ASTRA 001: The Runaway Descendant

[Astra Teegan is in a little bit of trouble. She kinda didn’t pay for this ride, but they also totally refused to deal with her carry on luggage, and that’s not cool!] -07:17 Feb 21
[Gerdon is on the bridge of his mercnary ship and has gotten word of a stow away being brought to him. This is not what he needs.] -07:18 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "You guys don’t have to be so grabby. It’s not like I could run very far!" she complained, trying to get her arms wiggled free from to two surprisingly tall goons that caught her sneaking out of the bathrooms and tip-toeing back to the cargo hold. Neither of them wanted to listen to reason, and both said she ‘had to see the captain’. …Which she was kinda glad it was ‘Captain’ and not ‘Prison’ because there was no way she could sneak out of a cell to feed Hermes. Once they stepped on to the bridge, Astra completely forgot she was being dragged there against her will. "…this is a neat room! Are all of the ship controls in here?" -07:23 Feb 21
Gerdon: "Yes." he was facing the main display that held the latest reports on thier target. There was no strict uniform, the captain himselfonly dressed in pants, shoes and a vest as he turned to look at the troublemaker. "What are you doing on my ship?" He was annoyed and his voice was a growl as he walked closer to the girl who had a fient glimmer of familiarity about her. "And give me one good reason why I shouldn’t have you locked in the brig and the brig ejected into space." -07:27 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "First of all, that is such a rude thing to do to paying passengers." she responded, leeaaning back to look up at him now that his unfriendly goons had let her go. Astra thought about running, but she didn’t really feel like getting tazered. That always hurt. She looked a little dubious at his clothes, reaching out to pluck at his vest. "Are you supposed to be the captain? You don’t look like a captain… You look more like a engineer! What you -should- have is a fancy hats. A good captain has a fancy hat." -07:30 Feb 21
Gerdon: "You didn’t pay so I dan do anything I want to you." he said grabbing her wrist and moving her hand away from him. "And my hat is on my chair, I don’t need my hat right now. What I need is for you to tell me who you are and why you’re on my ship." -07:33 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "That is a very strong grip, Captain! I bet you shake hands very well." Astra leaned to see where his chair lie, and was walking in that direction! "I CAN pay, and I was trying to tell your misters that, but they are pretty surley individuals. Do you like money, gems, or trade?" -07:37 Feb 21
Gerdon: "We do not take on passengers." he said catching up to her quickly and grabbing hold of her. "Take her to my office, I’ll talk to her there," he said prpelling her back towards the giuards and then taking a look around the bridge and growling. "Link in if anything happens." then he was following. No one stowed away on HIS ship without a damn good reason. -07:40 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "But I wanted to see his hat…!" Darn it…! No amount of pouting and scowling seemed to make the difference, she was being dragged again. Astra tried digging her heels in just to be extra difficult, but all they had to do was lift her up off her feet. Astra was really hating being short right about now. Once they reached the doors of the Captain’s office, she swung her feet up to brace on the frame, only to be dragged in sideways. These guys thought of everything! "You guys really need to learn how to treat a lady!" -07:45 Feb 21
[Gerdon enters.] -08:06 Feb 21
Gerdon: He followed then in and say down behind his desk. "They know how to treat stowaways." he said curtly before dismissing the guards so they could stand outside. "Now, as I said we don’t take passengers so as far as I’m concerned you’re food, water, and oxygen I don’t need to spend. Why shouldn’t I cut my losses?" -08:09 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: Astra straitened her clothes and rubbed her arms a bit. Then she was immediately interested in picking things off his desk to look at. "Because I can pay you? I offered to pay before I snuck on board, but everyone kept saying ‘we don’t take passengers’ and ‘you can’t bring that on board’." She huffed and rolled her eyes, grabbing something else that looked shiny. -08:11 Feb 21
[(Timeout) Gerdon was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:22 Feb 21
