Trying Something New 002

“Nina! Nina, what’s this I hear about you punching Anton in the dick?!” Tabby demanded, the tiny blonde looping an arm around Nina’s middle and pulling her away from the scene. “Oh my God, I was so sure you’d been kicked out!”

One would think her whole self defense instincts would’ve kicked in when Tabby grabbed her, but Nina ended up stumbling to the side along with Tabby and then swatting her arm and hands away once they stopped.

“I didn’t punch him, I kicked him and he righteously deserved it,” Nina corrected. She was all flustered again for a dozen different reasons, none of which she wanted to discuss with Tabby. The fact the girl was even still here was a surprise.

Nina smoothed her hands over her dress and tucked her dark hair behind her ears.

“And where did you run off to, anyway? Hasn’t anyone ever told you that girls are supposed to stick together in clubs? That weasel could’ve tried to kidnap and no one would’ve known what happened!”

“What? No, Anton’s harmless, he’s just a little dumb.” Tabby scoffed. “Look, you can’t just attack people here, you’re going to get in trouble!”

The woman planted her hands on her hips, huffing. Including the full height of her spiky platform heels, Tabby was no more than five and a half feet tall. She was the same age as Nina–a year or two younger at most–but had the sort of baby face that made her look eternally youthful, with wide eyes and pouty lips. If it hadn’t been for her generous bosom and the curves of her hips, she could have been mistaken for a kid. Her naughty punk schoolgirl getup didn’t help matters.

“Sorry. Scorn took me to check out the new swing and I lost track of time. You’re safe here, everyone’s really cool! Don’t be so dramatic. Now tell me what you think, do you love this or what?”

There was no sense in arguing with Tabby about Tony. As far as Nina was concerned as long as the jerked stayed away from her (and she supposed she should include Tabby in that too), there wouldn’t be a problem. She’d hit him again in a heartbeat, but she’d not start something in the club if she could help it.

It also took a lot of self control not to comment on the name Scorn. Or laugh. The corners of her mouth were already twitching and Nina really didn’t want to encourage that sort of thing.

“Luckily for you I did meet a couple of really nice people and it’s not a murdery like I was expecting. I’m definitely going to come back again to meet more people, though. I mean it’s a lot to take in and kind of overwhelming, but I do like some things. Some things,” she had to clarify before Tabby started thinking she was down for anything crazy.

Tabby squealed softly despite Nina’s attempts to mitigate, her face lighting up like Christmas had come early. “What. Things?

Before Nina could reply, she was being hauled by the little blonde back towards the bar area. “Who did you meet? Anyone cute? I can totally set you up with a couple guys. I know all the single Doms who come regularly.”

The only good guy Tabby had ever dated was Nina’s cousin, and even that had been a dubious choice. The last thing she needed was one of Tabby’s Eligible Bachelors.

“I don’t- Hm. I don’t need help meeting guys, I think I’ll be okay in that department.” she insisted, wondering how the shorter girl had such a strong grip of steel. She really didn’t look that strong! Nina completely avoided answering about who she met. Though she was sure Jay could handle Tabby just fine, she didn’t want to disrupt the cherub-faced older Tom with a Tabby in his life. He had a sick Mal and a puppy to worry about.

“Well, I got to see a new application for the saltire cross today, so that was something and a woman as a rope bound chandelier pretzel, which was actually kind of beautiful but definitely not something I’ll be attempting anytime soon. I think I might have to go shopping though, I don’t have the accessories to linger here all day and then be able to go home and sleep.”

“God, Nina, what’s even the point if you’re not talking to the guys here?” complained Tabby, apparently assuming that Nina’s reticence was due to lack of trying. “The cross IS pretty nice, huh? Really easy to set up at home, too. Man, I need to show you something better like the queening stools next time though. Though I guess if you’re all subby that might not be your thing.”

As they slipped back out of the playspace, Tabby beelined for the bar.

“Two Necromancers, please!” she ordered, wiggling onto a barstool. “Okay. So. When are we going shopping?”

We? Nina imagined walking into a sex store with Tabby and somehow that was actually worse than a sex club. They’d end up getting matching vibrators or something, and then Nina would always get reminded of Tabby every time she used it just– She didn’t need that kind of trauma!

Pretending she couldn’t feel that rush of heat back in her cheeks again, Nina slipped onto a bar stool, frowning at Tabby all the while.

