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  • ASTRA 002: Taming Astra

    ASTRA 002: Taming Astra

    [Astra Teegan has been a model passenger on this boat. Except for oooooone tiny little thing. But no harm so long as the Captain don’t find out!] -10:21 Jul 23 [Gerdon has a stow away, and not just any stow away, a descendent, the most airheaded suicidally fascinated with feral aliens little disaster magnet in…

  • ASTRA 001: The Runaway Descendant

    ASTRA 001: The Runaway Descendant

    [Astra Teegan is in a little bit of trouble. She kinda didn’t pay for this ride, but they also totally refused to deal with her carry on luggage, and that’s not cool!] -07:17 Feb 21 [Gerdon is on the bridge of his mercnary ship and has gotten word of a stow away being brought to…