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  • Trying Something New 012

    Yoga was both a great idea and the worst idea ever. Nina had known for a couple of months now that she needed to add some kind of exercise routine to her hobbies. Even outside of her new interest in sex acrobatics, she was coming up on the big thirty next year and it was […]

  • Trying Something New 011

    Club night had become a fun routine for Nina and gave her something unique to look forward to. Maybe joining a garden club or a book club would’ve been more normal and closer to the kind of life she led, but Nina was kind of over normal. She lived her whole life trying to be normal […]

  • Trying Something New 010

    Nina. Why am I sitting at the club by myself? Was your date that bad? Or that good? my date was a m a z i n g he is amazing and because of that YOU can sit there and suffer as i now suffer because like hell am i leaving this house and looking […]

  • Trying Something New 009

    Nina’s revelation left her lighter than she had been in a long time. Though she’d worked through most of her ill feelings about her marriage, realizing the piece that’d been missing all along went a lot deeper than just boring sex and that she wasn’t crazy for thinking she was invisible in her relationship. It […]

  • Trying Something New 008

    A paper takeout bag crinkled as it settled onto her desk. “As requested,” Jay told her as his shadow fell across her. When she looked up he was leaning casually against the edge of her workspace, a to-go cup in his hand until that too was set in front of her. “Don’t worry, it’s not […]

  • Trying Something New 007

    A few days later, Nina was at her cousin’s, because he’d called and asked her to come keep Tabby company while he was at work. “I just don’t know what’s going on with Scorn!” Tabby was lamenting, flopping around on Cameron’s bed like a fidgety cat. “There’s just too much drama! I think I’ll stay […]

  • Trying Something New 006

    Speaking of reading material. Email me your list. It’ll help me think of ways to reward you if you’re good. You know, you never did tell me what you wanted me to do the other night. What kind of reward were you picturing, Nina? Nina was right in the middle of the Farmer’s Market when […]

  • Trying Something New 005

    Nina arrived to the club feeling pretty good about her day so far. Marcus’ whole vampire shtick was a little outrageous for Nina’s taste, but he was actually a nice dude. It kind of made Nina wonder if she should put a little more faith in Tabby’s advice. But once she remembered most of Tabby’s […]

  • Trying Something New 004

    “Nina! Drop everything you’re doing. We need to get you dressed up now.” Tabby was so loud every one of Nina’s neighbors must have been able to hear her shouting and banging on Nina’s door. “I got you a date!” Nina seriously thought about pretending she wasn’t home and just lurking in the apartment until Tabby […]

  • Trying Something New 003

    It was 10:13am and Nina’s alarm had been going off for two hours. She was going to turn it off, truly, but when she rolled over the first time there was an earthquake and she’d suffered a concussion. At least, that’s what it felt like. She slipped out of bed and crawled into the bathroom […]

  • Trying Something New 002

    “Nina! Nina, what’s this I hear about you punching Anton in the dick?!” Tabby demanded, the tiny blonde looping an arm around Nina’s middle and pulling her away from the scene. “Oh my God, I was so sure you’d been kicked out!” One would think her whole self defense instincts would’ve kicked in when Tabby […]

  • Trying Something New 001

    Nina should’ve known better than to accept Tabby’s invitation, but she supposed desperation could turn someone into an idiot. Though, it wasn’t like Nina had asked directly for the help. When you’re having an awkward conversation about tumblr porn with your cousin and his weird ex girlfriend that always seemed to still be around, you […]