Gerdon: He growled at her touching his medal, loudly, louder than any normal human could manage. "Because we don’t. We’re a combat vessel, so why didn’t you take another ship? One that does take passengers? He was irritated by her presence and the persistant sense that she was familiar to him. "And you still havn’t told me your name. -08:23 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "Oh sorry, my name is Astra Teegan. You may call me Teegan." Her hand was instantly in his face waiting for the appropriate shake. …she was also leaning forward over his desk, giving him a curious look. "My cargo is a little… large. And no one was willing to accomidate me. Your ship is nice and big… and you know, that is a very interesting snarl…" -08:25 Feb 21
Gerdon: "Teegan?" he snarled standing and swatting her hand out the way to get a better look at her face. "And what cargo?" This was bad, he’d need to contact the family and tell then he’d found Astra… he used to work for her family before he struck out on his own. They were a gowerful group and he still did jobs for them. -08:31 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "And what big eyes you have!" There was something interesting about him that Astra couldn’t quite place. And he sure like to growl a lot. "Oh, it’s nothing to worry about. He’s pretty docile now that I got him out of that box. Hermes is incredibly clausterphobic." Her attention was distracted again. She moved away from his desk to poke at things on the wall. "What’s all this stuff?" -08:35 Feb 21
Gerdon: "Har bloody har har." he said sarcasticly. "Big bad wolf, very funny." he stepped around the desk and picking her up dumped her back into the chair. "Stay there and don’t touch anything." he ordered and to make sure she did he put a boot on the chair right in front of her between legs and leaned against his knee. "I’m going to call your family to come and get you. I don’t have time to deal with stow aways and I’m heading towards a very big fight where having you around could get everyone on my ship killed." -08:46 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: She cast him a weird look at his joke, or was it her joke? She didn’t know what was funny. Then she was dumped in a chair faster than she could blink and Astra was trying to shove his boot away. "My family? What in space are you talking about, I don’t have any family." It’s not like her name was Emidio or something. Astra was now giving his boot a cross expression. "I’m not going to kill anyone! And so long as no one bothers Hermes, I doubt he will either. Really, you won’t even notice I’m on board." -08:52 Feb 21
Gerdon: "It’s too late for that." he said. "I know who you are. I used to work for the Emidios." he leaned in closer. "You’re just lucky there’s no moons in this sector of space." He dug his toes into the chair and leaning in closer. "In the meantime I’m sure Hermes will be very comfortable in the brig. "I’ll get some men and you’ll show me where he is. So long as you’re staying you’re staying my way. And when your family gets here I’mm be rid of you and you’ll be thier problem." -08:58 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "I think you have the completely wrong person. I have no idea who these Mweedios are. I am just a traveler who studies exotic animals." She was sticking to that story. Even while leaning back against the seat trying to back away from him. "And I said I could pay you too! I have lots and lots of money, look." Astra squirmed awkward in the chair digging out random pieces of paper and weird pieces of metal and colorful rocks. Several of which she tried to balance on top of his knee. None of which was even remotely close to legal tender. -09:03 Feb 21
Gerdon: "You don’t have enough." he said removing he foot and then grabbing her forearm lifted her out of her chair and opened the door. "Now, you’re going to leas us to your companion and we’re going to sort this whole think out quickly. Before you get hurt." He pushed her out the door and closed the door behind himself and pulled out a sidearm. "If you don’t mind." -09:12 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "I DO mind, thank you very much! Hey, what about my money?" she was looking over her shoulder back at his office as he he dragged her down the hall. That was precious stuff! Astra turned back to glare at him and was digging her heels in to the ground again. "If you’re going to call them – those people I don’t know – then I am not going to tell you where Hermes is! Not until you drop us off at the nearest space port!" -09:16 Feb 21
