Icarus 005: Suspicious Doctor Sam


[Ava made sure to have her clothes back on before heading back for the ship.] -10:35 Jun 15
[Zeke if with her and with a brace of spears. Someone must protect the future mother.] -10:37 Jun 15
Ava: Ava hadn’t bothered to wash off any of the paint. She was actually pretty proud of it! A marking of her part in the tribe. …even if the whole Mother business was a little over the top. She was casting Zeke an amused look as they headed down the path. "I know the way back and forth now, you don’t have to come with me. Honestly, I think it might be better if you didn’t. Everybody is all riled up about you." -10:40 Jun 15
Zeke: He looked at her, then with the butt of a spear poked where the paint was under her clothes. "Village mother." hetapped his own paint. "Guardian, I guard what important to village. You important to village. I go with. Cannot argue, I not go you not go." -10:43 Jun 15
Ava: "See, that’s where I think everyone is being a little too literal. I am pretty sure that just means I am a guardian too, because I look like you. Not the mother of the village. Humans are associated with protection now?" That was her best theory, anyway. It made perfect sense. For the time being she was crossing her arms and smirking at him. "You know, I COULD argue it if I am the mother. Mother knows best, right?" -10:48 Jun 15
Zeke: He buzzed. "No, you paint your own role. I paint mine when I join village but I not copy others. Village accept you as next mother, spirit accept you as next mother. I accept you as next mother. Only way out of role is leave village, Mother understand you might want go home." he put a hand on her shoulder. "You not yet mother, you can still go home, but can also not tell Zeke do this or do that." -10:52 Jun 15
Ava: "Home! My home is a giant space ship. There’s not any trees or rivers or animals or sky. …Not that I don’t really love traveling and discovering new places. I LOVE new things, it’s just-" Ava clamped her mouth shut. She had assumed she’d stay to study here, but hadn’t thought about how long. Or what her father would say about it. The thought of leaving actually sounded pretty shitty. "…anyway I CAN tell Zeke do this or do that. You don’t know humans, you don’t know the captain. Mother or guardian or whatever, I don’t want you or the zoots getting in trouble." -11:02 Jun 15
Zeke: "I stay with you, no trouble. You go alone and not come back my fault. Zeke knoe humans dangerous, zeke know if you go and ship go back Earth Zeke never know why Ava leave. If Zeke go with then Zeke know, Zeke tell village, village understand. No trouble, only worry." -11:05 Jun 15
Ava: "I wouldn’t leave without telling you or the zoots and saying goodbye. THAT I can promise." That’s all it was? Worrying about her leaving? Ava dropped her arms and quickly threw them around him for a hug. "Don’t worry. I keep my promises. Even if I wasn’t completely charmed by you and the zoots I wouldn’t take all the trouble to be a part of the tribe only to leave. … We’re just going to have to convince my father that leaving a research team here is a good idea." -11:13 Jun 15
Zeke: He put ar arm around her and with a heave picked her up and slung her onto his back like he often did with the zoots, then he sarted walking. "Maybe you not have choice, maybe your father say you much to and not give time. Maybe other human try hurt Ava, maybe…" he shrugged. "Zeke go with you, no discussion." -11:22 Jun 15
Ava: A startled yelp later she was clinging with her arms around his neck and wondering how damned strong this guy actually WAS to sling a fully grown women around like she weighed as much as… as a zoot! "Obviously end of discussion, NOW. But another day and time I might say no Zeke allowed. I’m just thinking about possibilities… like you are. Besides no one is stupid enough to try and hurt me when my dad is the Commander. And can’t tell me I’m not allowed to stay, either. I’m just worried about whether or not he’ll leave a team with me. I need equipment and specialists are useful too…" -11:27 Jun 15
Zeke: "May be difficult." he said as he walked towards there the shuttle usually landed. "Maybe expand village, new shelter, food…" he lapsed into silence. "Hope zoot comfortable with more humans…" -11:36 Jun 15
Ava: Ava pointed for him to make sure he headed in the right direction. She had already long since put the radio back in her ear and it seemed they had gotten one the satellites back up, cause when she pressed her communicator button she could get a signal again. "No humans will live in the zoot village. They would get in the way too much of studying natural behaviors. At least not the other researchers. They are going to want to study other things like the geology and archeology, zoology, botany… other things!" -11:42 Jun 15
Zeke: "Words words words." he said "Understand they not in village enough." she had a habbit of saying thinsg that were impossible to understand. "Words… first lesson in zoot tomorrow in mother’s hut. You be here tomorrow?" -11:50 Jun 15
Ava: "What a nice way to say I talk too much." she was laughing in his ear and resting her chin on his shoulder. "Yes. I’ll be with your tomorrow. I should probably stay at the ship today so I can show Erickson where the Icarus. He’s not going to let me go again if I don’t. Then I can meet you at the village tomorrow?" -11:54 Jun 15
Zeke: "Where you are, I stay." he said. "You on ship, I on ship. You sleep on ship, I sleep on ship." he was passing where the camp used to be and there wasn’t far to go. "No meeting at village tomorrow, I stay with Ava." -12:02 Jun 16
Ava: "Are zoots not going to come looking for you if you stay out after sundown? I don’t really want them near the shuttles until Erickson is off planet." Ava shifted her grip to take a look at the camp. They still hadn’t set up a new one yet, though most of the debris had been picked up and cleaned up. Which meant they were doing the smart thing and keeping everything on the shuttle for now. "…I might have to help them with the Predator too. They can’t leave people here if there’s a predator killing everyone." -12:07 Jun 16
Zeke: "They know I with you. They know maybe I go with you to ship." he didn’t slow as they reached the clearign and he made for the ramp. He knew the risks either way and he would rather stay with Ava at least for now. -12:13 Jun 16
Ava: "Okay. And the predator? You never tell enough about that. I’m gonna have to join a retcon team at night, maybe, and see what I can find out about it." They were getting some pretty curious stares by Erickson’s goons once they reached the shuttle. Ava decided that was a good moment to jump off his back and resumed walking on her own feet. She had forgotten all about the paint still smeared on her. Once they were inside and turning hallways, she was a bit relieved to run in to Doc Sam instead of that jerkass. "Oh hey! You’re not locked up in a cell after all! Ericks is all pissyfitted about you not doing something or whatever, just FYI. Ooohhh, hey there muscles, glad to see YOU again too. Wanna visit for another checkup?" All hands, the doctor had hers on Zeke’s arm and trying to tug him in the direction of her offices. "I have to relay information to the Commander first, then Erickson can scream at me all he wants." -12:22 Jun 16
Zeke: "Never not think about about predator." he hissed before they entered the shuttle "Zoots can take care, they not stupid like humans who do not know predator and try fight. If you go looking you need me." Then they were face to face with the doctor who was being touchy and making Zeke feel uncomfortable so he looked at Ava with an enquiring look on his face. ‘Check up? Muscles? Was this normal?’ -12:30 Jun 16
Ava: "Tell her not to touch if you don’t like it, other wise she’s just going to keep doing it." He looked… so uncomfortable! This was exactly why it was better for him to not be here, everyone was going to make him feel so out of place and Ava was having a weird prtective streak about it. "That’s right, honey. You just tell the doctor what feels good and what doesn’t. Joking aside though, some of his bloodwork came up with some interesting stuff. Do you mind too much if I borrow him for a few more samples? I’ll behave, promise!" Ava wasn’t so sure about that… despite him claiming to be her guardian, he was the one that needed protecting on this ship! "Since I only have to speak with the Commander… IF Zeke is all right with that. I’d be back in a few minutes?" -12:39 Jun 16
Zeke: Zeke slowly nodded unsule of the whole thing but trusting Ava and then nodded at Sam. He could tell her if things got too uncomfortable so that was a good thing and he’d make sure he did. Still he wanted to be with Ava while she talked… but if this would help… -12:49 Jun 16
Ava: "I’ll hear you if you scream, okay?" Ava wasn’t so sure about leaving him alone, but Sam was a good doctor even despite being a flirt. She only hesitated a moment before she started down the hall. "Five minutes, okay!" -12:55 Jun 16

