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  • Icarus 005: Suspicious Doctor Sam

    Icarus 005: Suspicious Doctor Sam

    [Ava made sure to have her clothes back on before heading back for the ship.] -10:35 Jun 15 [Zeke if with her and with a brace of spears. Someone must protect the future mother.] -10:37 Jun 15 Ava: Ava hadn’t bothered to wash off any of the paint. She was actually pretty proud of it! […]

  • Icarus 004: Village Ceremony

    Icarus 004: Village Ceremony

    [Zeke is already out and helping witht he preperations for the ceremony!] -12:40 Jun 14 [Ava is sleeeeeeping in a tree. She is kiiiinda getting used to this.] -12:42 Jun 14 Ava: Midday naps were not Ava’s thing. …Usually! But after a couple nights of little sleep, when it was suggested she stay put in […]

  • Icarus 004: Hunting

    Icarus 004: Hunting

    [Zeke in in his shelter ofter a long, dark night and is still on the floor on top of a mat without any covering whatsoever.] -07:04 May 09 [Ava is sleeping. Which is good, because it took her quite awhile to fall asleep!] -07:09 May 09 Ava: Camping out in the wilderness and sleeping on […]

  • Icarus 003: Wading

    Icarus 003: Wading

    [Zeke has just seen the leader of the ‘alien’ visitors and it still cradling a baby.] -06:49 May 06 [Ava had a chat with Commander Dad, and it wasn’t as bad as she thought! She just has to take Zeke for an eval, and then she can go play..er… study the zoots!] -06:50 May 06 […]