The Truth About A Lover

“We’re going to have a baby! It’s going to be wonderful – our first child!” Chloe said, giving the brilliant smile that she had been trying to hold back during the whole day. Keeping that secret was driving her mad! She couldn’t wait to tell him!

He didn’t reply to her right away. Silent and frowning, he turned his gaze away and then finally his back to her. She could see by the motions of his arm that he was stroking the light goatee that had grown since the last time she had seen him. He didn’t seem happy at all to hear the news. Perhaps he was just caught of guard. Finally, when he turned around, his gaze wasn’t dashing or smiling like it usually was. He looked stoney and cold. A complete stranger.

“Get rid of it. As soon as you leave here, get rid of the damn thing.”

She stared back at him, wide eyed and unbelieving. “Wh… what? You can’t be serious. This is our chi-”

Get rid of it. I don’t want any bastard children running around some backwater town.”

“We were going to be married, we could just do it a little sooner than planned is all.” she said. She was wringing her wrists. This wasn’t how she pictured this moment at all.

Suddenly, he began laughing. It wasn’t joyful but rather chilling. She felt the shiver go down her spine. “Did you really believe all that nonsense? That we’re going to get married, have a house and live happily ever after? You’re my whore, Chloe. Ha. Not even a whore, my favorite free lay whenever I stop by this forsaken town.”

It stung. Chloe could see white spots dancing in front of her eyes. Whore? Free lay? She was… nothing more than a vessel to quench his lust? No, she couldn’t believe it. This was just a dream!

“I’m going. When I come back to town, that bastard better be gone.”

The door slammed.

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