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  • Jaded 003: Life Coach

    Jaded 003: Life Coach

    [Daren has a new life coach, maybe?] -03:23 Sep 17 [Jade is totally dressed again. …but there’s no way she can do a serious interview like this! Hmm…] -03:27 Sep 17 Jade: Morning sex wasn’t very common. Especially after a drunken episode. And definitely not with some suicidal wackjob, she just so happened to decide…

  • Jaded 002: One Morning Stand

    Jaded 002: One Morning Stand

    [Jade is used to waking up in weird places, but usually she’s naked! This is a weird changed of pace.] -10:05 Aug 24 [Daren doesn’t want to wake up, or be alive. But both will be true pretty soon.] -10:06 Aug 24 Jade: Well she was -comfortable, anyway. Curled up against a body that was…

  • Jaded 001: Suicidal Hero

    Jaded 001: Suicidal Hero

    [Jade is at some shitty bar. Not her usual place, but she’s not looking to run in to her usual people today. She’s -brooding-.] -04:19 Aug 24 [Daren has had a few and is now rat the point where he doesnt give any shits. Ho that means its time to move on the phase two…