True Blood

True Blood 003: The Citadel (TBC)

[Gadrin is no longer a wolf, though he doesn’t know this yet. He’s fast asleep and very naked on the forest floor.] -03:47 Jul 16
[Eleri only stopped to sleep in the woods cause the wolf-descendant refused to move any farther. That was the most uncomfortable, restless, nightmare filled sleep she had in a long time.] -03:51 Jul 16
Eleri: At least she didn’t wake up screaming. Just with a groan when she sat up, flicked some sort of beetle off her arm and shook what she -hoped- was just grass and leaves out of her hair. When she reached next to her to shake the wolf awake…. if wasn’t a wolf! Intead she got a handful of a man’s naked chest. Eleri snatched her hand back and… Wow. So naked… She subconciously leaned closer while taking a look. -03:55 Jul 16
Gadrin: One of his eyes slid open and he watched her without moving. As she leaned closer he felt where his dagger usually was but it wasn’t there. nothing was there, only bare skin and… "What happened yesterday?" he asked the other eye opening and both of them focusing on her face. "My demon escaped… then what?" -04:00 Jul 16
Eleri: Caught staring. Eleri cleared her throat, dragging her eyes back up to his face and resumed her typical expression. "That wasn’t a demon. That was you and your power, I am pretty sure. You went all lightning wolf, ate up a summoner and we ran. Was the best thing for us to do at the time." Holy crap, why was it so hard not to stare? He was going to have to walk back to her ship butt-ass naked. This was ridiculous. -04:03 Jul 16
Gadrin: He frowned at her and pushed himself off the ground to his feet to look around. There was nothing lying nearby… he had nothing. "Wolf…" he said staring at her. "I don’t have any power." he retorted. "Just a curse and now you tell me it emerged and…" he went red. "Did we lie in sin!?" -04:57 Jul 16
Eleri: He was blushing! A stark naked man was standing there for all the world to see his bits and pieces, and he was blushing and calling it lying in sin. It was taking all the self control Eleri had not to burst in to laughter. She swallowed it, and with great pain kept an even tone. "You were a WOLF all night, so no. I am not the kinda of psycho that sexes up wolves." Eleri moved to her feet as well, dusting off her clothes and still giving him quick… all too interested glances. "And you do have power. The wolf thing is new to me, but I have a theory it’s from the runaway descendant. She had a werewolf guardian." -05:03 Jul 16
Gadrin: He scowled at her. "You don’t even know her name do you?" Ha! she did not know everything… but he did remember some things about yesterday, blood and lightning and… "It was you… you and your amulet that did this to me!" he remembered, she had held it and said somethign about a wolf and he had… "Why did you have to choose me?" -05:09 Jul 16
Eleri: "So I can’t remember her name, it’s not like sh-" She cut off and stared at him. Resting her hands on her hips as she scowled. "CHOOSE you? Why would I choose someone like you?! I would have picked someone who would believe me! Someone that knows who and what they are! So NO, I didn’t choose you at all. You are what you are and the amulet helped me find you. All I’m doing is trying to help you and everybody else." -05:13 Jul 16
Gadrin: The scowl became a glare. "So you keep saying." he did not want to talk to her and he did not want to be naked in front of her. "Did you save anything of mine, bags, clothes, money, anything?" this was ridiculous and he was not going to deal with this. He was going home. -05:22 Jul 16
Eleri: "I didn’t have time to think and grab something while arrows were raining down all over the place, demons were pushing their way out of the ground, and summoners were preparing to murder us both. I’m sorry." She WAS actually genuinely sorry about it, it just didn’t come out in her tone or her body language. Mostly because he was so glarey and pissy and apparently blaming HER for the entire thing! "I did WARN you that something was wrong! Do I not get an ounce of credit for that? I said we were in danger and you didn’t belive me. I bet you believe me now don’t you! ….don’t you?" -05:27 Jul 16
Gadrin: He picked up a fallen branch to cover his shame and narrowed his eyes at her, did he believe her? "I believe one thing. A city was attacked and demons were involved. I need to get home and if word has not made it out of the city warn the order. It would be very helpful if you could turn me into a wolf again so I don’t have to walk two days wihtou suplies or clothes." he looked at her waiting for any sort of indication if that was a posibility… at the same time frightened if it was. -05:32 Jul 16
Eleri: "I didn’t turn you in to a world, I’m not even sure how it happened! For fuck’s sake, put that stupid branch down, you’re not hiding anything…" Patience, she needed to have patience. Right? He was naive and clueless and couldn’t stare truth in the face and completely obstinate. "Look. Come with me to my ship and I can find you something to wear and it won’t take two days to get to your citadel. I’ll take care of you." -05:41 Jul 16
Gadrin: He held into the branch and contemplated. "You still talk about your ship… a ship that flies. How is violent motion liek that possible without natural motion taking hold? I need time to think." he said turning around and tossing the branch aside. -05:47 Jul 16
Eleri: "There isn’t any time to think. Or are you forgetting my mission of desperately needing to seek out the last descendant because demons are destroying entire worlds, and oh look, now they’ve arrived here too?" Letting out a sound of frustration, she stalked forward to grabhis arm. "What am I supposed to do to make you trust me? What can I say? Do I tell you about a little girl running home in the middle of a burning city to find her family literally torn to pieces? About being lost and alone in a derelict city, constantly being hunted and hungry and having nothing for comfort besides a voice in her head saying someone was going to come? I don’t want that to happen here." -05:54 Jul 16
[(Timeout) Eleri has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:26 Jul 16
Gadrin: "Take me home." it wasn’t a request, it was an order. "Take me to the citadel. If there are demons here then the matron must know. If I am a descendent of Astra’s line then she must know. You lost your family, so did I but she has been mother and sister to me. No one knows the legends or the preperations made for the endwar better than her. Take me to her, adn if you take me anywhere else, I will kill you." -06:26 Jul 16
[Eleri enters.] -06:28 Jul 16
Eleri: "Astra. That was her name. I never said her name…" Eleri was staring at him, dumbfounded. Why was she even so surprised. SHE knew he was a descendant. Still, he knew the name and she was trying to rationalize that maybe he knew more than the descendant bloodlines than even HE remembered. "We could get there faster if we go to my ship first. It won’t take two days of walking naked through the woods." -06:35 Jul 16
Gadrin: He turned to face her. "I said take me there, I did not say how." he said fixing his gaze on her. His world was in danger and that was the only reason why he was doing this. "Your ship, on your back I don’t care. There are more important things going on that being picky about modes of transportation." there was a dangeround tingle to his skin, raw power bubbling just under the surface. Dangerous power that meant he was deadly serious about killing her if she disobeyed. -06:43 Jul 16
Eleri: "Well thank you for trying to argue specifics with me when I wasn’t trying to argue them in the first place!" Eleri let go of his arm. His expression was dark. Dark and intense and moreso than she had seen before. Much more like the wolf that ripped a summoner in half. A true descendant. …and she was smart enough to test how serious he was. "It’s not much farther from here. This way…" Turning away quickly to start walking, Eleri pulled a device out of her jacket pocket. Pressing a few buttons until she had their location pinpointed and the exact location of the ship. A hour or two walk would be a peace of cake compared to two days. -06:49 Jul 16
Gadrin: He didn’t say a word until the bright metallic obgect came into view. Then he stopped and looked at it, is this what she called a ship? It certainly proved some of what she said, but could it fly? "This much iron would cost a fortune." he commented for a moment losing his growishness in fascination, before he stepped forwards to touch the hull. "How quickly can this get us there?" -06:55 Jul 16
Eleri: "That depends. Did you mean two days by foot or by horse? It’ll take minutes, probably. These are faster than anything you have ever seen." Eleri watched him, her arms crossed and a frown on her face. She was feeling off… a combination of weariness, irritation, and maybe if she actually admitted it, she was a tiny bit hurt that no matter what she did or said, this man wouldn’t trust her. Nothing was going the way she wanted it to. Another huff slipped out and she was pressing a few buttons on her device to signal for the door to open. "It’s made of a lot more sturdy stuff than iron, but I couldn’t say what. I don’t know a lot about ships. This one, though is a single craft. Big enough for two comfortably, four or five if you have to. It’s not really made for long distance traveling, but it’s all I could use…" -07:03 Jul 16
Gadrin: He jumped out of his skin when the thing moved, almost falling over and into her. "Horse." he said finally, starign at the miniture drawbridge/ramp that had appeared. -07:08 Jul 16
Eleri: Her hands were on his back to keep him steady, and then she was pushing him forwards towards the ramp. …with a slight glance downwards at his rear end. She didn’t even have the heart to smirk about it! "Then maybe thirty minutes. Would you move your feet? Think of it like a boat! It’s just metals instead of wood." -07:17 Jul 16
Gadrin: He stepped forwards and climbed the ramp, slowly, taking every detail as he did and then he was in a coridoor that had nothign but boxes and doors. "You said it was a ship, a ship is a big boat, what else am I meant to think of it as?" he asked turning to look at get. He did not believe the 30 minutes claim, to do that there would need to be magic… "Is this magical?" -07:21 Jul 16
Eleri: "I was just trying to reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about with it! And no, this is science. No magic involved." Once inside she hit a button to close up the door, then walked passed him in the narrow hall to reach the controls. Two chairs, one very large screen, and shit ton of buttons where everywhere. "Speaking of which, don’t touch anything you see here. Unless you want us both to crash and die. Okay?" -07:29 Jul 16
True Blood

True Blood 002: Godslayers

[Gadrin is asleep next to a strange woman he only met the previous day… good thing he has his pants on!] -02:44 Jul 12
[Eleri actually slept very very well considering she was curled up with a stranger that believes she is a blasphemer and heretic.] -02:45 Jul 12
Eleri: In fact she was still happily sleeping. …Okay, she was pretending to be sleeping and shamelessly taking advantage of the fact she was curled up with a real LIVE human being that – at least for now – didn’t want to kill her. Arm and leg tossed over him and everything. For once, having to remember the ultimate mission was a complete pain in the ass. -02:50 Jul 12
Gadrin: He woke up before sunrise and it took him a moment to realize who he was hith and why… still her needed to leave, soon, but would first have to get out of this… situation. How would one. Drawing a deep breath he looked at her face and frowned. She looked so peasefulll… what was he meant to do. "Morning." he hissed not knowing if she could hear him. "Elis…? Was it?" -03:06 Jul 12
Eleri: "Eleri." she mumbled without opening her eyes. How long could she delay the day if she just layed there without moving? Wouldn’t be smart. Reluctantly, Eleri opened one eye, then the other. Finding herself peering at a frowning, confused, and maybe even slightly distressed descendant. "The sun isn’t even up yet…. why are we awake..?" -03:16 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Because if I am to get back here before nightfall I need to leave before the sun, especially since I will be needing a new sadle." he fixed his expression and looked at the window. "And that’s if she was unhurt. It’s your choice if you remain here to hait for me or not." -03:21 Jul 12
