Trying Something New 009

Nina’s revelation left her lighter than she had been in a long time. Though she’d worked through most of her ill feelings about her marriage, realizing the piece that’d been missing all along went a lot deeper than just boring sex and that she wasn’t crazy for thinking she was invisible in her relationship. It finally gave her a sense of closure. All those nights she feel guilty about her divorce were unnecessary, Nina deserved better and now she could recognize what she really needed in a relationship.

So when her casual texts with Dane turned into a date proposal, Nina was happy to accept. The unassuming professor had a lot of qualities she liked and Nina really wanted to get to know him better. As for Jay, she was still just as determined to finish the challenge and get him on a date too, but she also wasn’t beholden to him either. For now she was content to let things play out as they would and just enjoy the ride along the way.

“How were your students this week, Professor?” she asked, tugging lightly at Dane’s hand as they strolled down the sidewalk. Nina didn’t know where they were going yet, but they’d agree this was a date-date and they weren’t likely to hit the club unless they wanted to end the night there. She’d dressed for the occasion in a rich plum sweater with a velvet tie in the back, a pair of black jeans, and some lacy booted heels. It wasn’t club fancy, but it was upscale enough for a nice evening.

“Much the same as usual,” he answered, giving her a lopsided grin. He’d also dressed nicely, with the crisp waistcoat and tie look making a return, under a long wool coat to fend off the cool fall night air. “Most of the students who end up in my classes are set on going into either research or forensics, so I don’t have to deal with too much trouble. Especially at the beginning of the semester when they’re all trying to get on my good side.”

He glanced away and rubbed the back of his neck. “Still, they’re not always as attentive as I’d like. At some point I want to get a position at the university, you know. Work with grad students. Not to mention have access to the archives; you must get to see some fascinating material.”

“I do end up with all kinds of weird things in my hands,” she admitted. “The teaching staff get to put in requests for materials, so over the years the archive has ended up with everything from automobile catalogs from the 1930s to what I am pretty sure is a satanic bible because no one but the Occults professor wants to touch it.”

“They’d like you there,” she surmised with a laugh. “Maybe even a little too much. Most of the faculty seem to be older generations, so some young hot professor coming in would really shake things up for everyone.”

“Maybe you could introduce me sometime. But enough about that. I don’t want you to think I’m only after you for your connections.” Dane gave Nina a once-over, frowning. “You’re not cold, are you? Sorry, I should have told you we’d be walking.”

He lifted her hand up, rubbing her fingers between his, and breathed out a puff of visible steam against her skin. “Here, give me your other hand.”

Nina giggled softly and offered him her other hand by way of switching the side she walked on to make it easier. The man had this endearing awkwardness to him that somehow always made her feel less weird and awkward herself. It gave her the freedom to relax and not fret so much about impressing him or disappointing him.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” she lowered her voice and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Girls don’t bring jackets on purpose so they can takes yours at the end of the night.”

“Oh. I see.” He laughed against her knuckles. “That’s good to know.”

Their destination, it turned out, was a small but cozy coffeehouse and cafe. The furniture was eclectic, apparently reclaimed from different sources–including old church pews that had been refurbished–and Dane grabbed them a table in the far corner with a set of comfy armchairs for seating. There was a bookshelf that formed a makeshift privacy screen, creating a secluded feeling without it being a proper booth.

“I know it’s nothing fancy,” he hedged, fiddling with a menu. “But I like this place. The food is quite good, and they have homemade ice cream if you’d rather just have dessert.”

“Icecream for dinner sounds really tempting,” she agreed, and it ended up being the first thing she looked over. There was a molten lava cake that sounded especially good, but hot soup on a chilly fall night also seemed appealing. Nina ended up leaning into Dane’s space and taking a glance at what he was checking out.

“What are your three favorite things? Hm. Three favorite things that are peanut free. I’m not allergic, mind you, but I can definitely do without.”

“Mine? Ah…” Dane’s long finger tapped against the menu’s surface. “I like their bagel and lox, or the grilled pastrami, but all the sandwiches are good. So is the Cajun chicken pasta.”

