ASTRA 002: Taming Astra

[Astra Teegan has been a model passenger on this boat. Except for oooooone tiny little thing. But no harm so long as the Captain don’t find out!] -10:21 Jul 23
[Gerdon has a stow away, and not just any stow away, a descendent, the most airheaded suicidally fascinated with feral aliens little disaster magnet in the universe. AND HE HAS A JOB TO DO!] -10:21 Jul 23
Astra Teegan: Her instructions were to stay inside the cabin room. And Astra did as she was told. ….most of the time. Hermes needed proper feedings, and clearly no one on this boat knew how to treat and handle a Bumblebear. So of course she had to go sneak off to the kitchens and make him some proper meals. And maybe sometimes she got sidetracked with exploring too. But she was ALWAYS right back where she belonged before someone checked on her. Except right now. She was feeding Hermes. -10:22 Jul 23
Gerdon: The prisoner had been good, too god. She was up to something. But with the extra suplies needed to feed a BUMBLEBEAR of all things he had to take a shortcut and plot it out. It was when he visited her room and found it empty that he had his confirmation. He scent fowever was distinctive thanks to a special abr of soap he had made sure was left in her shower and he was now following it. He had her now, and an excuse to toss her in the brig under guard. -10:28 Jul 23
Astra Teegan: "Oh Hermes… I know you’re upset. But soon you’ll be somewhere wonderful! I promise." There she was with all the security turned off, doors open, bumblebear free as a…bumble… and she was feeding it bits of marshmallows wrapped with bacon and giving it a good scratch behind the ears. HOW she got all of that turned off was a mystery. "Hey! Don’t say things like that, nobody likes a sassy bumblebear." -10:35 Jul 23
Gerdon: He entered the cell block and immidiatly his sidearm was in his hands and pointed at the beast’s head. "Astra Teegan." he growled advancing slowly. "How I would love to watch you get torn apart by that thing but unfortunatly for me… wait there is no downside." he grinned and took careful aim. "Give me one reason why I shouldn’t put a stop to this breach in security…" other than the fact that the shop wouldn’t penetrate the beast’s skull and he’d be torn to peices too. "Captain to security team. She’s in the brig and that thing has gotten out… send a team." -10:40 Jul 23
Astra Teegan: "Do you just -enjoy- pointing guns at people? I bet you do. …and he isn’t OUT!" Before Hermes started growling any louder, Astra gave him a good scratch and a huggle. "Ooooh, you’re a good baby, aren’t you? Lets get back in that awful old cell before the Captain gets more upset. That’s a good bumble!" There was a bit of growling and some flashes of teeth, but with a few more bacon wrapped marshmallows, Astra had the beast right back in his cellblock where he belong. "I TOLD you it was easy, if you’re nice to him." -10:43 Jul 23
Gerdon: "Yes, I do." he admitted with another grin. And what is that thing even going out of it’s cell, what are you doing outside your room and give me one reasong not to space this sector suffocating you and that thing as well. You’re endangering my crew and that is one thing I cannot stand for. -11:06 Jul 23
Astra Teegan: "He needed to stretch his legs. And I needed to make sure he could do that safely? I’m not completely incompetent, I know how to handle animals!" Of course she was assuming he knew about her studies. And her unofficial studies. Or did he? Astra stood there tapping her chin for a moment trying to remember whether or not she wanted people to even know. Then with a shrug of her shoulder, she was trying to remember how to lockdown Hermes again. "If you would have listened to me in the first place, no one would have been hurt from the very start. But I haaaave apologized about all the trouble, haven’t I?" -11:16 Jul 23
Gerdon: He marched over and pressed the button to lock down the cell. "No one does anything on this ship without my permission." he said grabbing her arm roughly and dragging her away from the cell. "You want to leave your room you ask me. Remember that." he would have to post guards at her door. -11:25 Jul 23
Astra Teegan: "I did ask you, and you said I wasn’t allowed near Hermes, and that is just not acceptable. He gets lonely and oooww…" Did he have to be so rough? She understood he was afraid of the danger, but she had said many times now that it was all under control! Astra wasn’t digging her feet in to the ground to be contrary, but really, the Captain was as bad as her family. "But since the topic is on the table, may I leave the room now? Being in a tiny room is making me crazy and all stiff! I would like to look at things and meet your crewpeople!" -11:30 Jul 23
Gerdon: "No. If we have a problem with your pet, then maybe." no sooner were the words out of his mouth then there was a siren and his comunicator chirped. "Unknown ship running silent detected captain." "What next… I’ll be right there, to quarters." he dragged Astra down the coridoor and pushed her into her room. "Stay here, there might be fighting." then he was off towards the bridge at a jog. Really today was not his best day ever. -11:40 Jul 23
Astra Teegan: "Fighting?" To late, the door was practically slammed in to her face. There she was stomping a foot with a loud uuuuuugh! Astra would go maaaaad in this room if she didn’t get to do other things! After a moment of glaring at the door, her expression melted to a concerned frown. Fighting was bad. Especially after the Captain stressed one-too-many-times about Hermes being a danger to the crew. All it would take is someone shooting off guns near the bumblebear. He was an animal, he didn’t know the difference between good guys and bad guys. Astra plucked a little palm device out of her shirt. …It’ll only take a jiffy to get the door unlocked again. -11:47 Jul 23