Gerdon: "There are none." he said picking her up and throwinf her over his shoulder and heading towards the cargo hold. "And you’re going to tell me or he’s going to starve to death while you call the brig home. And if you do then you can get your… "money" from my office and eat something other than nutripaste tonight." -09:18 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "I don’t like being upside down! You two stop smirking!" she shouted at the two goons, and then proceeded to beat on the Captain’s back. If she was annoying enough he set her loose. "If I don’t feed him, he’ll just feed himself and then I can’t promise there won’t be any dead people. He has a voracious appetite." …and she was still upside down. "Oh please let me down! I show you where I left him, but only if you promise not to call the Emidios? All I need is a ride to the next spaceport and you won’t ever have to see me again!" -09:21 Feb 21
Gerdon: "We’re not going to the nextspaceport." he said. "We’re going into a live fire zone where people WILL die, and I’m not having Hermes wondering around my ship whem my men need to focus on keeping YOU alive. So tell me where he is THEN I’ll let you down. Otherwise I can do this all day." -09:30 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "I left him in the cargo hold, obviously! I mean, it would be sort of silly to let the beast loose on a ship like this. We haven’t any had dinner yet!" So she was going to be upside down forever? This was awful! She was starting to get dizzy. Well. It was an interesting view. Astra grabbed his butt with both hands and squeezed curiously. "You have well toned muscles here, Captain! Do you do a lot of running? I didn’t think running was a common thing for space ship captains being in space and all." -09:33 Feb 21
Gerdon: He puleed her over his shoulder and dangled her by her ankle in front of him, then dropped her to the deck. "You first. If this.. Herman makes any move towards me of any of my men I’m not going to spare your feelings." he looked down at her and flicked off the safety on his gun. "But if he’s docile then you have nothing to worry about." -09:45 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: Wow, he was really really strong! Astra blinked at his ankles until she was in a heap on the floor. Then she scrambled back up to her feet, and stomped one. "Oh yeah! Well he’s not gonna be too friendly if you’re all threatening like a jerk! Animals are very sensitive to their environments. He’ll knoooow you have guns and probably go feral." Turning on her heel, she marched back towards the cargo hold. Obviously this Captain had NO idea of proper behavior and treatment of animals. -09:50 Feb 21
Gerdon: He pushed her forwards and followed closely. "That’s why you’re going ahead, we’re staying behind. If you get eaten then we kill it and that’s both our problems taken care of." he grinned wolfishly as he followed. He wouldn’t really let her get hurt if he could help it, but she wasn’t one of his. -09:56 Feb 21
Astra Teegan: "You don’t have to push." she huffed, stalking down the hall. Maybe she didn’t like this captain after all. Once she reached the right door, she opened it up and peeeeeeked inside slowly. "Heeermes! It’s meeee. You can come out now, the scary men won’t be a problem now." She paused, listened and waited. "…uh oh." -10:02 Feb 21
[Gerdon Is dealing with an annoying stow away and reavy to take of.. whatever Hermes is.] -08:52 Feb 22
[Astra might be a -little- worried now!] -08:52 Feb 22
Gerdon: "’Uh oh’ what?" the captain demanded covering the worry in his voice with a growl and sigalling for the men behind him to spread out and keep watch. "What is Hermes?" he asked in the same growl as his nortrils flared and his eyes flased silver. If there was something among the crates, he’d find it. Gerdon was no orginary human. -08:58 Feb 22
Astra: Astra stalked in to the cargo hold, scratching the top of her head and pursing her lips. "I could have sworn I left him in here… He is far far too big to wander out by himself." She took a peek behind a large crate. -09:01 Feb 22
Gerdon: There was a tearing sound and a clatter and a large wolf padded up next to Atra, and sniffed the ground. Aroufn his shoulders were the remnants of a white vest and one of the men was already licking up the captain’s gun off the deck. He found the scent easily enough and followed it though the crated, ears and eyes straining for anything that might indicate the presence of the animal. Then as he neared the other side of the room he let out a low growl… it wsa close. -09:06 Feb 22
Astra: "A werewolf….!" He was fuzzy! Her concern about Hermes was forgotten for the moment and Astra was launching herself at the Captain Wolf to give him a warm fuzzy hug. "I knew you were a little strange! I know all about wolves, but I’ve never met a were one before. Hermes will be so excited!" -09:12 Feb 22