“Aww, I think she likes you honey. And whoooo wouldn’t, you look like a dream! Just have a step in to my lab and we’ll get you all checked out.” Taking Zeke by the arm, Doctor Sam guided him in to her small med lab. Still stark white and just as sterile. She pointed him over to a table as she shifted to a counter. “You’re not afraid of a cute girl like me, are ya?”

Zeke: He sat and pulled the bundles spears from his back to place them down next to him and then looked around the lab. "You healer, healers not hurt." he said. "Trust you, you know humans…." he reached over and picked something up to turn it over in his hands. It was cold… -01:03 Jun 16
Ava: He’d be fine for a few minutes. She just had to keep reminding herself that. Ava slipped in to the contact room and plopped in to a seat to call up the commander. It’d take a moment for him to answer an unexpected call. But that’d give her the time to think of what to say. How do you tell your dad you’re ready to leave the nest and want to be abandoned on a mostly uninhabited planet to study a new civilization? -01:14 Jun 16

“Healer, tormenter. It depends on who you’re talking to about me.” The Doctor was going to need more than just a little blood, so she was pulling on a pair of gloves and prepping a rather large needle. “In the mean time I need you to answer a few questions for me. Have you ever been ill? Suffered from a disease? Had any major injuries? How quickly do you heal. Aaaaaaand, do you seem to have any special… gifts.”

