Icarus 004: Village Ceremony


[Zeke is already out and helping witht he preperations for the ceremony!] -12:40 Jun 14
[Ava is sleeeeeeping in a tree. She is kiiiinda getting used to this.] -12:42 Jun 14
Ava: Midday naps were not Ava’s thing. …Usually! But after a couple nights of little sleep, when it was suggested she stay put in the treehouse for a bit before that whole ceremony stuff, she didn’t argue. Falling asleep had been an accident, though and she was currently well content to be stretched out and dozing. -12:44 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke entered the shelted and crotched down next to Ava. He was already painted and placing a hand on Ava’s shoulder shook her gently. "Ava, village ready for you." he then stood and fetched a bowl of water from the table to place next to her. "Clean, but no clothes." -12:52 Jun 14
Ava: "Huh?" There was a bit of muttering when she sat up. A lazy running of her hand through her hair as vision sharpened and she wearily blinked at all of his body paint. That was a great custom to note. Body painted for ceremonies. Wait, what…? "You mean ME without any clothes?" -12:58 Jun 14
Zeke: he swayed his head from side to side. "Yes, no clothes. Important for ceremony." he repeated before striding to the door and peeking out at thre gathered village, everyone was there, even the village mother , surrounded by the babies who were oddly still and quiet. Everyone was. -01:02 Jun 14
Ava: "Aaargh, this is going to be weird." she muttered to herself and with a little bit of hesitation worked on unbuttoning her shirt. There wasn’t any reason to feel weird about it. Stripping to spite her superiors would have been on her to-do list. Being stared at by a village was an entirely different matter. "It’s quiet." she remarked, shimmying out of her pants. "Why is the nakedness importantly, exactly?" -01:09 Jun 14
Zeke: He indicated his own body. "Paint. Before start you and mother paint, then start." he looked at her and then quickly away. Females were different and they affected the mind.. -01:12 Jun 14
Ava: "Oh! Okay! That’s not too bad. Paint I can totally do." She missed his glance, having dropped her discarded clothes out of the way and was reaching for the bowl of water to clean up her skin a bit. "The mother does the body painting for all zoots?" -01:20 Jun 14
Zeke: "We her children. Only she can make part of village. Sometimes others help. Today only you and mother for start. Cannot say more. When ready come, food there if need eat first." -01:24 Jun 14
Ava: The lack of information was driving her insane. How was she supposed to know if she was doing everything right, if she didn’t know what she was doing at all? Once she was sure all smudges of dirt were gone, and fussed with her hair a bit, (Why, why did she even think that was important?), she stepped out of the hut. Ava looked clearly uncomfortable not having her clothes, arms at her sides and wiggling her fingers as if she wished she had some fabric to hold on to. "I think I might skip food. I have this feeling I’m going throw up if I get too nervous? I’m not sure that’ll be too classy!" -01:35 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke shrugged. "If shy remember you big squishy alien here. Zoots not worry about your looks." he touched the convers of his mouth again as they seemed to have slipped upwards. "Mother waiting. She will begin. This time exception, I may stay with you. You not speak zoot. usually go alone." he gestured forwards indicating she should go ahead, then waited. -01:40 Jun 14
Ava: Squishy! Ava looked down at herself for a moment. She supposed she was squishy compared to zoots. And to him… Ava rolled her eyes and took the lead, still being very wary about where she walked and none too happy about looking downwards. "You’re going to have to teach me to speak zoot. I should be here for awhile." Once she reached the Mother’s home she was also wary about stepping inside there. She didn’t know the steps for this, it was completely unfair! -01:50 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke caught Ava’s arm and placed his other hand on her shoulder. His touch was rough but extremely gentle. "Mother in central area. Center of village, inside there no one." he guided her in the right direction, across a bridge and to where the village was gathered, then let go. The village mother was sitting in front of a bowl of paint waiting. "Go put hand on hers, she will start, then you will continue. The pattern you draw on self tell future for you in village." -02:08 Jun 14
Ava: "See, this is why you need to tell me what I’m doing…!" Haaaaands on her. That was a weird touch of butterflies. Clearly she was crazy nervous about this whole ceremony and more than a little weirded out by this whole being naked thing. When he let go, it was like being let loose in the open ocean. Ava just sort of driiifted to where she was supposed to be. A mix of curiosity at looking and seeing and noting everything, crazy nerves over something that was clearly "important", and feeling like a complete idiot prancing around nude. She placed her hands on the Mother’s with a nervous grin. "Okay?" -02:17 Jun 14
Zeke: The mother took Ava’s hands and placed them on the rim of the paint bowl and then dipping taking her own hand and dipping it into the paint reached out and smeared it on Ava’s cheeks. "I accept you in village." there was a definate buzz to the words but the allien had definately spoke in english. "Today we see in vilage spirate accept you too. Do you want be daughter of village?" -02:22 Jun 14
