry." he said putting his hand on his hip and using the other to take a sip from his glass to put it down. "I hear he hasn’t even told you your smile made his morning today. Can you believe… he made a dissaproving click with his tongue and then tunred to her. "So what to your want me to do?" -08:25 Dec 12
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Miranda: Instantaneous grinning. Miranda swung open the fridge to pull out the roast she had marinating and off it went under the broiler. "You can stand around looking pretty, or you can sit and compliment me lots. Either way, I’m cooking for -you- so no touchies until it’s all done." -08:31 Dec 12
Derrick: "Oh you know I’m going to do both this time." he said with an overdramatic hairlip and a pose. "You’re the only person I thin I’ve ever really and truly loved. Hows that for a compliment." now he was taking his glass and taking another sip. There was a worm in his mind boring away that he couldn’t get rid of. He wanted to sleep with her again and the only way to drown that out would be more wine or another subject. "What else did you get to drink?" -08:34 Dec 12
Miranda: "I got you some rum, brandy, whisky, vodka and tequila! All of which I will keep my hands off of." Miranda was timing that meat just right, now getting the veggies in a skillet with her favorite seasonings. It’d be a warm and comforting meal. Perfect when your world just got shaken up. And he loved her. Sure he didn’t mean it in that special way, but it still made her toes curl and turn her face a bright pink. -08:43 Dec 12
Derrick: "Perfect. I’ll lay the table." he placed down his glass and got a couple of plates out to pile cutlety on and take to the table with the chilled bottle and sit down to wait. Sitting didn’t mast long as he was stalking over to her to smell the roast, and her, grab one of her hands and kiss a kinger to get the taste from it before he grinned and danced out of reach. "So we’re cool after last night, and in theory would be fine if it happened again?" he asked out of curiocity. "In case you need cheering up again." -08:48 Dec 12
Miranda: Meeeeelting. If she wasn’t trying to stay cool, Miranda would have just let herself drop to the floor in an over dramatic display of goofiness. Instead she was clearing her throat and stuff that skillet in to the oven. "Totally fine… I mean,,, it’s just friends with benefits right? And we’re mature adults who can handle stringless sex when we need someone’s company..?" Miranda was testing the waters out of curiosity. If he was okay with the idea, what would it hurt..? -08:52 Dec 12
Derrick: "hmmm.." he took another sip of wine and thought. "When we need it I guess." he was sounding uncharacteristicaly hesitant. "But we’re suppost to be talkign about sexcapades not with eachother, so you’re first!" -09:00 Dec 12
Miranda: "Oh man… why me first?" Miranda was pretty sure none of her sexcapades were as exciting or unique as his. Then again… her boyfriends weren’t exactly known for being sane, reasonable people. After setting her timing, she picked up her glass again for a sip. "Where do I start…? The BDSM guy or Horse fetish guy..?" -09:05 Dec 12
Derrick: "It’s your story." he said waving his glass, "Oh… horses…" he sighed. "Roland… statues are not meant for that…" he was getting distracted and shook himself giving her a mysterious smile and tilding his head. "Why do you eclipse them all?" -09:13 Dec 12
Along Came You

Along Came You 002: Upside Down

[Miranda is passed out drunk sexed. Best night ever!] -05:42 Dec 11
Derrick: Waking up with a warm body in his bed and the contentment that only came after a noght of great sex. His arms were around someone too, somone small… Denim jacket guy? Whoever it was desurved a nice wakeup and so his slipped his hand around to thier front and… there was no shaft, into a slit that his finger slid againast and he opened his eyes wide… "Miranda!" Now he remembered! -05:44 Dec 11
Miranda: "Hmmm..?" Miranda wasn’t even awake yet, but being petted was always a nice niiiice wake up. Not having her name shouted though. Her brow furrowed and she rolled to bury her face in to warm skin. There was a very distinct pounding in her head and she was SO not ready to get up yet. "Five more minutes…" …wait a minute, who was she in bed with? Miranda stiffened. "….uh oh…" -05:50 Dec 11
Derrick: Well this was bad. He had slept with his best friend, who was a woman and h wasn’t even meant to like women. And now he had woken her up and he really did not want to deal with this with this with his head feeling like somone had been slamming in into a car door all night. He groaned and flopped back down next to her, his body against hers. Maybe if he pretended to be asleep? -05:54 Dec 11
Miranda: Instinct was a killer. Instinct made her want to curl all her limbs around him and cuddle him, and do things that… probably vaguely resembled those faint memories she was getting from last night. Pushing him against the wall, practically ripping his clothes off… Oh christ! She raped her best friend! He gay ass best friend! Miranda sat up quickly, which made the whole thing worse when her head spun. "Oooh goooood…! I’m a succubus…! A rapist! A fag slayer…!" She had a dozen names for herself and all of them were BAD! -05:59 Dec 11
Derrick: Well not he had to make a disbelieving "pffffft" noise just because what she was was unintentionally hillarious. "No you’re not girl." he said sitting up slowly and shielding his eyes. "ONly thing that hurts is my head." He finally looked at her and she looked as bad as he felt and he had to fight the instinct to cuddle her and then see where that lead. God he wasnted to have sex with her again and he turned a shade of red and looked away. "Ugh… I think it’s time for Derrick Watson’s patented hangover cure… no not that one." getting out of bed and bust seemed like a good idea. "Wait here Miranda, I’ll be back with breakfast." -06:05 Dec 11
Miranda: "Of course not that one…! Your poor Sherman probably doesn’t want to see another dark wet place again…! Oh god, what have I done…!" Well, she was glad HE thought it was amusing! Miranda fell backwards on to the sheets, pulled a blanket up over her head and swore to never live again. How was he even going to hold a conversation with her now and not be terrified she would pounce on him again? Could a guy get -gayer- after sex with a crazy woman? -06:11 Dec 11
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Derrick: "Sweetheart…" she was handling this worse than him and he knew jusrt what might heer her up. Tearing the blanket away fron her face he again liched the tip of her nose and grinned at her. "there, you know what that means. Not stop feeling bad what sex is meant to make you feel good. I’ll be back." he moving off of the bed and headed for the kitchen. Coffee with bacong egg and chesse sandwiches. In the nude… -06:16 Dec 11