Zeke: His brow furrowed witht he questions. "Sometimes sick from bad food before zoot know what humans eat." he said "Other time never sick, sometimes break bone." he pointed to his forarm, then to his ankle, then to his other calf, then swapped hands to point to his wrist. "Rest six days, then walk but not go outside village for twelve, then normal…" -01:21 Jun 16

“That’s fast. Inhumanly fast. Do you seem to get any special, good feelings from eating specific foods they give you, or is this something that has always been? Do you know anything about your parents or the way you were born?” Doc Sam had her needle in one hand and was swabbing a spot on his arm with a bit of alcohol. “I’d like to put you in one of my machines and give you a scan. If you agree I could give you a special reward. Do you know what kissing is yet?” The woman was grinning like a cheshire cat. And without warning she poked his arm with the needle and started drawing blood.

Ava: When the Commander’s line finally patched through, Ava was saluting to the older gentleman on screen. "Commander, sir. I have an update on the native village and a few requests." Commander Addision squinted at his own screen, leaning close as if trying to decipher what he was seeing before he straightened again. Rubbing his chin with an amused twist of his mouth. "Begin with the pain, Addison. You appear to be in need of a shower." That paint, blah! Ava grinned wide. "As it turns out, when you are accepted in to their village, you paint yourself and the stuff you paint represents your future in the tribe. Apparently I’ve painted myself as the next Mother of their village. I’m fairly certain it’s because they associate humans with protectors. Anyway, that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about Dad…" -01:33 Jun 16
Zeke: He frowned more looking at the needle and watching the chamber fill with blood. "Do not know but if help then listen." he said placign the devicein his hands back down and he thought while tapping his feet together then shook his head. "Some food taste good, some make drunk, some put to sleep…?" -01:41 Jun 16

When the vial filled, she twist it out and plugged in a fresh vial to fill too. This time the doctor was after quite a bit of blood. “No true affect then. That’s good to know.” Very good to know. With the second done, she filled a third. And then a fourth. The Doctor was taking enough blood to make a normal man queasy. Once she was done, without warning she was planting a kiss on his mouth and giving him a big wide grin. “That’s a kiss. A reward for being a good boy. Show Ava what you learned, she’ll love it.”

Ava: Ava and Commander Addison’s conversation seemed congenial enough. He was amused with the stories about the zoots, but he was not so happy about her request to stay on the planet. "If you were twenty years older, Ava, I mi-" Ava scoffed. "I’ve got just as much knowledge, even MORE than most of the anthropologists on board. You knew I was going to choose somewhere to stay eventually… what could be more amazing than a place with the first sentient civilization?" Then it was the arguing! Over whether or not she was allowed to stay. Whether or not it was safe. What sort of researchers. And the Icarus…! Why was the Icarus coming up again! -01:57 Jun 16
Zeke: He looked at her strangely and then looked at the vials of blood. There was a lot and he was wondering if she really needed that much, the kiss should felt strange. "Finished?" he asked looking at sam while touching his lips… ‘Kiss ava?’ -01:57 Jun 16

“Done with blood. Why don’t you stand up for me, good and straight.” Doc Sam stepped away to put up the blood and when she returned she had a long tape measure in her hand. Without asking permission she was getting his height. Checking his arm and leg length, hips… and anywhere else she could get her hands on with the excuse of measuring. “I can teach you a lot of great things, honey. I bet Ava hasn’t mentioned any of the fun stuff we humans do.”

Zeke: He stood and let her take her measurements, she was writing them down so they had to be for something. "Ava tell me to ask about humand and Earth but not know what ask." he gave a dismissive gesture. "Ava want to stay here with small team. She need know about here, Zeke not need knos about Earth." -02:07 Jun 16

“For reals? Like aren’t you even a little bit interesting in us humans and stuff? Or have you been sexing up those critters out there? I KNOW it works, you don’t seem to have any muscle problem down here.” Even while she said it she grabbed his package to give an ‘exam’. Yep, didn’t seem to be anything wrong down there. Doc Sam was smirking again.

Zeke: He put his hands on her shoulders to examine her face. "This part of test?" he asked "You had machine?" He wanted to get this over woth to get back to Ava, but he wanted to help the doctor too. -02:24 Jun 16

“In order to do my scan I’ll need you to stay over night with me. That won’t be a problem will it? I will, of course, give you all the rewards you like. Ava won’t have a problem, I’m sure. As long as you say yes.” Doc Sam was hoping to help make up his mind with a touch here and there.

