True Blood 002: Godslayers

Descendants: True Blood

[Gadrin is asleep next to a strange woman he only met the previous day… good thing he has his pants on!] -02:44 Jul 12
[Eleri actually slept very very well considering she was curled up with a stranger that believes she is a blasphemer and heretic.] -02:45 Jul 12
Eleri: In fact she was still happily sleeping. …Okay, she was pretending to be sleeping and shamelessly taking advantage of the fact she was curled up with a real LIVE human being that – at least for now – didn’t want to kill her. Arm and leg tossed over him and everything. For once, having to remember the ultimate mission was a complete pain in the ass. -02:50 Jul 12
Gadrin: He woke up before sunrise and it took him a moment to realize who he was hith and why… still her needed to leave, soon, but would first have to get out of this… situation. How would one. Drawing a deep breath he looked at her face and frowned. She looked so peasefulll… what was he meant to do. "Morning." he hissed not knowing if she could hear him. "Elis…? Was it?" -03:06 Jul 12
Eleri: "Eleri." she mumbled without opening her eyes. How long could she delay the day if she just layed there without moving? Wouldn’t be smart. Reluctantly, Eleri opened one eye, then the other. Finding herself peering at a frowning, confused, and maybe even slightly distressed descendant. "The sun isn’t even up yet…. why are we awake..?" -03:16 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Because if I am to get back here before nightfall I need to leave before the sun, especially since I will be needing a new sadle." he fixed his expression and looked at the window. "And that’s if she was unhurt. It’s your choice if you remain here to hait for me or not." -03:21 Jul 12
Eleri: "I can’t leave you alone, it’s not safe." Damnit. So much for forgetting the universe existed for a moment. Eleri went ahead and forced herself to sit up. Disentangling herself and running her fingers through her hair with weary disappointment. Traditionally it was the other way around. Descendants protecting a bearer, but he wouldn’t even admit who he was… Someone was going to bank on that if she didn’t watch him. "I’ll help you with your mission, I’m actually nice to have around when you’re not arguing with me." -03:26 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I can take care of myself." he said. "I have been in battle and arrested hardened criminals." he sat up as well while scrathing his unshaved chin. "It would be safer for you to remain here. You do not know how to behave." -03:31 Jul 12
Eleri: "You can’t take care of yourself if you don’t know what is after you. And as a matter of fact, I do know how to behave. When I have to." The last thing she needed was her tongue cut out. Not that anyone would get close enough… but she was here for him, she could keep her mouth shut about social injustice for a few hours. Eleri climbed over her, only pausing long enough to kiss his cheek before rolling out of the bed and stretching her arms over her head. "I won’t say a word to anyone but you. And when your mission is done we figure out what to do about our mission." -03:35 Jul 12
Gadrin: "You never mentioned anything being after me." he said getting out of bed and heading towards the chair to retrieve his gear, starting with his shirt. "Fine you may acoompany me, but if you say or do anything wrong I’ll have to make it look like you are in my custody so anything I say, you do." -03:43 Jul 12
Eleri: "I see that we’re at the make it look like I am in custody stage now, instead of just you flat out arresting me." Eleri cast him a big wide cheeky grin as she crossed the floor to retrieve her jacket and zip it up. "You’re the last descendant. There may as well be a painted target on your back. One of us is likely to end up dead, and if it comes down to it, I’m not going to let it be you. So I’ll behave like a good little bearer. I promise." -03:47 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I’m a paladin, nothing more, nothing less." he said. "I am not a god, and am not of the blood. If I was the order would have found out during the trials." he gave her a look. "No matter what you say I will not believe otherwise." after strapping on his armor he stood and stretched making sure it was properly adjusted. "You are also an innocent and a woman, if there is a life to be laid down it will be mine." -03:54 Jul 12