In the end Nina couldn’t resist a good pasta and wound up ordering a spiced iced tea to go along with it. She even happily explained why an icy spiced tea went so well with a Cajun dish and morphed into how she’d eventually like to take a vacation and see the Mardi Gras parades.

It didn’t take long for her to steer back to him though. Nina reached out to pull a little fuzzy off his sleeve.

“So I know that you aim to have tenure at the university and that you’d like a nice girl to tie up at home, what else do you like? What do you think you’re looking for in the rest of your life?” It was a big open ended question, and she seemed to know as much with the way she grinned and rest her chin in her hand.

He turned a little red, but he grinned back.

“I like to read. Both print and online. I also really like to meet new people and go new places, believe it or not.” Dane laughed and settled back in his chair, glancing off to the side. “I’d like to travel. There are so many fascinating places and cultures out there and I want to experience as much as I can. Another reason to get that university paycheck, I suppose.”

“You should see my books,” she exclaimed suddenly when she remembered. “I have so many old books! They’re all still packed away in boxes, but I bet you’d appreciate some of the first editions.” Somehow every time he blushed she just wanted to flirt a little harder to make him do it again. Did people do that to her when she got flustered? Now she understood why. It didn’t help that he was also kind of perfect in every where. Enough that it made her wonder if Jay had some sort of power to pluck just the right people out of the ether or if he were cloning then in a secret science lab.

“Everything I find out about you makes me like you more, but it also makes me curious about your hidden dark secrets,” she teased with a grin. “You can’t really be this so nice. Do you hate kittens? Did you kill someone when you were a teenager?”

“I’m not that nice.” He looked even more flustered than before, but there was also something slightly off in his expression. “You should know.”

Before she could question him further, their drinks arrived. Dane took a sip of his cappuccino and sighed. “I need to just buy an espresso machine. I spend too much money on coffee, but once you try the good stuff, the cheap instant kind just isn’t the same.”

“I don’t really do coffee,” Nina admitted with a smile. “Unless it’s mostly sugar and cream. Bonus if there’s chocolate and caramel too.”

He changed the subject so quickly that Nina just couldn’t let it go now. Guilt and shame was something she could recognize. When she first started dating again she basically felt like whore and took awhile for her to accept the fact that it was okay for a girl to enjoy sex and want to seek it out from someone other than their forever-husband.

Nina reached out with both her hands, laying them softly on his arm and tapping her fingers. There was nothing suggestive about the way she smile, just a little bit of light teasing.

“Are you still all shaken up by your first night in the den of wonders? I hope you’re not feeling guilty, because I still think you’re pretty nice…”

The look he gave her was a ghost of the Dane who’d pinned her neatly against the wall.

“I might be a little,” he admitted in a low tone, but then he exhaled shakily. “I confess I didn’t expect to get so, uh… aggressive. I think I’m supposed to have better control of myself, if what I’ve researched is to be believed. I’m glad I didn’t scare you off.”

“I loved it,” she confessed freely, her eyes a little wide and her smile just getting wider. “You didn’t hurt me at all. You even told me to tell you when I needed to stop and that’s a million times better than the first guy I met at the club. I had to pop that guy in the nose and I was so scared I was gonna get kicked out for it.”

Nina let go of his arm just long enough to dig in her purse and pull out her phone. She thumbed around until she found her checklist and then she slid it across the table to him.

“Look! You can see all the things I like and what I’m not sure about. It takes some of the uncertainty away about how much is too much, and really just asking your partner here and there if they’re still okay will make a world of difference too. All you ever have to do is ask.”

“Jay said something about checklists but I found the length intimidating,” said Dane. “Which is a bit silly, isn’t it, considering the kind of texts I’ve had to read.”

He tilted his head as he read through her checklist. “This is… thorough. You’re a very organized person, aren’t you? I unfortunately am not so good with things like charts or filing systems. I think the absentminded professor stereotype unfortunately holds up.”

His eyes lifted to hers and he gave her a tentative smile. “Maybe you could help me with that.”

Her face went a little red.

