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  • True Blood 003: The Citadel (TBC)

    True Blood 003: The Citadel (TBC)

    [Gadrin is no longer a wolf, though he doesn’t know this yet. He’s fast asleep and very naked on the forest floor.] -03:47 Jul 16 [Eleri only stopped to sleep in the woods cause the wolf-descendant refused to move any farther. That was the most uncomfortable, restless, nightmare filled sleep she had in a long…

  • True Blood 002: Godslayers

    True Blood 002: Godslayers

    [Gadrin is asleep next to a strange woman he only met the previous day… good thing he has his pants on!] -02:44 Jul 12 [Eleri actually slept very very well considering she was curled up with a stranger that believes she is a blasphemer and heretic.] -02:45 Jul 12 Eleri: In fact she was still…

  • True Blood 001: The Bearer Seeks the Descendant

    True Blood 001: The Bearer Seeks the Descendant

    [Gadrin is a paladin, sworn to serve the descendents, the blood, and the eight kingdoms. Today that means delivering an unrgent message fromt he order’s matron.] -11:27 Jul 08 [Eleri has reversed the tradition roles of history, and is a bearer seeking a descendant instead of the other way around!] -11:27 Jul 08 Eleri: She…

  • Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri must convince the last descendant demigod that he is INDEED a descendant, she is his fated bearer, and that they must make babies.