Miranda: "Stop trying to chaaarm meeeee with your theaaatriiiiics!" But of course she was placated, though. Momentarily stilling her writhing and over dramatic moaning to snatch that blanket back and curl up in bed. HIS bed. Naked. After sex. Oh man… she was remembering that sex… Was it really that good or was it drunk memory? -06:19 Dec 11
Derrick: It didn’t take him long, if there was one thing Derrick could do on a hangoved that wasn’t sex it was cooking his cure. He ahd read somewhere that the protien and carbohydrates where science’s best weapons against hangover, so bacon and bread, with egg and cheese just because after good sex you can never be too decadent. "Here we are." he said placing her mug down next to her sude of the ed and balancing the plate on top.. god.. she had a side? He slipped under the covers to cover himself up and started eating. "So Miranda guess what." he said in his usual gossip voice. "I had the most amazing sex last night and you’ll never gues what!" his voice became more nuetral "It was with a girl…" -06:24 Dec 11
Miranda: "Derrick, that’s not funny, I feel bad enough…" Miranda tried to give him her most dark of glares, but that wasn’t coming off well with the pounding in her head. And well. He was naked. Like, last-night-sex perky morning naked. The first thing she went for was the coffee, and for the first time -ever- she actually pulled up a sheet to make sure she wasn’t flashing boob. He had to be sick of boobs! "Lets just get all my sorries out of the way first, okay? I am SO SO SOOOOO sorry if I raped you, forced you, did terrible things to you, tied you up, or anything like that. I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I do, but I was drunk and you KNOW you’re irresistanle to even girls and.. and.. I was weak..!" -06:28 Dec 11
Derrick: "Do I look like I need to be apologized to?" he asked. Dammit Miranda you can be soooo self centered sometimes. "I enjoyed last night and you should know better than to feel sorry for great sex under my roof. Didn’t i say you could bring any guy you wanted back?" okay this was comign out wrong. "So stop apologizing or I’ll feel like I’ve done something wrong and then things could get awkward. "i’m not sorry about what happened. I just wish I knew what it meant…" the last sensence was muttered and barely audiable. -06:32 Dec 11
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[Miranda is at least relieved to know she’s not going to be on the news as a serial queer raper.] -06:31 Dec 12
[Derrick is going to need to have a long talk with himself.] -06:33 Dec 12
Miranda: Miranda silenced and eyed him. Looking for those tell-tale signs that’d let her know whether or not he was lying to spare her feelings (or just out of FEAR) or if he actually meant it. After a moment she sighed, relenting as she scooted to sit up and momentarily rest her head against his bare shoulder. "Okay, okay… If YOU aren’t terrorized, I’m sure as hell not… And don’t worry about it? I mean you’re gay but you’re still a -guy- and everyone says them Shermans have minds of their own anyway, especially when drunk…" -06:35 Dec 12
Derrick: He put his arm around her and wanted to believe her but he wasn’t drunk now… maybe it would wear off! "Hey, my objective last night was to get you laid, I did do that didn’t I. I count that as a success, so long as you’re feeling better about yourself. My Miranda, the girl who can ever seduce gay men." he kissed her forehead and picked up his mug. "Besides, it feels nice having you be the only girl I’ve ever slept with. We’ll always have that." -06:40 Dec 12
Miranda: "You’re definitely the only gay guy I’ve ever slept with." Her grin was a cheeky one, and she sipped her coffee. Headache or not, sitting in bed with him like this was nice. For once, she didn’t have post-sex regret, or feel like she was being used, or was a cheap whore. Miranda still felt a little guilty for taking advantage of him, but… he seemed to be okay? "I do feel better. I was with that guy for two years, and he never made me feel the way you do for me every day. So I am officially done dating jerks. You are now the standard al lmen have to live up to!" -06:45 Dec 12
Derrick: "So they all have to be tall, hansome, have exquisite taste in drapes, cut your hair just the way you want it, and be very good at sucking diick?" he asked teasingly. "I’m afraid you’re never finding another man as good as me in all that. Not to even mention my deep soulful eyes that make you just want to spill your hearts’ desires and let you still your lips with lin, a kiss my only answer, our hearts beating feverishly with need as I reach down and slowly undo your botton button…" he sighed. "You ever meet a sweet, kind man and he turns out to be gay.. Sweetheart I’m never litting him go." -06:50 Dec 12
Miranda: Miranda cleared her throat and took a big swallow of coffee, as her mouth was suddenly dry. He went from amusing her, to making her want to pounce on him in two seconds flat. Granted, that wasn’t a rare occurance for her. She was well used to finding him attracted and being enchanted by the things he said or did. …except now she had a really good idea of the reality of sleeping with Derrick. It was going to be really hard to pretend she’s okay with ‘just friends’! "It’s my luck he turns out to be guy." she muttered, finally shifting to take a bite of breakfast. Food was heaven…! "Maybe I should go gay. Except I’d probably end up with skanky bimbos like Jen and be in the same boat as always." -06:57 Dec 12
Derrick: "Awwww." he tightened his arm around her. "Don’t be like that, I know most girls are skanks but somewhere out there there is a wonderful wonderful man looking for a girl that isn’t right now and when he find you and seen you’re a kind, giving, thoughtful, honest, patient, perfect ten. He’ll be ruined for all others forever. Then all you have to do is demand a ring and you have a husband. I promise to cry at your wedding." he kissed her cheek and placed his mug down. "I even promise to act jealous and leave him wondering who I’m jealous of." -07:03 Dec 12
Miranda: She laughed and teared up, having to brush her eyes with the back of her hand quickly. With her pounding head and the fact he was so damned sweet… why’d she have to be in love with the one guy she’d never get? "You’re too good to me Derrick. And for that, I am going to replace aaaall of that booze of yours I guzzled this week -and- make dinner for you tonight. And if you bring home a guy, I’ll be your cute little spanish maid and pretend like I can’t speak english!" -07:09 Dec 12
Derrick: HIs turn to grin hide and get her in a two armed hug. "You’ll have to her the costume just right." he reased "And mine won’t fit you." he didn’t really have any and she should know it, he had done laundry with her enough times, kinkiest think he owned were manthongs. But now he was wondering if he would bring a man home for a while.Maybe he could have her. Maybe they could have a fling and it would work out and the thought was making him nuzzle her as she was trying to eat. Not that he hadn’t nuzzled her before. No… he was gay and he had accepted that a long time ago, and now he was tearing up and pulling away to wipe his eyes. -07:14 Dec 12