“I kind of went overboard on the organizing. I just- I can’t seem to answer things yes or no, but for you, we can definitely make it much simpler. You seem to know what you like much more decisively than I do.” Nina laughed, placing her hands against her warm cheeks to soothe some of the color away.

“We’ll make it easy. Green yes, red no, and yellow maybe. And you won’t have to look anything up and get increasing insane ads popping up on your google, because I’ll save you the trouble. All the googling was the hardest part anyway, but once it’s done it’s easy to change if you ever need to.”

Nina reached out again, tapping her fingers gently over his knuckles.

“I promise next time you try something you won’t regret it at all.”

It actually didn’t take that long to fill out Dane’s checklist, with her help, although he did blush furiously and freeze up when the server brought their food in the middle of a discussion about sensation play. It turned out he was in fact pretty sure of what he did and didn’t like, and was open to trying most of the rest.

A lot of what he liked matched pretty well with Nina’s checklist, as it happened.

“Thank you again,” he told her, setting down the phone in favor of his sandwich. “I was making this into more work than it really was, I guess.”

“If you weren’t at least a little bit scared about it, then I’d be worried.” Nina had met plenty of people that liked to think themselves as badass doms, and most of them freaked her out. She wouldn’t dare trust someone to tie her up if they seemed way too eager to make her suffer. That’s how people ended up murdered!

Pasta had been a great choice and after a few bites she let out of a happy sigh. The man had good taste in a lot of things, it turned out.

“Hm. Um! I meant to ask before where you learned how to tie multiple kinds of knots, but I supposed random knowledge like that probably comes from being an anthropology professor, the same weird way I somehow know that magicians love using shibari rope for their more complicated tricks thanks to the archives.”

Dane laughed and nearly choked on his sandwich. He took a large swallow of his cappuccino.

“Actually,” he managed, once he’d recovered, “I learned from my father. He was a Navy SEAL and he thought it was the sort of thing a boy should know. I… don’t think he would approve of the application, but…”

He gave a little shrug.

“That’s kind of amazing,” she laughed, but that did remind her of her own parents which went her hands up to her cheeks again. “Dang, I don’t think my parents would appreciate knowing what I’ve been up to either. They’re kind of sheltered, like I was too growing up, but they’re more so. My dad thinks he’s enlightened, but I’m sure he’d have a heart attack.”

Nina pushed that out of her head though, returning her attention to her plate and her very attractive date.

“We’ll just not tell our families what we’re up to. Especially since I’d like to see what you can do with a rope at least once,” she’d slipped it in so casually that her wicked smile was almost missed when she picked up her glass for a drink.

“Ah. Well.” Dane seemed suddenly very interested in his food. “…I can show you sometime. If you like.”

Somehow she had gotten away with it so smoothly and he seemed so flabbergasted, that it sent Nina into a fit of blushing laughter. He really was all kind of adorable and charming, and it was so different from the aggressively spicy person that he kept buried under his snazzy professor clothes. Nina couldn’t wait to see that again.

“I’d like to, yes,” she admitted once she tamped down her giggling. “I can trust you to take care of me? Since I’ve never really tried ropes with anyone before, it does make me a little nervous.”

“I definitely know what I’m doing, if that helps you feel better?” He grinned. “I mean, I haven’t actually tried it on anyone, but. I’ve had a lot of practice with tying the knots, and I know what is and isn’t safe.”

Clearing his throat, Dane reached across the table to take her hand.

“I wouldn’t let you get hurt,” he told her sincerely. “I promise.”

“Okay,” she agreed with a smile. Then she had to pause, biting into her lip as she tilted her head in thought.

“I do have one confession and caveat, though, and it’s going to sound weird and maybe be a deal breaker for you?” Nina glanced up at the ceiling, taking in a deep breath and hopefully not breaking out into flushing all over again. She ought to have brought it up at some point a little sooner, just to be fair, but there hadn’t been a good segue into the topic. She just wanted to make sure Dane didn’t get any surprises.

“You absolutely can’t get me hot and bothered,” she tried to explain delicately, but that wasn’t quite enough. “I mean, I can’t really- Um.” She finally just dropped her voice to a whisper. “No orgasms, Dane. Not a one.”

There was no escaping the red face, so Nina just barreled through.