Gerdon: Was he being… huggled? The wolf’s head was turning to look at the girl and he shook his body in an offort to dislodge her, when that failed he was stalking forwards anyway, ears flattened and body low to the ground… hopefully this wouldn’t be taken as a signal to the girl to climb aboard… -09:15 Feb 22
Astra: Too late, the most amazing thing in the universe would be riding a giant wolf and the idea was in her head in a heartbeat. Astra climbed on the wolf and leaned to pat his head. "I am certain he is looking for food by now. I never had a chance to feed him. Your fancy has kitchens?" Astra paused for a moment to tap her chin. "Unless he ate someone… You should tell your men not to upset him." -09:21 Feb 22
Gerdon: It was too late to try and dislodge her too, there was movement and the wolf dashed forwards, sprang up onto a crate, ran over it’s top, legs to the next one and jumped to slam into the bult of a… bumblebear? Shit! But at least the captain had managed to knock it off of the form of a worker who lay still on the deck. There were snarls as more wolves came running and behind them men with guns. The bear was as good as captured! -09:26 Feb 22
Astra: "Hey! Wait! Whoa!" That was a wild ride, and Astra had to hold on tight. Dashing forward was a blur, but the moment she saw Hermes, she was hoping off the captain’s back to cling to Hermes. "There you are! You willy thing. I told you to wait in your box. What if you upset all these scary men?" Hermes, who wasn’t nearly as amiable as Astra let out a roar loud enough to deafen and buzzed his wings to threaten off the others. He had teeth large enough to snap a body in half with one chomp! -09:29 Feb 22
Gerdon: The wolves circled and the men took up position, laser sights dotting the bear’s chest and head. Then as one a dozen darts flew and endedded themselves in the beast and the captain dashed forwards to grab Astra’s top in his teeth and pull her back. One dead man was enough and id Astra got herself killed on his ship he’d have a lot of explaining to do. -09:33 Feb 22
Astra: Later she was going to think it was hilarious that a wolf was dragging her around, but right now people were shooting at Hermes and she was scrambled to shove that blasted werecaptain away from her so she could rescue her bumblebear. "You jerks! Quit shooting at him! HE’S FRIENDLY!" Ooooh, poor Hermes was already stumbling and hitting the floor and she was trying to get to him! -09:36 Feb 22
Gerdon: He pulled her away, not letting her go as men rused forward to restrain the creature and breag it in the direction of the brig. The wolf pushed astra to the fround then transformed back and puched her up by her arm. "Get the crewman to the medical bay." he barked. "As for this girl she better have a damn good reason for bringing one of THEM in my ship." with Astra over his shouder he was heading away again. He was angry and full of adrenaline, but finally there was order on his ship again. -09:41 Feb 22
Astra: "Stop wolfhandling me and my pet! You didn’t have to shoot him!" She screamed when she wound up upside down again. And in her frustration she was kicking and beating on him some more. "You’re softer as a wolf! He’s not dead, you know, bumblebears only like to swallow their prey live! Put me doooown!" -09:46 Feb 22
Gerdon: "Yes we did." he said opening a door and dopping her into a bed and locking the door. "You have no idea how dangerous those things are." he yelled at her. "You’re very lucky we tranquilized it and didn’t just kill it, personally I’d be a lot happier with it dead or at least not on my ship. Like I said a lot of people are likely to get hurt because of you being here and then I’ll be the one writing to thier families telling them why. Do you know how hard it is telling someone thier son, or thier husband is dead? Now I don’t care what you say I’m getting you and your pet off of here. Computerm open a channel to Emidia command, subject heading, Astra Teegan." -09:54 Feb 22
Astra: "DON’T CALL THEM!" Astra rolled off the bed and immediately launched herself at him. A hefty jump to cling on his back, and was possibly trying to strangle him, but wasn’t strong enough to do more than cling. "You don’t know what they’re like…! And Hermes never would have hurt anyone, you’re just a suspicious wolf!" -09:59 Feb 22
Gerdon: "I know what they’re like." he said "I worked for them for fifteen years." he said as the signal came through. "I have something of yours." he growled at the screen as the face of one of the Emidio appeared on it, looking perplexed as the captain jabbed a thumb back at Astra. "Could you kindly come and get it." -10:11 Feb 22