Eleri: "So I’m going to ignore the fact that me being a woman means anything at all, and agree to disagree about you being a descendant." Her hands were resting on her hips again, and she was regarding him with that same sort of mildly inconvenianced, bemused stare that seemed to be her default expression for him. "Instead, tell me about this mission your on and how I can help besides keeping my mouth shut. I’m very good with a gun, are we gonna have to destroy any evil today?" -03:58 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Take the black envolope to the city and deposit it with Lord Antion’s scribe." he said. "That’s it, you could best help by staying here but you’re not going to do that so why are we still talking about it?" he helted his bags and headed for the door. "Weather they have breakfast ready or not it’s time to go downstairs." He exited the door and headed down. -04:04 Jul 12
Eleri: "Good, then. It means we can talk about us." Eleri followed, now and then stretching her arms or fussing with her hair. She was antsy, without any idea how to go about getting things done other than just tagging along with him. Or kidnapping. Kidnapping was still on the table. Somewhere in the hall she paused, a hand falling over the amulet when it warmed against her skin. The words were always soft, but they were there. The wolf. Was that going to be anything like the horse? Eleri was more than a little perplexed when she stepped in to the common room after him. "You need to be careful today." -04:10 Jul 12
Gadrin: "There is no us." he said as he reached the bottom if the stairs. "And I am always careful which is why I’m not believing what you’re saying about my family. Sitting down he looked around and sighed, no one… maybe he would have to leave while still hungry… well there was dry meat in his pack… "You are asking a lot og me, probably more than you realize." -04:21 Jul 12
Eleri: "No, I understand your entire world getting turned upside down by one event, one person." It’s not like she expected him to immediately feel connected to her and everything to fall in to place. …actually, yes that WAS what she expected. Wasn’t it all just supposed to click and destiny suddenly be apparent? Eleri just had a seat on the table itself. Crossing her arms and frowning. "Look, I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m just kinda running on a vague idea of what should be happening. I thought there was supposed to be breakfast?" -04:27 Jul 12
Gadrin: "They might still be asleep." he said putting down his back but no sooner than he had the door opened and two steaming bowls of wheaty porrige to e set in front of them with a greeting before the larndlord disappeared again muttering about going back to bed. "You should trust you instincts, and eat up. We have a long road ahead." -04:36 Jul 12
Eleri: "I don’t have fancy descendant instincts, I just have whispering dead people." she muttered it under her breath, not really meaning for him to hear the comment. Eleri remained seated on the table, picking up her bowl to test a bite, and once again being pleased with real hot food. She was still antsy though. Words were always warnings, and she couldn’t protect him if he didn’t believe anything she said. -04:41 Jul 12
Gadrin: he was less impressed with the meal and ate in silence and when he was done he stood and shouldered his pack without a word. "This is your final chance to stay comfortable. I do not need help to act the part of a messenger, target no one can see on my back or no." -04:48 Jul 12
Eleri: "Nothing is comfortable about sitting around waiting for someone to get back." Not to mention she wasn’t entirely sure whether or not he’d just send someone else after her, even if she did feel okay to let him go alone. She bounced on to her feet, at least trying to seem enthusiastic about it. "So lets get going, huh? We can do that talking thing I suggested. Likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams… all the usual stuff." -04:50 Jul 12
Gadrin: He exited the inn and whistled, then wated a second before whistlung again, this time however the horse that had run off the night before trotted into view, muddy but unhurt, seeing Eleri though she stopped and stamped a hoof. Gadrin stepped forwards and calmed her though before mounting her bareback. "Your turn." he said. "I’ll keep her still while you get up behind me." he offered her a hand to help her up while wondering itf it wouldn’t just be wiser to ride off without her. -05:00 Jul 12
Eleri: "Hrrrrm, I almost would rather walk…" Eleri seriously considered it for a moment. Then, she was reluctantly taking his hand to pull her way up behind him. This was even worse without the saddle, and it was pretty damned clear that the horse didn’t like her either! "Hasn’t anyone invented some non-alive mode of transportation by now? Anything?" -05:06 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Stop complaining, you are hte one wanting to come." he urged the horse forwards and soon the village was behind them and Gadrin lapsed into silence. He didn’t talk while riding, not usually, he liked to enjoy the trip and much as possible. He didn’t think that silence would be much of an option on this trip though. -05:13 Jul 12
