Cassie’s Journal: Entry #???

He fucking shot me in the back and left me there for dead.

I woke up in the hospital and the first person I saw was Professor Yoshi. My sister was lingering around outside, but Yoshi was not who I expected to see by my bedside. Then again, I couldn’t expect Grant, could I? Not unless he wanted to finish me off.

I wish I could forget. Pretend it was an accident. That I never saw him. Ever single moment replays in my head as I desperately grasp for anything that could explain it away. That maybe he did it to save my life. Not stand over my body watching me die with that smirk on his face and a few last words. [i]Nobody upstages me, Cas. Not even you.[/i] What did I ever mean to him. Anything? We walked out of that building with a mission that went flawless and then he kills me. Stole what we claimed together and left me there to die. Like what we were meant nothing. Like I meant nothing.

Yoshi explained to me that Grant left the College and is now working freelance for an Unknown Funder. His people found me and I was lucky to be alive. I don’t know how he knew… he must have found out about Grant before. Yoshi never bothered to tell me anything. Just said that he would find me a new partner.

I don’t want a new partner. I want out.

This isn’t the kind of life I wanted. I was supposed to graduate and spend my days in a Museum or University studying artifacts and putting back together the remains of lost civilizations. Not stealing from governments, getting chased down by maniacs, or murdered by the man I thought loved me.

I’m going to tell Yoshi tomorrow that I don’t intend to do any more extra credit assignments. There are other ways I can pay for my degree…

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