“Jay gave me a frustrating challenge and we could wait until after I win it, but just in case, because I kind of really want to kiss you and it’s going to be hard to stop, I wanted you to know.”

“Oh. Uh.” He stared, green eyes widening for a moment, and then blinked. “I… Er. What–Okay?”

Dane started to pick up his sandwich again, and then stopped, his hands dropping back to the plate. He shook his head slowly.

“…Why is Jay–?” he began, but broke off before he finished the question. A strange expression crept across his face.

Nina realized very quickly that she handled this badly. She’d never actually had the discussion of dating multiple people with someone before. It had always been assumed in all her Tinder dates and technically she wasn’t even dating Jay, so she wasn’t exactly sure what to call him at the moment.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized first and foremost. “I guess I should’ve brought it up sometime before you even asked me out, it just didn’t occur to me.”

Her hands went under the table so she could fret and pull at her sweater’s sleeve cuffs without looking like a crazy person. But Nina supposed crazy might not be the words he was thinking of at the moment. She still tried to explain though, because he deserved the honesty.

“I’m dating. And that’s going to include doing spicy stuff if I meet someone I like. I’m not technically dating Jay at the moment, though. He’s my friend and kind of a mentor but we’ve got something weird going on? But he’s also a busybody that wants to see all his ducklings happy, so he’s introduced us. And I’m so glad he did because you’re wonderful and I didn’t think someone like you existed, so I do really want to keep seeing you? I understand if this is too complicated, though. I really, really should’ve talked about it sooner.”

“No. No, no, you’re fine,” Dane told her, waving off her apology. He was still making a strange face, but he didn’t seem angry, at least. “I–Honestly I feel a bit stupid, I should have realized when he talked to me about you, but this isn’t your fault. It isn’t–“

He took a deep breath.

“I’m not…” He faltered, but soon started back up again. “I like you, Nina. A lot. I just am not sure how I feel about, well… Right now we’re just starting out, and I have no expectations of exclusivity, but later on… And it’s not anyone, it’s Jay. He’s my friend, and I don’t want to cause problems in our friendship.”

“Jay should’ve thought about that himself before introducing us,” she grumbled. But then on considering it a little, differently, crossed her arms on the table and leaned on them. “Although, he had to have known we’d- well..! He’s knows us both, I don’t think he’d have introduced us at all if he wasn’t ready for the consequences.”

Nina also had to admit that Jay liked to throw curveballs, and she could only predict why he did the things he did up to a certain level. Everything else came at her sideways and she was constantly being surprised.

“We could always tie him up. I don’t think he’d appreciate it, though.”

Dane’s mouth twisted up. “That’s… not really my thing, Nina.”

He laughed, though, and it felt like a little of the tension eased out of the air. “God only knows what he had in mind. He’s overly meddlesome sometimes, isn’t he? You’re right that he must have known we’d click, but I also worry about getting in the way of the first girl since… well. At any rate. It might be a bit weird if we keep dating but… Just promise me you’ll tell me if something serious is going on, alright?”

“So I’m not going to get a filthy threesome,” she teased, returning his laugh with a cheeky grin.

He let an interesting tidbit slip out though. Nina always had a feeling there was something more to Jay’s reluctance to deal with her, especially when Tabby mentioned he hadn’t had a partner for a really long time. Now it was getting confirmed again, and Nina was pretty sure he was scared of her. Not necessarily of her personally, but of whatever she reminded him of.

“I promise,” she confirmed easily. “At the end of the day we all want the same thing, so I won’t be anything other than honest!”

After they left the coffeehouse and walked back to the car (Nina wrapped in Dane’s coat, as he’d remembered what she said before), the drive back to Nina’s place passed in comfortable silence. It was only when Dane pulled up in front of Nina’s apartment building and didn’t immediately kill the engine that she noticed he was maybe not quite as comfortable as she thought.

“…I had wanted to ask if I could come in,” he finally confessed, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel, “but then you had to go and tell me that I can’t–That you don’t want to–“

She laughed out loud again, having to quickly cover her mouth with her hands.