The perplexed elder woman seemed to understand on sight of Astra Teegan. Leaning back in her chair with a mixed look of relief and annoyance. “What luck. She has been missing for quite some time. Astra, let that man go.” -Astra

Astra: "Betrayeeeerr." she hissed in to the captain’s ear, scowling at the screen. "NO! He’s my hostage! If you come looking for me, I’ll kill him and everyone on the ship! And I really mean it this time!" She squuueeezed tighter and whispered in the captain’s ear. "I really won’t, but don’t tell her, okay? It’s a bluff." -10:20 Feb 22
Gerdon: "I’ve fought med trolls bare handed, but she brought a bunblebear onto my ship and I can’t stop to drop her off at Ganymede, I have a time sensitive mission and I need my decks cler for action. You know how it is. Where can you set up a rendevous?" he was ignoring the girl… it was obvious she couldn’t actually hur him. -10:25 Feb 22

“Delay your mission. Having her returned is now your top priorty. My ship is three days away, we can rendevous at 0938.09. Do not let her off your boat. Do not let her bring anything else on board. Are we clear, Captain?” -Astra

Astra: "I’m not going and you can’t make me! People and animals don’t belong in cages! And your hair looks stupid!" She pointed at the captain’s head with a finger nail. "You’ll never see your captain again, it’s your last chance!" -10:32 Feb 22
Gerdon: He reached back, grabbed ehr arm and hulled her over his shoulder and put her down on the floor in front of him. "I can’t do that, this job isn’t for you and if I can’t get there in time it’s my credibility on the line. I’m barely going to make it in time to splash the pirates and take back the frieghter as it is… if you’ve got noone closer then I can’t stop and you’ll have to pick her up after I’m done. You’ll just have to trust I can keep her safe until then." He cut the transmition and then sat heavily on the edge of the bed. Tha was how you had to treat Emidios, let them know you’re not going to be pushed around. "Now I remember why I quit." -10:39 Feb 22
Astra: "You’ve really got to stop slinging me around everywhere." she complained, plopping down next to him with that same huff and heaviness. "She thinks she knows everything and what’s best for everyone just because she’s the Matron. I have a plan, though! You can drop me off aaanywhere. In fact, maybe call a nice little transport for me and Hermes. OH! Or I can borrow a ship…" In fact, that sounded like the -best- idea. There was bound to be plenty of escape pods and all she needed was one big enough for her and Hermes… -10:47 Feb 22
Gerdon: "You’re NOT taking my shuttles." he said flatly making a cutting gesture with his hand. "And there are no other ships out this far that wouldn’t kill you." he stood. "Thi sis your home for the weak, and you’re not coming out of this room without an escort. Food will be brought to you in three hours, until then do you need anythign else?" -11:06 Feb 22
Astra: "Can I sleep with Hermes? He gets scared when he’s all by himself." Food! Astra was trying to remember the last time she had eaten something. A bumblebear was very expensive to feed. She could always plot her daring escape later. "…can I have food now?" -11:09 Feb 22
Gerdon: "No, you’ll get food in three hours and I’m not letting you near that thing until you’re both off my ship. I’ll take it that you don’t need anything then. See you in three hours." he stepped towards the door and then stopped. "Try anything and I’ll have you taken to the other brig and you’ll stay there until your family arives." -11:19 Feb 22
Astra: Astra crossed her arms and scowled. "We’ll see about that, Captain Werewolf. We’ll see!" Poor Hermes, he would be so scared locked up with all these scowling angry people riling him up. "Are you going to feed Hermes too? He likes meat! Lots of meat and it can’t be dead meat! Preferably it should be cows." -11:31 Feb 22
Gerdon: "I have no cows." he said stepping outside and the door slid closed, then a moment later it opened again and he tossed a couple of ration packs of dried fruit onto the bed and the doro closed again with the clank and buzz of it locking. -11:33 Feb 22
Astra: She pounced on the packs and opened them up to devour the contents, and was immediately snooping everywhere she could look around. Getting stuff open was pretty easy. There had to be air ducts and holes… maybe even the lock on the door would come undone. She was leaning and ear against it. "Mean wolf… good thing you don’t know about my robot! ….damn! Bowser has my game!" Scowling, she leaned against the door and popped a piece of fruit in her mouth. -11:36 Feb 22


Gerdon: Three hours later the door clicked and slid open, and the captain, holding a plate of steaming vagitables, meat, and a jug of apple juice. There was no way he was latting her out to go to the mess hall, and he wanted to talk to her! -11:45 Feb 22