Gerdon: The ship entered full lockdown mode. Bulhead doors closed, the ligt was replaced with a low red glow to save power and everwhere boots clanked on metal. "Tell me what you know" Gerdon said as he entered the bridge. "They’ve come to a halt and are waiting for us, they probably don’t know we’ve seen them" came the reply. "That means we have an edge. Slowly ramp up deflector power and prepair all mass drivers. Alert me when they’re in range." "In range captain, scanners identify the ship as the Gallows Call." "Pirates, prepair all torpedos… except the busters." There were several chirps from the console. "Boarding barges coming in from the side, it’s a trap." "Fire forwars batteries at the gallows. Alert crews to boarders and for blood’s sake get the point defeces up." -11:57 Jul 23
Astra Teegan: Click~! Astra gave a pleased bounce on her feet when the lock turned green and the door opened up for her. She wasn’t exactly the best mechanic in the world, but it could be easily said she had a magic touch! …plus it helped when she routed things through Bowser’s system. …whereever he was! The robot was being awfully strange lately. Right in the middle of her inner dialogue, everything just went bananas! A loud boom and everything shook hard enough to make her weave in the hallway. An alarm starting blaring too, causing her to cover her ears. At least until she realized, this really must be scaring poor Hermes to death! With her hands on her head, Astra ran door the corridor back towards the cellblocks! -12:06 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "Whassis now…?" There was another boom and a crash, then the next thing Astra knew there was a hole in the hallway and a bunch of armed people popping out. One of which was now grabbing on to her shirt. She swatted the hand off with a relieved sigh. For a minute there, she thought Hermes might have burst through the walls! "Excuse me! I would chat, but I really need to check on Hermes before all this excitement gets him riled up." -12:26 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: She didn’t get two steps before her shirt was grabbed again. On second inspection none of these individuals looked like the nice clean ones that the Captain yelled at. Several rushed pass them to infiltrate the ship. "What a tiny little thing. I bet you bleed good." Astra fussed to get herself loose as she was shoved up against the damaged walled. "I doubt I bleed any better or worse than most people. But do you mind? Bumblebears get so ornery and Herme-" "Dun mind at all girlie. Let’s give you a test?" While one behind him chortled, he pulled out a thin knife and with a quick upwards stab, Astra had steel through her shoulder. -12:26 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "OW!! What did you do that for?!" That was just unpleasant! And HURT! Astra fussed some more to get loose, met with more snicker and a hand wrapped around her throat. Every time she tried to squirm, she found herself slammed against the wall until she quit. "STOPPIT! What is wrong with you? That hurts!" "Dun it hurt good girlie? Here, try another." A slick movement and there was a gash across her collar. -12:27 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "Quuuuit! Do you need a marshmallow? I have plenty with ba- oooouuuuw." Another cut, and this just huuuurt. "Why are you hurting me?!" Both of the ones in the hall laughed. "I like it when they scream, girlie…" "But WHY?" There didn’t seem to BE a why! Just more cackling like a couple of… of crazy people! Astra was struggling to get loose again, and every time she did, she was met with more sharpy mcmean and slammyness, and laughing! And she didn’t know WHY! -12:27 Jul 24
Gerdon: Fuck you skype -12:36 Jul 24
Gerdon: There was a sharp crack and one of the thugs hell with a smoking holl in his back, ther there was the sound of fabric tearing and before a large wolf flew into the pirates before they could recover. With a snap and a twist the hand holding the knife was lying severed on the deck before the blood-covered maw ripped the thug’s throat out, then the next was havign hsi ankle remove from the rest of him. Screams and sprays of blood filled the hallway until there was nothing but a wolf with blood-covered fur and the echos of similar screams echoing around them. -12:42 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: She wasn’t afraid of blood. Or maiming. Or even wars! Astra understood wars, you were fighting to protect things or steal things you need! But this… she didn’t understand. Pain and killing, for no reason. They didn’t even want a marshmallow. Everyone loved marshmallows. Astra slid down the wall to the floor and covered her head with her arms. What if the wolves ate her too? She smelled like tasty blood! What if they were all zombies?! Zombies were awful, she didn’t want to do that again..! -12:48 Jul 24