Eleri: Eleri shut her mouth. There was plenty to complain about. Like how she had to hold on to him even tighter now, cause without a saddle, she really did feel like she was slipping off. Or the fact there was a universe at stake and here they were riding a horse through a forest. Eleri didn’t have any intentions on staying quiet, but she eventually got distracted by… everything! Who knew they were so many different kinds of trees and bushes? She hadn’t seen so many green leafy things in her life. When she finally spoke, she was resting her chin on his shoulder. "There weren’t a lot of trees on my world. Or birds. How close are we to the sea here?" -05:20 Jul 12
Gadrin: "Eight miles now." he said. "The city has a port but we will not be seeing that." he was strainign to see ahead, soon, very soon they would see the city itself as they entered the farmland, her walls the strongerst ever built, even the citidel wasn’t as heavily defended. -05:24 Jul 12
Eleri: "Are you happy away from the sea? Or rather.. have you ever felt like something was missing? I’m just curious." She knew more than one descendant that complained about being out of touch with things. Space was not a great place to be when you had the blood of two sea gods. She was waiting for his response still when they traversed in to the farmlands. …another first for Eleri! "All this open space…" -05:30 Jul 12
Gadrin: He half turned to look at her. "I have never been to the sea." it was the truth, he knew his family had lived near it but he had never actually touched it. Before them though was a valley and they were on the edge, before them af the foot of the hill was eight miled of farmland and heyind that a fortified port city, and everything beyond that was shimmering blue. "I’m begining to think you grew up in a city, the poor side of one." -05:35 Jul 12
Eleri: "Yeah, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the kind of poor side you’re thinking." A descendant without the sea. When it was so close to touch too. Hadn’t he at least once wanted to go out there and see it? Holy crap,… that was a pretty city! This was not the kind of cityscape she was expecting. Eleri was leaning upwards trying to get a better view over his shoulder. "My city was all grey and metal and concrete. There wasn’t so much sun, or green. Buildings rose really high in to the sky, and that’s pretty much the norm for most cities. I didn’t think you’d have one as big as this with the way you were talking about this world." -05:45 Jul 12
Gadrin: "The great war happened over a thousand years ago." he said, "The city we are ebtering is the center for learning the invention. It is sometimes called the city of a hundred towers, I’m sure you see why." they descended into the farmlands as the sun started to hit them, the almost ripe grains shining golden in it’s light. "There is a room entirely made of crystal, and in it is said to be a decrendents relic, but not even I can see it. Only the city’s ruler and the matron can. It is said to be being kept to be presented to them when they return as they will need to to fight the thread that will bring thme here." -06:26 Jul 12
Eleri: "A room of crystal? I’ve never heard of such a thing…" And surely she would have, cause that sounded like a really interesting thing to see. "Maybe we can both take a look when I explain to your Matron that you are the descendant. …after a tour of the city. A tour of the city would be beneficial." And interesting. Her fingers were tapping where she was clinging. The mission was the top priority, of course, but surely there was a reason he was HERE and had not been with the rest of the family. -06:33 Jul 12
[Gadrin enters.] -06:33 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I would be excomunicated." he said flatly. "And I thought you were not going to say things like that today." he remarked. "Today needs to be a day of sanity… if you start demanding thing in my name we’re both going to be thrown in a cell." -06:40 Jul 12
Eleri: "I promised I wouldn’t cause trouble while on your mission. But if you are going to come with me, wouldn’t we have to eventually speak to your Matron?" He acted like she was going to prance in to town screaming about the great descendant having returned. Sure she seemed a little crazy, but she wasn’t actually crazy. "I’m sure if they aren’t blasphemers and heretics themselves, they’ll know how to prove you are a descendant and I am the bearer. Maybe they did something wrong during your whole trainy test thing." -06:46 Jul 12
Gadrin: "I was already planning that." he said. "Which is why you’re still here and not back there where I found you. She will be able to tell if that is a relic you carry, and if it is real use it to test me. Then she will know what to do. If you’re not telling the truth then I will recomend you’re merely expelled from the citidel without further inquiry." -06:50 Jul 12