Astra: It took her almost the entire three hours to figure out what she was going to. And more importantly to actually accomplish it. Somehow she managed to brace herself up in the corner of the ceiling and once the door open, she pounce! Stuffing a pillowcase over his head, and once again trying the strangle technique. "I’ve got you…! No you have to decide, do you want to live or do you want to die?!" -11:47 Feb 22
Gerdon: He placed the meal down by feel and knowing the layout of the room, then as the door closed and locked automatically he say on the bed and sighed. "You’re seriously going to have to stop doing that." he said. "Now I’ve brought you food and company. If you don’t want the second then I’m going to use this time to get some rest." -11:51 Feb 22
Astra: Astra remained clinging to his back, but she didn’t pull off the pillowcase. "I wasn’t kidding, you know! You’re my hostage now. And I really didn’t want to have to do this, because I like you, and you’re a very cute wolfy. But I can’t go back to them. I like traveling and finding animals and stars and animals!" -11:54 Feb 22
Gerdon: He sighed and transfomed, his head emongating and tearing the pillowcase to shreads and his body, unable to sit like he was rolling to the side, wnere he still and shook himself before curling up in the bed and tucking his nose against his stomach. Yes, rest, he’d need it in the hours ahead. -11:58 Feb 22
Astra: "Whoa, that’s weird…" She was no sitting on her knees on the floor, staring at him. Inching closer. Closer. Until she was at the edge of the bed with her arms on the matress and reaching out to pet him. Wolf fur had such a fun combination of coarse and soft. "After I eat, I am going to check on Hermes. You have a wonderful fur pattern. Did you know that fur patterns are in your genetics? Those get inherited from parents. Do you look like more your father or your mother? Are they both wolves? Is one a wolf and one a human? Or maybe werewolves are a species of their own…. I’ve never actually met werewolves before, I usually deal with alien species." -12:02 Feb 23
Gerdon: He opened one eye to look at her. Did she think he could talk with a mouth like this? He raised a paw to push the scraps or pillowcase off of his head as he raised his head to look at her. Then he sighed again and placed hsi chin down on the sheets again. He had never known his parents, both of them bad gome missing along with an Emidio ship, but hey if this form kept her calm and out of trouble then so be it. But no, she wouldn’t go and check on hermes alone. -12:10 Feb 23
Astra: He was soooo cute. Astra loved the subtle little nuances animals did when they were expressing thought and emotion! It was so much easier to understand than people. The food smelled really good, but now she was busy examining his ears with her hands and giving him a good scratch on the head. "I see, you don’t really know? That’s okay! I kind of wish I didn’t know. Well. No, I loved my parents, they were okay. They were interesting people. The rest of the family…" she grimaced and shrugged her shoulders. "I guess you know them cause you worked for them? That’s a fun coincidence! Stuff doesn’t happen like that by coincidence, you know, Or at least that is what everyone always says." -12:15 Feb 23
Gerdon: How… how did she do that? He raised his head to watch her and wonder if she has some sort of empathy? He sat up on the bed to watch her, his grey fur mussed up from the bed. he did know her family all too well, they were not always sane, and those who were were… different. -12:23 Feb 23
Astra: "Hmm…?" Now his head was out of her reach. Which was okay, she just folded them on the matress and watched him. There was a shrug of her shoulders again. "It’s not that weird, animals speak with body language and expression more than sounds. You can lie with words. I’m pretty good at it!" She reached a hand out to stroke his paws. They were huuuuuge. He had to be several times bigger than a normal wolf. "My family is pretty good at lying in general, though I -guess- they THINK they’re doing it for the right reasons. Darshanna is trying to send me off to this tropical paradise fortress that is nothing more than just a fancy prison cage just because I am not like the rest of the family. Which really isn’t fair, you know? I can take care of myself." -12:30 Feb 23
Gerdon: She liked touching him and he looked down at her hand. His wolf form was meant to be intimidating, feared and here she was treating him like a puppy. But then she did have a pet bumblebear. He stood and moved closer before sitting and eventually lying down slowly. Maybe it was a good thing he was very good at smelling lies. -12:35 Feb 23