Eleri: "I can’t leave you alone, it’s not safe." Damnit. So much for forgetting the universe existed for a moment. Eleri went ahead and forced herself to sit up. Disentangling herself and running her fingers through her hair with weary disappointment. Traditionally it was the other way around. Descendants protecting a bearer, but he wouldn’t even admit who he was… Someone was going to bank on that if she didn’t watch him. "I’ll help you with your mission, I’m actually nice to have around when you’re not arguing with me." -03:26 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I can take care of myself." he said. "I have been in battle and arrested hardened criminals." he sat up as well while scrathing his unshaved chin. "It would be safer for you to remain here. You do not know how to behave." -03:31 Jul 12
Eleri: "You can’t take care of yourself if you don’t know what is after you. And as a matter of fact, I do know how to behave. When I have to." The last thing she needed was her tongue cut out. Not that anyone would get close enough… but she was here for him, she could keep her mouth shut about social injustice for a few hours. Eleri climbed over her, only pausing long enough to kiss his cheek before rolling out of the bed and stretching her arms over her head. "I won’t say a word to anyone but you. And when your mission is done we figure out what to do about our mission." -03:35 Jul 12
Gadrin: "You never mentioned anything being after me." he said getting out of bed and heading towards the chair to retrieve his gear, starting with his shirt. "Fine you may acoompany me, but if you say or do anything wrong I’ll have to make it look like you are in my custody so anything I say, you do." -03:43 Jul 12
Eleri: "I see that we’re at the make it look like I am in custody stage now, instead of just you flat out arresting me." Eleri cast him a big wide cheeky grin as she crossed the floor to retrieve her jacket and zip it up. "You’re the last descendant. There may as well be a painted target on your back. One of us is likely to end up dead, and if it comes down to it, I’m not going to let it be you. So I’ll behave like a good little bearer. I promise." -03:47 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I’m a paladin, nothing more, nothing less." he said. "I am not a god, and am not of the blood. If I was the order would have found out during the trials." he gave her a look. "No matter what you say I will not believe otherwise." after strapping on his armor he stood and stretched making sure it was properly adjusted. "You are also an innocent and a woman, if there is a life to be laid down it will be mine." -03:54 Jul 12
Eleri: "So I’m going to ignore the fact that me being a woman means anything at all, and agree to disagree about you being a descendant." Her hands were resting on her hips again, and she was regarding him with that same sort of mildly inconvenianced, bemused stare that seemed to be her default expression for him. "Instead, tell me about this mission your on and how I can help besides keeping my mouth shut. I’m very good with a gun, are we gonna have to destroy any evil today?" -03:58 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Take the black envolope to the city and deposit it with Lord Antion’s scribe." he said. "That’s it, you could best help by staying here but you’re not going to do that so why are we still talking about it?" he helted his bags and headed for the door. "Weather they have breakfast ready or not it’s time to go downstairs." He exited the door and headed down. -04:04 Jul 12
Eleri: "Good, then. It means we can talk about us." Eleri followed, now and then stretching her arms or fussing with her hair. She was antsy, without any idea how to go about getting things done other than just tagging along with him. Or kidnapping. Kidnapping was still on the table. Somewhere in the hall she paused, a hand falling over the amulet when it warmed against her skin. The words were always soft, but they were there. The wolf. Was that going to be anything like the horse? Eleri was more than a little perplexed when she stepped in to the common room after him. "You need to be careful today." -04:10 Jul 12
Gadrin: "There is no us." he said as he reached the bottom if the stairs. "And I am always careful which is why I’m not believing what you’re saying about my family. Sitting down he looked around and sighed, no one… maybe he would have to leave while still hungry… well there was dry meat in his pack… "You are asking a lot og me, probably more than you realize." -04:21 Jul 12
Eleri: "No, I understand your entire world getting turned upside down by one event, one person." It’s not like she expected him to immediately feel connected to her and everything to fall in to place. …actually, yes that WAS what she expected. Wasn’t it all just supposed to click and destiny suddenly be apparent? Eleri just had a seat on the table itself. Crossing her arms and frowning. "Look, I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m just kinda running on a vague idea of what should be happening. I thought there was supposed to be breakfast?" -04:27 Jul 12
Gadrin: "They might still be asleep." he said putting down his back but no sooner than he had the door opened and two steaming bowls of wheaty porrige to e set in front of them with a greeting before the larndlord disappeared again muttering about going back to bed. "You should trust you instincts, and eat up. We have a long road ahead." -04:36 Jul 12
Eleri: "I don’t have fancy descendant instincts, I just have whispering dead people." she muttered it under her breath, not really meaning for him to hear the comment. Eleri remained seated on the table, picking up her bowl to test a bite, and once again being pleased with real hot food. She was still antsy though. Words were always warnings, and she couldn’t protect him if he didn’t believe anything she said. -04:41 Jul 12
Gadrin: he was less impressed with the meal and ate in silence and when he was done he stood and shouldered his pack without a word. "This is your final chance to stay comfortable. I do not need help to act the part of a messenger, target no one can see on my back or no." -04:48 Jul 12
Eleri: "Nothing is comfortable about sitting around waiting for someone to get back." Not to mention she wasn’t entirely sure whether or not he’d just send someone else after her, even if she did feel okay to let him go alone. She bounced on to her feet, at least trying to seem enthusiastic about it. "So lets get going, huh? We can do that talking thing I suggested. Likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams… all the usual stuff." -04:50 Jul 12
Gadrin: He exited the inn and whistled, then wated a second before whistlung again, this time however the horse that had run off the night before trotted into view, muddy but unhurt, seeing Eleri though she stopped and stamped a hoof. Gadrin stepped forwards and calmed her though before mounting her bareback. "Your turn." he said. "I’ll keep her still while you get up behind me." he offered her a hand to help her up while wondering itf it wouldn’t just be wiser to ride off without her. -05:00 Jul 12
Eleri: "Hrrrrm, I almost would rather walk…" Eleri seriously considered it for a moment. Then, she was reluctantly taking his hand to pull her way up behind him. This was even worse without the saddle, and it was pretty damned clear that the horse didn’t like her either! "Hasn’t anyone invented some non-alive mode of transportation by now? Anything?" -05:06 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Stop complaining, you are hte one wanting to come." he urged the horse forwards and soon the village was behind them and Gadrin lapsed into silence. He didn’t talk while riding, not usually, he liked to enjoy the trip and much as possible. He didn’t think that silence would be much of an option on this trip though. -05:13 Jul 12
Eleri: Eleri shut her mouth. There was plenty to complain about. Like how she had to hold on to him even tighter now, cause without a saddle, she really did feel like she was slipping off. Or the fact there was a universe at stake and here they were riding a horse through a forest. Eleri didn’t have any intentions on staying quiet, but she eventually got distracted by… everything! Who knew they were so many different kinds of trees and bushes? She hadn’t seen so many green leafy things in her life. When she finally spoke, she was resting her chin on his shoulder. "There weren’t a lot of trees on my world. Or birds. How close are we to the sea here?" -05:20 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Eight miles now." he said. "The city has a port but we will not be seeing that." he was strainign to see ahead, soon, very soon they would see the city itself as they entered the farmland, her walls the strongerst ever built, even the citidel wasn’t as heavily defended. -05:24 Jul 12
Eleri: "Are you happy away from the sea? Or rather.. have you ever felt like something was missing? I’m just curious." She knew more than one descendant that complained about being out of touch with things. Space was not a great place to be when you had the blood of two sea gods. She was waiting for his response still when they traversed in to the farmlands. …another first for Eleri! "All this open space…" -05:30 Jul 12
Gadrin: He half turned to look at her. "I have never been to the sea." it was the truth, he knew his family had lived near it but he had never actually touched it. Before them though was a valley and they were on the edge, before them af the foot of the hill was eight miled of farmland and heyind that a fortified port city, and everything beyond that was shimmering blue. "I’m begining to think you grew up in a city, the poor side of one." -05:35 Jul 12
Eleri: "Yeah, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the kind of poor side you’re thinking." A descendant without the sea. When it was so close to touch too. Hadn’t he at least once wanted to go out there and see it? Holy crap,… that was a pretty city! This was not the kind of cityscape she was expecting. Eleri was leaning upwards trying to get a better view over his shoulder. "My city was all grey and metal and concrete. There wasn’t so much sun, or green. Buildings rose really high in to the sky, and that’s pretty much the norm for most cities. I didn’t think you’d have one as big as this with the way you were talking about this world." -05:45 Jul 12
Gadrin: "The great war happened over a thousand years ago." he said, "The city we are ebtering is the center for learning the invention. It is sometimes called the city of a hundred towers, I’m sure you see why." they descended into the farmlands as the sun started to hit them, the almost ripe grains shining golden in it’s light. "There is a room entirely made of crystal, and in it is said to be a decrendents relic, but not even I can see it. Only the city’s ruler and the matron can. It is said to be being kept to be presented to them when they return as they will need to to fight the thread that will bring thme here." -06:26 Jul 12
Eleri: "A room of crystal? I’ve never heard of such a thing…" And surely she would have, cause that sounded like a really interesting thing to see. "Maybe we can both take a look when I explain to your Matron that you are the descendant. …after a tour of the city. A tour of the city would be beneficial." And interesting. Her fingers were tapping where she was clinging. The mission was the top priority, of course, but surely there was a reason he was HERE and had not been with the rest of the family. -06:33 Jul 12
[Gadrin enters.] -06:33 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I would be excomunicated." he said flatly. "And I thought you were not going to say things like that today." he remarked. "Today needs to be a day of sanity… if you start demanding thing in my name we’re both going to be thrown in a cell." -06:40 Jul 12
Eleri: "I promised I wouldn’t cause trouble while on your mission. But if you are going to come with me, wouldn’t we have to eventually speak to your Matron?" He acted like she was going to prance in to town screaming about the great descendant having returned. Sure she seemed a little crazy, but she wasn’t actually crazy. "I’m sure if they aren’t blasphemers and heretics themselves, they’ll know how to prove you are a descendant and I am the bearer. Maybe they did something wrong during your whole trainy test thing." -06:46 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I was already planning that." he said. "Which is why you’re still here and not back there where I found you. She will be able to tell if that is a relic you carry, and if it is real use it to test me. Then she will know what to do. If you’re not telling the truth then I will recomend you’re merely expelled from the citidel without further inquiry." -06:50 Jul 12