Miranda: He had to be the only guy in the world that actually made her want to shove everything on the floor and pounce on him for morning sex when she had a hangover. When he pulled away and she spotted the expression on his face, she quickly reached out to grip his chin and pull him forward to brush a soft kiss on his mouth. Something else that wasn’t unusual for them, but today it just felt a little… different. "Hey… You’re okay, right…? No lie?" -07:20 Dec 12
Derrick: "No lie." he said meanign he was okay, then making sure there was nother too cloce to them to make a mess her pulled her down suddenly under the blankets and wrapped his arms around her. Not the first time but the first time completely naked without underwear. "It was just so mindblowingly good and I’m wondering if I might be bi for you." -07:23 Dec 12
Miranda: "Aww, baby…" Was that his problem? Identity crisis? Miranda slipped her arms around him and cuddled close. Okay, so she was being an ass for taking advantage -again-, but the guy needed hugs and snuggles. "It was good because we love each other." she mumbled and nuzzled in to his neck. "People who care about each other and trust each other. And drunk enough not to have any common sense. Even a penis gobbler needs that occasional connection with someone, even if it’s a girl?" -07:28 Dec 12
Derrick: That make sense, maybebecause he wanted it to and he nodded even if he was the teniest dissapointed, but it meant he could tanglung his lets with ehrs adn not make things wierd. "That is why you’re my best friend, I love you so much and I’m never etting anything come between us. I’m looking forwards to dinner tonight.. what are you making?" -07:31 Dec 12
Miranda: "Whatever looks fresh and amazing at the market. Or you request!" There was still that faint smell of cologne on him. Now every time he wore it, she was going to think about last night. That was going to be torture! It was also torture trying to resist the impulse to kiss and nibble at his shoulder. She was clearly a masochist for punishment. "You know you can ask me for anything, right?" -07:35 Dec 12
Derrick: "Aaaaaaaaaaaanything?" there was a look on his face that was pure mischief, and now he had an excuse to test a thoery. He slid his hand arounf her and placed it on her breast and rubbed it slowly in a circle. "Anything?" he kissed her agains and then pulled back to nuzzle the tip of her nose against hers and impulsivly lick the tip of her nose before withdrawign his hand. That answered that question. "I want what you want, and my booze replaced." he hugged her and closed hsi eyes. "And so sleep untilafternoon." -07:39 Dec 12
Miranda: Holy crap! Had she not been in shock she might have screamed! Or moaned… or… something! Her face was right back to being buried at his neck, to hide that sudden surprised and all too wanting expression. How could he be so silly and so damned hot at the same tiiiime? If only he knew what she wanted… "Uh huh, sleep until afternoon sounds like a really good idea…" At least she was able to speak normally, even if it -was- muffled against his skin. -07:44 Dec 12
Derrick: He pulled her closer ahains him and closed his eyes as he rolled onto his back with her on top. "Night Miranda." he said softly. "Wake me up before you go to market. Or if I don’t wake up there it a shopping list under the change jar. And tonight after dinner we’re going to drink and exchenge sex stories." -07:48 Dec 12
Along Came You

Along Came You 001: My Gay Best Friend

[Miranda has spent two weeks moaning and groaning the upheavel of her life, and she is SO done with feeling sorry for herself now! …But she still doesn’t think she is ready for a night out.] -08:52 Dec 08
[Derrick is so going to take his ‘guuuurlfriend’ out because he wants to go out and it would do her good. And he is determing one of then will get a man tonight!] -08:53 Dec 08
Miranda: Miranda hadn’t been out to a bar in ages. Jerri never wanted to go out, and if he did it wasn’t with her. But there she was, wearing the dress Derrick managed to bully her in to and at least -trying- to seem cheerful! "So this is great…! Loud music, strangers, someone’s very strong cologne.." -08:59 Dec 08
Derrick: "Mine." he said putting a cold plass in her hands and turning to lean with his back against the bar. "Because of ~someone~ I havn’t been out in two weeks so I’m really in need of dirty talk with hansome strangers." he said sipping from his plass. "What about him in the demin jacket?" -09:02 Dec 08
Derrick: "Mine." he said putting a cold plass in her hands and turning to lean with his back against the bar. "Because of ~someone~ I havn’t been out in two weeks so I’m really in need of dirty talk with hansome strangers." he said sipping from his plass. "What about him in the demin jacket?" -09:02 Dec 08
Miranda: "Christ, Derrick. You know you could have just left me on the couch with a bottle of Jack and the remote, I would have been fine." That was -his- colonge? Was he trying to lure every man in the state? Miranda leaned close to him though to smell again, just to be sure. Yep, that was him. She straightened and took a sip from her glass. Looking across the room at Mister Denim. "He’s too short… I’d feel like I was snuggling a twelve year old…" -09:05 Dec 08
Derrick: "I meant for me." he said "Look at the way he golds his glass, obviously batting for my team." he grineed, he was mostly teasing her. Mostly. "And this is for you too. I don’t like watching you mope. I’m your wingman here." he nudged her lightly with his eldow. "You desurve a man that will treat you right. Besides you already finished my booze." -09:09 Dec 08
Miranda: Miranda swatted him, but she was grinning anyway. "Should’ve locked it up. I’ll buy you some more when I get my last paycheck." The last thing she wanted to think about was hooking up with another guy. Miranda wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of girl… she was, hookup, fallhard, end up long miserable relationship girl. Uuugh, she was emoing again. Down went her entire drink in one swallow. "…I’m not moping anymore! I’m totally done! But if we’re man-hunting it’s for -you-. I am officially done with men!" -09:13 Dec 08
Derrick: "Ooooh does that mean I get to charm a young niave lass for you to steal and settle down with?" He sipped his drink. "You should also slow down. If I’m carrying a drunk Miranda up the stairs and she chuck all over my back and that poor little queer latino like summer in Florida…" he took a handful of peanuts and started chewing. "That poor guy couldn’t get int the shower fast enough." -09:18 Dec 08
