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  • Marsyas


    WORLD – Marsyas (mar-sai-us) A world ranging from the most primitive of life to the most advanced of technologies. Marsyas is a large round planet covered mostly by oceans with several continents – much like earth. Two moons, Pamuya (the water moon) and Cres (the desert moon) orbit Marsyas during it’s trek around it’s sun. […]

  • Maginati Universe

    Maginati Universe

    Genre: Scifi Fantasy Location: Spasag Galaxy Timeline: Once upon a time there was a farmer. She was living this perfectly average life, mind her own business and tending her farm. Ever so often someone would stop by for a visit, or she’d have to pull a fledgling wizard out of her chimney… but life was […]

  • Knights of Serenity

    Knights of Serenity

    Genre: Sci-Fi Style Fantasy Location: Planet Seretitus Timeline: 130 Years After the Nemesis Wars A century ago, Serentitus was a planet much like modern earth. Riddle with crime, poverty and hate, it had began to erupt in to a world wide war as countries fought against each other for supreme rule. This was made worse […]

  • Kismet’s Resonance

    Kismet’s Resonance

    Genre: Mixed Genre Location: Timeline: Every culture has it’s legends of symbolic balance. Yin and Yang. Light and Dark. Water and Fire. Good and Evil. One cannot exist without the other or the balance of existence would fall in to mortal peril. To keep the world on it’s axis, there are people across the globe […]

  • The King’s Damoiselle

    The King’s Damoiselle

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: The King has come of age where he MUST marry. He has delayed it long enough that his dearest Mother has prepared for him a Princess Parade. Eligible Princesses and Ladies from all across the lands have gathered to be presented in this pageant of beauty. But, at the end of […]

  • Key of Twilight

    Key of Twilight

    Genre: Scifi Fantasy Rating: PG13 Location: Arviell Callista and Celeste were the twin stars of the new world. The shining lights born under the light and dark moons out of hope for a peaceful era. But Fate as we know it is a cruel and chaotic mistress… On the Fifth year in the house of […]

  • Jaded


    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Timeline: background: starts with a grand ball party. A father telling his young daughter old stories from a jade book that is very special to his wife. This same night, a copy of the book is given to a teenage boy. And even later that night a lovely woman talked the […]

  • Island of Czeshnabu

    Island of Czeshnabu

    Genre: Otherworld Fantasy Location: Timeline: An oceanography study ship gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle during a storm. The crew washes up on an island and finds themselves in a completely different world.

  • The Impoverished Prince

    The Impoverished Prince

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: A prince that loses his wealth, his riches and his title… but still remains noble and dignified!

  • Imperium Luminaria

    Imperium Luminaria

    Genre: Mixed Genre Location: Timeline: The great warriors of time have all perished or been destroyed. For ages existence has lived without heroes, tormented by evil. Now, new powers and new strengths have been born in to individuals who could reshape the world back to it’s former glory.

  • Hourglass


    Genre: SciFi Fantasy Location: Timeline: The ‘Hourglass’ is this huge hourglass shaped building on a desert world, legend to pass through the sands of creation. You take the dust that drops on to it’s floor and can create new life. Someone has recently discovered and taken over this world. Using the sands to create their […]

  • His Rightful Place

    His Rightful Place

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom with a brave Prince. Like most princes, he spent his days doing knightly deeds, rescuing damsels, and being a hero. And like most heroes, the prince met his charming princess, saved the kingdom from a terrible evil, then lived Happily Ever After. …but that’s never really […]

  • Grand Scheme

    Grand Scheme

    Genre: Otherworld Fantasy Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Location: Timeline: Plot Breakdown: Erika was riding her bicycle home from work one day when the bike path sudden looked warped in front of her! She tried to skid to a stop, hitting a rock in the dirt path and went flying through […]

  • The King’s Surrogate

    The King’s Surrogate

    A gay king must father an heir, thus he is trying to choose the right woman to have his child. At the same time, he does not want to live out his life alone, thus he also wants to marry a nice man!