Ava: Holyshitwhatthefuck! That had her floored. This was EXACTLY why she wanted to know things ahead of time! You do not surprise someone with stuff like this! Ava was glancing over her shoulder and casting Zeke an alarmed look before she was staring back at the Mother. Words. Woooords. Speak stupid! "Umfff.. Yes. Yes I would like to be a daughter of the village." Wait, there was a village spirit? Would it be a literal spirit?! Being unprepared SUCKED! -02:25 Jun 14
Zeke: She took Ava’s hands and placed them into the paint as she buzzed Ava’s answer to the rest of the village. "Paint yourself" She fell silent and waited, everyone seemed to be waiting, Zeke included. -02:39 Jun 14
Ava: "So no pressure huh?" Just the fate of her presense and potentially a whole village and who knows what! Ava wasn’t exactly the creative artistic type… she could draw what she looked at, but painting your own nakedass body was an entirely different story. …but it wasn’t like she could stand around there forever. Taking a deep breath and a bit of the paint on her fingers, she just… doodled! Obviously there had to be symmetry and balance or it would just be where. She liked swirls and dots. Ava was pretty sure she was over thinking the entire thing, and ever so often she’d glance around for paint ideas to mimic on her own. At least then she’d know it would look a bit like theirs too! -02:43 Jun 14
Zeke: When it looked like Ava was getting too intricate the mother took Ava’s hands to stop her and then looked over the patterns, then up at Ava’s face. "Sit." she said pulling on Ava’s arms her alien face giving nothing away. -02:55 Jun 14
Ava: "Enough?" At this rate her stomach was going to be in knots. Ava sat, a slight unsure frown on her face. Within a few days she had at least become accostomed to zoot body language, but the Mother had very controlled movements. Trying to figure out anything was impossible, and know-everything-Ava hated not knowing what was next. -02:58 Jun 14
[Zeke enters.] -03:06 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke came forwards to sit next to Ava and looked at the markings and then at the mother, then at the rest of the village. Then in a low buzz spoke quickly but the mother placed a ahnd on his shoulder and he stopped. "Zeke correct on meaning. But son, I explain to Ava." Zeke swayed his head and looked at Ava an unsure look on his face. "No fear, the paint always truth. Ava." she looked at the girls and then pointed to Zeke’s markings. "Guardian." she pointed to where Ava had copied them. "Same, but you have from every role. Ava, if village and spirits accept this pattern. You next mother." -03:09 Jun 14
Ava: "Whaaahaaat?" Ava was still trying to get over the fact this zoot could speak. What she was expecting was something about good tidings, or evil omens, or crazy hairless lady brings the party. This was farfetched! "…I’m not a zoot. I’m not a zoot mother? Uhhm, but I will protect zoots? I know I will. That’s not really a question. I’m just." Fuck. She was blabbering nonsense and even she knew. Ava cast a lost look at Zeke! He was the human here, he’d fix it! -03:14 Jun 14

she touched one area. “Guardian.” and then another. “Caretaker” then another “Wisdom giver” then another “Healer, you will be all this as mother. Not tomorrow, after current mother die. Until that day Zeke and mother teach you. Stand and face village. Let them see, then we see they accept.” -Zeke

Ava: "I don’t want the current mother to die!" the comment was a soft, startled squeak. But she was rising and turning to face the village. This wasn’t awful, but this was… a little more pressure than being just a part of the village. Did they know how short a human’s lifespan was? How long did zoots live! Ava didn’t even know yet! -03:23 Jun 14
[(Timeout) Zeke doesn’t post enough.] -03:56 Jun 14
[(Timeout) Ava got too distracted for their own good…] -03:56 Jun 14
Zeke: The village remained silent as the mother, holding the bowl came around, then buzzed to Zeke who reacing down took a dab of the paint and held it up for everyone to see, then with a quick motion smeared it across Ava’s back. "I accept you as part of the village." he told her, before one of the zoot approached and it too took a dab of pain and smeared it on Ava’s back, then more came, more and more until the entire vilalge was swarming arounf Ava and painting her back. -03:56 Jun 14
[Ava ] -03:57 Jun 14
Ava: Ava let out a hiss of breath. Zeke’s was a surprise and the rest was… awkward and weird, but actually kind of nice! Warm and fuzzy sort of feelings. She was assuming the spirit of the village meant the village itself. Everyone choosing to accept her as one of theirs. Before long she was feeling much less confounded by the fate of her paint doodling, and grinning as she rocked on her feet. Accepted in to an alien civilization. This was awesome. -04:00 Jun 14
Zeke: When the village retreated zeke offered Ava his hand. Vllage accept you. Now for spirit." the village mother was the last to pain her back and head back to the other Zoots. "I show you way. No worry. When I do this, spirit accept me. Spirit accept you too." -04:04 Jun 14
Ava: "That wasn’t the spirit part…?" Oh great! Just when she thought all the difficult parts were over. Ava’s grin vanished when she took his hand, replaced by that pensive expression again. "You were a baby. I’m an adult, and not exactly the upstanding example of one either." -04:06 Jun 14
[Zeke enters.] -04:12 Jun 14