Miranda: "Oh gods no… girls are awful! I know, I am a girl." Miranda set her glass down on the bar and obediantly didn’t order another. …for now! She graced him with a smile and a laugh though. "You mean the one that thought he was the damned Queen of Sheba? He must have been -really- good in bed, cause I don’t have a clue what you liked about him…" -09:21 Dec 08
Derrick: "You don’t need to tell me girls are bad news… as for Gilgie… I’d give him a seven between the sheets." he gulped his drink and sighes. "This latin eyes though… You’re part Latino arn’t you?" he ducked down to look into her eyes. "… Nope bust be a guy thing." -09:25 Dec 08
Miranda: "Part Spanish, and I don’t think that counts." She grinned at him, but this -not- drinking at a bar thing so wasn’t working. Miranda turned around, ordering another drink and sliding a few bills across the bar. "Let’s do the Derrick hottie checklist, then and zero in one the best catch! Number one, eyes that make you melt?" -09:30 Dec 08
Derrick: "Dark brown eyes that you can just get lost in, with a slight quirk to the brow so qhat when he gives you the questioning look you just want to tear his shirt of and run you lips across his stubble." he sighed. "Oh Quinton, where are you now?" he had his glass refilled too. -09:33 Dec 08
Miranda: "And why are you a stylist instead of a romance novelist..?" She might’ve rolled her eyes, but damned if that didn’t sound really good! "Okay so getting -off- item number one, what else? I’ll hook YOU up tonight and then I can go home and watch Hitch again." With a new drink, she at least tried to nurse it a bit instead of sucking it down. Miranda turned around to scan for brown-eyed babes… -09:37 Dec 08
Derrick: "Because I’d rather be out here sucking face for real than sitting writing about it." he said giving her a grin. "And you can’t turn things around, I came out to get you off your tush and meeting men, but if you want to make a game of it… point at any man in this room. If he’s strait you talk to him, if he’s gay as the day is long… Derricks going to need to apologize for the noise to morow morning." -09:40 Dec 08
Miranda: "That tiiiiired old game again!" Miranda laughed. That boy is mine. A fun game a couple years ago, but tonight she just wasn’t feeling all that… what was the word. Seductive? When had she ever! Glancing around, she pointed out someone she was sure would be more his style and interest than hers. "Him? He dresses nice.. I saw those pants in my magazine.." -09:44 Dec 08
Derrick: "Not to see who’s getting into them." he said with a grin and down his second drink in one go before placing a hand on her back to make sure she was coming with him. "Hey eyes as blue as a frozen lake… I want you to meek my friend. She likes your pants. Think she dcould get in them?" he stifled a cackle and got ready to retreat! -09:48 Dec 08
Miranda: Oh god, she just got thrown under the bus by the worst line ever! At least she was full of enough booze to bust out laughing instead of running off in embarassment. She was already rock bottom, it wasn’t going to get worse from here! "Hey…! Don’t let him trick you, he acts the fool when he thinks a guy is hot." She held out a hand to shake. "I’m Miranda, your friendly neighborhood faghag…" -09:51 Dec 08
Derrick: He slapped her wrist. "Don”t call yourself that. I’m here trying to help you feel better. And she’s right, you’re a total studmuffin. I’m not going to lie, I like your pants too." he held out his hand too. -09:54 Dec 08

The Guy looked surprised, but he must have been used to the attention, because he was quick to shake her hand and flash them both a pearly white perfect smile. “Beautiful Sassy Miranda, and what will I call her handsome, loquacious friend?” -Miranda

Miranda: Miranda let go of his hand after a shake and nudged him towards Derrick. "Derrick, works as a stylist and he was just telling me how lovely your eyes were. Of course, I said we couldn’t just call you Blue-eyes all night. What about your name…?" She was -so- going to get Derrick laid and escape! Would teach him right for throwing her out like fishing bait! -10:06 Dec 08
Miranda: Blue-eyes took Derrick’s hand, his white smile growing even wide. "I am Jacques, here for a week on a contract. It is nice to meet such lovely people so quickly." -10:08 Dec 08

Blue-eyes took Derrick’s hand, his white smile growing even wide. “I am Jacques, here for a week on a contract. It is nice to meet such lovely people so quickly.” -Miranda

Derrick: "I’m Derrick, and you have movely hair, you must condition it every day…. I’m a stylist. ANd if I dould think of an inuendof ro hair cutting eith now I’d be screaming it right now. But if you’re strait there always Marinda!" -10:12 Dec 08
Derrick: "Mine." he said putting a cold plass in her hands and turning to lean with his back against the bar. "Because of ~someone~ I havn’t been out in two weeks so I’m really in need of dirty talk with hansome strangers." he said sipping from his plass. "What about him in the demin jacket?" -10:17 Dec 08

Another surprised look crossed his face, and he didn’t seem to mind that Miranda just gave Derrick a not-so-subtle kick to the shin. He leaned forward, draping his arms around both of them. “Jacques love both men and women! Plenty of love to go around for all, yes? Plenty of Jacques to share too. Maybe my two lovely new friends would like a little taste?” -Miranda

Miranda: Oh gods, the man swung both ways? Miranda was both incredibly amused and totally weirded out! And Derrick was really piling on the bimbo act tonight, and all she could seem to do was laugh some more like a bimbo herself! "I dunno, Miranda doesn’t like to share, as Derrick is so so greedy…" -10:20 Dec 08
Derrick: "Guilty…" well this was wierd. "And I can’t do it if theres a girl involved, especially not my bff. Later!" He ducked out and pulled on Miranda’s arm. That was too wierd to continue, sleeping with Miranda… no way. Total moodkiller… total. -10:26 Dec 08
Miranda: "Bai Jacques…! Better luck next time..!" Miranda was waving to Blue-eyes from over her shoulder, and now laughing up a storm as Derrick drug her away. Tease mode activated! "What’s the matter, honey? Boobs a little too much for you? Surely you’ve seen me naked enough times to not be freaked out!" -10:30 Dec 08
Derrick: "There’s naked and there’s sex. I don’t want to loose my bff over a threesome. With another girl, maybe but not one I actually like. Miranda is for keeping and not for sexing." -10:32 Dec 08
Miranda: "Aww… that’s really sweet." Too sweet, he kinda tapped her already up and down emotions. Once they stopped, Miranda was putting her arms around his neck and hugging him. "Christ, I wish you weren’t gay! I would so break the bff rule AND my no one-nighters rule, and I would worship your body like a goddamned temple for all the things you do for me…" -10:36 Dec 08
Derrick: And dammit if that didn’t sound appealing! "I should I was meant to be the one writing romance novels." he said hugging her nack and burrying his cheek in her hair. "And it’s probably a good thing I’m gay. Or that line would have totally worked." -10:39 Dec 08