We aren’t shopping. I’m going to check out some reviews online first.” She almost asked what a ‘queening stool’, but decided against opening that can of worms. Nina could look that up later too without Tabby giving her show. Because she had the feeling Tabby would love to demonstrate and again– trauma.

“Anyway, you can’t say I’m too subby when I don’t even know what I like yet. The whole reason I agreed to this in the first place was to try a whole bunch of new things! I mean, I’m not sure I want to seduce some guy into submission, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t. I’m just- I just don’t want to do have to do everything, that’s all.”

“Ugh! Well you’re definitely not a Domme if that’s how you feel about it!” exclaimed Tabby, pulling a face. The bartender set down two very, very pale cocktails in front of her, and she immediately slid one over to Nina. It smelled almost medicinal; the only thing Nina could immediately identify was lemon, but there was definitely something bitter in there.

Throwing back a large gulp of her own drink, Tabby kicked her feet. “You’re totally overthinking this. All of it will come naturally to you once you find a playmate. Isn’t careful planning and being sensible what kept you with What’s-His-Fuck so long in the first place?”

Nina wasn’t too sure about this drink but took a swallow anyway. There was something flowery and grassy about the flavor that wasn’t unpleasant, but it also wasn’t exactly her taste. This one ranked under the Old Fashion.

While she nursed it, Tabby’s criticisms sank in. She was kind of right, as much as Nina didn’t want to admit it. Her entire marriage had been Nina doing the responsible thing, the right thing, the thing that made Shaun happy. It wasn’t even just school, work, or what was for dinner. There were so many times Nina tried to suggest something spicy in the bedroom and Shaun was never interested. How do you live through that many years and not try handcuffs at least once?

That drink was gone in three swallows.

“You’re right. You’re right! I have to chill out and stop trying to over do everything. But-” she held up a finger pointedly at Tabby. “I am not making the same mistake as the Tinder fiasco. I shouldn’t have slept with half those dudes, Tabby. I’m not going to do that here, I want something better than that.”

“Okay, okay! Jeez! Just come on and dance with me.”

Several songs and another round of drinks later, Tabby was itching to return to the playspace.

“All the good stuff’s back there, Nina! This is just stuff we can do anywhere. Let’s goooooooooo,” she complained, picking Nina’s hand up and pulling her towards the curtain once more. “Practically no one is out here!”

“Fiiiiine,” complained Nina when her bare feet weren’t giving her any traction against Tabby’s tiny-human super strength. It only took a song or two for Nina to discover her favorite heels weren’t great for dancing, so she pulled them off and stuffed them into Tabby’s bag, since her own wasn’t big enough to hold them.

Now, though, she supposed a break would be good. Nina was so warm she could’ve used a few minutes to sit down, or better yet to get her dress off. No one there would mind, she was sure, and the thought alone had her giggling to herself. She wasn’t going to, of course, but it was amusing. And Tabby had no idea what she was laughing about, which just made her laugh more.

“Are you going to get yourself into another swing, Tabby, I don’t wanna see that! My cousin kisses you!”

“There’s probably a bunch going on right now! We can just watch!”

Tabby wasn’t wrong. It felt like most of the party had relocated to the back room by now. There was some kind of scene going on in the middle of the room with a man in a kilt and two kneeling nude women, and another further back where a man lay facedown on the floor while a woman in heels like Tabby’s walked across his back. The suspension beam on the ceiling was being used again, too, this time by a lesbian couple. The suspended girl’s partner was lacing her slowly into an elaborate corset.

“See, nothing’s even free to use anyway.”

“It’s so warm in here, no wonder everyone ends up undressed,” she remarked to herself, but then she snapped her fingers. “I should get a corset!”

Nina managed to shake herself loose from Tabby to pull out her phone and bring up her notes. Quickly she thumbed out corsets, kilts, are lesbians hot?, and some things even her spellcheck couldn’t figure out.

“This place really is great,” she talked while she input her thoughts. “It’s like going to a small convention and getting to see a sample of everything before you- Hm.” Nina found herself completely derailed, watching the man in the kilt and being too curious not to stay and see what would happen.

Due to the low lighting, it took her a moment to see the leashes he was holding: one in each hand, attached respectively to collars around the necks of the naked subs. He was pacing around them in a slow circle, giving them a wide berth; finally he stopped and pulled hard on the leash in his right hand. The woman crawled forward across the floor toward him on her hands and knees as he slowly began to wind the leash around and around his palm, choking up the lead until she had only a few inches of movement remaining.