Eleri: "Honestly, I don’t really give a shit what they say about us either way. I know what the truth is and you’re stuck with me until I know what we’re dealing with." Which could be anything from a raised god, to demons, to making babies. There really needed to be a road map to this stuff. Her chin was resting on his shoulder again. "Besides, I think you might be starting to like me." -06:54 Jul 12
Gadrin: He chuckled. "I see they have wishful thinking on your world." Even as he said that he was wondering if she was right. Theye was someone who said that if you are stuck with something you may as well enjoy it." they were approaching the gate now and he held up a hand in warning to her, or in gretting to the guard. "Gadring, Order, message for your lord and bearing this woman to the citidel." -07:03 Jul 12
Eleri: At least he wasn’t all seriousness. He could laughed, and that had her grinning. His hand though was a warning for her to keep quiet, and though she was giving him a bit of a cross look, she shut her mouth. A promise was a promise. There was not going to be any trouble from her end. She tilted to curiously peer around him and take a look at the guard. -07:07 Jul 12

The guard stepped forwards, his spear tip shinging in the early sun as he took note of the red drop on Gadrin’s armor and the girl dehind him. “Right, you’re expected. Been told that you’re to go to the inner gatehouse with your message, then you’re free to return unless orders have changes and no ones bother to let me know… you may pass.” he waved at the gatehouse and the the other guards got out of the way, then they were entering the roway road, there the middle class lived and there were expecteation for splendor and bright colors for the shops and homes. Visiting VIPs entered ehre after all. -Gadrin

Eleri: Eleri gave the guard a wave and a cheeky smile when they passed… and then all of her attention was focused on staring at the city. "This is different…" She saw stuff like this in movies. Fancy, quaint, old timey homes. Pretty little houses and colorful businesses. …she was definitely not dressed conspiciously. Apparently women around here weren’t the pants wearing type. "Cleaner than I thought it would be… do you have working plumbing and stuff? Or just street cleaners?" -07:15 Jul 12
[Gadrin is taking this strange owman into town, probably not the best idea ever.] -03:19 Jul 13
[Eleri was antsy for a multitude of reasons. So maybe she was hanging on tighter to the paladin than necessary!] -03:19 Jul 13
Gadrin: "Depends where you are in the city." he said as they rode though the waking city. "Most of it does have sewers." He fell silent again as they passed a group of riders. "Though right now most of the inventors are away… working on a new ship design." -03:25 Jul 13
Eleri: "For sailing, I suppose." The riders passed and her arms tightened around him. Eleri warily turned her head to watch them over her shoulder, then it was right back to looking around. Something definitely wasn’t right. There was a prickling of her skin where the amulet lay. That wasn’t unusual when she needed to be wary of dangers, but now there was a clueless descendant to worry about. "And you did say this was an easy mission? Just a message delivery? I don’t suppose they send assassins or ninjas or something after little envelopes…" -03:31 Jul 13
Gadrin: "No, usually not. This is a dimplomatic message in a time of peace." he said. "The only reason I carry it is because it is from my Matron." she really had no idea how ruitine this was. "In fact we just have to get to that gate and drop it off, then get a new sadle." he sighed at what the cost would be. "We’ll be out of here in less than an hour." -03:50 Jul 13
Eleri: "And you’re sure there is nothing in the message that might be live-or-die important." It wasn’t really a question. Eleri doubted his silly paladin stuff had anything to do with that irking sensation that was making her increasingly paranoid. Bad things always followed, and she still hadn’t figured out what wolf meant! "…you know, you told me to trust my instincts, and my instincts are practically screaming danger at the moment. And I know you’re rolling your eyes at me! Don’t you have women warriors?" -03:55 Jul 13
Gadrin: "if there was I would have been told to hand it to the lord personally." he said flatly, and you’re surrounded by unfamiliar things it’s understandable. And only very rarely." he slowed the horse and then hailed the gatehouse. "Not to mention there is probably a few crossbows trained on us… MESSAGE FOR YOUR LORD." he held up the envelope and a middle aged man in richly decorated armor stepped out fo the side door. "Thank you, I’ll take that." -04:05 Jul 13
Eleri: "You think I’m totally full of shit, don’t you?" THAT was obvious. Eleri didn’t know why she was so pissy about it now, though. Oh wait, because he could DIE. Almost too late she remembered she was supposed to be behaving and not making a scene. She hissed through her teeth and clamped her mouth shut. -04:09 Jul 13
