Cassie’s Journal: Entry #??

Journal entry for Cassandra, revealing more history tidbits. >:D

What do you do when your boyfriend is being an asshole? Laughing in his face is never a good idea. God damned, I don’t know what I was thinking. No, I DO know what I was thinking. I think I finally understand what Grant means about the thrill of the assignments…

Baghdad was such a perfect example of how everything could start great, but turn out so -wrong- in the end. We started in the city hunting down our contacts and squeezing people for a bit of info. He’s got that devil-care smile when he’s pulling the bastard role. We bounce back and forth so well, that there was a man there that wouldn’t spill. Be it a few clever words or the point of the gun. We had it down in perfect harmony.

Once we got to the site, it all flipped. I admire his focus. He saw the prize and everything else was just walls to be knocked down – but that was the problem. The caves were well protected with old-fashioned traps. The warnings were all over the walls, but he wouldn’t stop long enough to heed the warnings. Of course, he said he’s been in the business longer than I and knows damned well about the dangers and how to avoid them. I believed him. Grant was a student of Yoshi’s – assistant even. He could READ the warnings, right? So wrong! He triggered one of the mechanisms, something that even a child could have avoided. We were nearly buried to our noses in mud before I found the hook for opening the doors.

You think he’d have said “Thanks for saving our asses, Cassie.” Not a chance. We got to the grand room without any more problems, only to find the place looked as if it had already been cleared out ages ago. You could see the spot where relics used to sit. Grant was so pissed off. While he fumed, I was examining the pillars. What Yoshi wanted wasn’t one of the famous artifacts. Yoshi never seemed to want what was obvious. There was always something unique. There was an alter that caught my eye, something built in such an odd way it really didn’t fit with the rest of the room. Grant finally asked what I was up to when I laughed out loud. A few rocks in the side could be pushed back revealing a secret compartment. Then out it came. A small stone tablet with ancient inscription. The language was so rare I couldn’t even read it myself. That was what Yoshi was after.

Grant didn’t seem to agree. He didn’t understand the vale of a rock, compared to the gold, jewels and statues he usually grabbed from sites. When we returned to the College and presented the Tablet to Professor Yoshi, he found out! I don’t think I ever wore a more smug grin in my entire life. I didn’t mean to rub it in his face, but I was so tired of him acting like he was the Know-All of the business.

Needless to say there was no sexy time for me that night. We fought about it, I laughed at him. I think I wounded his pride and now I feel like a downright bitch. Later I might make him a treat and apologize. Our differing opinions on work methods shouldn’t come between a good love, right? And we do make such brilliant partners.

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