“Oh, I wan’t to,” she reaffirmed. “I just can’t. I’m going to win this challenge if it kills me.”

Nina shifted in her seat to face a little more towards him, that mischievous wicked look crossing her features again.

“Although, there is only the one thing I can’t do, and there really isn’t any reason why I can’t enjoy doing all kinds of other things. Pretty sure you haven’t been banned from anything, either…”

“Other things?” he asked, his tone dropping lower, and gave Nina a look. She was pretty sure Dane could pin someone with his eyes alone, when he looked at them like that. “Nina, I want–Fuck, I want to make you lose.”

That statement had her freezing and her breath hitching in her throat. Even her mouth went dry so it took a moment for her to find her senses again. Nina tucked her hair behind her ears before she thoughtfully tapped her fingers against her mouth.

“You could try,” she tested the words. Apparently she was a glutton for punishment and incapable of taking the easy road. Nina was just so interested in seeing what Dane could do. “Maybe if there were some rules…”

He killed the engine like it was reflex.

“Whatever you want,” he breathed. “Name your rules. Just let me come upstairs with you.”

This was a terrible idea and the more she thought about it the more fun it sounded. Nina would be really pushing her limits and risking her win on something she really didn’t need to be doing. But that was kind of what made it so appealing.

Nina grinned wide.

“Okay. Game rules. No orgasms for Nina, but you still can. And if you do it’s game over. And if I howl about tow trucks you have to stop. Is this good?”

Dane half-dragged her out of the car and up the stairs to her apartment. They didn’t even make it inside before he pressed her face-first against her own front door, his large hands running over her stomach.

“I’ve been wanting to touch you again,” he growled into her hair. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.”

Nina might’ve bitten off more than she could chew. There was a rawness to his voice that she hadn’t been expecting, nor was she expecting the way it’d make her shudder.

“You haven’t been the only one,” she muttered. She fumbled at getting to her purse with the awkward position, at least pushing off from the door just enough to get the key in the knob.

They practically fell through the door when it opened, but Dane caught her around the waist and managed to keep them both upright. He kicked the door closed and turned Nina around to face him.

“I can’t get you out of my head,” he told her, and pulled her into a bruising kiss. Just his arms were enough to restrict her movements, keeping her close to his body; he was stronger than he looked. It felt like he was meticulously mapping every inch of her mouth with his tongue.

Nina laughed into his mouth, though that didn’t last long. Once Dane got going he just sort of radiated sex. She didn’t know if it was pheromones or auras or what, but it was intoxicating and had her giving back just as much as she was getting. Her arms didn’t have anywhere to go but around his body, with her fingers digging into his waistcoat.

He held her so tight she could kick her feet up off the ground, but found that her lacy boots were just a little too snug for her to get off without help. And she was way too busy gentle scraping her teeth along his tongue and getting her own involved to even bother trying to ask.

e made a low, rumbling sound from deep in his chest and backed Nina against the nearest vertical surface, nearly upsetting a pile of her boxes. His hands dropped down to the backs of her thighs, guiding her legs up around his waist.

When he finally broke away from the kiss, he glanced around wildly. His normally straight-laced appearance was wrecked, his waistcoat and tie tugged out of place by Nina’s fingers and his hair mussed, his pupils blown.

“God. Shit. Which way’s your bed?” he asked shakily, his breath hitching as he rolled his hips against hers.

The professor had gone feral, which left Nina feeling light headed and delighted. She was giggling again, but now that her arms were temporarily free, she shrugged out of his wool jacket and tossed somewhere on the stack of moving boxes. Then she slid her arms around his neck to hold tight and test her grip.

He was strong. Dane didn’t look it at all, but underneath her fingertips she could feel it. Nina knew a few valuable self defense moves, but she didn’t have any sort of muscle or strength in her limbs. He made her feel tiny and vulnerable and it was scary in the best ways.

She finally tilted her head back and pulled an arm away to point towards the tiny cut out “hall” and the one ajar door that led to her room.

He kissed her again. More accurately, he bit her mouth and then licked his way inside.