Gadrin: "My lord…" he had come to het the message himself. "My lady sends her greetings though excuse me if I do not tarry, I have someone claiming to have information in the descendents to return to the citadel." he saluted and waited… "Of course, send the matron my regards. Blood be with you." "And you my lord." he turned the horse and started heading back. "See, not fifficult." -04:14 Jul 13
Eleri: "Not the best of ideas to mention anything about the descendants to randomass people." she responded with a mutter. "You don’t really know who i-" Eleri cut short mid-complaint. Something had caught her attention out the corner of her eye, and she turned so sharply she nearly slipped right off the horse. Nothing was there. She might have just written it off as paranoia, but the amulet suddenly started warming against her skin. And there it was again. The black cloaked figures disappearing in to the crowd. Blending in as if they hadn’t been there at all. Now the amulet was burning. "There’s a Godslayer. Godslayer!!" Panicking was the last thing she needed to do, but it was happening anyway! She was unprepaired for this and so was he! Eleri neglected to explain what she was freaking out about when she hopped off his horse and was fumbling to pull her gun. Protect the descendant at all costs, that was the mission! -04:27 Jul 13
Gadrin: Eleri’s sudden dismounting caught Gadrin by surprise and he turned to look at her and then drew his sword. They were in sight of everyone, people were looking… the tip of his sword clanked against Eleri’s gun. "Put it away and explain yourself." he hissed. "Before a smash it to peices." -04:32 Jul 13
Eleri: They were gone again, and with a growl she was shoving his blade away. "Listen to me, they have a Godslayer, at least one, and-!" When she turned around trying to do a visual sweep, there it was. Tall, hooded, cloaked all in black. No feet or limbs, or even face that she could see and the damned thing could either move faster than a human could spot or just appeared in places, as four others appeared too. All at calculated points surrounding horse mounted descendant. One in front, one behind. Two at the left side and the one at the right blocking Eleri. The air seemed to crackle and a symbol was being etched across the ground, connecting the five points. Black magics, and Eleri couldn’t seem to raise her arm to shoot! -04:46 Jul 13
Gadrin: He felt it, and to did the horse. It crackled in the air and they froze. Magic, unearthy, demonic magic… was it a trap set by the lord? "NO!" he shouted. He had been tought better than to succumb to sorcery. Shaking it off he dismounted the striken animal and gripped his blade, reaching out to grab Eleri to pull her out of the focus of the spell. -04:58 Jul 13
Eleri: "Gah…!" Eleri gasped, stepping backwards in to him as she heaved a breath and seemed to have control over her movement again. The burned lines had formed a pentagram on the ground, now glowing fire red. Sorcerer’s magic, and worse it was headed straight to what Eleri feared the most. The ground cracked under their feet and clawed fingers were starting to push their way out. The five figures hovered in the places, unmoving and wordless like black specters. Eleri’s hands fumbled for her amulet, squeezing the hot metal in her palms. And the only word in her head was wolf. So give me the wolf! -05:10 Jul 13
Gadrin: He was watchign the paralized horse being turned into pulp when something else happened. Somethign deep within him squirmed and clawed. "AAAARGH." he cluched his head and yelled, then caught Eleri’s eyes, his own wide with panic… "Sorry…" he breathed. "The demon…" Then his face seemed to split in half. His armor ripped too, the leather parting like paper as he grew in size, his face elongating, grey fur covering his body as a snarl rent the air. Claws brandished and the werewolf lifted it’s snout to the air and howled and lightning danced across it’s claws. Then it sighted the summoners, and charged. -05:23 Jul 13
Eleri: Eleri couldn’t even find the words to say what the fuck. But the thought was there. Mixed with shock and panic and every other crazy overwhelming feeling. This was too much to process…! Instinct took over, and her objective was pretty clear. The wolf descendent crashed in to the closest summoner, and the moment he was knocked clear away from the symbol, the glowing and crackling ceased. The claws that were reaching up out of the ground froze and turned to stone. Eleri pointed her gun at the next nearest summonor, the plasma blast leaving gaping burn as the form collapsed. They looked human, yet not quite. Weird grotesque distortions of human torsos without limbs or even heads. …Eleri tried not to think about that! -05:34 Jul 13