Eleri: "Honestly, I don’t really give a shit what they say about us either way. I know what the truth is and you’re stuck with me until I know what we’re dealing with." Which could be anything from a raised god, to demons, to making babies. There really needed to be a road map to this stuff. Her chin was resting on his shoulder again. "Besides, I think you might be starting to like me." -06:54 Jul 12
Gadrin: He chuckled. "I see they have wishful thinking on your world." Even as he said that he was wondering if she was right. Theye was someone who said that if you are stuck with something you may as well enjoy it." they were approaching the gate now and he held up a hand in warning to her, or in gretting to the guard. "Gadring, Order, message for your lord and bearing this woman to the citidel." -07:03 Jul 12
Eleri: At least he wasn’t all seriousness. He could laughed, and that had her grinning. His hand though was a warning for her to keep quiet, and though she was giving him a bit of a cross look, she shut her mouth. A promise was a promise. There was not going to be any trouble from her end. She tilted to curiously peer around him and take a look at the guard. -07:07 Jul 12

The guard stepped forwards, his spear tip shinging in the early sun as he took note of the red drop on Gadrin’s armor and the girl dehind him. “Right, you’re expected. Been told that you’re to go to the inner gatehouse with your message, then you’re free to return unless orders have changes and no ones bother to let me know… you may pass.” he waved at the gatehouse and the the other guards got out of the way, then they were entering the roway road, there the middle class lived and there were expecteation for splendor and bright colors for the shops and homes. Visiting VIPs entered ehre after all. -Gadrin

Eleri: Eleri gave the guard a wave and a cheeky smile when they passed… and then all of her attention was focused on staring at the city. "This is different…" She saw stuff like this in movies. Fancy, quaint, old timey homes. Pretty little houses and colorful businesses. …she was definitely not dressed conspiciously. Apparently women around here weren’t the pants wearing type. "Cleaner than I thought it would be… do you have working plumbing and stuff? Or just street cleaners?" -07:15 Jul 12
[Gadrin is taking this strange owman into town, probably not the best idea ever.] -03:19 Jul 13
[Eleri was antsy for a multitude of reasons. So maybe she was hanging on tighter to the paladin than necessary!] -03:19 Jul 13
Gadrin: "Depends where you are in the city." he said as they rode though the waking city. "Most of it does have sewers." He fell silent again as they passed a group of riders. "Though right now most of the inventors are away… working on a new ship design." -03:25 Jul 13
Eleri: "For sailing, I suppose." The riders passed and her arms tightened around him. Eleri warily turned her head to watch them over her shoulder, then it was right back to looking around. Something definitely wasn’t right. There was a prickling of her skin where the amulet lay. That wasn’t unusual when she needed to be wary of dangers, but now there was a clueless descendant to worry about. "And you did say this was an easy mission? Just a message delivery? I don’t suppose they send assassins or ninjas or something after little envelopes…" -03:31 Jul 13
Gadrin: "No, usually not. This is a dimplomatic message in a time of peace." he said. "The only reason I carry it is because it is from my Matron." she really had no idea how ruitine this was. "In fact we just have to get to that gate and drop it off, then get a new sadle." he sighed at what the cost would be. "We’ll be out of here in less than an hour." -03:50 Jul 13
Eleri: "And you’re sure there is nothing in the message that might be live-or-die important." It wasn’t really a question. Eleri doubted his silly paladin stuff had anything to do with that irking sensation that was making her increasingly paranoid. Bad things always followed, and she still hadn’t figured out what wolf meant! "…you know, you told me to trust my instincts, and my instincts are practically screaming danger at the moment. And I know you’re rolling your eyes at me! Don’t you have women warriors?" -03:55 Jul 13
Gadrin: "if there was I would have been told to hand it to the lord personally." he said flatly, and you’re surrounded by unfamiliar things it’s understandable. And only very rarely." he slowed the horse and then hailed the gatehouse. "Not to mention there is probably a few crossbows trained on us… MESSAGE FOR YOUR LORD." he held up the envelope and a middle aged man in richly decorated armor stepped out fo the side door. "Thank you, I’ll take that." -04:05 Jul 13
Eleri: "You think I’m totally full of shit, don’t you?" THAT was obvious. Eleri didn’t know why she was so pissy about it now, though. Oh wait, because he could DIE. Almost too late she remembered she was supposed to be behaving and not making a scene. She hissed through her teeth and clamped her mouth shut. -04:09 Jul 13
Gadrin: "My lord…" he had come to het the message himself. "My lady sends her greetings though excuse me if I do not tarry, I have someone claiming to have information in the descendents to return to the citadel." he saluted and waited… "Of course, send the matron my regards. Blood be with you." "And you my lord." he turned the horse and started heading back. "See, not fifficult." -04:14 Jul 13
Eleri: "Not the best of ideas to mention anything about the descendants to randomass people." she responded with a mutter. "You don’t really know who i-" Eleri cut short mid-complaint. Something had caught her attention out the corner of her eye, and she turned so sharply she nearly slipped right off the horse. Nothing was there. She might have just written it off as paranoia, but the amulet suddenly started warming against her skin. And there it was again. The black cloaked figures disappearing in to the crowd. Blending in as if they hadn’t been there at all. Now the amulet was burning. "There’s a Godslayer. Godslayer!!" Panicking was the last thing she needed to do, but it was happening anyway! She was unprepaired for this and so was he! Eleri neglected to explain what she was freaking out about when she hopped off his horse and was fumbling to pull her gun. Protect the descendant at all costs, that was the mission! -04:27 Jul 13
Gadrin: Eleri’s sudden dismounting caught Gadrin by surprise and he turned to look at her and then drew his sword. They were in sight of everyone, people were looking… the tip of his sword clanked against Eleri’s gun. "Put it away and explain yourself." he hissed. "Before a smash it to peices." -04:32 Jul 13
Eleri: They were gone again, and with a growl she was shoving his blade away. "Listen to me, they have a Godslayer, at least one, and-!" When she turned around trying to do a visual sweep, there it was. Tall, hooded, cloaked all in black. No feet or limbs, or even face that she could see and the damned thing could either move faster than a human could spot or just appeared in places, as four others appeared too. All at calculated points surrounding horse mounted descendant. One in front, one behind. Two at the left side and the one at the right blocking Eleri. The air seemed to crackle and a symbol was being etched across the ground, connecting the five points. Black magics, and Eleri couldn’t seem to raise her arm to shoot! -04:46 Jul 13
Gadrin: He felt it, and to did the horse. It crackled in the air and they froze. Magic, unearthy, demonic magic… was it a trap set by the lord? "NO!" he shouted. He had been tought better than to succumb to sorcery. Shaking it off he dismounted the striken animal and gripped his blade, reaching out to grab Eleri to pull her out of the focus of the spell. -04:58 Jul 13
Eleri: "Gah…!" Eleri gasped, stepping backwards in to him as she heaved a breath and seemed to have control over her movement again. The burned lines had formed a pentagram on the ground, now glowing fire red. Sorcerer’s magic, and worse it was headed straight to what Eleri feared the most. The ground cracked under their feet and clawed fingers were starting to push their way out. The five figures hovered in the places, unmoving and wordless like black specters. Eleri’s hands fumbled for her amulet, squeezing the hot metal in her palms. And the only word in her head was wolf. So give me the wolf! -05:10 Jul 13
Gadrin: He was watchign the paralized horse being turned into pulp when something else happened. Somethign deep within him squirmed and clawed. "AAAARGH." he cluched his head and yelled, then caught Eleri’s eyes, his own wide with panic… "Sorry…" he breathed. "The demon…" Then his face seemed to split in half. His armor ripped too, the leather parting like paper as he grew in size, his face elongating, grey fur covering his body as a snarl rent the air. Claws brandished and the werewolf lifted it’s snout to the air and howled and lightning danced across it’s claws. Then it sighted the summoners, and charged. -05:23 Jul 13
Eleri: Eleri couldn’t even find the words to say what the fuck. But the thought was there. Mixed with shock and panic and every other crazy overwhelming feeling. This was too much to process…! Instinct took over, and her objective was pretty clear. The wolf descendent crashed in to the closest summoner, and the moment he was knocked clear away from the symbol, the glowing and crackling ceased. The claws that were reaching up out of the ground froze and turned to stone. Eleri pointed her gun at the next nearest summonor, the plasma blast leaving gaping burn as the form collapsed. They looked human, yet not quite. Weird grotesque distortions of human torsos without limbs or even heads. …Eleri tried not to think about that! -05:34 Jul 13
Gadrin: The wolfish head disappeared into the robed mass and cale out trailing snapping tendons, before the claws tore the weakened body literally in two, before with a snarl he tore into another, lightning coursing through his victim blackening the flesh. Then there was a long drawn out hown that permiatred the area with more than just sounds. It was a decrelation, in thought and magic. A descendent’s promise to hunt down and kill all who oposed him. Everywhere guards were appearing and crossbowbolts were begining to rain on the things… and Gadrin -06:24 Jul 13
Eleri: Fucking bone chilling shit everywhere…! When weapons fire starting raining down from all angles without care of who they were aiming at, Eleri’s changed her priorities. Her gun was holstered in a split second and she was running at the wolf. Ignoring the sheer insanity of running at a wolf, and even crazier, leaping on to his back like she actually knew what to do. "Run! Run now and don’t stop!" -06:29 Jul 13
Gadrin: The wolf didn’t hesitate to dash forn an alleyway and leap over a wall, skid around a corner and up the side of a carriage and onto the roof of a blacksmith. Then leaping from roof to roof he made his way towards the gate, not needing telling that getting out of the city was a good idea. Either he couldn’t speak or he wouldn’t as he panted slightly, the gates getting closer, but also the shouts of the gaurds. -06:33 Jul 13
Eleri: "I SUGGEST YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY, ASSHOLES! ANGRY WOLF!" And if a charging wolf wasn’t enough to send people scattering, Eleri was drawing her gun again and firing. She made sure not to shoot any people, just some good warning shots to get them out of the damned way! -06:36 Jul 13
Gadrin: Then scattered and then they were through the gate tearign through the farlmand, though Gadrin wasn’t content to stick to the road and leaped a fence into a field. It would be harder for anyone to follow, then he crossed a stream and climbed an embancment which was a good spot to stop and turn to check for persuers. -06:38 Jul 13
Eleri: Holy shit, it was hard to hang on to a running wolf. Easier than a horse, though. At least there was plenty of fur to cling on to and he was freaking huge. Eleri didn’t slide off him until she was sure no one had followed. Not a guard and not a summoner. She was breathing so hard her chest hurt. He might’ve done all the running, but the entire thing nearly gave her a heart attack. …and now she was staring at her descendant as a WOLF. "Are you…uh… fuck. Are you okay in… there?" -06:43 Jul 13
Gadrin: An irritated look crossed the wolf’s face, as irritated as a wolf could look anyway and there was a whining sound as he tried to talk and failed. Then a paw came up to touched her shoulder, and push. What had happened? What was he? A wolf apparently… and he was now looking at her wolfishly… his eyes drifting to the bulge in her jacket what was a clear indication of her sex. -06:49 Jul 13
