The Mission

The Mission. One must focus on the mission. Assassinations between factions of the Trade Federation was not to be taken lightly. It required every amount of focus to keep yourself from saying the wrong thing, stepping the wrong way and getting yourself killed.

So why now, was he in this small closet of a room, tugging on the collar of his shirt and cursing at the heat as he watched a bead of sweat slide down the neck and shoulder of his very attractive padawan?

Adam growled under his breath. Before he knew what he was doing his hand had reached out, cupping the back of Eva’s head and pulling her to him. His mouth took hers in a greedy kiss, sliding his tongue over hers before slipping between her lips. She made a soft sound of surprise, but in an instant her own hands were roaming under his shirt and grazing over taunt muscles.

The temperature of the tiny room had to of shot up ten degrees. An arm snaked around Eva’s waist, lifting her up from the ground and resting her against the door. The hand at the back of her head drifted down, brushing over her neck and shoulders. It glided down to her breast, cupping it in his hands with a gentle squeeze. Adam broke the kiss, his mouth trailing down her jaw to where her pulse was beating a mile a minute. He mumbled an unheard phrase about her skin as he nuzzled his nose against her neck.

Eva sighed. To say she didn’t want this would have been a lie. Months of working with Adam had grown in to an attraction. The way his body moved in a fight, or how his mouth curved in to a smirk every time he made a joke. A mouth that was now brushing across the exposed skin of her breasts, her shirt having been pushed up over her chest. She sucked in a breath as he pulled a taunt nipple in to his mouth. Sucking gently at first, then giving a small nip that caused shivers to tickled through her spine.

The way her body body shuddered was making him hard, nearly as much as the soft sounds of her sighs. His tongue flicked over her nipple before he moved his head to give attention to her other breast. She was beginning to twist against him, growling impatient words. Eva’s hands dropped from caressing his chest down to his abdomen. Her fingers slipped under the waistline of his pants, pulling loose the belt there. “Are you going to play or are you going to take me, old man?” she muttered in to his ear.

Old man? Adam’s head jerked up to frown at her. Eva was casting him her usual taunting smile. His frown shifted in to a smirk as a hand moved down to her thigh and squeezed. “This old man can teach you a few things.” he replied. Leaning forward, he captured her mouth again to kiss her hard. His hand mouth upwards over her thigh, slipping between her legs. He was rewarded with a gasp of surprise against his mouth, of which he responded with another smirk. “I think I like this skirt after all.”

Eva could only moan his name while his hand nudged aside the flimsy silk of her panties and a finger found it’s way in to her slit. He stroked her in slow smooth motions, sliding not one but two fingers inside her. Adam took her mouth his again, kissing her in time with his movements. She was wet, hot, the sensation of pleasure building and building..!

She gave a sound of protest when his hand suddenly withdrew, but it was squelched as the head of his member nudged against her. Eva’s hand moved, wrapping her fingers around his shaft to give a gentle squeeze. She brushed her thumb over it’s head, taking amusement in the low deep moan escaped him. Eva guided him, leaning her head back and bracing her hands on his shoulders when he took one swift thrust! Her body stretch to accept the invasion. Burned with aching desire as Adam took her hips and started moving.

Sweet ecstasy started to build as Adam thrust deeper, quickening his pace. Eva wrapped her legs around him, digging her fingers in to his shoulder. His breath came out in short ragged breaths while he locked an arm around her waist. He continued to move harder, faster. Bracing his hand against his rear so he could drive every inch of himself in to her.

Eva could feel her desire growing stronger until her whole body stiffened! With his name on her lips, she shuddered with climax. Her muscles tightening around his shaft as he continued to thrust. Moments later Adam’s own orgasm hit. He drew her tightly to him, spilling his seed with short jerking motions. When the spasms subsided, he didn’t release her. Only held her close and brushing his lips against her ear.


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