Gerdon: There was a growl from a human throat as the captain changed back, then he reached out and lifted her to sling across her shoulder. "Captain, the boarders have been nuetralazed of ar fleeing, the Gallows is turning to engage." "Keep aiming for thier weapons and shields, I’ll be there soon." The he was running back towards the bridge with Astra over his shoulder. "By the blood I will kill them all." -12:52 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: There was a strange sound that might have been a scream from her, but once she recognized whose bum she was staring it, the squeaking stopped. And there was nothing for her to grab or clingon to, just a bare back! "He kniiiiifed me…! Why did he do that, I was nice…!" Teeeaars! She was sniffling and she couldn’t seem to stop! And the Captain was so mad. "Please don’t knife me too! I was worried about Hermes..!" -12:59 Jul 24
Gerdon: "This is why I told you to stay in your room." he said before he entered the bridge and dropped her into a chair. "See to her." he barked at one of the crew before turning to look at the ship firing at them. "Main weapons battery seems to be just below the bulge on her bows, fire all mass drivers to knoch out thier point befeces then sink every torgedo we have loaded right there, then direct mass drivers to thier shields and reload torpedos." He was ignoring Astra now. He had blood to spill and vengence to enact. -01:04 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: This feeling was strange and foreign. Gutwretching and scary. The Captain was so furious he was going to shoot things, and people had to deal with her! And by dealing, Astra was fairly certain that meant biting! So when someone approached, she swung a slap with full force behind it! "DON’T BITE ME! It hurts! I will give you bacon…! Just don’t!!" -01:11 Jul 24
Gerdon: "Heh, I’m not going to bite you, just give you a little something for the main and stop the bleeding." [colo=green]"Direct hit, she’s rabbiting sir."[/color] "They are not getting away, torpedo thier engines." "They are trying to surrender." "Keep firing, all tubes fire. Mass drivers aim for any subsystems they have left." Around the striken pirate ship smaller ships started to appear, fleeing the carnage. "Destroy those shuttles. Use the scatter rounds. None of them escape." -01:17 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "I don’t want to be poked with any more things no teeth! No sharps! Stoppit!" Astra was pretty adamant about this! Enough to slap and swat and kick to make sure there was a nice distance between her, and… whoever this guy was! The captain clearly wanted to kill everyone, and Astra was very aware she was on the top of his list. fact, that gave her all the reason she needed to slip out of that chair and make a run for it! -01:21 Jul 24
Gerdon: He turned grabbing a gun from the holster of one of the security officers and flicked it onto stun before firing. Then he was marching after her and reaching down to pick her up by her wrist. "I am not in the mood for anything funny." he growled before taking hold of her and pointing her at the pirate ship. "That is what happens when people threaten the safety of my crew. The only reason that that hasn’t happened to you yet is you haven’t killed anyone… yet." he put her over his shoulder again and started walking. "You are going to the medbay, you are going to be healed, then you are going to your room where you will stay. Hermes will he dropped off on his home planet before we engage our target. If you don’t cause me any more trouble you will be allowed to say goodbye beforehand. A ship is no place for a bumblebear and a warship is no place for a young girl who doesn’t understand danger." -01:29 Jul 24

NURXT SURNE -Astra Teegan

Astra Teegan: A few hours later… a day or two later? Astra was a little fuzzy on the passage of time. After the Captain carted her off shrieking and sniffling and they had to hold her down in the med bay, things were a little fuzzy for quite awhile! Now she was curled up in bed with a blanket pulled up over her head, debating… everything. She was scared and confused, or at least HAD been. Now she was still scared, but maybe a liiiiittle less confused. She still wasn’t getting out from under these covers ever again, though. -01:48 Jul 24
Gerdon: The door hissed open and the captain entered with a tray of steaming eggs, real eggs, a quartered orange, a small steak, and a pudding cup, along with a bottle of water and one of apple juice. "Astra." he said placing the tray down on the small table in the room and occupying the chair. "I brought you food. How are you feeling?" -01:51 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "Everything is fuzzy and I can taste the color blue." Even under the blanket something smell reeeaaaally good. She risked shifting just a bit to peek out. He didn’t look still angry. "I don’t want you to be mad at me and chew off my foot and shoot me out the air lock." -01:57 Jul 24
Gerdon: "If I was going to do that I would have done it already." he said lookign at her and then holding out an orage quarter. "So until you get anyone hurt you’re safe." It was a big change in the girl since the attack, obviously the wounds had hurt more than her flesh. "You’ve never been in a fight before, have you." it wasn’t really a question. "I mean a proper fight, with groups of man trying to kill eachother." -02:01 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "You keep promises. You said your crew is top priority and you do anything to protect them. And you said I am dangerous and going to get someone killed. Therefore, I get killed like those others did. That is how it works." She squinted at the orange. As if it might be a trick. Then quick as could be a hand darted out to snatch it and then both slice and Astra disappeared under the blanket. "I have seen fights and people being killed before. But not like that… they didn’t need to fight someone or hurt people. Or hurt me. I don’t understand." Food was gooooood, she peeked out of the blanket, holding out a hand for another piece. -02:08 Jul 24
