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  • Reunion 005: First Dates (TBC)

    Reunion 005: First Dates (TBC)

    [Blythe is picking up Fred in her really crappy, clearly about to fall apart car that she was lucky to afford on a greeting card writer’s salary!] -12:24 Jun 17 [Will is in his hostel where he is mandated by his parol to stay for now so that his parol officer can keep an eye…

  • Dear Blythe

    Dear Blythe, I know that I did was wrong. I can assure you I’m in jail paying for it. I held in a lot of anger for a long time and as the first step in the healing process I want to apologize. I know that doesn’t undo what I tried to do and I…

  • Blythe Kennedy

    Blythe Kennedy

    Greeting Card writer who has an unusual relationship with someone that tried to kill her.