Zeke: He was moving back slowly away from her and trying to figure out what her body language was saying right up until he bumped into the exam table. "Cannot do tomorow? Village guardian must stay near Village or future mother when dark." -02:35 Jun 16

“Future village mother? You’re not talking about Ava are you? She’ll be on the ship too. That’s close enough, isn’t it? Right down the hall.” Sam didn’t advance on him, instead she gave him some breathing space. Jotting down a few more notes as she leaned over a counter. Making sure to sway her hips to a tune in her head. “You can trust me. Ava trusts me. It will help her a lot of you stay here for my examinations. Then she can focus on your creatures.”

Zeke: He looked at her sideways and then realized this was a way for him to stay on the ship with Ava if Ava continued to object. "Will stay tonight." he said finally before crossing his arms. "But only Ava touch zoot." -02:47 Jun 16

“Only Ava can touch zoot. Does that me, Samantha, gets to have her hands all over you, honey?” With her paper work done, and that smirk on her face she sliiiiid up next to him to run her hands up his chest. “How about next I show you what a BJ is…”

Ava: "SAM!" …and that’s why she didn’t want him on the ship! The Doc couldn’t keep her hands off anybody! Ava was in the doorway casting the doctor an accusing look. "No bad touching." The Doctor stepped back with her hands in the air. "It’s not bad touching when they say yes, sweetie. He’s going to spend the night with me." -03:00 Jun 16
Zeke: Zeke was already sliding away from Sam when Ava entered adn looked at her with a smile. "Healer want test me to help." he didn’t know what it would help but there were enough vial of blood around to prove that he was being tested for SOMETHING. -03:04 Jun 16
Ava: Ava was eying Zeke. He looked like he was near crawling out of his skin. Five minutes alone with Same and he was probably already sexually abused! "We’ll talk about what she needs." Ava held out her hand for him to take, giving Sam the evil eye. She liked Sam, but… "Oh c’mon sweetie, don’t give me that look! I didn’t hurt your cutie. He was in good hands, weren’t you honey." Doc Sam bat her eyes and gave her sweeeetest grin. -03:14 Jun 16
Zeke: Hands… there had been a lot of hands. He moved closer to Ava and looked at the doctor. "Healer is gentle and trusted. Say Zeke can stay tonight." he wanted to stay on the ship if Ava was. "Call good?" -03:19 Jun 16
Ava: Gentle and trusted…! "Bye Sam!" Ava snatched his hand and pulled him out of the room down the hall. She made sure she was down several corridors before she stopped him to look him over. Without touching, besides gently taking his arm and turning him. "What did she do? Just take some blood? Anything else? Did you tell her not to touch you?" -03:25 Jun 16
Zeke: He eyed her and then glanced back the way they had come. "Healer take blood, aske question about zoot and food and sickness and injury. Ask if want to stay tonight close to Ava. Teach about kiss, tell kiss Ava…" he looked thoughtful. "Want put Zeke in machine for testing." -03:31 Jun 16
Ava: "Normal stuff and then the molesty stuff, okay." MRIs and scans sounded pretty normal, and taking more blood. Maybe. Ugh…! Telling him to kiss her, real classy, Sam! "Don’t stay with Sam. She’ll do things to you that you’re not ready for. In fact, it’s a lot better if you go back to the village tonight. I’m going to have a lot of work to do and I don’t want to worry about you with Sam." -03:40 Jun 16
Zeke: He folded his arms and stood tall. "I must stay close, and… Sam… say tests help you, help entire team. I sleep on Ava floor if I must but I stay. I bigger than you, I stringer than human men, how you make go?" -03:45 Jun 16
Ava: "What? No, her tests aren’t going to help me. I don’t even know why she’s doing extra tests. Why are you evening arguing this with me! It’ll help me if you’re not here, so I can do thinks quickly and not be afraid Sam is going to feel you up, or Erickson is going to shoot you or something!" -03:55 Jun 16
Zeke: He looked at her, if she needed a reason he would give her one. Taking hold of her shoulders he ulled her close to him and closed his arms around her. "Ava part of village, ava family. Zeke protect family always. No Ava Zeke cannot go back." -04:06 Jun 16
Ava: This was an unexpected development! Ava stiffened. Frowning, she had plenty of reasons why that wasn’t a good excuse. But… She growled a bit but her body melted in compliance and she was slinking her arms around him in a reluctant hug. He likely needed one after getting god knew what from Sam! "Fine… Fine! You can stay here with me. ..as long as you don’t go anywhere alone with Sam. Promise me?" -04:14 Jun 16
Zeke: He swayed his head. "Not alone with healer, okay. If have tests will call Ava…?" he let her go to look her in the face and pat her shoulder reasuringly. "Promise." -04:16 Jun 16

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