Imperial Queen Aiyanna


Character Name: Imperial Queen Aiyanna

Gender: Female


Age: 26


General Appearance: There is an otherworldly elegance about Aiyanna that is contributed to her royal bloodline. An unspoken presence about her that seems to command the attention in any room. She stands at about 4’8″, with a small frame and thin body like most typical Orenda. Her skin is a opalescent rose with silver glimmer tones. Her hair is snow white and very, very long. She pulls most of it up in a round arrangement along with a silver and gold diadem (a symbol of her royal status.) Eyes are a pale shade of ice blue. Aiyanna’s clothing are in the traditional style and wear of her people, but with the added trim and decor of being Imperial Queen. She favors light jewel colors, pinks, rose, lavender, mints and sky blues. Jewelry and other accessories are favored too. Gold bangles, drop earrings, rings, ect. Not gaudy or over done, but tasteful.

Distinguishing Marks: None.

Strengths: Light on her feet, and quick to move.

Weaknesses: A low tolerance for pain. Fragile bone structure as most typical for an Orenda.


Current Goal/Purpose: To seek one of the Divine and discover what has become of Myridian and how she can return.

Talents: Aiyanna has yet to discover what she really has a talent for (besides ruling the world?).

Inabilities: The list would be long and daunting. It’s best not to bring it up, or she’ll get cranky.

Fears: Being helpless and out of control seems to be a recent growing fear! Big loud storms also makes her uneasy.

General Personality: The world (of Marsyas) sees Aiyanna as an ever lasting pillar of grace and strength. She seems to naturally draw a sense of loyalty and respect to her person without having to ask or demand it. Her actions themselves, of benevolence towards her people and the fearless way she stood against the Sayune, just fortified that adoration. On Krunthi, with out the fame and history of her person she seems to be lost in the crowd. There is still that grace, but there is something missing. (Perhaps because she herself no longer feels she must demand it?)

Inner Personality: Aiyanna’s entire life was wrapped up in one day becoming the Imperial Queen, and when it happened sooner than anyone had expected, there was just no room for discovering ones self. She knows what she should be, and what is expected of her and she does it without question. But she has ideas… Ideas that she never before was able to consider, until suddenly this whole new world has opened up and the possibilities have become overwhelming. Her duty comes first, but there’s this tempting curiosity of whether or not there could be more…
Her interactions with other people are distant, but kind. She’s not particularly charming, but she is an ease to speak to. Aiyanna is used to being treated with certain levels of respect and decorum. She understands that in the Krunthi world she is not the Imperial Queen, and doesn’t expect to be treated like one.. But she has high standards on how she should be treated. She doesn’t take well to being joked with (especially if she’s the subject of the joking.) She isn’t comfortable around loud or obnoxious people. Her temper is always perfectly controlled, but hitting one of those “no breach” points could incite her in to a very uncharacteristic fit.

Secret: There is no secret to Aiyanna that SHE is keeping or is aware of.


Other Abilities: Aiyanna’s power seems to work like a battery. She can draw in energy from within herself and an outside source, and then release that energy with a single specific goal in mind. (Example: Expel the Sayune from Marsyas.) It is not an ability she uses on a day to day basis (as more often than not, it would be a severe drain to personal energy/health) but more like an “emergency” moment where something very great must be done.


General History: Aiyanna was born to the Imperial Royal Clan, which is the ruling family to the world of Marsyas. There were at one time many family members, and several qualifying heirs before her, but the Sayune came to be an unexpected plague in Marsyas not long after she was born. Many family members were killed in quests and wars to try and discover the source of the Sayune and how they might have been destroyed. She and many others of the younger generations were thus kept close to home to avoid any more of the royal line from dying. This became a strict no-break rule after the death of her father and her uncle (the then Imperial King) when they tried to battle the Sayune head on with an army at their disposal.

Aiyanna was named Imperial Queen being the closest blood relation of age. Theere was no time for remorse or fears, as she stepped into the role without question. With Marsyas under constant attack, it was imperative that she took up where her father and uncle left off – Only, she no longer had an army to command. Instead, she used her people as eyes, ears, and knowledge, drawing from ancient texts to find a way to fight the Sayune.

The solution came in the form of trying to invoke the powers of their god, The Maker, in hopes that the power would be strong enough to force the Sayune out of their world. There was the old-magic rune circle that she and the last of her family gathered around. Pulling their collective power within herself, she prayed to the Maker to help protect their world.

It was an ice cold flash and the crystal pillar formed over the entire circle with Aiyanna in the middle. It was so tall that it reached right up through the very top of the castle and could be seen for miles. Those that lived, believe the Imperial Queen had sacrificed her own body and soul to become the pillar that protects Marsyas. Since that time the Sayune have yet to make any more attacks on their world…

Present Life: Aiyanna was not frozen in the crystal. She awoke to find herself in a crystal forest. Seemingly enchanted, where pictures and imprints of events, people… everything would flash in the stone and disappear just as quickly. It was an entirely different world. With no idea if she were dead, or if time had shifted, she knew had to seek out information. She learned of the Nine, and if she could find them, even just one of them… maybe she could have her answers.

Special Historic Notes:
– Becoming Imperial Queen of Marsyas
– The invoking of the Maker to save her world.
– Reawakening

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