As he began to repeat the process with the lefthand lead, the first sub buried her face against the front of his kilt and gripped the edge of the material to lift it up.

Nina burst into loud nervous laughter and slapped her hand over her mouth so hard it made a sound. She turned slowly on the ball of her foot until she had a route to tiptoe out of the way of serious spectators. Once she was at a safe distance that same hand fanned her face and neck. They were just going to get right down to it weren’t they? Nina wish she could just be nervously mute, instead of cackling like a crazy person every time she got flustered. She was going to try this herself one day and end up laughing some poor man into a penis complex without even meaning to.

And she did want to try, too. Maybe not the dog collar and leashes and crawling on the ground like animal, but wouldn’t it be so awesome to be with a man that actually told her exactly what he wanted and what to do without her having to strip naked in the living room to Bruno Mars just to get his attention.

“Tabby, I’m dizzy. I should go back to the quiet side before I take all the spice out of someone’s- You awful little gremlin, where did you go.”

As Nina spun this way and that, trying to pick out Tabby’s blonde hair and plaid skirt in the crowd, she suddenly turned just in time to smack face-first against a solid chest.

“Whoa,” a voice laughed. “Are you okay?”

When she looked up, the first thing she saw were intense blue eyes, and for a moment she thought Jay had found her again. But then she saw spiky black hair and dimples and all the differences in their features that made her wonder why she’d thought of Jay at all.

“Are you here by yourself? I don’t want you to get in trouble for talking to me.”

Without her shoes she was a good two inches shorter and a little embarrassing that she was having a harder time walking on bare feet than heels. Her hands went up to brush her hair back behind her ears. Jeeze, he was cute. Nina definitely had a type. There was just something wonderful about dark hair and light eyes and being so tall certainly helped too.

Nope. No, she needed to keep an eye on Tabby right now. That girl was bound to get in trouble.

“I- No. Well, actually I’m here with someone but not with someone. I am a free agent.”

“Do you need to get back to them, or…” He tilted his head. “To be totally honest, my date bailed on me and I’m just trying to salvage my evening. You’re cute. Can I buy you a drink?”

“You think I’m cute?” Nina laughed. Why did it always feel like she’d never been complimented before. It always had that same rush of warm fuzzy pleased feelings. But it was definitely nice to hear when so many ladies here were in different levels of being undressed and all looked stunning.

“I think that gremlin abandoned me again. I don’t know how she disappears so fast.” she muttered with surprise, giving one last look over to see if she could spot the girl nearby. Nina finally just shrugged. Tabby had been there dozens of times before, she was probably more likely to cause trouble than get into it.

“You know what, yes! I would love to sit and have a drink!”

“Wait, so you’ve never tried anything?

They were sitting together on one of the small leather couches in the back of the playspace, halfway through their drinks. He’d disappeared to the bar and come straight back with a rum and coke for himself and a fruity martini for Nina that actually glowed in the dark, thanks to the glowstick garnish that doubled as a swizzle stick. He’d told her he’d been coming to the club for about a year now, having been introduced to the scene by his ex, and now she was confessing how she’d gotten here herself.

“Not even fuzzy handcuffs or a little spanking?” He didn’t sound judgmental, just curious and a little surprised. “Maybe asked your boyfriend to play professor to your naughty schoolgirl?”

Nothing,” she confirmed, her eyes wide with equal surprise. “I thought at first that maybe I was just bad at sex, you know, so why not try something spicy? But I couldn’t even get him to watch porn with me. That has to be the easiest thing, right? He just wasn’t interested.”

The glowstick she was twizzling in her fingers and occasionally using to accent a point. The drink was now tied with the other blue drink for her favorites, though it did make her briefly wonder if she just like blue things. When she wasn’t playing with the glowstick she was using a napkin to fan herself, because it seemed as the night went on the place just got stuffier and warmer.

“I wish it hadn’t taken me years to realize I wasn’t happy. Of course, now I’m the bad guy, because apparently he was happy, but that’s all over now.” she leaned close to whisper, as if she were telling him the greatest secret in the world. “I’ve had more fun tonight than I have in years and I haven’t even started attempted the fun stuff yet. How crazy is that?”