  • For the Sake of Tradition

    For the Sake of Tradition

    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Timeline: Present A very small country keeps strictly to it’s old traditions, no matter how completely bizarre they are. The princesses are coming of age where it’s time for their guardian/future husband is to be chosen. The tradition? Jumping off the top of the castle in an oddly made parachute and […]

  • Feudal Gothic; The Blood Moon Saga

    Feudal Gothic; The Blood Moon Saga

    Genre: Supernatural Feudal Era Japan Location: Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids), Japan Timeline: Edo Period The city of Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids) during the Tokugawa (Edo) period. Far from the influence of Kyoto, the Daimyo and his people live a relatively peaceful life, if one could ignore the fact that the kami seem to still be very much […]

  • Faerie Tale

    Faerie Tale

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: A guy faerie was going to marry his love but she disappeared. he thinks she broke his heart and left him. In reality, a human tricked her in to marrying him and now she’s stuck in the mortal world. Years later, dude faerie is tired of all the same-old stuff of […]

  • Epitaph


    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: Lady is going to new country for blahblahblah reason. On the way she sees lots of desolation and poverty. Woman on the side of the street crying for her dead child and no one bothering to help. Someone getting killed, knights abusing people, etc, etc. Becomes a goal to change the […]

  • Dragon of Jhorundir

    Dragon of Jhorundir

    Genre: Fantasy Location: ??? Timeline: STORY: It’s time for the village to feed the dragon a sacrifice so it doesn’t destroy them all. They decided it will have to be the local witch, which all of them despise for one reason or another. They show up at the witch’s place, where she promptly threatens to […]

  • Divinitus


    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Ireland Timeline: Present Date Plot Breakdown: Divinitus is a highly esteemed private school that teaches all ages in advanced classes. All students must live on grounds, because it’s so secluded from the “outside world”, and are kept an eye on by their dorm leaders. The setting is based in a modern […]

  • The Devil’s Right Hand

    The Devil’s Right Hand

    Gunslingers and mercenaries work for a special organization to take out big-bad problems. …but not always legal or moral. [b]Genre:[/b] Fantasy Western [b]Location:[/b] Denmoria [b]Basic Setting:[/b] A fantasy world with all the fantasy-land type races and magic, but in a western time period. So magic + cowboys! Plot centers around the recent upset within a […]

  • The Deliverance of Albeon

    The Deliverance of Albeon

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Albeon Timeline: The Albeon royal family was killed during an invasion, except for one child that was spirited away by the royal secret service. They grew up with a were clan, not knowing their role in the world. Meanwhile Albeon has suffered under the rule of the invading kingdom, and the wereclan/secret […]

  • Days of Victoria

    Days of Victoria

    Genre: Historical Mystery Drama Timeline: 1882 Rating: PG-13 thru R – All the fun stuff without the porn! Location: Victoria, England (Just Outside London.) Introductions Victoria is a charming high class town just outside of London known for it’s gorgeous landscapes and being host to the fabulous parties by Sir and Lady Wellington. Several families […]

  • Dawn


    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Timeline: ____ has to move to the small town of ___ to live with an Uncle after a wild ride in child services. What she is unaware of is that the family has an old secret. So does the town. Most of the town has supernatural citizens and there is something […]

  • Cursed Ever After

    Cursed Ever After

    Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale Location: The Land of Novaria BASIC PLOT Welcome to Novaria the land of myth and legend. Where Fairy Tales are as real as they can get! Dashing Princes rescue fair troubled maidens, wicked witches cast their curses, days are saved and everyone lives Happily Ever After. Except… the truth is, everyone doesn’t […]

  • Crystalis


    [et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section” transparent_background=”off” background_color=”#100f15″ allow_player_pause=”off” inner_shadow=”off” parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on” make_fullwidth=”off” use_custom_width=”off” width_unit=”on” make_equal=”off” use_custom_gutter=”off” background_image=”http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/crystalis_background.jpg”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”2_3″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”dark” text_orientation=”justified” background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.69)” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid” custom_padding=”10px|10px|10px|10px”] BASIC PLOT A school/summer field trip takes a bunch of students (ranging from elementary to high school) to a series of Caves for camping and learning. A group explodes one […]

  • Colnaria’s Nexus

    Colnaria’s Nexus

    [color=yellowgreen][b]Game Masters:[/b][/color] Diana & Ocha [color=yellowgreen][b]Accepting New Characters:[/b][/color] YES! [color=yellowgreen][b]Posting Expectations:[/b][/color] Make sure you can post more than once a week! Several times a week is ideal. [color=yellowgreen][b]Rating:[/b][/color] R for VIOLENCE! [color=yellowgreen][b]Genre:[/b][/color] Otherworld Magical Fantasy with Animal Races! [color=yellowgreen][b]Atmosphere/Mood:[/b][/color] Epic Adventure! [color=yellowgreen][b]Timeline:[/b][/color] Several hundred years after the disappearance of Colnaria’s presence from the world. [color=yellowgreen][b]Basic […]

  • Blood Promise

    Blood Promise

    Genre: Modern Fantasy Rating: R Location: Earth/Otherworld? Soumra, The Blood Lands, have been the territory of the Ahalya Clan for hundreds of years. Since Soumra Talutah sacrificed herself in a blood promise to the god Thahn for prosperity of her pack. Naming the lands after The Great Mother for her selfless devotion, the Ahalya clan […]

