True Blood 003: The Citadel (TBC)

Descendants: True Blood

[Gadrin is no longer a wolf, though he doesn’t know this yet. He’s fast asleep and very naked on the forest floor.] -03:47 Jul 16
[Eleri only stopped to sleep in the woods cause the wolf-descendant refused to move any farther. That was the most uncomfortable, restless, nightmare filled sleep she had in a long time.] -03:51 Jul 16
Eleri: At least she didn’t wake up screaming. Just with a groan when she sat up, flicked some sort of beetle off her arm and shook what she -hoped- was just grass and leaves out of her hair. When she reached next to her to shake the wolf awake…. if wasn’t a wolf! Intead she got a handful of a man’s naked chest. Eleri snatched her hand back and… Wow. So naked… She subconciously leaned closer while taking a look. -03:55 Jul 16
Gadrin: One of his eyes slid open and he watched her without moving. As she leaned closer he felt where his dagger usually was but it wasn’t there. nothing was there, only bare skin and… "What happened yesterday?" he asked the other eye opening and both of them focusing on her face. "My demon escaped… then what?" -04:00 Jul 16
Eleri: Caught staring. Eleri cleared her throat, dragging her eyes back up to his face and resumed her typical expression. "That wasn’t a demon. That was you and your power, I am pretty sure. You went all lightning wolf, ate up a summoner and we ran. Was the best thing for us to do at the time." Holy crap, why was it so hard not to stare? He was going to have to walk back to her ship butt-ass naked. This was ridiculous. -04:03 Jul 16
Gadrin: He frowned at her and pushed himself off the ground to his feet to look around. There was nothing lying nearby… he had nothing. "Wolf…" he said staring at her. "I don’t have any power." he retorted. "Just a curse and now you tell me it emerged and…" he went red. "Did we lie in sin!?" -04:57 Jul 16
Eleri: He was blushing! A stark naked man was standing there for all the world to see his bits and pieces, and he was blushing and calling it lying in sin. It was taking all the self control Eleri had not to burst in to laughter. She swallowed it, and with great pain kept an even tone. "You were a WOLF all night, so no. I am not the kinda of psycho that sexes up wolves." Eleri moved to her feet as well, dusting off her clothes and still giving him quick… all too interested glances. "And you do have power. The wolf thing is new to me, but I have a theory it’s from the runaway descendant. She had a werewolf guardian." -05:03 Jul 16
Gadrin: He scowled at her. "You don’t even know her name do you?" Ha! she did not know everything… but he did remember some things about yesterday, blood and lightning and… "It was you… you and your amulet that did this to me!" he remembered, she had held it and said somethign about a wolf and he had… "Why did you have to choose me?" -05:09 Jul 16
Eleri: "So I can’t remember her name, it’s not like sh-" She cut off and stared at him. Resting her hands on her hips as she scowled. "CHOOSE you? Why would I choose someone like you?! I would have picked someone who would believe me! Someone that knows who and what they are! So NO, I didn’t choose you at all. You are what you are and the amulet helped me find you. All I’m doing is trying to help you and everybody else." -05:13 Jul 16
Gadrin: The scowl became a glare. "So you keep saying." he did not want to talk to her and he did not want to be naked in front of her. "Did you save anything of mine, bags, clothes, money, anything?" this was ridiculous and he was not going to deal with this. He was going home. -05:22 Jul 16
Eleri: "I didn’t have time to think and grab something while arrows were raining down all over the place, demons were pushing their way out of the ground, and summoners were preparing to murder us both. I’m sorry." She WAS actually genuinely sorry about it, it just didn’t come out in her tone or her body language. Mostly because he was so glarey and pissy and apparently blaming HER for the entire thing! "I did WARN you that something was wrong! Do I not get an ounce of credit for that? I said we were in danger and you didn’t belive me. I bet you believe me now don’t you! ….don’t you?" -05:27 Jul 16
Gadrin: He picked up a fallen branch to cover his shame and narrowed his eyes at her, did he believe her? "I believe one thing. A city was attacked and demons were involved. I need to get home and if word has not made it out of the city warn the order. It would be very helpful if you could turn me into a wolf again so I don’t have to walk two days wihtou suplies or clothes." he looked at her waiting for any sort of indication if that was a posibility… at the same time frightened if it was. -05:32 Jul 16
Eleri: "I didn’t turn you in to a world, I’m not even sure how it happened! For fuck’s sake, put that stupid branch down, you’re not hiding anything…" Patience, she needed to have patience. Right? He was naive and clueless and couldn’t stare truth in the face and completely obstinate. "Look. Come with me to my ship and I can find you something to wear and it won’t take two days to get to your citadel. I’ll take care of you." -05:41 Jul 16
Gadrin: He held into the branch and contemplated. "You still talk about your ship… a ship that flies. How is violent motion liek that possible without natural motion taking hold? I need time to think." he said turning around and tossing the branch aside. -05:47 Jul 16
