Moonlight Shadow

Genre: High Fantasy
Rating: PG13
Location: Otherworld

Aurora Borae is the writer of a famous fantasy series called Moonlight Shadow but recently is seems her luck as taken a turn for the worse. She seems to be having all sorts of accidents, but even her own friends don’t believe her! Her Editor finally convinces Rori to take a vacation while she plots for the next saga of her series… While working, Rori falls asleep at her desk, only to wake up and find her home in flames! As she tries to escape, the floor falls from beneath her and she tumbles down in to a strange pool of water before she looses consciousness…

As she awakes, Rori finds herself trapped in the very story book world she created and everyone seems to think she is their goddess! Somehow she has to wake herself up from this strange dream, before she ends up being killed or worse… trapped forever in her own book!


Aurora (Rori) Borae: Rori Borae is a popular author of a long running fantasy series called Moonlight Shadow. She has just begun the planning for her 7th book when strange accidents start happening all around her. Car brakes failing, shelves tumbling over, accidents that always had to happen when no one else was around. Her editor insisting it was a part of her imagination, sent her home for a vacation away from work. Home all to herself, Rori sits down to draw an outline of the latest Shadow saga, only to fall asleep at her desk. As she wakes, she finds herself surrounded by flames… and then in another world? [DIANA]

Talin Darlandon: Talin was your typical adventurer, getting in to trouble and chasing quests from a young boy to a man. He was strong, capable, witty, and always filled with a wanderlust that never seemed to dissipate as he grew older. His life has been a never ending legend of great adventures… after all, he was the main character in a story he knew nothing about! When his own father was killed at the hands of Aonghus Aerleas over a struggle of the lordship, Talin was forced to grow out of his wandering ways and assume leadership of his clan. It took two years, but Talin earned the respect of his clan and led them into a battle against the Aerleas clan to avenge his father and return the lordship to someone more deserving. He was surprised and humbled when he was given the lordship over Ordhagan, but graciously accepted the burden. Talin eventually married, and had two boys that were the pride of his life. He raised his family well, and Ordhagan flourished under his lordship… Until he mysteriously vanished. [NPC]

Ronan Darlandon: Lord of Ordhagan. Ronan is very much the young rouge from a child to even now. He has earned the respect of his clan with the combination of good naturedness and being battle savvy. No one can remember a bet or a battle lost by Ronan, and if they did, they likly wouldn’t tell! Stories of Ronan’s misadventures like to be passed around and embellished on each time they’re told, much like his father. Ronan also has incredible luck, and has been deemed blessed by the goddess. He has escaped death on numerous occasions, and is joked to have more lives than a cat. He’s a trickster most of the time, preferring an easy nature over seriousness. Though when forced he will put aside his pleasures for the good of his clan.

Ryven Darlandon: Younger yet more mature brother of Ronan, Ryven has made a name for himself in his own right. Since his years as a boy and lurking around the laboratories of Merioc, Ryven dreamed of wizardry. Becoming Merioc’s student, the pair have been on their own mess of adventures in Ryvan’s schooling of the magical arts. Unlike his brother, Ryven is slightly more serious nature. He is focused on his studies, though is willing to bend on occasion and escape for a romp or two. Ryven’s magical skills have become quite impressive and advanced for his age… though it seems the only time he botches his spells is when a women is involved. For this he catches alot of slack from Nova, Merioc’s grand daughter, who has studied along side him since they were children. When Nova is around, you can bet Ryven is not in the best of moods.

Demerick: A very powerful priest who has gained so much power/knowledge he has learned the “truth” behind their goddess. Hoping to take the kingdom for himself and revenge on the Darlandon family, he has tried to destroy the goddess in her own world. But when she somehow appears in Ordhagan he must quickly adjust his plans. He is, in secret, the son of Aonghus Aerleas who tried to take the lordship from Talin’s father and died by Talin’s hands. Demerick is smooth and has great talent in bending the truth and people’s will to his own.

Faolan: When Ronan and Ryven were playing out in the forest as children, they stumbled over a large silver-furred wolf caught in one of the village hunter’s traps. The boys worked hard to free the wolf and bandage his broken leg… and were quite surprised when he spoke his gratitude! As a gift of thanks for their kindness, the wolf granted Ronan his first born pup as a companion and guardian. Taking the pup home and dubbing him Faolan, the boys kept his true identity as a were secret and simply passed him off as a lost stray they found in the forest. Faolan has grown with the boys and has become a cherished part of the family, his personality and knack for getting out of trouble being just as slick as Ronan’s. He has a cunning wit, and is slightly mischievous often to the chagrin of anyone nearby. He is often called “that pesky pup” or “bothersome wolf” by the locals.

Merioc: Old elven wizard.

Nova: The brazen half-elf grand daughter of the infamous Merioc. Nova grew up with her parents in an elven village tucked away in the Floarea Wood, not far from the Ordhagan villages. Nova herself was a wee tomboy, preferring to hang out with the males of her village trying to dual with a variety of weapons, or simply annoying the mystics to learn spells or illusions. Her parents, thinking that something must be done with their girl before she caused any more upsets in the village, sent her off to be schooled under the charge of her grand father. Since then, Nova’s talents for weaponry and magic has only increased, along with her ability to get on the nerves of Ryven in particular. More amazing still, she seems to have a natural knack for dressing and acting like a real lady when it suits her purposes, often to the surprise of everyone that seems to know her.


Moonlight Shadow: The fantasy series by Rori Borae. It is a story of a high fantasy world of magic and mystics. It begins with the life of Talin and his adventures, and carries on to the life of his son Ronan. There has been six books, from Talin’s life as a boy, him becoming Lord of Ordhagan, meeting his wife, the birth of his sons, his disappearance and then Ronan becoming Lord. Rori had just sat down to plan the seventh book before things suddenly took a strange shift…

Urora: Goddess of the Moon, Sky and Night, or simply the Moonlight Goddess. The patron goddess of Ordhagan. In fun, Rori modeled the goddess after herself. After all, she did create the world! This is something she may soon come to regret. As it seems everyone in the land of Ordhagan believes she is their Goddess.


Ordhagan: A large and fertile land of forests, mountains, and majestic creatures. It is surrounded by the Infiniti Seas. This continent doesn’t have kingdoms so much as viking-like clans and large families that own the lands. When a leader’s time ends, all of the families come together to vote for the next Lord. A Lord remains in power until he is either to old to lead, or meets his death. There was recently (in the past 20-50 years) a vicious battle between the Darlandon clan and the Aerleas clan over who would make the more appropriate Lord. Darlandon won out in the end, the leader Aonghus Aerleas killed in battle. Since then, it’s been the men of Darlandon that have been named Lord.

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