Eleri: "You are a descendant. THIS, though is… seriously weird. I have to think a minute." Good to know that he could speak to her, it just required a giant heavy PAW on her shoulder. "Hey. Don’t look at me like you’re going to eat me." -06:57 Jul 13
Gadrin: His eyes snapped up and he growled before pawing at her jacket. The amulet, whatever was happening that was the key. He still did not like her calling him a descendent though. -07:03 Jul 13
Eleri: Eleri squinted and shoved his paw off before he ended up shredding her clothes. "Okay, I get it. You’re pissed and confused, and so am I! This isn’t-.. hmm… maybe it is." There were lost bloodlines weren’t there? She had such a vague memory about a crazy descendant and something about a babysitter werewolf captain? Eleri rubbed her head. "Can you… turn yourself back, I can’t take you seriously like this!" -07:21 Jul 13
Gadrin: He sat and lookeda at her. If he could change back he would have done so already. There was a whine and then he reached out with his jaws and frabbed her zipper and…. accidently tore it completely out of her jacket. Bet there it was, the amulet… and now he was reaching out a paw to touch it. -07:26 Jul 13
Eleri: This was going to end up like some sort of weird ass porn or something. Eleri swatted his paw away and was jumping up to her feet to put distance between herself and him. One hand rest on her hip, the other circled around the amulet. In went a deep breath, and out again. "Okay… um… Change him back. I don’t need the wolf anymore?" -07:30 Jul 13
Gadrin: Nothing happened and the wolf whine, then got up and started walkign away from the city. It was dumb to stay put for too long and they had to keep moving. He’d figure something out or something. He just knew he couldn’t stay like this forever. forever. -07:33 Jul 13
True Blood

True Blood 001: The Bearer Seeks the Descendant

[Gadrin is a paladin, sworn to serve the descendents, the blood, and the eight kingdoms. Today that means delivering an unrgent message fromt he order’s matron.] -11:27 Jul 08
[Eleri has reversed the tradition roles of history, and is a bearer seeking a descendant instead of the other way around!] -11:27 Jul 08
Eleri: She was in the middle of nowhere. Some unknown system on some unknown planet in some unknown FOREST of all things. With words and whispers of looking for a horse. Generally when you heard voices you knew your time had come and you had jumped right off the deep end, but when Eleri heard the soft words… There is still one., she may never have been more elated and relieved in her entire life. Yet here she was in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out how a HORSE got in to the mix! -11:30 Jul 08
Gadrin: It was a normal day, thought the quest was a simple on all that meant the there was peace in the mand, though the letter had a black envelope and that meant TOP priority, which was why it was a paladin galloping along the road and not an ordinary messenger. Nothign would stop him, nothing would slow him. He would run himself and his horse to DEATH it he had to. And he had no idea what the message was about… "Make way." he called to someone on the track. "By the descendents make way." -11:39 Jul 08
Eleri: Horse. Literal horse. She knew who it was the moment he nearly RAN HER OVER with that damned horse. Eleri could feel the burn of the amulet on her skin. Descendant, a living descendant. For a split second she could feel that soreness of her throat, but she swallowed it quick. "I have been waiting for you. I have news about your family." From his statement of by the descendants way, she was assuming her already knew what he was. -11:43 Jul 08
Gadrin: The horse slowed and the man turned it half around before stopping her. "My family are dead." he said. "Now if you don’t mind I have a black envelope for Caldun City." With the mark on his armor it should be obvious to even the lowest peasant what he was. A servant of the physical gods. -11:49 Jul 08
Eleri: "So you already know! Good. That saves me the time of having to explain it to you. Now, I am- Can you please get off that damned horse and talk to me face to face." Eleri crossed her arms and frowned. Horses… she really didn’t like or trust horses. There was just something wrong about riding around on some creature that had a mind of it’s own. "We don’t have a lot of time, so the sooner we speak the better." -11:51 Jul 08
Gadrin: A look of iritation crossed over his face before he took a deep breath and gripped the riegns of his mount. "I cannot stay, nor can I offer you transport. You are delaying my service to the descendents… there is no way you could have known my family so I am not who you think I am. Good day." then he was turning the horse to set off at a canter in his original direction. -12:03 Jul 09
Eleri: Eleri didn’t want to do it, as she wasn’t so sure if that horse was of the biting sort, but she was stepping in the way again and making sure he wasn’t going to move by taking ahold of the horse’s bridle. "I am your bearer. I lived with your family for years. I know your family. …do YOU know your family?" Now she was confused, did he know he was a descendant or not? "…Okay, let me start at the beginning again. I am Eleri, amulet bearer and I am here looking for you the last living descendant. Can you PLEASE get off this damned horse." -12:07 Jul 09
Gadrin: The horse shifted it’s head. It was a warhorse, a weapon in it’s own night and could trample a man without flinching but the rider reached out to place a hand on it’s neck to calm her. "My father died when I was five, my mother died giving me life. You do not know my family, now please cease blaspheming before a paladin and remove you hand from my horse’s bridle before I let her follow her training." -12:12 Jul 09
Eleri: "I’m not talking about your parents, I am talking about your blood." So he -didn’t- know. Great, she wanted fifteen minutes already. Eleri kept a hold on the bridle, giving the horse a unamused stare. "You are a descendant, and I need you. There aren’t any others left. And clearly you know who they ARE, so you MUST understand the importance of a single, last living descendant and his bearer. Something is coming." -12:16 Jul 09
Gadrin: His face grew stern and he reached up to grip the sword handle. "The descendents left centuries ago, they will return when we need them most, The amulet is kept in the citidel vault. Everyone knows that, Remove your hand or have it removed. I do not wish to hurt a misguided or defuddled innocent." -12:20 Jul 09
Eleri: Had the conversation not been so serious, she would have laughed at him reaching for a sword. Instead, with all the patience of a saint and NOT letting go of that horse, she tugged the amulet out from under her shirt and held it out for him to see. "Amulet. It’s not in a vault. Years ago when my home world was being slaughtered by demons I found this. It spoke to me, and it speaks to me now. YOU are a descendant and you need to come with me." -12:24 Jul 09
Gadrin: His eyes narrowed. "You are a witch, blasphemer, false profit, heretic, or simply deluded…" There was an offchance that that was the real amulet. "Get on the horse, I cannot be belayed any further." -12:29 Jul 09
Eleri: Finally a break through. …Kind of. He clearly didn’t believe a word she said, but Eleri couldn’t blame him for that. There had been many who attempted to pass themselves off as descendants or otherwise over the years. …she was giving the horse another distrustful look. "ON the horse. Don’t you have a more modern and less dangerous mode of transportation?" -12:31 Jul 09
Gadrin: "Unless you want to run the entire way you will ride." he said slowly lifting hand from the mounts’ neck and watching her stanp the ground eye the stranger. "The choice is yours." -12:35 Jul 09
Eleri: "I could run." After another squinting glare at the horse, she conceeded with a short huff. Eleri released the bridle, and with a lot more grace than she FELT she was grabbing on to the saddle and pulling herself up behind him. This had to be the most awkward mode of transportation in the history of mankind. Eleri dropped the amulet back under her shirt. "Before we get to discuss things, we shouldn’t make any announcements about me and the amulet. You can’t trust anyone." -12:40 Jul 09
Gadrin: He urged the horse forwards as a slower pace than before he had run into this stranger, he already knew with two people she would never reach the next town so they would camp in the wilderness. "I don’t trust you." he said. "I trust that your intentions are good but you are deluded or mistaken. Know this, if you try to harm a servant of the blood I will kill you." he remarked. "In the meantime we only have two yours before sunset so another two miles and we’ll make camp. Then we can talk. You’re lucky you met me. Anyone else would have just run you down with thier horse." -12:51 Jul 09
Eleri: "Honey, killing me isn’t so easy. I’ve got your family to thank for that." Awkward damn horses. There were no seat belts or anything and she had the perpetual feeling that she was going to fall off. The only thing she had to hold on to was him, and she did so reluctantly. Wasn’t there supposed to be romantic sparks and instant sex chemestry? Eleri was scowling to herself. "We talk now. No reason to waste even more time. You also never answered my question. DO you know what it means where there is only one last descendant and his bearer?" -12:56 Jul 09
Gadrin: He rode on in silence for a monute before he grit his teeth. "When the last of the descendents and a bearer are all that’s left then a great evil will emerge to be thwarted. Then the line will contunue. Every acolite knows, why are you asking me this?" he tried to brush her hands off of him with own of his as he rode. Maybe she was delirious with fever. -01:12 Jul 09
Eleri: He was trying to pry her off, which just hold her hold on tighter. If she was going to fall off this stupid horse, she was going to take him down with her. At least then she’d know he wouldn’t ride off without her! "I’m asking because you seem to all up on your family knowledge, while simutaeneously not knowing a damned thing. I get it, I’m a stranger and you don’t know me yet. But you’re going to forgive me if I am trying to rush through things a bit. It’s easy to get yourself killed and we’re running out of time." -01:19 Jul 09
Gadrin: "I have studied very thouroughly." he said "I am a servant of the blood and yo should not acuse me of neing lax on my knowledge of the born gods. I am allowing you to travel with me out of grace and I do not think you are in a position to push your luck." he alread had his hand on the handle of a dagger in case she tried anything, it would be a lot easier than his sword with her behind him. -01:23 Jul 09
Eleri: "Yeah and what exactly ARE you supposed to be? What is a servant of the blood? One of those stupid religious fanatics that worship the descendants as gods?" …Holy shit, he was one of those. Why didn’t she recognize that sooner? Eleri groaned out loud, her forehead dropping against his back. "There has to be some sort of cosmic ironic joke about a descendent being his own worshipper… So what bullshit do they teach your in your church? The angelic descendants of Athazagorus’ line? The dark descendants of Vardri? The pirates of Ferius? Who is your bloodline? " -01:29 Jul 09
Gadrin: He stopped the horse and grabbed her wrist to pull her off the mount and deposti her on her feet on the road before he himself dismounted and started leading the horse away from the road. "Who are you?" he asked as he moved forwards getting out of sight of the track before stopping. "Who are you to ask these things? You know thier names yet… you know nothing of our order? We camp here tonight." -01:34 Jul 09
Eleri: Eleri nearly hit him from the sudden slinging her off the horse. The fact he could move so quick without anticipating his movements was a little annoying. She should have caught that. Her arms were crossed again, and she deliberately made sure not to let him get more than a few paces away from her as she followed. "I told you. I am your bearer. I have been living with real descendants fighting an actual war with living breathing demons. These orders or churchs or whatever you call them are all over the place, but none of them are founded or supported by a descendant. Not since Athazagorus. They’re worthless things for flash and show." Eleri paused long enough to glance around at the… well trees and dirt. "…We could have just gone back to my ship and gotten to where ever you wanted to go in minutes. Why are you using such backwards tech on this planet?" -01:41 Jul 09
