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  • The Birth of a Pillar

    “Here is the book. I… Forgive me, Aiyanna, but… Is it wise to do this? The ancient magics have not been used in centuries. We do not know the price you will pay…” The book was passed in to her hands, he seeming reluctant to let it go. She took the book, her serious face…

  • Moonlight Shadow

    Moonlight Shadow

    Genre: High Fantasy Rating: PG13 Location: Otherworld Aurora Borae is the writer of a famous fantasy series called Moonlight Shadow but recently is seems her luck as taken a turn for the worse. She seems to be having all sorts of accidents, but even her own friends don’t believe her! Her Editor finally convinces Rori…

  • Imperial Queen Aiyanna

    Imperial Queen Aiyanna

    A Queen who gets frozen in a giant crystal pillar while casting a spell to ward off a great evil. The pillar shatters many many centuries later releasing her and the evil.