“Are we sure he wasn’t gay or asexual?” Nina’s new friend asked. “I can’t imagine turning you down for anything. At the very least I can say he was an idiot.”

When she leaned into his personal space, he shifted to plant his hand against the back of the couch to her other side, loosely hemming her in. He gave her a playful grin, eyes sparkling.

“That’s not crazy. But why aren’t you trying something? There are things you can try that don’t require you to know anything about BDSM, you know.”

“I thought he might be gay too! But I guess he just didn’t have an adventurous bone in his body.”

Speaking of adventure, Nina couldn’t help but grin back at her new companion and slip into a fit of giggling. He’d been so easy to sit and chat with, even for a casual flirt or two, and it felt good to have someone treat her like she was enjoyable to be around. Aside from that one jerk, Nina really liked the people here.

“I’ve only been here a day, you know!” she laughed. “Isn’t it impolite to show up and demand a stranger to show me a good time? What would you suggest, then? Keep in mind, I’m not letting anybody tie me up today and I’m definitely not calling anyone Master.”

“Nothing that wild. Just sex in public.”

He glanced around at the dimly-lit room, then looked back at Nina through lowered lashes. “It’s a rush. Trying to see what you can get away with, how much you can do without anyone knowing. Sometimes getting caught and knowing you’re being watched is just as fun. If you want… I’m game.”

Nina laughed out loud again, then quickly had to cover her mouth because this was definitely one of those clandestine conversations where you didn’t want the whole world to know what you were plotting. She finished her drink and leaned to set the glass aside, then she turned towards him, hands in her lap, giving him a considering look.

“So what you’re suggesting,” she whispered softly, all kinds of amusement in her voice, “is a game of sex chicken.”

Why did that sound like so much fun? She hadn’t had sex in two whole months, and honestly who could possibly spend an entire evening watching other people do it and not end up frustrated. Nina was just going to end up going home to her crappy apartment and be too awkward to feel up herself.

And he was so good looking.

“Okay but,” she lift a finger to her mouth whispering a soft shhhh and a giggle. “Don’t tell my gremlin friend.”

His eyes lit up. Mirroring her own actions, he downed the remainder of his rum and coke, then slid closer on the couch until his thigh was resting solidly alongside hers.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked, tilting his head. His voice had dropped to a lower, softer tone. One of his hands reached up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. “Anything you don’t want me to do?”

“Yeah, you can kiss me,” she replied. Nina was trying to taper off her giggling, but it was kind of hard to take anything seriously and that was just the way she was.

She shifted close enough to whisper in his ear, her fingers reaching out to delicately pluck at his shirt.

“You could probably talk a lot less,” she mumbled with a laugh. “But if I don’t like something I’d definitely tell you.”

“Noted,” he said, and moved to cover her mouth with his.

It started off almost sweet. Maybe he was going slow just for her, making sure she was relaxed. Just when that started to feel frustrating, though, he introduced his tongue and there was suddenly nothing sweet or chaste about it. He was clearly a very practiced kisser, that much was clear, and he was kissing Nina like he wanted to taste every inch of her from the inside out.

She felt his hand on her knee, fingers teasing small circles against her bare skin. He was barely moving his hand so that it couldn’t have been noticeable unless you were up close, but the tiny motions were still enough to light up her nerves.

Nina savored every bit of the attention, humming into his mouth and not even being the slightest bit shy about kissing him back. The hard part was trying to keep to a slower pace when she had a couple hours of pent up energy that dancing around barefoot hadn’t diffused.

e came up for air at last, his nose brushing hers as he continued to doodle subtly against her knee. His other hand skimmed her exposed back. The backless cut she’d chosen allowed him to trace nearly the entire length of Nina’s spine.

Around them, the party was continuing on just as before, no one seeming to pay any mind to the two of them on their little couch. But people were milling past them by only a few feet away. It wouldn’t take much to turn heads, would it? The dull bass of the music and the murmur of the crowd weren’t loud enough to drown sounds at close range. There wasn’t any real cover, either, except for the back of the couch to one side and the low lighting and their own bodies.

The hand on her knee carefully re-positioned her leg ever so slightly while the other drew back around to her front, his thumb grazing one hard nipple as if by accident, before dropping out of view between them to the inside of her thigh.

Nina couldn’t breathe. Somewhere she’d sucked in a breath and never let it out again, and now her head was spinning and it was wonderful. That giggling was threatening to bubble up, and she quickly covered her mouth with a curl of her fingers to stifle the sound.