Zeke: "I was not baby." he said "I grew to age just like zoot, then ask spirit. Sperit never refuse, you meet spirit already." he took her with his hadn gently clasping hers towards the tree in the edge of the platform, then brushing aside vines revleaned a hidden opening with handholds carved into the inside of the trea meading up, far up to the very top where another platform waited. -04:15 Jun 14
Ava: "Oh gods, do we really have to go all the way up there…?" Of course they did! Things couldn’t be easy and on the ground, that’s just now how anything worked. She was making an odd sound of dread and if she didn’t want so very badly to actually be a part of the village and get to study it, she would have quit right then. Being naked and painted, whatever. Climbing trees… why’d it have to be giant trees! Ava finally was grasping the holds to climb up. Muttering under the breath the whole way. -04:19 Jun 14
Zeke: He followed and when they were at the top may have been a little red in the face when he indicated her where to sit before sitting himself. "Only wait." he said softly looking at the vista above the jungles’ canopy. "Wait for spirit to accept, then go down, then you part of village." -04:23 Jun 14
Ava: His face was all red and she was giving him a curious stare until she realized he just had himself a good full view of her under carriage. Now HER face was red and she was plopping to sit and cross her arms, despite the fact at this point there was no sense in it. The view was… really, reaaaaaallly awesome…! Ava was dumbstruck to silence for a few moments. At least until she remembered how high up they were. "And how do we know the spirit has accepted? A special sign..?" -04:26 Jun 14
Zeke: "Spirit will come and accept you. You will see spirit." he said before lying down and looking at the sky. "Best be quiet, meant to be alone." he didn’t get to see the sky very often without having to be boing something, and it was nice to just relax. -04:28 Jun 14
Ava: "…Is it like a ghost? Or a bird?" she couldn’t help but ask the questions. Ava wasn’t exactly the quiet type. But fine! She shut her mouth and watched him. Stretched out and covered in paint himself, and buttass naked for the whole universe to see. "So why am I not alone now? I thought you only needed to be with me with Mother, who can clearly speak something other than zoot so that was a bit unnecessary. I’m sure as hell not gonna jump off this thing. …Oh god, if the spirit doesn’t accept you, you don’t get thrown off do you?" Holy crap! Biggest nightmare ever! Falling to your death naked! She had a dream like this once! -04:32 Jun 14
Zeke: "Bzzzzzz." he said. "First lesson. That say to children who not quiet." he said giving her a grin, then touching him lips again and looking confused. "Spirit speak, you not speak zoot. I here to tell you story to spirit." -04:35 Jun 14
[(Timeout) Zeke doesn’t post enough.] -04:38 Jun 14
Ava: There was a twist of her mouth. A half frown, half scowl. But Ava shut her mouth. If he had to speak to the spirit, then it wasn’t something to be afraid of. At least not a ghost. He didn’t say the spirit WOULDN’T throw her off the tree. "….but seriously, what happens to people the spirit doesn’t accept?" She had to know! -04:38 Jun 14
Zeke: Hours passed, and Zeke got up to erect a sun shade for both of them, then hours more passed with him dozing underneath his half of it, then when the sun started to near the horizon there was the buzzing of wings and on the corner of the platform an insect landed, the same startlingly zoot-like kind of insect from the pond. Zeke opened one eye and then sat up as he saw it, tapping Ava on the shoulder and nodding towards it. "Show spirit markings." -04:42 Jun 14
Ava: Sitting and sitting and sitting. Most of it was in silence, because that was the thing to do and he flat out refused to answer her question, like a jerk. Which left her sitting in anxious, nervous panic wondering how many different ways a person could die when falling off a tree. She nearly jumped when he tapped her shoulder and spoke. …the neat zootbug! Ava gave Zeke a questioning glance, then peered at the thing curiously before well… showing it the markings! -04:45 Jun 14
Zeke: The insect inched closer as Zeke buzzed at it, telling the story of how Ava came to the tribe and gesturing to the marking painted on her body, then the creature took off and landed in Ava’s lap looking up at her and Zeke let out a breath. "Spirit accept Ava. Take and and drop from platform, then down to village have feast." -04:49 Jun 14
Ava: "And that’s it, no more surprises for Ava?" Aw man, the little bug was adorable. So adorably adorable! She didn’t care if it was appropriate or not, she rubbed it’s little head with a tip of her finger before scooping it up in her hands. So smaaaall. "Wait, I drop this poor thing? Cause you better not mean dropping me." -04:52 Jun 14
Zeke: "Insect can fly, will be down before us." he said. "Now this one your patron. When need will be there, then Ava have baby, will be there, when Ava die, will be there." he explained. "Zoot care for them, they care for zoot." -04:54 Jun 14
Ava: "Like a fairy god zoot." That was a sweet sentiment. Ava was not sure how much she believed, but she was more than happy to be able to stay and learn. ..and dropping the poor thing was the first start, so…! With a quick pop she tossed it off the platform and looked down after it. …which wasn’t the best of ideas, cause then dizzy Ava had to scoot back and cling to Zeke with her eyes squeezed shut. "Hokay…! Looking was a bad idea! Going back down now is good!" -04:58 Jun 14

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