The Sparrow Family

The Sparrow Family is the “Lawful” version of a mob family. They are a very influential (and large) family in Chicago, where most of it’s patrons are involved directly in some sort of Law career and a few exceptions branching out in to investigative journalism and politics.

Grandpa Sparrow Cop
Grandma Sparrow Lawyer

Uncle Cop Sparrow #1 Retired/Current?? Police Chief
– Son ???
– Son ???

Uncle Cop Sparrow #2 Retired Cop
– Son ???

Johnathon Sparrow – Lawyer
Danielle Tremblay – Lawyer
– Daughter Alexis Sparrow (Lawyer)
– Daughter Serena Sparrow (Cop)
– Daughter Tamara Sparrow ( Private Investigator)
– Daughter Jade Sparrow (Investigative Journalist)
– Daughter Summer Sparrow (“Actress”)

Uncle Sparrow #3 Politics(??)
– Daughter Karen Sparrow (Psychology Student)

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