Gadrin: "There is no river wide enough for a ship nearby." he said. "You’re a liar." he said removing the horse’s sadle bags and turning towards her. "Am I going to have to tie you up tonight so that you won’t try anything?" he was already pulling out a silk rope and uncoiling it. "You’ve just insulted the very order I work for and claimed to have seen a descendent. I have heard of no wars or no demons for the last century and if there are then where are the descendents? I am not a fool so do not think I will believe such foolish lies." -01:47 Jul 09
Eleri: "Are you fucking kidding me?" The planet could not be so low tech that they didn’t even have space ships… it was ONE the maps, it had to have something! One hand rest on her hip while she pulled a gun out of her belt. Instead of pointing it at him, she held it up. A baffled, examining expression to see if he even knew what it was. "Try to tie me up. I’ll shoot if I have to. Call me a liar again, I might shoot you anyway. Because it sounds to me like your ORDER is lying to you. There are entire worlds being destroyed out there and not enough people to defend them. If you order follows the descendants, why are they not staying in contact with the rest of the universe and doing what your bloodline commands them to do? Protecting worlds?" -01:53 Jul 09
Gadrin: He did not know what she was holding but he did know a threat when he heard one. He dropped the bags and drew his sword, slowly, without taking his eyes off of her. She woman had to be mad, mad and searching for meaning so her mind had concocted this story… "I’ve been to all of the either kingdoms, we’re in comunication with the entire realm… if there were demons we would have heard of them. We do protect this world, form demons, from heretics, and from those who make war." there was a flask along the length of his blade, magic, and the throb in the amulet confirmed it’s nature. -02:00 Jul 09
Eleri: Well, at least he wasn’t a complete fool, even if he was unaware that a sword was no match for plasma. The sense of magic was new though. If he weren’t so jumpy, she would take him for a test spin. Eleri rose her other hand up to show she wasn’t attacking, but she didn’t exactly look like she wouldn’t attack. In fact, she was started to get really frustrated. "I’m not talking about kingdoms, I am talking about other PLANETS. Do you not even know about other planets? Solar systems? Galaxies? That every world has it’s own sleeping gods and demons? Some not so sleeping? And WHY would give two shits about some random guy in the woods if there wasn’t a REASON for it! Even if I was crazy or evil, I am not going to pick out some uneducated idiot to concoct and evil plan!" -02:06 Jul 09
Gadrin: "I’m one of the best educated in the realm." he shot back. "I have red countless books and what you’re talking about is madness." he gripped his sword and watched her, then he had a ealization. "I win." he said. "If you believe even a single word you’ve said you will not harm me so you’re going to turn around and walk the other way while I forget about sleep and make up for the tiem you’ve cost me." -02:11 Jul 09
Eleri: "HA…! Ha! Really? You think that’s how it’s gonna work? Were you not listening? You are the last descendant. No, I don’t want to hurt you. But you WILL come with me. There is a universe for us to save, and as much as I am disappointed to say so, a legacy of children to make. I’m trying to be patient with you… but I will take you." Oh double meanings. Eleri could have laughed, but now she was busy pointing the gun at him. She didn’t want it to come to this, but if that’s the way it had to be… -02:16 Jul 09
Gadrin: "Have it your way." he said picking up the bags and rope and then turninf his back on her to step over to the hourse and start walkign away. There was no time to lose. There was a message to beliver and a home to get back to. Mad women were not his responsability. If she tried to stop him then she would see the descendents’ retribution first hand. -02:19 Jul 09
Eleri: There was a frustrated sound from her, followed by her taking a shot at his feet. A warning! "Don’t you dare get on that damned horse. What is it going to take for you to believe and trust me? Do you want to touch the amulet? You can do that. Do you want me to list off your family history? Do you want me to tell you where YOUR bloodline came from? Work WITH me, because the alternative means taking you hostage and dragging you back to my ship." -02:25 Jul 09
Gadrin: "I don’t want to kill you." he said without stopping. "But I have a mission that you have wasted too much time of already. "I’ll come back this was the day after tomorrow, if I see you then I will take you to the citidel." Springing up he mounted the horse and set off at a gallop. He was not listening to another word. Not another word. Sorcoresses be damned. -02:31 Jul 09
Eleri: "God dammit! I don’t want to shoot your horse!" She chased, what else could she too? Once she was out in the middle of the road she took very careful aim. Eleri really didn’t want to hurt an innocent animal… a descendant, though, he could take care of him. Her aim was careful when she fired. She was either gonna knick him or pop his saddle off. Either way would work and get his attention. -02:35 Jul 09
Gadrin: The saddle came off and the horse reared sending the rider to the dirt. Pain shot through him and he pushed himself up and glared at her, his hand gripping his sword. Somewhere behind his eyes Ferius’s rage burned and he ould see himself striking her down in many grusome ways. "NO!" he yelled shaking his head and dropping his sword. "The demon…" he coverde his face with his hand and took large gulps of air trying to calm himself. "Get your majic away from me." -02:41 Jul 09
Eleri: For a moment she was worried she might have actually hurt him. Eleri’s gun was put away and she was kneeling at his side in a heartbeat, resting a hand against his forehead and looking just a wee bit concerned. He didn’t seem to be injured though… which was all the more confusing. "I don’t have any magic. I don’t even know why I was chosen as a bearer. What demon are you talking about? Are you possessed?" -02:49 Jul 09
Gadrin: He pushed her away and stood. "Yes." he said. "The same demon that killed my father resides in me. And of course you have magic, you just cast a spell. I have a mission to do and even if I have to walk I must complete it. " still breathing heavily he turned to walk towards the shaken mount. -02:58 Jul 09
Eleri: "I shot a GUN. A weapon, not magic an- HOLD IT!" He was so damned determined to get away! Eleri was growling again, this time stepping up in his way and grabbing on to him before he jumped back on that animal. "I know plenty about demons and posession. THAT I can help with. I can help you with your demon, and then you can help me?" Something to bargain with was worth a shot. -03:01 Jul 09
Gadrin: He turned back on her and his face was a mask of calm hiding the uerge to end her anoyance. "I don’t trust you." then he held up his bag and opened a flap to reveal an envelope. "Black message, it’s prompt arival means nore than my life does. To stop me you have to kill me." then he was turnign around and walking along the road whistling for the horse to follow. -03:36 Jul 09
Eleri: This would be so much easier if she just cracked him over the skull and dragged him away. Why, WHY was she even helping him make this more difficult. "Fine. All right! Then I will go WITH you to deliver this ever-so-much-more-important than saving the universe message. THEN we do something about your inner demons and do what were were born to do?" Reguardless of whether or not he agreed, Eleri was following. -03:41 Jul 09
Gadrin: He knew he could keep going auntil midnight and then rest in an inn, much safer than in the wilderness with her. "You won’t get the demon out My family is cursed. My grandfather was struck by lightning three times, then was run down by a rabid horse, my father, a skilled woodsman had the tree he was felling break six strong ropes to land on top of him, my uncle disappeared in this very road. We are curse. It is in my blood." he looked hack at her and gave her a warning look. "No descendent would have such a curse." -03:45 Jul 09
Eleri: "For someone who worships descendants like gods, you don’t know very much about them. If you’d have spoken to any of them, they’d say it was a curse to be them." Her hands were in her pockets when she managed to catch up and match her step with his. She was also watching him. Studying… THIS was supposed to be the last descendant whose blood would renew the entire legacy. Eleri doubted the amulet knew what it was doing… "All of them died like that. The ones I knew, anyway. Less of them were accidents, though. More were murder. Assassins or the war. Enemies… It’s like the less of them there were, the more the universe was trying to kill them. It’s going to happen with you too, so you need to tell me more about your demon." -03:52 Jul 09
Gadrin: He looked at her coldly, then drew a deep breath. "When my faith wavers…" he said looking at her and then down at his feet. It was a mark of shame for him but he had to be honest, all the time. He had taken an oath. "I see myself killing for vengence, in needlessly violent ways. I see myself doing things I vowed never to do. I feel empowered by these dark thoughts. That is why I will never rise in the order." -04:01 Jul 09
Eleri: "…Are you serious? That’s it? What the fuck are they teaching you in this stupid church?" He pretty much described the normal thoughts of any man in the history of mankind. What were they trying to make him in to, some sort of man-nun? Eleri let out a slow breath, mostly just to calm her own temper. She took his hand to hold in hers, as well as his arm as they walked. And tried, TRIED not to start shouting at him again. "That’s not a demon. That’s humanity. Being a normal human being with thoughts and feelings and emotions. Why is your church trying to surpress stuff like that? …you know what, why don’t you tell me about your order. Maybe I’ll learn something." If anything he might feel like he’s educating her on a true religion. In reality, she’ll hopefully figure out what kind of crazy she’ll be dealing with. None of this sounded like a descendants church at all… -04:06 Jul 09
Gadrin: He took a deep breath and looked at her. "I thought about killing you just for pleasure." he said as he unded a flap of his bag and reached inside to pull out an old and worn book. "The tenents of the order, and before you even think of defacing it I’ll point out that that is a crime.’" he warned her. "Where are you from if you do not know this? You claim to have met the descendents but you do not know the rules of the order…" -04:17 Jul 09
Eleri: "I told you, I’m not from this world. I’m from a completely different world that’s prolly a big burning sphere of demon hell by now." Eleri took the book, keeping her arm looped around his as a garuntee that he wouldn’t escape while she flipped through the pages and gave it a quick look over. "If you’re thinking about murdering for pleasure, it could just as likely be influence of descendants blood. …I don’t want to piss you off again, but a lot of the stuff in here is bullshit. It just… it goes against everything a descendant would stand for! Like a book of ‘How to Piss Off a Descendant’." For a moment she DID look like she wanted to burn the book. Eleri was liking this crap less and less. -04:24 Jul 09
Gadrin: He muttered unding his breath and muttered something like ‘blasphemy’ and his hand tightened into a fist. "You cannot tell me Athasagoras murdered in cold blood, or that… I don’t even want to think about what you’re saying. You will speak no more of it until I have taken you to the Matron. Your fate will be hers to decide." and like that Ereli was under arest. When we get to the inn you will show me this amulet you claim to be real, and then I will hold into it for the time being." -04:35 Jul 09
Eleri: "I could give it to you, yes, but it won’t say with you." She cast him a sideglance. A squinty examining gaze. He had that pissy look again. Eleri sighed, and triiiied to soften her tone again. This was like talking to a kid! "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sounds like all descendants are murdery assholes. Cause they weren’t. I know that Athazagorus sacrificed his life to protect a world. But I also know that when he was pissed the fuck off, he killed his enemies without mercy. Every descendant is like that. They feel with all the fire and passion the universe has to offer, and the fact that this book and your order is trying to repress that… well THAT’S blasphemy." -04:41 Jul 09