Miranda: She was giggling, and shifted to kiss his cheek. "Are you kidding? You’re so damned easy if that’s all it takes to get you in to bed." If only, if only… It felt so good to hug someone. Hell, she had been clinging on to him all week! He was lucky he was gay! "I’ve got to teach you better lines." -10:50 Dec 08
Derrick: "I get men." he said almost defencivly. "And I have great lines, but the tone of voice you’re using pulls the rug out from beneath my feet so that I’m on my back with my legs spread in three seconds flat. Com I’ll but you another drink. I don’t think either of us are getting our man. But a talk is always nice. Maybe you can keep practicing lines on me."" -10:53 Dec 08
Miranda: "I don’t doubt you can bag a man. All you have to do is flash that smile and a body just meeeelts." What tone was she using on him? Miranda pulled back, but was still clinging to him all the way to the bar. She wasn’t smashed, but those drinks and an empty stomach were starting to do their magic. "Okay, okay… how about… Baby, your body is like fiiiire, how about just press up against me and see how we sizzle?" -10:57 Dec 08
Derrick: He dhuckled. "That’s just dirty, it’s not no depth. And like I said girlfriend, I didn’t come out here to get a man, I came out to get my bff no crack a smile." he meaned forwards. "That line about the smile, pur gold. Now sizzle with me because I’ll be flipping you over before you’re done." -11:01 Dec 08
[Miranda is well on her way to being drunk and inappropriate, and frankly she don’t give a damn!] -06:07 Dec 08
[Derrick is thinking about romance novels and old lovers anb completely oblivious to the thoughts in his BBF’s head.] -06:10 Dec 08
Miranda: "Flipping me over when I’m done…? Really, Derrick? Really?" Miranda was grinning wide, and oblivious didn’t believe a word of it. Unless he met rolling her ass in to bed by the time the night was over. Once at the bar, she was sliding in to a seat and once he was in his, she leaned close, resting her hand on his leg just to keep balanced. "Okay, so, I get it. You want me to practice my moves now that I’m wild and free… Do you want me to go all out bimbo slut, or, uuhm… foxy seductress, or uuum… ohmanireallylivethisguy..? I need the zoooone." -06:14 Dec 08
Derrick: "I just want you to have a good time Mranda." he said ordering then each a drink and paying. Zones and tricks are for people like me who just want a peice for ass for the night. I keep telling you you need a man you can hold onto who isn’t a waste of skin. I’m the bombo slut, you’re a forevergirl. You just need your foreverguy and stop muscling in on my mankiller turf." -06:17 Dec 08
Miranda: "I’m having a good time with you. I don’t need anybody else." She took her new drink and was well past the sipping stage. "I’m never going to see another man ever again! I’ll be your pet hetero and you can dress me up and parade me around to all your boyfriends. Sounds like the perfect life!" -06:23 Dec 08
Derrick: That made him smile but she needed to stop being emo. "You’ll miss the chace, you’ll miss the sex. Then you’ll be stealing my manfriends and making them like boobs." he said gulping at his drink and leaning back against her. "If there’s any girl that could make a gay man strait it’s my Miranda. If only she had stubble at just the lent where it prickles when you nuzzle it and a bulge I could grope…" -06:26 Dec 08
Miranda: "You start off so romantic, and then you go all slut on me. It’s hilarious." Her arms were around him again, and just to hassle him she was nuzzling against his cheek. "I don’t really miss sex.. but I miss snuggles. And I miss being held and those glittering love feels, you know? The ones that make you feel alive and excited and all you’ve done is touch." Thank god she could cling to him like this! She’d be sobbing in a corner somewhere or hooking up with the first douchebag to say she looked pretty. "Hmm, besides, your manfriends are so gay that even the most glorious of goddess boobs wouldn’t sway them from you. You’d bat your eyes at them and give them a little smirk, and they’d drop to the floor at your feet." -06:32 Dec 08
Derrick: He put an arom around her and downed his drink. "See, keep saying things like that and you will be the glorious godess of boobs to one lucky man." he sighed and tapped the bar so signal for another. "You have this way with words that would get you a legion of swooning followers but you never give yourself enough credit. It breaks my heart to see you with human trash. Maybe I need to start signing off on your boyfriends before they’re alowed past second base." -06:36 Dec 08
Miranda: She giggled and rest her head on his shoulder. The second another drink was in front of her, it was in her hands. "You’re just easy and you love me, Derrick. Straight guys want hot busty bimbos, who are obedient and dumb and like it rough. It’s a lot to live up to." HE gave her too much credit. Maybe she could admit that she was smart. Clever when she needed to be, could manage her money and her affairs. ..but guys were nightmare. "I oughta just seduce you, you’d be a great boyfriend." -06:41 Dec 08
Derrick: "I’m clingy and demanding, and get very critical in bed." he said. "Theres a reason why I’ve never been with a man longer than a month. And like you said, me and my men are just too gay to be seduced by boob godesses. Even if strait girls are manipulative bitched who lie, and cheat, and treat my Miranda like a second class citizen. God girl. Maybe we’re just going to be single together forever. Both chasing the same men. But you’re always welcome to snuggle!" -06:46 Dec 08
Miranda: It wasn’t hard for Miranda to imagine him being bossy in bed. Demanding and shouting out orders and tisktisk any poor guy that didn’t quite meet the standard. It made her laugh. "Single forever! It’s promise!" Still giggling, she leaned in close again brushing her mouth against his ear as she whispered. "I like it when you say my Miranda. If I really was your Miranda I would be popping your shirt buttons every time you said it.." -06:51 Dec 08
Derrick: "Hey, you’re my girlfriend, my bff. No man is good enough for you in my eyes." with her lips on his ear her turned his head and put his arm around her giving her a friendly sqeeze. "And pupping buttons in here is a no no Mranda, jeez we’re in public." he was teasing her but this wasn’t the first time she had gotten affectionate with him when drunk. -06:54 Dec 08
Miranda: "’m pretty sure you’ve bang acouple dudes in tha bathroom. -06:59 Dec 08
Miranda: "’m pretty sure you’ve banged a couple dudes in tha bathroom before." she mumbled, slipping her arms tighter around him. No, wait. She let go to grab her drink and swallow the entire glass in one gulp. Going out was totally greeeeat! "I want to be with someone like you, Derrick… someone who can be exciting and me feel on fire in the good ways, and loves me and holds me and can make breakfast in the morning wearing nothing but pajama pants. Your ass looks so good in those pants…" -07:03 Dec 08