Since turnabout was fair play, she pressed her free hand to his chest, drawing her fingers down his abdomen until she hooked them into his belt. Nina used her eyes to pose the question instead of her words. Eyes and ridiculous quite giggling.

He grinned and raised an eyebrow in answer. A moment later he leaned as if to whisper into her ear, only to nip her earlobe instead. His tongue swiped and soothed where his teeth had left a small indent in her skin.

Meanwhile, his fingers moved up the inside of her thigh at a slow crawling pace until they reached the lacy fabric of her panties. One knuckle teased at the flimsy scrap where it covered her clit, rolling in a tantalizing and feather-light circle. The pad of another finger slid against the damp spot between her thighs.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” he hissed in surprise, but he didn’t stop.

“Told you I liked the place,” she laughed, almost too loud and had to bury her face at his neck. He smelled way too good, like some breezy unfamiliar cologne.

And she just added biting to her good-things check list.

Nina shivered, which seemed to be impossible when the room was boiling. She nuzzled into his neck, pressing her mouth against the spot where his pulse beat the strongest, then laving her tongue over his skin. Then with both her hands she gently pulled the leather from it’s buckle, only going slow enough so it wouldn’t make a sound or be too obvious.

Meanwhile, his fingers hooked in the crotch of her panties and slid the soaked lace to one side. A fingertip probed shallowly into her entrance. His other hand left her knee to cup her chin, forcing her face back up until she met his eyes–and held her gaze as he worked his finger inside her to the hilt.

“What’s the most fingers you’ve ever taken at once?” he asked in a husky whisper. His thumb petted her newly-bared clit.

Nina could feel all kinds of things tightening up, and dang did he have such pretty blue eyes. Blue was definitely her new favorite color.

“That’s a very specific question that I don’t have an answer too,” she responded with a breathy murmur. It wasn’t as if it hadn’t happened before, but she didn’t exactly remember all the specific times it did or make a finger count. As it were, all this teasing had her squirming in her seat and digging her teeth into her bottom lip. Nina made quick work of unbuttoning his pants and letting her knuckles do the grazing when she pulled down the zipper.

In answer, another finger edged inside of her to join the first. He gave a shallow thrust, caressing her from the inside.

He froze, then, when a passing couple paused to chat only a few steps away–all but his thumb, which continued to tease Nina’s clit.

“Daddy, can I have a playmate, please?” Nina heard the woman ask. Despite her word choice, her voice was unmistakably mature, if a little breathy. “I’ve been good, haven’t I?”

“You’ve been very good,” the man answered her. At the same time, Nina felt a third finger sliding along her lips as if seeking the best way inside. “Did you have someone in mind?”

“No, Daddy. Just a cute girl. I want us all to have fun together.”

A whisper in Nina’s ear drowned out all further chatter, bringing her attention back fully to her playmate. “There’s a condom in my pocket.”

He shifted, then, his free hand going to Nina’s hip to pull her closer. His fingers slipped out of her only to tug her panties down. The lacy material stretched taut around her thighs, not elastic enough to accommodate spread legs.

For a split second it was all kind of terrifying. The couple had come so close and it would’ve been so easy to turn and notice what was going on in their private nook. There was even that brief flash of wondering if this was a mistake. But it was also thrilling, that roller coaster ride she wanted to be on where her heat was beating a mile a minute and all she wanted to do was keep going.

Nina got to searching his pockets for the condom, fumbling a little bit because she didn’t want to rush and because she was so worked up her coordination was a mess. Once she finally found it, she held it up with both hands around nose level with the sort of grin that suggested she just found the best prize in the world.

With a wicked grin of his own, he pulled her in for another kiss, using her body as cover while he unwrapped the condom and rolled it on. No sooner had he finished than he pushed her hips just so that she sank down around him until the back of her thighs rested flat on top of him. With his pants only unzipped and her skirt settled around her, it was difficult to tell that either of them were any less than fully clothed.

Her panties had been pulled back up by the readjustment, the lace rubbing between her clit and the happy trail above his waistband. It had to be rubbing against other things, too, but he didn’t complain.

“All you, babe,” he breathed. His hands skimmed up her sides, flirting with the outer curves of her hips and breasts. “Don’t get caught.”