Gadrin: "The words you are sayinf are dangerously close to herecy." he said. ‘The order is what kees the realm together and prevents the eight kingdoms going to war. We watch for the demons and we wait for the descendent. Without us there would be chaos and the demon would rise and burn the land with ease. Do not mock our beliefs. If you are from another world how come you don’t have magic…? Are you from the realm of demons?" -04:47 Jul 09
Eleri: "And I’m sure it’s doing a super awesome job of that… but apparantly it’s also kept you cut off from the rest of the universe." she muttered. More temptation to burn the book, knock him out and drag him off. He’d hate her, though. And that would not make for a very good partnership. Another frustrated sigh slipped out. "Look, I told you that I’m from another planet. I used technology to get here, not magic. And you, YOU and the descendant everyone is waiting for. That whole time your order is waiting for? That’s right now. As we speak. Wasting time on this road instead of getting back to my ship and trying to figure out what to do next. Especially since I apparently have to re-educate you on your own family history…" -04:52 Jul 09
Gadrin: He leached out and grabbed the book back at if she had offended it. "They left centuries ago to fight a great war. There are none on this world adn there will not be until the demons return and they come to rely the order to destroy them. That is how it always does, that is the way it will go. " There were lights up ahead, simple langerns behind rough windows, the glass not even flat. "I do not wish to have to ask you to be quiet. I am sworn to do my duty and I will do it no matter what you think is more important." -05:00 Jul 09
Eleri: "What part about YOU being the descendant and the time is NOW that you aren’t getting here? Your duty is to protect the universe and I am failing to see a conflict of interest here beyond you getting all pissy because your world isn’t what you thought." Eleri was treading dangerously close to being a bitch about it, and she knew it, but… how fucking obtuse could a man be! So wrapped up in his damned dogma he couldn’t see destiny staring him right in the bloody face! "Do you want demons to show up FIRST? Cause I can promise you that will not be fun for anyone." -05:05 Jul 09
Gadrin: He took a deep breath, stopped, and turned towards her. "I have been as patient as I can with you and all you have done is say unbelievable things and mock everything I have been taught by the people who took me in knowing i was cursed after my father died. You’ve attacked me, insulted everythign I stand for, and spoken about things that can’t possibly exist. My pacience is wearing thin. Please do not push me any further." -05:09 Jul 09
Eleri: "Yeah? And you aren’t even TRYING to believe me, or take anything I say in to consideration, despite the fact you’re blustering about talking about being some big asshole hero with honor and ethics! I am starting to think you’re just a big brainwashed coward that doesn’t have the sense enough to think for himself!" It was out of her mouth before she could stop it. Eleri was furious and all her hopes of being nice about it were being forgotten in the wake of her growling out a few obsenities and pulling her gun again. She was switching it over to stun, and it was going to be a bitch to drag his ass all the way to the ship, but damned it all he just wouldn’t LISTEN. -05:14 Jul 09
Gadrin: He stopped and with one movement pucjed her away. "Why should I take anything you say into concideration? I do not trust you." he was reaching from his sword and again the lightning danced along it’s length. A slash across her throat? Take off her arms then stab her in the chest with a little added shock? Cleave her in two? He swung, at the last second swisting the blade to that the flat side scruck her instead of the sharp edge. "Who are you to judge me like that? How would you even know who I am? Do you even know my name? Do you even know anything about me?" lightning arced from the sword to the ground and the horse whinied in panic before bolting. "Give me one reason why I should spare your life. One reason." -05:21 Jul 09
Eleri: "OW, SONOFABITCH!" Ignoring the fact she was just about to do the same damn thing to him, still getting swatted by a lightning charged sword fucking hurt. She was STILL irritated at the fact he could do move so quick without her noticing. She was trained better than this! Eleri took a few steps back, far enough to be out of swinging range, and pointed her gun at him. "Well who are YOU to judge ME? Assuming I’m a liar and a lunatic. That all I’m spewing is blasphemy and bullshit, without even trying to consider if anything I say is for real. And I sure as hell don’t need you to spare me my life. But I do have a reason. A whole universe of reasons. And unless you want to risk the death of the universe, you have to let me live long enough so you can prove me right or wrong." -05:30 Jul 09
Gadrin: He looked at her coldly with his sword braced to block or attack. "Everything I hear is wieghed against what I already know and given fair evaluation." He said calmly. "I have said I will take you to the matron to prove your case and you have not yet provided any proof whatsoever. So why me? Who not some other man on the road? What exactly do you know about me? How can you be sure it’s me?" -05:34 Jul 09
Eleri: "Arrrggh! You really don’t follow the details well at all, do you! I already told you how I know!" This was insanity. She was standing outside some old timey inn, argung with some ancient holy knight with the brain capacity of a marmaset. And of course HE was calm. …ish. He looked about ready to kill her. "Amulet bearer, that’s meeeee. YOUR bearer, guided by THE amulet to find ANY descendant. YOU. At this moment, I don’t care about anything else in this world or the next, but YOU." He needed proof, what the hell was she supposed to do about that? …except maybe entice him to use some of that power. Her eyes narrowed at him at that sword. "Okay, proof… Now I’m going do something a little crazy, but afterwards you’ll believe me…" And with that only, vague warning, she fired her gun at him! -05:41 Jul 09
Gadrin: He parried, the plasma burning into the sword that wilted like a man licked in the stomach, the bade folding in two and Gadrin stared at the smoking metal. then dropped it. "That was a relic." he said. "Magical, didn’t you see the lightning?" he was livid. "Hand over your amulet and…" he bent over to pick up the sword and glared at her. "You’d better how this can be repaired." he was ready to punch her and was very tempted to. "Now I could use food and sleep." -05:52 Jul 09
Eleri: "That sword was a chunk of useless UNenchanted metal. The magic was coming from YOU." Her hand was on her hip again, gun pointed in the air and Eleri was scowling. "Are you not even going to try and fight me? Throw some more lightning at me. Swing some punches. I WANT you to." -05:55 Jul 09
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[Gadrin enters.] -06:39 Jul 09
Gadrin: He stared at her. hs was unbelievable! "How can you be so sure? You hardly know anythign about this realm. You don’t know anything about he orber and you don’t know anything about me." he was yelling now. "What makes you right and everyone else wrong? Why should I believe you? I’ve asked for proof adn all you have shown me is a trinket that I have no proof is what you claim it is. It isn’t even the right shape! I’ve seen the amulet. It’s in the citidel vault. I held it in my hands when I made my vows. Who are you to take everything I’ve been told if wrong? How would you feel if someone did it to you? Answer me that, witch." -06:45 Jul 09
Eleri: On the bright side he was shouting. ….On the downside he was shouting! And now she was shouting too, ever so often gesturing at him with the gun, only vaguely aware of how stupidly absurb the entire scene was. "At least all you’re missing is information! Oh no, everything you know is wrong! At least everyone you LOVE isn’t DEAD! Did you think -wanted- to be the bearer?! That YOU are the one I want to make dozens of babies with?! That I WANT to fight a war against worlds and worlds worth of demons when the only thing I can do is fire a gun and SCREAM REALLY LOUD? It should have been someone else!" -06:50 Jul 09
Gadrin: He pointed the bent weapon at her and lightning acred between the handle and the tip. "YOu still have not handed over your trinket so that I can see it like I asked. At least I am trying to work things out here. You have no budged an inch. Now I sugest we sleep and see how things are in the morning because I have not eaten since morning becaise I am meant to be carrying a priority message." -07:06 Jul 09
Eleri: "Look! Seeee!" Wild gesturing at his sword aside, out came another growl and finally a loud exasperated sigh. Eleri gave in. Her gun was put away, and with all the irritation and inconveniance she could possibly display, she was stomping forward pulling the the amulet off and practically thrusting it in to his face. "Fine. Take it. If that’s going to make you less of a pain in the ass, have at it!" -07:11 Jul 09
Gadrin: He took it and held it in his hands. It was old, and had an odd feel to it but that was not enough to discard centuries if tradition. "I will pay for your room and food. I don’t know what kind of money they use where you’re from but I doubt it will serve here." he looked at her and her outlandish garb and indicated the door. "Now can we please be sivil in the eyes of the public?" -07:20 Jul 09
Eleri: "I can be civil. You’re just naturally infuriating." Eleri wanted to take it back. The amulet not being on her left her feeling… exposed! The damn thing was pretty much useless aside from verbal guidance, but it was the only thing that protected her from evil gods and demons. Just barely under her breath, she muttered. "I hope you know how much I am trusting you to let you hold that…" she led the way through the inn’s threshold, being just as surprised about the meager places as she was with everything else in this world. Did they not even have power generators or something? -07:26 Jul 09
Gadrin: He stepped itno the fire and lantern lit room and closed the door behind himself and then stepped past her. "I’m Gadrin by the way. Gadrin Vehemes. Let me do the talking." He stepped up to the bar to a surley looking landlord. "Two rooms and two meals. How much is that." "Well pull my leg and call me Grelda a pally willig to pay. Don’t get many of those, especually not traveling with a woman. Tell you what I’ll give you the room and the meal for 5 ‘o silver and I’ll throw in breakfast too." Gadrin nodded and pulled out a pouch before extracting the amount and placing it on the bar. "Emidios bress you, usuallu you lot just crange in and take what you please. Last doors int he hall to the right, finest ones in the house." the man banged ont he wall behind and bar and chouted at the kitched to prepair two meals as Gadrin moved closer to the fire to find a seat. -07:39 Jul 09
Eleri: She very outardly made a face at Emidios bless you. As if THAT was something that happened. But Eleri kept her mouth shut until she was sitting down beside him, and actually kind of enjoying the warmth of the fire. Real fire was kind of nice. "Gadrin. Now I know what name to be cursing." Eleri stared at him for a few moments, debating to herself what the best way to breach the subject was… any subject. Just about everything she had to say was the wrong thing. "Speaking of women…" it was a good enough segway as any! "You don’t… -actually- follow that whole creed of no sex, do you?" -07:47 Jul 09
Gadrin: He looked up at her and placed the bent sword on the table. "I do." he said flatly. "I follow every vow I’ve made so that the demon is kept at bay. You said you could do something… after food I might let you try." he was still looking at her, then he held out the amulet back to her. "If what you say is true or not I think you believe it, so you will not stray from me so keeping this hostage is wrong, you may take it back." -07:51 Jul 09
Eleri: Eleri looked completely relieved to take it back and return it around her neck where it belonged, and wiped the expression off her face the moment she let it slip. "If there was an actual demo-" She cut herself short. Obviously it wasn’t a demon in him, but who was to say she couldn’t help release his true nature and get a head start on that legacy… From the sounds of him, there might not be another way to get sex. "Yes, in fact I do know the perfect way to draw a demon out of you. You might even enjoy it." -07:55 Jul 09