Astra: "I like animals." she explained, seeming a bit amused with his sloooow lie down. The second he was settled, she was petting again. A captain probably needed a good amount of petting if he was running a stressful ship. Especially with her family being so bossy. "I like them a lot more than people! Animals are always forthcoming of their intentions. If they want to eat you, they pretty much tell you right off the bat. I found Hermes at a public zoo, and he was miserable there. They had him in a fake environment, I don’t even think they knew anything about bumblebears! So I helped him get out and I’m going to take him to a very nice new world where bumblebears can be bumblebears." -12:41 Feb 23
[Astra enters.] -12:47 Feb 23
Gerdon: If his eyes had been open he would have rolled them. She was a white knight for animal kind and if they were caught he’d go to prison for posession of stolen property. All he needed when he was trying to make a living. Yup, definately different. Still it wouldn’t be too difficult to swing by the bunblebear homeworld o thier way back. Jerface Emidio could wait a day longer. -12:49 Feb 23
Astra: Astra griiiiiiinned. He conceeded. She could see it in the way nearly huffed and just settled in to bed. "I knew you would see it my way. You’re a nice captain." She leaned and gave him a kiss to his furry head, then jumped up to go demolish the food he brought her. She ate like she hadn’t ate in weeks, and more than once had to pause to cough cause she had been too busy inhaling food to breath. "This is not bad food! Hermes is getting good food too, isn’t he? Hmm. I hope he’s at least giving dead things a chance. I hate making him sleep all alone. Where do you sleep, Captain? I bet you have a very fancy room, kind of like this one. Your bed is nice and springy, I jumped on it a few times trying to reach the air ducts."" -12:54 Feb 23
Gerdon: He shanged when she left the bed and sat up. "He is being seen to, don’t worry, Hermes will be fine, and my room, like every other room on this ship, is exactly like this one." he stratched the back of his neck and looked at her intently. "In eight days we’ll drop Hermes off in the wild, then his survival is up to him. You on the other hand will be with your family in nine days…. and there’s icecream under the cover there." -01:00 Feb 23
Astra: "That’s good. Hermes should be free!" Ice cream! Astra licked the fingers of one hand, uncover the ice cream with the other. Then it too was being attacked, though this time she was taking the time to actually enjoy it. Complete with a pleased siiiiigh and taking it away with her to plop down on the bed next to him. "I missed ice cream. It’s so hard to get sometimes. Do you know what else should be free? Meeee. You can leave me with Hermes, I can find another ride." -01:06 Feb 23
Gerdon: "No, I’m not going to do that. Your family knows I have you and if you die, they’ll be after me." he leaned back and watched her eat. "You’re acting like I have a choice in this." he said keeping his eyes on her. -01:10 Feb 23
[(Timeout) Astra got too distracted for their own good…] -01:14 Feb 23
Astra: "Everyone has a choice in things. At least they should." Another spoonful went in to her mouth and she realized he was watching. Which made her lean just a bit to the side away from him. She was apparently slightly less touchy with human beings. "All you have to do is drop be off somewhere. I’m not going to spontanious combust. -I- happen to believe I still have a choice, and I don’t want to go live on some stuffy island planet where they keep all the old people just cause they can’t fight like they used to! I can fight. I took you hostage, after all." -01:14 Feb 23
Gerdon: "No you didn’t." he said, standing and looking away. "I was never in any danger from you, see what happened when you tried it with the pillow case?" he stretched. "Besides you wouldn’t harm a fly. Now do you need anything or can I finally get some sleep?" -01:26 Feb 23
Astra: Another spoonfull went in her mouth. And she looked to be contemplating. "No, I guess not. Oh, wait! I left my robot in the cargo hold and he has my video games. But he can take care of himself, so I’m not worried about him." -01:35 Feb 23
Gerdon: He sighed. Another hunt in the cargo hold tonight then… well… maybe that would be the last of it. "Alright, I’ll see you in the morning." he said. "If you break out you’ll never see Hermes or you robot again." he opened the door and left, locking it behind him and headed off. She was turnung out to be a headache… a nice headache though. -01:38 Feb 23

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