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  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #???

    He fucking shot me in the back and left me there for dead. I woke up in the hospital and the first person I saw was Professor Yoshi. My sister was lingering around outside, but Yoshi was not who I expected to see by my bedside. Then again, I couldn’t expect Grant, could I? Not […]

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #??

    Journal entry for Cassandra, revealing more history tidbits. >:D What do you do when your boyfriend is being an asshole? Laughing in his face is never a good idea. God damned, I don’t know what I was thinking. No, I DO know what I was thinking. I think I finally understand what Grant means about […]

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #?

    Journal Entry for Cassandra Jones, dated College pre-partnering with Babs. I killed someone. It wasn’t the first time someone has died on one of these assignments, and you better believe it was self defense. But this time it was my gun, my hand, my bullet. Then, I was just glad we got out of the […]