Gadrin: He did not trust the look on her face and his eyes lingered on her face. "If I don’t like it then I will stop it and you will listen to me…" he said. Then he turned as a jammed door was shoved open and an aged woman brought them two plates of boiled mutton, bread, cheese, and a few boiled vegitables with a pitcher of beer. "Thank you." he said before she left and he lifted his mutton to take a bite. It was far from the best buy he had definately had worse. -08:05 Jul 09
Eleri: Eleri grinned, and grinned wide. Far more mischevious than it should have been. "Afraid of me, big bad holy man? I’m not going to hurt you, I can promise you that." The food she gave a dubious sniff before taking a bite… tasted like REAL food! None of that cube nonsense or generated zapped crazy stuff. THIS was actually well worth all the dragging. "How doyou feel about kids, Gadrin? And cooking? Not together mind you,.. in general…" -08:13 Jul 09
Gadrin: He tore a chunk of meat odd with his teeth and chewed. "I do not go near the orphanage anymore, and I can cook better than this when I catch my own game." he broke of a peice of cheese with his hands and ate that next before reaching out and poaring them eat a cup of beer. It was barely ancoholic and safer than drinking water. "I would probably be roasting simething over the fire right now if we were still in the clearing." He looked at her wondering what she was getting at. "I don’t really think about children much." -08:21 Jul 09
Eleri: "I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to be a single mother or not." Catching game and roasting on fires… that actually sounded interesting. Now if there weren’t demons and babies to worry about and the hows and whys of making them. Eleri took the beer and swallow the whole glass in half a second. "…and that is not nearly strong enough. When you took your vows, didn’t you ever think about falling in love and getting married and having kids? Ever?" -08:24 Jul 09
Gadrin: He looked at her. "I took them gladly, my blood is cursed and I would not will any woman to die bringing another cursed child into the world." he looked into the fire. "And if pure love is found the matron can marry a paladin to thier chosen, but that is not something I wish to do." he looked at her and raised his hand to rub his forehead. "If you want something stronger order what you want. I’ll pay before heading up." -08:28 Jul 09
Eleri: "The great thing about me is that I come amulet approved. Bone, bred, and garunteed to survive popping out a godling." Eleri flashed him another cheeky smirk, but it was short lived. It vanished in to a meloncholy frown as she glanced down in to her empty glass. "I never thought about it either. Love or kids. I was a kid myself when demons were raising hell on my world and I found the amulet. Your family found me in the middle of a burning city. I didn’t even speak to anyone the first couple of years. Except Archer. I loved Archer more than anything and he was old enough to be my granddad." -08:37 Jul 09
Gadrin: She was talkign abour her life, but he still flinched when she refened to them as his family. "Fendric was that to me when I had just lost my father. He was the trainer at the citidel orphinage…. he taught me how to fight, how to move without warning and without letting the wieght of your body slow me down. He taught me everything he could but when asked to take a mission to the north never returned. We sent scouts to find out what happened to him but they found nothing. I’ve lost two fathers. Maybe I do know what that part is like." -08:48 Jul 09
Eleri: "He was a good teacher. You get the drop on me too much and I was taught by descendants. It’s definitely not cause you’re disarmingly handsome." Eleri took another bite of food, putting it to thought. She had to figure him out somehow, she was going to have him for a very long time… -08:57 Jul 09
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[Eleri is momentarily having a pleasant conversation with her destined descendant. It may or may not be because she has a plan.] -12:05 Jul 10
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[Eleri is momentarily having a pleasant conversation with her destined descendant. It may or may not be because she has a plan.] -12:22 Jul 11
[Gadrin is walking upstairs towards his room, ready to be riding before sunrise.] -12:37 Jul 11
Eleri: This wasn’t how she wanted to do things. Taking advantage of some clueless backplanet celibate. But he wasn’t being cooporative and Eleri was pretty sure she didn’t have the time for long courting engagements. Lying would have to do. Once they were in the hall, she paused to turn to him. "Your demon. You did want me to do something about it, right? I bet you could use a good demon free night of sleep…" -12:42 Jul 11
Gadrin: He eyed her. "I did say that." he said stepping past her to push open the door for her and holding it here. "If you want to do it tonight then you should be quick about it, we have f=several hours of travel ahead of us tomorrow and I have already been on the road all day." -12:52 Jul 11
Eleri: "I’m pretty sure it’s going to go REAL quick!" The problem was that she didn’t know how to go about it without scaring the shit out of him. Seducing people wasn’t exactly on her skill set. Resting her hands on her hips, she took a step inside the room and looked around. Then she gestured towards a chair. "Now don’t freak out, but you’re going to have to get undressed." -12:56 Jul 11
Gadrin: He scowled and remained in the doorway. "Then it can wait." he moved away from the door towards his own. There was something about the way she was acting that made him sespect her motives were not ion the level, ones tone did not change that drastically without reason, and she had certainly not stopped believing what she spoke. -01:03 Jul 11
Eleri: "Do you want help or not!?" Eleri was quick to go after him, latching on his arm to drag him back in to the room. "Did you think exercising a demon only takes a wave of a magic wand or something? There’s methods! And… unless you want your clothes to burst in to flames or something, you’d have to take them off!" She was making this nonsense up as she was going, but at least it made sense. It’d be better than ripping his clothes off. -01:06 Jul 11
Gadrin: There was a noise deep in his throat, a sound born of iritation. "Did you think a paladin wouldn’t know anything about demons?" he asked. "And one more night won’t kill me. If your meathods are new then I would prefer you do them in the citidel where it can be controlled. I’m not falling for sorcery." -01:11 Jul 11
Eleri: "It’s not sorcery, damnit. I told you I don’t use magic." She shifted until she was in front of him, pushing him back in to the room. "And if your paladins and citadel was so great at removing demons, why do you STILL have yours, hmm? I’m not asking you to trust me, but if you would just give me a very shoooort moment of your time -I- will even promise not to bother you for the rest of the night." -01:14 Jul 11
Gadrin: He scowled and pulled the strap to his seath free before handing it to her. "Becaise it is bound to my blood. And I never said it was good at removing demons I meant that if you overstep your bounds you’d be full of quarrels before you could take a breath." he pushed her away and started on another strap for the thick leahter shoulderpeice on his right side. "And don’t think I wouldn’t do the same. "He drew a dagger and put it between his teeth before the shoulder armos, belt, and dagger shieth all cale off as one peice. Still no trust, so trust at all. -01:20 Jul 11
Eleri: How many weapons did he have? One good gun was all a person needed, this was ridiculous. Eleri stood there watching with a bemused look before she thought to move away and set his sword down on a table. "Yeah, I get it. If I scare the big bad whateveryouare, you’re going to squeal and stab me. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like an abused puppy?" If she didn’t know any better, she’d have thought he spent his entire life being beaten or something. …then again she did start shooting at him earlier. Her mistake. "I’m not going to hurt you." -01:27 Jul 11
Gadrin: He checkled. "Essencially, yes." he said pulling off his leather outer garment and simple wollen undershirt to reveal a scared body that has seen many hours in the sun, rain, and snow. He didn’t respond to the comment about soinding like a puppy, because casiousness in the face of someone who lied about sorcery was prudent. "How do you plan to remove a demon if you have no magic anyway? He asked his hand pausing… then he was walking over to the chair to sit, his lower body still pully dressed. -01:33 Jul 11
Eleri: "Hmm. ..hmm? Oh! Ancient pressure points." Eleri got stuck staring for a moment. She didn’t know what she had been expecting under all that gear. Scrawny pale scarecrow? There were quite a few scars and now she was wondering if he really had taken a lot of abuse. Eleri crossed the floor to step behind him. Gingerly placing her hands on his shoulders. She was going to have to get him to relax. "Touch is pretty powerful and lots of ancient cultures use things like touch and acupunture and tools for drawing negative things from the body. I don’t have any tools, but it should be fine as long as you chill out of bit. Got it?" -01:39 Jul 11
Gadrin: "You’re refering to the infirmsries that use pressure and heat to draw out pain and ache." he said stabbing the dagger into the side of the chair. He did not want in in his hand in case the demon took hold. "I will try, but since igniting clothes is not a concern I will stay as clothed as I am." -01:46 Jul 11
Eleri: Eleri smirked wide. Maybe clothes wouldn’t literally ignite, but he was a descendant, and one that hadn’t seem to unlocked his own power. How was she supposed to know what would happen? "Something a little like that, I guess. It’ll be better without the rest of your clothes, but I can work around that…" As long as he doesn’t run, anyway. Eleri put a little pressure to his shoulders. Kneading her fingers in to the muscle and stress spots, and up along his neck. A good massage could lighten up just about anyone, and …this wasn’t so bad. His skin was warm and he felt pretty solid. "Tell me what you do when you’re not being a holy warrior?" -01:51 Jul 11
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[Gadrin enters.] -02:20 Jul 11
Gadrin: "Above all I am a monk first." he explained. "I am a wariour second." he drew a deep breath and leaned back against the chair. This probably was not going to help but if it would help her feel lett litly to attack it was probably good. "When I am not doing anything I am in the citidel, praying, training, or doing chores. There is little else to tell." -02:20 Jul 11
Eleri: "That’s… kind of a dull life." Praying, training, and chores. She got that the mission was important. SHE believed the mission was important. But not a single descendent she met would let her forget how important it was to live and enjoy life too. THAT was how evil gods were made. Eleri kept rubbing all the way up his neck until her fingers were in his hair and she gently massaged his temples. "I’m sure you know all about your gods history. One of my favorites was Dakato Emidio. She never fought a god or had to deal with a bearer. But she wanted to live and enjoy her life, and she changed the world so others could too. Do they teach things like that at your citadel?" -02:30 Jul 11
Gadrin: He thought for a moment. "You meand Dakota, the worldsplitter." he said "An example of what can happen if you forget what it means to serve the blood." he looked intently ar the wall in pront of him. "Killed thousands andleft the world in ruin, as well as opening the way for witches and demons." -02:37 Jul 11
Eleri: Her fingers paused for a moment and she frowned down at his head. This wasn’t his fault. He was ill-educated. She couldn’t strangle him for that. "…The world was already in ruin. Taken over by technology and the environment destroyed. Humanity experimenting on itself and completely destroying what it means to be human. She gave magic back to the world, so it wouldn’t end up like that again." Sooooft touches, to difuse her tone. Eleri tried to keep that soft too. This was a friendly discussion, not either of them crusading. "…There are witches and sorcerers in the descendant bloodlines too…" -02:43 Jul 11
Gadrin: He tensed. "You follow her creed?" he asked slowly. There were many creeds but hers was one of the most dengerous. He swallowed and turned his head towards her. "What do you belive in? What did your gods teach you while you lived among them? Are you an angel like in the story of Athazagoras? Are innocent lives lost justified in the pursiut of your goals?"" -03:04 Jul 11