Derrick: "I can do that without sleeping with you Miranda. I’ll always be here when you need me." he was drunk, and smily and completely happy sitting where he was. "And I’d take you into the bathroom with words like that if I sisn’t stay right upstairs and one more drink before take you there, Tonights bene fun but we both have hangovers to look forward to." -07:06 Dec 08
Miranda: "That’s why I love you. You never ask me for more." He was sweet. So perfectly sweet, and she was never going to have him. SUcks to be her. With a rather wistful smile, she was taking his head in her hands and brushed a light kiss over his mout. "Thank you. For everything. If I could rock your world I would… You could make love with someone that didn’t think you were a cheap fuck, and would love you and ever thing you do.." Overly affectionate, and sentimental. Miranda was blitzed! -07:13 Dec 08
Derrick: Wow… that was really sweet and he leaned forward after her when her lips left his mouth before he caught himself. "You’re going to make me tear up, stop it. You know I need my eyes to bewitch and men…" he sniffed. "I wish I could meet one who’d say things like that. I’d be thiers forever and not even comment if they’re shitty in bed." -07:19 Dec 08
Miranda: Laughing again, she ran her thumbs over his cheeks just to make sure he really wasn’t tearing up. He really was such a girl sometimes. "It’s true, though. You tell me I need to find good guys. You do too. You sleep around with shallow brainless jerks. You need someone that will care about you and say sweet things, so you know you mean more than anything else in the world. Like you do to me." Aw man, there went common sense. Someone Miranda made it out of her chair and on to his. On his lap. "I hate that you sleep around, I worry about you…" -07:24 Dec 08
Derrick: "I don’t get emotionally invested." he said, even though he knew that wasn’t always the case, some times it was him on her couch with his head in his lap and his eyes full of tears. He was hugging her tight and reaching around her to lifs his refilled glass from the bar and he fels pressure between them, sudden and… he was hard and gripping hr tightly. "Why do you have to say things like that? Just…" he drained the glass in one go. "I’ll always have you topick me up when I’m down, and you’ll always have me. -07:31 Dec 08
Miranda: "Always. You and me always." Her arms were around his neck and she nuzzled softly against his cheek. It was sadly, really. How close they were, and what they could have been if things were different. She thought about that all the time… only, she generally didn’t get so touchy about it until she was drunk-stupid. "We could be loooovers." The phrase was sung soft, a line from one of her favorite musicals. Followed by a giggle and a sigh. "We could. For one night, we could sleep with someone that actually loves us…" -07:40 Dec 08
Derrick: "Miranda…" his voice was soft and all too complacent with hers. "You’re drunk and hitting on a gay, gay man." he said nuzzling against her. "You know sleeping together is a bad idea. Who would we go to when we fall apart?" -07:43 Dec 08
Miranda: "A gay man who likes sex…" Miranda tilted away just far enough to rest her forehead against his. "Why not? You need somebody tonight and I need somebody. We know it won’t go anywhere cause you like men, so you won’t fall for me and I won’t fall for you. Just tonight we could feel something honest…?" Of course it wasn’t going to happen. Didn’t stop her from caressing his cheeks and tilting to kiss him softly again. In the morning they would laugh about it! -07:47 Dec 08
Derrick: "I don’t need somebody…." he tilted his head back to peck his lips agaist hers. "You want someone you can love and hold forever…" he pecked again lingering for a seconds this time. "WHat would a one night stand with your best friend give you?" -07:51 Dec 08
Miranda: Miranda shrugged her shoulders and gave a sheepish expression. ..inbetween leaning for longer kisses. That cologne she thought was so strong before now had her head spinning. "Inspiration maybe…? An example of what it should be like. I don’t want to go back to being some guy’s trophy bitch and punching bag… I want to know what it’s supposed to feel like." she mumbled, brushing her mouth over his again for a longer kiss. Nuzzling against his cheek until her lips found his ear. She whispered soft. "I want to show you too. What it feels like when someone loves you, so you can search for it too…" -07:54 Dec 08
Derrick: This was badm this was really really bad. But so very good. "I’m happy with what I have." he said running his fangers though her hair and tilting his head to press his lips against hers before nibbling her lip with his and flicking his tongue against them and then suddenly pushing his tongue into her mough and swirling it in a circle. "Enough to drink." he saod pulling back with a slurping sound. "Upstairs with us." -08:02 Dec 08
Miranda: Oh man, he could kiss… like, crazy hot messy kiss. Upstairs. She could do that! With a nod, Miranda slipped off his lap and almost went straight to the floor. But she managed to catch herself on him and the chair. "Christ…!" she laughed, "so glad we live upstairs, who thought heels were a good idea?!" -08:04 Dec 08
Derrick: He sat there for a second and tilted his head from side to side as he thought… he had just made out with a girl, and not just any girl, his best friend. Dammit why did she ahve to be so good with words, usually she was the safe one to get drunk around. "You did." he said dropping money onto the bar and sliding from his seat to put an arm around her and pointed them in the direction od the door that lead into the stairwell. "Take them off and carry them I really don’t want you falling on the stairs." -08:08 Dec 08
Miranda: "Okay…" Bossy. He was probably like that with his boyfriends. Miranda was giigling again, pausing when they got out in to the stair well to lean and slip off her shoes. Holding them by the straps with one hand, she was sliding her other around around him and leaaaaaaning in to him with that big wide grin again. "When you kissed me, I think my heart stopped beating… Does that always happen?" -08:16 Dec 08
Derrick: He put an arm around her and held her close as they counted the stairs. "I’ve been told I’m a great kisser." he said. "But I don’t want to kiss you with them… unless more would count as mouth to mouth…" he grinned at his terrible joke and looked at her. "Also been told I give excelent head… guess I’m just good with my tongue." -08:22 Dec 08
Miranda: That nearly made her trip, luckily he had a grip on her. "Meeee toooo." She giggled. Once they were up at the top of the stairs, she was pushing her weight against him until his back hit the wall. It was a weird combination of snuggle and hug, with her tugging suggestively at his pants. "When is the last time someone did youuuu and favor, Derrick…? You could close your eyes…" -08:29 Dec 08