Gadrin: The wolfish head disappeared into the robed mass and cale out trailing snapping tendons, before the claws tore the weakened body literally in two, before with a snarl he tore into another, lightning coursing through his victim blackening the flesh. Then there was a long drawn out hown that permiatred the area with more than just sounds. It was a decrelation, in thought and magic. A descendent’s promise to hunt down and kill all who oposed him. Everywhere guards were appearing and crossbowbolts were begining to rain on the things… and Gadrin -06:24 Jul 13
Eleri: Fucking bone chilling shit everywhere…! When weapons fire starting raining down from all angles without care of who they were aiming at, Eleri’s changed her priorities. Her gun was holstered in a split second and she was running at the wolf. Ignoring the sheer insanity of running at a wolf, and even crazier, leaping on to his back like she actually knew what to do. "Run! Run now and don’t stop!" -06:29 Jul 13
Gadrin: The wolf didn’t hesitate to dash forn an alleyway and leap over a wall, skid around a corner and up the side of a carriage and onto the roof of a blacksmith. Then leaping from roof to roof he made his way towards the gate, not needing telling that getting out of the city was a good idea. Either he couldn’t speak or he wouldn’t as he panted slightly, the gates getting closer, but also the shouts of the gaurds. -06:33 Jul 13
Eleri: "I SUGGEST YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY, ASSHOLES! ANGRY WOLF!" And if a charging wolf wasn’t enough to send people scattering, Eleri was drawing her gun again and firing. She made sure not to shoot any people, just some good warning shots to get them out of the damned way! -06:36 Jul 13
Gadrin: Then scattered and then they were through the gate tearign through the farlmand, though Gadrin wasn’t content to stick to the road and leaped a fence into a field. It would be harder for anyone to follow, then he crossed a stream and climbed an embancment which was a good spot to stop and turn to check for persuers. -06:38 Jul 13
Eleri: Holy shit, it was hard to hang on to a running wolf. Easier than a horse, though. At least there was plenty of fur to cling on to and he was freaking huge. Eleri didn’t slide off him until she was sure no one had followed. Not a guard and not a summoner. She was breathing so hard her chest hurt. He might’ve done all the running, but the entire thing nearly gave her a heart attack. …and now she was staring at her descendant as a WOLF. "Are you…uh… fuck. Are you okay in… there?" -06:43 Jul 13
Gadrin: An irritated look crossed the wolf’s face, as irritated as a wolf could look anyway and there was a whining sound as he tried to talk and failed. Then a paw came up to touched her shoulder, and push. What had happened? What was he? A wolf apparently… and he was now looking at her wolfishly… his eyes drifting to the bulge in her jacket what was a clear indication of her sex. -06:49 Jul 13
Eleri: "You are a descendant. THIS, though is… seriously weird. I have to think a minute." Good to know that he could speak to her, it just required a giant heavy PAW on her shoulder. "Hey. Don’t look at me like you’re going to eat me." -06:57 Jul 13
Gadrin: His eyes snapped up and he growled before pawing at her jacket. The amulet, whatever was happening that was the key. He still did not like her calling him a descendent though. -07:03 Jul 13
Eleri: Eleri squinted and shoved his paw off before he ended up shredding her clothes. "Okay, I get it. You’re pissed and confused, and so am I! This isn’t-.. hmm… maybe it is." There were lost bloodlines weren’t there? She had such a vague memory about a crazy descendant and something about a babysitter werewolf captain? Eleri rubbed her head. "Can you… turn yourself back, I can’t take you seriously like this!" -07:21 Jul 13
Gadrin: He sat and lookeda at her. If he could change back he would have done so already. There was a whine and then he reached out with his jaws and frabbed her zipper and…. accidently tore it completely out of her jacket. Bet there it was, the amulet… and now he was reaching out a paw to touch it. -07:26 Jul 13
Eleri: This was going to end up like some sort of weird ass porn or something. Eleri swatted his paw away and was jumping up to her feet to put distance between herself and him. One hand rest on her hip, the other circled around the amulet. In went a deep breath, and out again. "Okay… um… Change him back. I don’t need the wolf anymore?" -07:30 Jul 13
Gadrin: Nothing happened and the wolf whine, then got up and started walkign away from the city. It was dumb to stay put for too long and they had to keep moving. He’d figure something out or something. He just knew he couldn’t stay like this forever. forever. -07:33 Jul 13

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