Keeping herself quiet was easy enough, at least in terms of controlling her giggling. All she had to do was keep her mouth busy and there were plenty of places to put her mouth. Her favorite being just under his ear where he was definitely going to be sporting a hickey come tomorrow morning.

The trouble was in not looking like she was fucking some guy’s brains out when she really wanted to fuck his brains out. Restraining the movement of her hips and body to nothing more than the most subtle of shifting was agony, but it was also so wickedly good that she wouldn’t dare stop now. Nina’s only regret was that she couldn’t tug his shirt right off, and instead had to settle on curling her fingers into the fabric and gripping tight.

It felt like hours that she rode on top of him while he urged her on with soft brushes over her clothing and languid kisses. Every so often someone would draw closer to the couch and Nina would have to slow down or even pause entirely to avoid suspicion. Once, when she stopped, he gave a small roll of his own hips and scraped his teeth against her throat.

It was while she was still reeling from the move that a prickle of awareness drew her eyes, and Nina found herself locking gazes with a different blue pair.

Jay was watching. He hadn’t been standing there a moment before, but now he was just close enough to get the gist of what was going on–at least when he was looking directly at her like that. One of his hands was planted against the wall, his expression inscrutable but intense. She got the feeling though that depending on what vibe she was giving off, he might break the No Violence rule himself.

Tilting his head, Jay bit his bottom lip, and that was a look she recognized.

Nina was caught and her heart skipped three beats. She should’ve expected Jay to stroll by at some point, it was his job after all to keep an eye on things, but somewhere between Tabby and drinks she’d completely forgotten. Maybe she should’ve been ashamed of herself or at least a tiny bit embarrassed, but Nina was riding such a high that at the moment it didn’t matter.

Dang, why did he have to look at her like that, she was dying.

She gave him an almost imperceptible little shrug and a whoops? sort of smile before making the ‘okay’ gesture with her fingers behind her partner’s back so he’d know she was alright.

..and then she realized she didn’t even know this man’s name, which sent her burying his face at his neck in a fit of giggles and went right back to what she was doing. This time with a little twinge in her stomach because there was someone watching.

And he was still watching, even after she’d signaled that she was fine. Every time she lifted her head she could see him standing there, and even when she didn’t she just could feel it. He was seeing every little twitch and roll of her hips, every time the man under her stroked her skin, every flicker of expression across her face and every shiver down her spine. His vantage point was so good that she was pretty sure the only thing he couldn’t see was under their clothes.

A thumb found Nina’s nipple and very slowly circled as it hardened under the touch, the heat going straight through the fabric of her dress.

“Can you get away with faster?” her partner purred into her ear.

Faster? Nina felt like she could get away with anything at the moment. It didn’t take much encouragement for her to pick up the pace. Nina gripped into his shoulders for the extra leverage to grind and rock as best she could with her panties preventing her from widening her legs any further. There was a fine layer of sweat on her skin, making her dress cling to her shape every time she shifted.

Nina tried to focus on what she was doing, but couldn’t help seeking out Jay’s blue eyes and savoring the thrill that went up her spine and made all her muscles clench up tight. Maybe a little too tight, because before she knew it Nina was gasping loud enough to have to slap her hand over her mouth again and her whole body was shuddering.

“Fuck,” her partner swore as she felt him throb inside her and he shuddered through his own climax in her wake. His hands rose to comb through her hair, pulling her into a deep and lingering kiss.

When they broke apart, Jay had disappeared.

“See?” the man who was still inside of her asked, bumping his nose against hers. “Fun, right?”

“I think- I think that’s going on my list,” she replied, spent and out of breath. Nina lingered there on his lap for a few moments, waiting for her heart to slow it’s pounding as she glanced around one last time. Jay was gone, and it seemed no one else had noticed (or cared to watch) their tawdry escapade. Once she did finally decide to move, she shifted enough so he could get himself presentable while she wiggled her panties back where they belonged. Then she plopped down on the sofa seat next to him and let out a sigh.

“Thanks for that,” she laughed. Nina was still out of breath, so it was more like a breathy giggle. She brushed the back of her hand against her forehead to find it a little damp and sticky. She felt sticky. Her whole body was still humming and her head was still swimming. Snatching up a napkin, she tried to fan herself to cool down a little.

“Oh, don’t thank me.” He laughed, grabbing a napkin and a pen to scribble down his number. “In fact, let me know if you want to do that again.”

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