Derrick: He dug his hands into her hair and placed his finger against her lips. He coud feel the fabric moving against him with her tugs and it was making him swell again. "Come on Miranda…" he said trying to fogure out what he wanted to say as as the finger on her lips to keep her quiet turned into a caress of her cheek and pushing the finger between her lips his other hand releasing her hair and sliding down the back of her neck before slipping around to her front and pulling on her front. "What kind of best friend would I be if I was the only one coming tonight?" -08:34 Dec 08
Miranda: He made that sound so deliciously awesome. Miranda nipped at his finger tip before she sucked gently. This was all kinds of crazy and had already gone about ten steps across the line, farther than it ever had before. And one stepp further when she closed the gap between their bodies and pressed up against him. Her hand managing to loosen his belt and slip inside his pants for a very uninvited groping. -08:39 Dec 08
Derrick: His finger explored her mouth as his hand explored her stomac and tugged at ehr top. But her hand on him and he pulled his finger from her mouth and replaced it with his tongue as he pulled ehr shirt up and pinched her shin before rubbing it his hand going downwards. Was she really going to do it, he wanted to stop her but couldn’t not when her saliva tasted so good and her hand, soft and small… smaller than he was used to, but so good all the same. -08:44 Dec 08
Miranda: She was done in, completely oblivious to sense or reason and wrapped up in him. While one hand was tickling against skin, and doing just as she threatened in circling his manhood with a gentle squeeze, her other hand was rising to grip his shirt and wasn’t so soft. Tugging and pulling until buttons were gone and his chest was exposed. -08:51 Dec 08
Derrick: He pulled up her shirt and his hand brushed something.. a mound on her chest. He wasn’t used to those! Placinf hia hand oon it he squeezed as hos other on popped the buttong on her pants and he turned his head. "Shouldn’t we go inside first?" he asked breathlessly. "Fuck it… in the hallway it is. Do what you want to be Miranda…"" -08:55 Dec 08
[Derrick is in the sticky situation and about to be sexed up byt his best friiend who he isn’t even meant to be attracted to but in this moment so very is!] -07:06 Dec 10
[Miranda is so damned drunk, she is completely ignoring the fact that she is being a horrible person and practically raping her gay best friend!] -07:09 Dec 10
Miranda: He just gave her permission to ‘do what she wanted’, which in hindsight was probably the worst idea ever. Miranda was needy for affection, drunk out of her mind, and who better to take it out on than someone she loved and trusted not to hurt her come morning. His shirt was open and her mouth was on his skin in an instant. Tongue flicking down his chest as she practically fell to her knees on the floor and tugged at his pants. She’d show him what a good love REALLY felt like! -07:12 Dec 10
Derrick: Even with her on her knees and nothing else in front of him he felt like he needed air. Breaking hard he looked down ant make a pleading sound in his throat. This was a terrible terrible mistake. Maybe he would just get hard and not be able to come, maybe it would be terible and he’d never be able to look at her again without a number forering over her head. Even worse was the possiblity of it being stupendously amazing and he’d not be able to look at her without thinking about it. She did have the kind of smile that made his heart pound… But it was too late to turm back now… -07:18 Dec 10
Miranda: She had his pants open and pulled partially down his hips. Sure, she had seen him naked before. But kneeling dick to eye, up close and personal was a new deal. Miranda almost giggled again, but she stiffled the urge by enveloping him with her mouth. Surprisingly gentle for someone so sloppy drunk, her mouth was soft and wet. Tongue running up the bottom of his length until she pulled back and kissed his tip. -07:26 Dec 10
Derrick: He was hard and this drunk instantly biting his lip only to let out a long breath when she pulled back to kiss him. "Miranda?" this was wierd but good. He could see her long hair and narrow shoulders, her thin frame and a hint of curve beneath where her hair fell down her chest after he had messhed it up during thier kiss. "Don’t stop." He didn’t want her to stop, stopping wuld make things so awkward and this felt good. Maybe taking one for the team wouldn’t be so bad, and it would make her feel good about herself. -07:30 Dec 10
[Miranda enters.] -07:39 Dec 10
Miranda: "Oh honey… I won’t stop until you touch the stars." She muttered, not at all finding it weird she was so affectionate while on her knees like this. With nimble fingers Miranda was stroking, touching, gently squeezing. She really did pay attention to every movement he made, each little sound he gave. When her mouth took him in again, her tongue circled and licked the sensitive tip. -07:43 Dec 10
Derrick: "You wern’t lying.." he said with another shaky breath. "You do give good head. Remind me again why we havn’t been doing thins for years…" why did he just say that? He wanted to touch her and make her feel good too. "I fucking love you…" -07:48 Dec 10
Miranda: She had his dick in her mouth when she laughed, but even with the giggling and her hum of a response, the I love you struck just the right cord in her swimming mess of a brain. She sucked hard, soft, pulling back just to go forward again. And where her mouth couldn’t take him, her fingers circled around his shaft, squeezing and stroking with the occasional massage of her thumb. -07:53 Dec 10
[(Timeout) Miranda was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:57 Dec 10
Derrick: SHe really was good and his drink adled mind was realing. He stroked her hair and whimpered feeling the pressure mounting. He was going to come and there was nothing her could do to stop it. She loved him, they loved eachother and had for a long time, who had always been there for him/ She had. WHo had always been there for her. He had. But did they love eachother this way? Thought the haze of drink and sensation he couldn’t tell and he cried out when her fingers and tongue hit just the right spot. "If you don’t want it in your mouth pull back.." he warned. "I can’t… I’m going to.. jesus fuck Miranda what are you doing to me?" -07:57 Dec 10
Miranda: There was no better feeling of triumph than knowing you had someone melting in your hands. …or mouth! She didn’t pull back. It wouldn’t be enough if she did! Love didn’t pull back, and with perfect deliberation she teased his tip with a soft flick and a hard lick. For once she could give him something special! -08:02 Dec 10
