The Tolrah House

[color=firebrick][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Saga Sci-fi with Sexy Socializing!

[color=skyblue][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color]
[i]The Tolrah House is planetside on Henratai IV and has many names. Some are beautiful and alluring while others crude or insulting. Needless to say, all the descriptions might be true. Inside the dome you are welcome to a beautiful fantasy, organized by the Madam Caprice and her host of divine companions. You might choose a companion or explore the home’s peaceful garden grounds. If you are a clean and healthy individual, you might also join the home as a companion.

[center]Might your fantasies be joyous![/center][/i]

[url=]Surrounded by a Dome[/url], the exists/enters have armed guards in threes, two on the outside and one on the inside. The Dome shields the area from outside weather, inside the dome lush tropical growth is abundant. There are paths leading to the main House and there are paths leading to the ‘homes’ of the whores. The main house is raised building with graceful Japanese lines, broad porches wrap around the houses where pillows are splayed out. Some of the ladies and gentlemen would lounge there. The steps are large and and shallow, making it an easy climb to the large double doors that are already thrown open in welcoming. Short tables are arranged around the room, liquor and other beverages are severed by novices yet unable to perform the main entertainment for the evening. On most nights there is entertainment, either a singer or an instrumentalist, or both. The women and men of the House are as varied as they come, different breeds and species, colors, shapes, and sizes. On some nights the walls, Japanese rice screens are open, the warm sweet scented air flowing into the room moved on by the fans.

The houses of whores are not too large, each having a room where they ‘entertain’ their paying customers and having a separate living space. You know you are favored when the whore asks you to come inside their living space. Most of the whores have ground dwellings, some even have underground dwelling, but a few have tree houses.

The grounds around the House are full of plants and ponds and heated pools and small streams with decorative bridges. Pole lights light up along the varied paths of gravel or inlaid stone. Small song birds twitter about and sing to themselves and to each other. The place is meant to be the exotic background to the ladies and gentlemen here and it works wonderfully.

What you don’t see is the stainless steel kitchens or the automated features, the cords and the breaker boxes and the generators that keep this lovely lush place operating as it is. You never think that the Dome which keeps out the weather and other nuisances can also keep those it wants in. You certainly don’t think it could keep out weapons of war, but many a war has been started by a pretty face…

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