  • Betrothed


    Genre: Modern Styled Fantasy? Location: Timeline: A prince and princess have been betrothed since forever and have never met. It’s time for the prince to take his fiance home. The Princess’ father tries to do a bunch of things to make the girl unappealing and call of the betrothal but it doesn’t work. On the […]

  • Bane of Shades

    Bane of Shades

    Genre: Fantasy in Semi Modern time period? Feel: Feudal Asia warfare and battle mixed with Fantasy style ruling systems? Location: Timeline: Kingdoms have a “heart” that justify them as ruling kingdoms. The heart is a semi living thing. Small country ____, with majestic mountains and valley villages. Cooler climate, lots of forests and green trees. […]

  • Ashes Asunder

    Ashes Asunder

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: ___ as well as several other land owning knights and nobles were sent away on a most important mission. The reality was that the mission was a fake – they were being sent to their deaths. BadDude had them killed so he could confiscate their lands, using them in a secret […]

  • Angel Mine

    Angel Mine

    A girl is told she’s a final contestant for a contest and now has a Helper. Only, the helper is some kind of angel or mystical being trying to prepare the girl for her new life as some sort of evil fighting person. There is also a dude who is an immortal/priest who is a […]

  • Ancient Legend

    Ancient Legend

    Genre: Modern Fantasy or Fantasy Location: Timeline: The Legend “Emperor” was a great and powerful Emperor that was seeking a wife to bare his children. Ming was the greatest beauty in the land and all the makings of a fine Empress. Yet, Ming had fallen in love with another man, “Love”. The Emperor was so […]

  • 27 Prophecies

    27 Prophecies

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: BASIC A person is mentioned by “name” in 27 unique prophecies that all lead up to the eventual destruction of all living things. A group of retired adventurers must once again take up arms and decipher vague clues about each prophecy.

  • Wren Norina Rosalinda Alvetica

    Wren Norina Rosalinda Alvetica

    Princess turned Adventurer. Part of the Charbriq Royal Family.

  • Sera Rezarta

    Sera Rezarta

    Actress and Spy

  • Saphira


    Saphira won Queen through the Princess Parade.

  • Princess Rosabel Tatiana Knabolde

    Princess Rosabel Tatiana Knabolde

    A silly stupid little princess that thinks her life is a fairy tale. Gets herself kidnapped, not realizing that the Prince she’s been having secret correspondence with is actually a huge douche that set up everything so he could take over the country.

  • Aurora “Rory” McNair

    Aurora “Rory” McNair

    Author of a popular fantasy series called MOONLIGHT SHADOW. She is writing her 7th book and gets sucked in to the world she’s written about for years. Part of the Moonlight Shadow plot.

  • Paige


    A girl that was turned in to a bird by a witch and never got rescued. When she and the other birds were set free, Paige found herself homeless. Now travels a homeless bard.

  • Princess Oralia Nevena Krazimir

    Princess with a special gift. On the run when her country is invaded and the King killed.

  • Norin Anaya

    Norin Anaya

    Terminally ill priestess looking for a cure.

  • Noelle Ejil

    Noelle Ejil

    Pain in the ass fantasy land thief.

  • Nicole Leclair

    Nicole Leclair

    Nicole is visiting some of her “already graduated and now working!” friends in Antarctica when something in the labs went horrible wrong! Thinking that she was good and dead… Nicole is surprised to find herself in a whole new world where the people there believe she is an ancient goddess.

  • Melinda Kay Andrews

    Melinda Kay Andrews

    Goddess of a different world reborn as a derpy teenager.

  • Lady Marion Courtland

    Lady Marion Courtland

    Had a “too fast” marriage to her sweetheart Thomas Courtland, who later died from falling off the top floor balcony. She’s suspected of murder. The reality is that someone else murdered her husband, and she saw something so very important that now she is the target of many supernatural beastie attacks. She can’t seem to remember what exactly happened that evening, and is being sought after to make sure she never reveals it to anyone else.

  • Leiawyn Kavanagh

    Leiawyn Kavanagh

    Normal shepherdess that was taken to be a slave by village raiders. But the raiding ship was sunk and she wakes up in a strange new land.

  • Hera Artol

    Hera Artol

    Tries to be a warrior and hero to save her island home from a magical sickness.

  • Princess Gwendolyn Oelamir

    Princess Gwendolyn Oelamir

    Sci-fi-fantasy blend Snow White

  • Ella Sheldon

    Ella Sheldon

    Farmer girl gets transported to a sci-fi space saga universe when she finds a magic amulet.