Derrick: Oh damn, she wanted it in her mouth, or didn’t hear him. She whilgered and squirmed the hand in her hair tightening to form a grip on her hair and then he was shaking and moaning as the rush tingled up his spine and he filled her mouth with a splash… "Oh Miranda…" he said softly. "Miranda… Mianda.. Miranda.." pulling her up gently with his grin changing to hold onto her shoulder as he did so he pushed his lips hard into hers. The thought of his seed still possibly being in her mouth didn’t stop him ramming his tongie between her lips and sucking. SHe desurved her best kiss of her life and turning arounf to push HER against the wall and slifing his hands up and down her chest he was determined to give it to her. Her, yes HER. With the small mouth, the bood that he squeezed at the bottom of ever rub, adn who had a sitinct lack of bulge as he pushed his hips against her. "Now I’m going to take you to my room, and your soft little fold are going to be the only ones I’ll even slide between." he murmured softly. "Only for you would I think of doing that, without there being an outtie instead on an innie." he slid his hadn under ehr shoulders and lifted her up to carry ehr along the hall to his door. Yes, he needed more. One hight of drunk experimentation. -08:11 Dec 10
Miranda: He moved fast, so fast! One minute there was the hot and sticky, and the wetness of his tongue, being touched and carried…! Miranda’s arms curled around him and without missing a beat she nuzzled his cheek, kissed his skin. Teeth nipping and tongue tasted. "You make me crazy…" she mumbled, sucking on his ear before nuzzling him again. That super strong cologne, was now absolutely divine as she took a deep breath and buried her face at his neck. Half of what he said hadn’t even registered, she was so caught up in that feeling of being swept away. -08:19 Dec 10
Derrick: He opened the door and closed it behind him and locked it, a habit from colledge, she made it feel like then again. The he carried her though the louge and gantly place her on her back on his bed. "I must be crazt too." he said caressting her cheek softly and leaned down to kiss her and slide his ahdn down her chest to slip under her shirt and rub her stoach. Then with a well practices manuver he pulle her shirt off one ahnded before she had a chance to ruin it by putting her arm around him, then his hadn cupped ehr breast and he squeezed it ezperimentally as his lips rejoined hers nad his other hand pulled down her zip and slide down the front of her pants. -08:24 Dec 10
Miranda: She loved the way he kissed and touched. He wasn’t shy, but he wasn’t rough. It was impossible to think of conscious words, when her mouth was busy ravishing his. A deep kiss and a long sigh. Her fingers had found their way in to his hair. Softly stroking the nape of his neck, or cradling his cheek and stroking with her thumb. It was no wonder he had any guy he wanted falling at his feet, he made her feel like she was covered in sparks! -08:30 Dec 10
Derrick: He pants were pulled down and he ran his ahdn over her. It was strange not to have a shart to grad onto but his thingertips nibly brushed against every nook around her slit and he nipped her lip before licking it. Takign hsi tip he guided it to her and rudded the tip along the length of her slit like he would do to the bottom of a shaft and it brough the same tingling, there was no further doubt, all he had left to do was push in, so he did, gently, slowly, savoring the new sensation. -08:34 Dec 10
Miranda: Her fingers tightened in his hair. So slow, so agonizingly slow…Miranda couldn’t help but groan. A soft, contented sort of sound as her body twist and rose up to meet him. Sheneeded this so bad. The rush of warmth that had her toes curling in to the sheets. "Oh christ, Derrick… I love you so much…!" -08:39 Dec 10
Derrick: "That’s what I saud." he teased almost automatically before he thrust again and stated building in pace. THen there was no more room for talk, only his lips on hers and an aprciative moan at her hands him his fair as hsi own did likewise with hers. It no longer mattered that she was a girl, of his best friend, it only mattered that she was ehre with him right now, and loved him too. -08:42 Dec 10
Miranda: Legs circling around him, a foot was rubbing the back of his thigh. She couldn’t surpress anything. Not a groan when he thrust, or the hitch of her breath when she pushed back. Not the high pitched sigh that fell against his skin. Every muscle in her body was tightening, flexing… drunk or not she was so enticingly aware of how he made her blood rush and her skin burn. But the fact he held her close was making it rush too quick, sweeping her up far sooner than she wanted! -08:48 Dec 10
Derrick: He moved to nuzzing into and kiss her cheek lightly. "God this is goos." he cooed next to her ear. Her sounds. Her movements. Her love. All of it, he wanted for to feel good. This was for her, and even if it made him question everything about himself he would to it. One night was not the end of the world. "I love you." he cooed again thrusting harder. "So good. So much." he was going to come again. What did she do to him? -08:52 Dec 10
Miranda: Love, love, love… no one had ever said that to her in the middle of sex. It very nearly made her cry! Instead she was grasping his head, pulling his mouth to her for another kiss. A strange mix of needy and giving. Long soft and cherishing… she loved him so much, for so long, and he had no idea how much! And in a splot second she was gasping. Hands falling down to grip his shoulders with a tight, nail digging grip. Practically writhing beneath him as she squeezed her eyes shut and let go. Intense and overwhelming, she almost couldn’t breathe! -08:57 Dec 10
Derrick: THat was new. The tightening around him and the weel of her. He pushed his lips harder agains hers hiands hripping her hair tight as he swallowed avary sound she made and. "…!" he pulled back and cried out for the second tome that night his hips shuddering against hers before his looked down at her with his signature after sex smile that made even the hard ass latino smile back. "Ohh Miranda…" he whispered before he laned down to brush his lips against her. "Whatever am I going to do with you?" -09:01 Dec 10
Miranda: He felt so good. That wave of bliss, and… no regrets! No awkward unpleasant feelings, no wishing she could crawl out the door. Just contentment and that sinking churn of excitement just seeing him smile and hearing him speak softly. "Keep me forever?" Of course he wouldn’t. But right now she could wish and dream about it! Offer him a grin and brush her fingers against his cheek. At least there was tonight. -09:05 Dec 10
Derrick: He pulled out and pulled the blanket over her and gave her the same smile. "we”ll see. But you’re sleeping here tonight." he couldn’t help but give those lips another kiss and pull his arms around her. Then he lilted his head back and licked the tip of her nose. That was the equivelent of the Derrick perfect 10 in bed stamp of approval. So very few got it. -09:08 Dec 10