Reunion 005: First Dates (TBC)

[Blythe is picking up Fred in her really crappy, clearly about to fall apart car that she was lucky to afford on a greeting card writer’s salary!] -12:24 Jun 17
[Will is in his hostel where he is mandated by his parol to stay for now so that his parol officer can keep an eye on him!] -12:25 Jun 17
Blythe: This was pretty crazy. Going to pick up a convicted felon that tried to kill her, and then taking him back to her place. In fact when she parked outside the hostel and was climbing out of the car, giving the place a dubious look, she was wondering if maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. This place didn’t look safe! Still, Reunion night with Fred was amazing, and she was pretty sure he didn’t want to murder anyone anymore! Stop up the walk she went, glancing down at a piece of paper looking for the right door number. -12:30 Jun 17
Will: Fred was fussing over everything, the place had once been a run down motel and thing hadn’t really improved. He had done his best to fix the room up and now the only mess was his desk where half finished plans littered the wooden surface but that was normal for the one roomed dwelling. He had his own sheets and his own food in the fridge and had ever racked up enough good behaviour credit for an interent connection without a curfiew! Still right now he was at the desk and trying to finish a special project! -12:36 Jun 17
Blythe: The place didn’t smell too good. The walls looked a bit shabby and rotted out. Blythe was imagining some pretty unpleasant people living around here. Once she found his door she was knocking quickly. More out of fear that maybe not just reformed scientists were living there, but reformed serial killers too. -12:40 Jun 17
Will: He got up with the scraping of the chair on the floor and his footsteps as he walked across the room to the door to pull it open. "Blythe!" he exclaimed poking his head out to look both ways before pulling her in and shutting the door to lock, bolt, lock, lock, and finally bolt it. "Can I get you anything?" -12:43 Jun 17
[Will is now known as: Fred] -12:45 Jun 17
Blythe: Tugged in to the room, she hadn’t the time to catch her breath before the door was deadbolted. …a lot! That wasn’t strange or suspicious at all. Not that she was worried! Blythe fidgeted with the paper in her hands instead of stuffing it in to her pocket. "Um, no! I’m fine. You have a … um.. very interesting place here, Fred. How many locks was that..?" -12:47 Jun 17
Fred: "Three and two bolts, been meaning to get the chain replaced…" he said stepping away from the door to open the fridge. "I have soda, root beer, ginger beer, and sparkling cider." he glanced up and then bit his lip. "Sorry I only have on chair bu the desk or you can sit on the bed if you like." -12:51 Jun 17
Blythe: "It’s not too bad of a place. And you only need the one chair for now." She was hesitant but finally moved away from the door to peer around at things curiously. She was sitting yet, though. Blythe was too busy tapping her chin and looking at his things. "Maybe a ginger beer would be nice after all. I haven’t heard very much from you since the reunion, I kind of miss getting your letters." And maybe she was a little worried that the whole night’s not-so-great turn of events with Barbara, and then her… jumping on him in a borrow car might have been a little crazy! -12:57 Jun 17
[Fred enters.] -01:03 Jun 17
Fred: "Oh yeah, I’ve been busy." he said indicating the desk. "Sorry but life out of prison has been difficult to get used to while trying to avoid the same mistakes as last time." he removed to cold cans of ginger beer from the fridge and handed one to her. "I did try to call though! I don’t have a phone yet but I used the paytphone out the front and a racoon attacked my ankle…" He sat on the bed and opened his can. "It’s good to see you though." -01:06 Jun 17
Blythe: "Do they not have less… uuuhm… dangerous housing for nice normal people?" Not that he was normal by any means. Blythe fussed with trying to get her can open, and succeeded without managing to make a mess. Now that he was sitting, she crossed the room to sit next to him on the bed. …this was not a good bed either! "All though I’m sure once your job oportunities are nice and official, you’ll be getting a place again, though, so I guess it doesn’t matter so much!" -01:10 Jun 17
Fred: "I have to live here until my parole is over." he said before taking a sip of his root beer and sighing. "So what do I owe this visit to?" -01:36 Jun 17
Blythe: "Uuum…!" Wouldn’t that be obvious? Maybe it wasn’t. Blythe was used to being the one that asked someone out on a date. A drink and a swallow, and she was staring up at the ceiling. "Well. I was thinking I could make lunch for you. I’ve been practicing recipes and things and I thought maybe you could use a good meal after all that prison food…" -01:39 Jun 17
Fred: Fred looked at Blythe and swallowed. "Yes, umm sure that sounds great, I have to be back by ten though and say where I’m going. I don’t need and ankle bracelet at least." he almost laughed at his own joke before he smiled at Blythe. "Time away from here sounds great!" -01:49 Jun 17

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