Eleri: "There isn’t any time to think. Or are you forgetting my mission of desperately needing to seek out the last descendant because demons are destroying entire worlds, and oh look, now they’ve arrived here too?" Letting out a sound of frustration, she stalked forward to grabhis arm. "What am I supposed to do to make you trust me? What can I say? Do I tell you about a little girl running home in the middle of a burning city to find her family literally torn to pieces? About being lost and alone in a derelict city, constantly being hunted and hungry and having nothing for comfort besides a voice in her head saying someone was going to come? I don’t want that to happen here." -05:54 Jul 16
[(Timeout) Eleri has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:26 Jul 16
Gadrin: "Take me home." it wasn’t a request, it was an order. "Take me to the citadel. If there are demons here then the matron must know. If I am a descendent of Astra’s line then she must know. You lost your family, so did I but she has been mother and sister to me. No one knows the legends or the preperations made for the endwar better than her. Take me to her, adn if you take me anywhere else, I will kill you." -06:26 Jul 16
[Eleri enters.] -06:28 Jul 16
Eleri: "Astra. That was her name. I never said her name…" Eleri was staring at him, dumbfounded. Why was she even so surprised. SHE knew he was a descendant. Still, he knew the name and she was trying to rationalize that maybe he knew more than the descendant bloodlines than even HE remembered. "We could get there faster if we go to my ship first. It won’t take two days of walking naked through the woods." -06:35 Jul 16
Gadrin: He turned to face her. "I said take me there, I did not say how." he said fixing his gaze on her. His world was in danger and that was the only reason why he was doing this. "Your ship, on your back I don’t care. There are more important things going on that being picky about modes of transportation." there was a dangeround tingle to his skin, raw power bubbling just under the surface. Dangerous power that meant he was deadly serious about killing her if she disobeyed. -06:43 Jul 16
Eleri: "Well thank you for trying to argue specifics with me when I wasn’t trying to argue them in the first place!" Eleri let go of his arm. His expression was dark. Dark and intense and moreso than she had seen before. Much more like the wolf that ripped a summoner in half. A true descendant. …and she was smart enough to test how serious he was. "It’s not much farther from here. This way…" Turning away quickly to start walking, Eleri pulled a device out of her jacket pocket. Pressing a few buttons until she had their location pinpointed and the exact location of the ship. A hour or two walk would be a peace of cake compared to two days. -06:49 Jul 16
Gadrin: He didn’t say a word until the bright metallic obgect came into view. Then he stopped and looked at it, is this what she called a ship? It certainly proved some of what she said, but could it fly? "This much iron would cost a fortune." he commented for a moment losing his growishness in fascination, before he stepped forwards to touch the hull. "How quickly can this get us there?" -06:55 Jul 16
Eleri: "That depends. Did you mean two days by foot or by horse? It’ll take minutes, probably. These are faster than anything you have ever seen." Eleri watched him, her arms crossed and a frown on her face. She was feeling off… a combination of weariness, irritation, and maybe if she actually admitted it, she was a tiny bit hurt that no matter what she did or said, this man wouldn’t trust her. Nothing was going the way she wanted it to. Another huff slipped out and she was pressing a few buttons on her device to signal for the door to open. "It’s made of a lot more sturdy stuff than iron, but I couldn’t say what. I don’t know a lot about ships. This one, though is a single craft. Big enough for two comfortably, four or five if you have to. It’s not really made for long distance traveling, but it’s all I could use…" -07:03 Jul 16
Gadrin: He jumped out of his skin when the thing moved, almost falling over and into her. "Horse." he said finally, starign at the miniture drawbridge/ramp that had appeared. -07:08 Jul 16
Eleri: Her hands were on his back to keep him steady, and then she was pushing him forwards towards the ramp. …with a slight glance downwards at his rear end. She didn’t even have the heart to smirk about it! "Then maybe thirty minutes. Would you move your feet? Think of it like a boat! It’s just metals instead of wood." -07:17 Jul 16
Gadrin: He stepped forwards and climbed the ramp, slowly, taking every detail as he did and then he was in a coridoor that had nothign but boxes and doors. "You said it was a ship, a ship is a big boat, what else am I meant to think of it as?" he asked turning to look at get. He did not believe the 30 minutes claim, to do that there would need to be magic… "Is this magical?" -07:21 Jul 16
Eleri: "I was just trying to reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about with it! And no, this is science. No magic involved." Once inside she hit a button to close up the door, then walked passed him in the narrow hall to reach the controls. Two chairs, one very large screen, and shit ton of buttons where everywhere. "Speaking of which, don’t touch anything you see here. Unless you want us both to crash and die. Okay?" -07:29 Jul 16

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