Gerdon: Her hand was filled and he meaned back. "If you want any more you can sit up. A blanket won’t protect you if I decide you are too dangerous to have around." he folded his arms and eyed the lump in the covers. "The difference between you and them is you don’t want to hurt anyone, then did. If I hadn’t have killed them they would have gone on to kill others. Some people feel that way about me, do you?" -02:13 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "They threatened your crew, you had to kill them to protect the people on your boat." Another piece of orange was popped in to her mouth, and as instructed she sat up. …Astra just remained under the blanket! "But why did they want to hurt people? Why? The guy didn’t want me for food, he just wanted to poke me with sharp things even when I asked him not to." -02:19 Jul 24
Gerdon: He movd to put the tray in her lap and then sat back in the chair. "Some people are just like that. It can happen for any number of reasons, but it’s better not to think about it." he looked at her and then reached out to hank the blanker off of her head. "They’re not worth the thought. Instead think about where we need to take our live cargo." -02:26 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "I don’t understand people. People lie and do weird things. Animals are so much easier…" Her blanket shield was gone, and now there was a messy haired Astra leaning backwards warily. Still not sure if he was going to bite her a not. Plenty of critters liked a well stuff meal before they ate them. "You told me to consider the people on this boat, I have to think about it and potential dangers?" -02:31 Jul 24
Gerdon: "I meant your bumblebear." he said eying her. "Where do we need to drop it off." he was eying her apple juice and concidering stealing it. "Worrying about the crew is my job, and so is worrying about you until I say otherwise and you do have oermision to leave this room if I go with you." -02:38 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "There is a planet that is perfect for him. I take a lot of animals there." He was being nice now, …sometimes her did that, though! Before he mauled them to bits! Astra was watching him like she was afraid he’d do just that. Sloooowly picking up a forkfull of eggs to stuff in her mouth. "Do you promise not to bite me, stab me, or kill me? If I am careful and don’t get anyone hurt?" -02:46 Jul 24
Gerdon: "Yes." said. She hadn’t specified shooting and so he hadn’t ptomised he wouldn’t stun her again, which suited him to the ground. "You also need to listen to me and do what I say because it might be for the safety of everyone. Especially is we’re going into a combat situation." -02:49 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: Astra was a little dubious about the listening condition. This she considered while chewing on an overlarge bite of steak. "Uhhmm… Will you listen to me when I have advice or something important to say about something that might be super helpful?" -02:52 Jul 24
Gerdon: "I will take what you say as advice." he said looking at her intently. She was trying to make a deal with him it seemed and he did not know how to feel about that. "But as alwasy the captain’s word is law, adn I’m the captain." -03:07 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: She considered this! A Captain’s word was Law, this she knew and found acceptable. And he was a good captain that cared a lot about his crew. Enough to kill to protect them! "…do I get to be a part of your crew too? And you won’t let anyone else get all stabby at me for no reason?" -03:11 Jul 24
Gerdon: "I was going to list you as an non-paying customer, if you want to join the crew you need to be able to do something for the ship. What can you do?" he asked studying her. "Figure that out, but until then you’re in charge of feeding the bumblebear so lond as you don’t take him out of the cell block and I’m there when you do it. I’ll get you a uniform to change into… what you have can’t be very clean." -03:17 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: Astra looked down at her clothes. They were pretty dirty even before she wound up bloody. "Hermes won’t like to smell my blood. He’d get upset." Tapping her chin with her fork, Astra debated on this deal. She could be crew, Hermes would have a nice new place to live, AND she could travel! This was a sound deal! Astra pushed the tray aside and pounced on the Captain. A hug for the wolfycaptain! "Then it’s deal! I’ll behave and do everything you ask unless it’s impossible or impractical or wrong. And I won’t put the crew in danger and I’ll protect them too! I promise." -03:22 Jul 24
Gerdon: The hug was unexpected and he didn’t know what to do, but at least he had her in a leash now. "Good, the pay won’t be the best until you can prove to me you’re useful and I don’t want you to be alone, yet so you’ll be here or with me at all times…" he stopped talking, he was repeating himself to get out of anowledging the hug. "You’ll also need a communicator." -03:28 Jul 24
Astra Teegan: "I am good with animals, and I’m pretty okay with fixing things! When you see Bowser, you’ll see. He is either doing reconnaissance for potential escape routes or we are playing another game. Sometimes it’s hard to tell." Huuuuug! This was kind of nice, hugging a human body. He wasn’t nearly as fuzzy, but he was pretty warm. "Thank you, Captain." -03:32 Jul 24

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