Eleri: "Athazagorus is my favorite, but I’m no angel…" Noooo, no tensing! That was the exact opposite of what she needed. Eleri pulled away for a moment, frowning thoughtfully as she tugged down the zipper on her jacket and shrugged it off her shoulders to lay over another chair. "They taught me to make my own choices… A couple did believe that any price should be payed, even innocent life, if it meant saving the universe. Others refused to do that. They didn’t think it was right. But all of them stressed that it’s our choices that makes the most difference, and we have to make it ourselves." When she returned back to him she stradled his lap and rest her hands on his shoulders again. This time squinting at him with that same suspicious look he was always giving her. "And you? Will you do anything your citadel commands you to do?" -03:11 Jul 11
Gadrin: "No." he said. "If they told me to attack innicents I would refuse. If they insised I would refuse, if they acted to do it themselves I would restain them. Everything I do is for the realm and it’s people, not it’s rulers." he sighed turning his head away from her and shrugged. She was making him uncomfortable. "Does that answer your question or were you really asking if I would do anything for myself adn no other reason?" -03:33 Jul 11
Eleri: A sigh of relief slipped out, and on this particular subject she was okay with being honest. "Yeah, I was afraid you were a mindless minion of your Matron. You’re not the only one who is suspicious and afraid of things, okay? I’m betting my life on you, and I kinda want to make sure I’m not making a mistake." He was getting tense again. This was actually sort of cute, in a bashful guy sort of way. Eleri resumed rubbing his shoulders without making any moves to get up. "As for what I believe, no, no I don’t think we should sacrifice innocent people to save lives. There’s always something that can be done." -03:41 Jul 11
Gadrin: He looked at her with a sidelong glance. "You sound like one of us." he said. "We too come in many different mindsets. Anyone else would have killed you already." he frowned and then moved his ahnds up to catch her under her arms and lift her up to deposit her on her feet. "Now tell me what you plan to do." -04:25 Jul 11
Eleri: Trying to slowly gain your trust and seduce you, obviously! At least she hoped that thought wasn’t on her face. She wasn’t going to let removing her be so easy, though. Eleri grabbed on to the back of his chair, redeposited herself on his lap and wrapped her legs around him for good measure. "Doing exactly what I said I was going to do. Removing your inner demon. Now-" Eleri took a hold of his head with both hands and pulled his face close to hers. "Look in my eyes. You trust that you’re a good judge of character, right? Stare in to my soul if you have to, while I decide the best way to extract your demon…" There were so many bad innudendos, if he weren’t such a baby he could enjoy them with her. Any normal man would be thrilled to have her on his lap! -04:34 Jul 11
Gadrin: He stared into her eyes and bit his lip. "Stare too closely and you will see for yourself what you are dealing with." he warned his hands going to her shoulders to keep her at a safe distance and his gaze hardened. "I have been wrong about people before." he said flatly. "And you have said and dome so many contradicting things I have no idea what to think of you." Part of him was wondering if using the dagger to get her off of him and tying her down for the night wasn’t the best idea. "I also think you’re also not being entirely truthful even if your intentions are good." he said. "And that is not going to go away until I feel like you’ve told me the truth." clearly he wasn’t one to catch inuendo. -05:09 Jul 11
Eleri: "I haven’t lied to you once. You just misinterpret what I say." The whole eyes thing was supposed to be disarming him. So why was she the one getting lost in his expression with curious wonderment, and have such a stupid urge to pet him and promise him she won’t let anyone hurt him again? Eleri let out a slow deflating huff. She couldn’t do it. Not yet. Or she’d just end up on a long list of people that abuse his trust. Groaning in defeat, she just circled her arms around his neck and hugged him. "You win! You win… Apparently I want you to trust me more than I want to save the universe by week’s end." she muttered and huffed against his skin. Great! She was going to fail her mission because she felt bad for being a manipulative asshole. -05:23 Jul 11
Gadrin: He did not know what he had just one but this was the first time he felt like what she was saying had no strings attached and his arms hesitantly closed arounf her frame. "If you truly belive the universe is in danger then I am bound to help you in any way I can." he said. "But I must complete my mission. You can start by explaining everything to me from the begining and without leaving anything out. Don’t assume I know anything about your way of life or your view of the bloodlines, not should you leave out how you came into posission of your amulet and how you found your way here. If I hae questions I will ask." -05:33 Jul 11
Eleri: This felt good. Forgetting the part where she was previously going to molest him. Physical contact was great, and a hug was even better. Eleri didn’t realize just how much it had sucked being alone until now. She laughed softly, pulling her arms down to reposition them more comfortably around his waist. But she was so not moving her face. She was already at risk of getting teary, and he needed the long story, it was going to get worse. Bearers don’t cry about shit. "The long story and all the details. Starting with the beginning? I guess that is when demons arrived on my world, right before I found the amulet. Mine is different from this place. We had technology and space travel. There were demons, every normal people like everybody else. But the ones that attacked the city were different…" Ugh… she hadn’t thought about this in a long time. These were not good memories. -05:45 Jul 11
Gadrin: "We have technology too." he said. "The city I’m going to has a device that uses wlowing water to caculate the harvest, the pursers just have to move sliders and they get thier answer. They’re also working on a wheel that turnes by itself.. or were the last time I was there. They is where the crossbow was invented 80 years ago… but I don’t think that is the kind of technology you mean…." -05:53 Jul 11
Eleri: "Advanced technology. Like my gun. Like ships that fly in air and space instead of on water. Like food being cooked in a box with a press of a button. And lights turning on with a command. All done with science and not magic." They just invented crossbows…? How could a world be so disconnected from the universe? She shook her head, which inher current spot was more like nuzzling against his shoulder. "I’ll show you what I mean later. You want these explinations, don’t you?" -06:00 Jul 11
Gadrin: "I want the truth." he said, avoiding a strait answer with what he really meant… even if he was having a strange reacting to what she was doin and his shoulder tensed under her nuzzling. "The descendents came and left in great flying ships that made the ground shake with thier thunder. They promised to return in them but none have been seen since. I take it you know none of our history since then…? Maybe I should teach you." -06:23 Jul 11
Eleri: He was tensing and she was relaxing. For the time being it was a truce of non-angriness. And he was warm, and she liked this, and damnit. This was kind of weird. Eleri shrugged her shoulders. "They would have come back. Except there isn’t any left. The last one died a few weeks back." She went silent, shifting a bit so she wasn’t breathing in to his neck. "I wouldn’t mind learning more about your world. It would be useful for MY mission." -06:32 Jul 11
Gadrin: He adjusted his grip and stood, taking her up with him before stepping over to the bed and gently eased himself onto the hard surface with her. "It’s mostly just legends now." he said. "There was a war after they left. I don’t know how long after but it was fought with weapons like none have ever seen since. No description remain but thier effects were that every great city was detroyed and the world was ruined. Winter that lasted decades blanketed the realm and every kingdom colapsed. It was a dark time that followed with primitive societies wandering the wastlands… when things got warmer the people managed to settle again, but they were afraid. All parts of the old technologies were destroyed when they were found and no progress was made for a long time. Then the first kingdome elerged and founded the order. That kingdom, Azathorn is no longer around, brought down by the order when it forsook kings and praised the blood instead. It was then they the books were written, from folk tales and scraps of written history… those who said that the descendents abandoned us were rounded up and put to work…." -06:40 Jul 11
Eleri: "I didn’t mean right now. I thought I was supposed to be telling the story now?" He moved and took her with him, which had her lifting her head to curiously peer at him. Complete with that soft frown. "A lot of worlds have been torn down like that. I’ve a theory about cycles…" -06:57 Jul 11
Gadrin: "Your story was distressing you." he said. "So you can tell it in your own time." he lay on his back looking at the eiling with her on top of him as he held her in place. "So then you understand what happened here, so maybe you can know how to explain things better without using words I won’t know." he took a deep breath and glanced at her. "And maybe if you hear me speak your words will be easier." -07:03 Jul 11
Eleri: Eleri adjusted again, stretching her legs out and unhooking her arms from him. He was being nice, butterfly nice, which was amusing enough to make her smirk. She moved again, this time to kiss his cheek gently. "Thank you for that. I don’t need the special consideration, though. I’m fine with how things are and how they have to be." -07:22 Jul 11
Gadrin: "Then tell your story." he said slosing his eyes and relaxing completely. He would remain awake until she finished and then leave to his own room. "I don’t know how much I’ll understand or be able to believe but … it’s worth a try." He didn’t know if he should move or not or what to do bout the kis so he ignored it. "It’s better than trying to get me to break my vows." -07:31 Jul 11
Eleri: Eleri slid off him, settling at his side and resting her head on his shoulder. Now he couldn’t see that slightly guilty look on her face. "To be fair, I am not trying to make you break your vows. I.. am a little irked by some of the things you’ve told me. But I am going to try to understand you and somehow explain me to you…" The thought was exhausting. Telling him from scratch about where she came from and what life was like. "Or we could sleep and in the morning we can finish your mission first." -07:49 Jul 11
Gadrin: He turned his head to look at her. "I said I would help you after that, so I will send a message back home that I will not be going strait back, then you will have a chance to show me what you want. Until then we do have a long way to go tomorrow, if you’re not just going to wait here for me to return tomorrow eveing, which might be wise. If you opened your mouth in the city it might be sewn shut… but sleep is a good idea." -07:55 Jul 11
Eleri: "…You’re not serious are you? No one actually sews the mouths shut of blasphemers, do they?" It was a serious question, something to be concerned about for her own saftey. Eleri had that tiny problem of speaking what she damned well pleased. "You don’t have to worry about me. I can take care of myself and I’m not going to deliberately cause trouble for you. After all, it’s my mission to protect you." Eleri gave him a cheeky wide grin. -08:02 Jul 11
Gadrin: "They do." he said giving her a look. "Or remove the tomgue entirely for repeat offenders. After that there is little danger." It was a warning to her that she shouldn’t assume because he was giving her a chance that anyone else would. "Your clothes would make you stand out too. I have never seen weaving that fine in my life." -08:04 Jul 11
Eleri: That smile vanished pretty quick. This world was not a good place to be if you had your own opinions. Another sighed slipped out and she buried her face against his arm. "Tomorrow, then. I’ll make this work." -08:12 Jul 11
Characters: Sci-Fi

Eleri Xerxes

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