The Universes of Diocha

– The Ivalec Family Story.
– The Story of the Mors couple.

– Koori and Toshi’s Adventure

– The Novellino Sisters

[b]CHOCOLATE UNIVERSE[/b] (may be it’s own universe, but possibly in Destiny!)
– Saving the dying Prince
– The Wizard’s story.


(7:44:04 PM) Diana: plotholes are very ew… especially in a longass saga like Destiny. x__x we’ll have to write up the culture of the known countries in Destiny, their royal lines, and lots of nitpicky details…
(7:45:56 PM) ochahime: Yup like the country Sekai’s from, how many countries are between that and Artolia… is Iroka across the sea completely or is there a land route? How close is the island kingdom and do they speak the Artolia language, and if so is this because sailors crashed into a reef a hundred years ago and intermarried with the local population…
(7:50:24 PM) Diana: I’m thinking there’s a land route to Iroka, but you’d have to cross over a huge river far to the “direction”, and possibly in another kingdom’s territory. Kinda like how the Mediterranean separates Europe countries from Africa! Sekai’s kingdom is probably a good distance away… but she may or may not be faking her accent!
(7:54:58 PM) ochahime: Which we will not actually type out any more, just make refrenses to it as Faith tries to understand her?
(7:57:14 PM) Diana: Dunno, I like showing her accent in in the dialogue.. cause it gives us a chance to hint that she might be faking when in most scenes you’ll see the accent, and then you’ll “hear” her speak clearly during something dramatic and that subtle suspicions from characters!
(7:59:26 PM) ochahime: Hmmm, that’s true…
(8:00:47 PM) Diana: Sekai doesn’t do a lot of talking either, which adds to the whole mystery… I don’t think her plot arc comes in until the Second Saga?
(8:02:59 PM) ochahime: Yeah… when she’s keeping Alen and Serenity from being overly mushy and get them home … then her dream man litterally comes around a corner…
(8:03:09 PM) ochahime: I’m not even sure we see her in the third Saga
(8:04:54 PM) Diana: We have no idea what’s happening in the third saga, and not allowed to think about it yet! At least… not until we do serious work on Destiny! Maybe if we finish mapping out the universe and typing up proper character bios… >>
(8:11:39 PM) ochahime: World mapping.. .or the ‘known’ world…
(8:11:43 PM) ochahime: History too…

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