Somehow they made it to Nina’s room–surprising, considering that he never once set her down and that he stopped twice to slam her against the wall again and kiss her until she was a limp mess. When they finally did hit the bed, Dane set her down with an incongruous gentleness even as he settled his knees onto her mattress, her thighs still gripping his waist.

His hands rose to rip his tie loose. For a long moment, he stared down at her, breathing ragged.

“Tell me again that you want this,” he growled, seizing her wrists and yanking them up over her head.

Nina had to take in a few slow, deep breaths and count in her head. If she got swept up in it too fast, there was no way she was going to be able to control her feelings, let alone her body. She needed to think of this like… like… doing the laundry! There was nothing hot or sexy about laundry.

Dang, he looked so good all disheveled and wild.

“I definitely want this,” she agree with a breathy whisper and a nod of her head.

Without further prompting, he knotted his tie around her wrists with practiced ease. Leaning forward, he looped the other end of the tie around the bar at the top of her headboard, just high enough that her arms felt stretched out from her current prone position.

He slid down, pushing her sweater up to expose her breasts, and tugged the underwire of her bra with his teeth before running his tongue along the dip of her cleavage.

This wasn’t what Nina had in mind when she decided to go for a little bit of industrial vibes for her new bedroom furniture, but it was a pleasant bonus. She wiggled her fingers making sure she still had proper blood flow, and then she relaxed into being at the mercy of a very worked up professor.

Well, maybe not relax. Her breath caught the second wet tongue touched her skin and she found herself squirming just a bit when his warm breath fell over a ticklish spot. Nina moistened her lips, where she was still a little puffy from fervent kissing and tried to keep taking in slow breaths.

His mouth continued to pepper her breasts with kisses and small nips and rough scrapes of his teeth. Meanwhile his hands slipped down to yank at her jeans button. Her pants were peeled down right along with her underwear–as far as the top of her lacy boots.

“Nina,” he panted, pushing her knees even wider, and sank his teeth into the top of her thigh. “You’re so–you’re perfect.”

Nina was used to moving fast, jumping on somebody and banging it out. The fact she couldn’t speed things along by getting her hands on him and getting him out of that waistcoat and shirt was both frustrating and exciting. All she had to do was endure a little delicious torture until he wore himself out, right? She hadn’t accounted for her awful insecurities and how simple compliments in the moment would turn her stomach upside down, though.

“You really shouldn’t say stuff like that right now,” she whispered, somewhere in the statement her breath hitched again when she felt teeth on the delicate skin of her thigh. Nina wriggled again, finding there wasn’t much room for moving her legs when she couldn’t she the fabric past her boots.

“I’m stuck!” she stated with a squeak, knowing he likely did it on purpose, but also knowing he’d enjoy having that confirmed.

Judging by the muffled sound Dane made into her skin, Nina was right. The next moment, she was rewarded with a hot wash of his breath over her folds, followed by his tongue working inside of her.

She heard the tell-tale metallic teeth of a zipper. Dane fumbled with something out of her line of sight, and then there was a crinkling sound. He let out a low hiss.

“Need to do this again,” he bit out, the words vibrating straight through her clit. “I want to make you come so hard you scream.”

Sitting up, he licked a path up her stomach and then steadily began to push his length into her, his hands on her hips bearing her down around him. He shuddered as she reflexively clenched.

“Don’t you dare, Dane,” she croaked out. Nina did not need his help getting any wetter and she almost made a muffled complaint when he stopped laving his tongue on her. But then he pushed his cock inside her and she gasped, rolling her hips up to meet him out of reflex and having to mentally tell herself to stop it.

“Do you love plants, Dane, because I love plants!” Her voice was absolutely cracked and high pitched, but she had to do something to distract herself from the way every single one of her muscles were coiled up so tight. Nina was so afraid to move, yet she still wound up hugging his hips with her knees.

“I’ve got you,” he breathed, which didn’t answer her question but still felt reassuring. For a few moments he was perfectly still, the tendons in his neck and shoulders straining with the effort as he gave her time to wind down a little.

It wasn’t a long reprieve. He started to move inside of her and wound up growling, slamming his hips forward. He thrust into her hard, over and over, his forehead dropping against the bedspread beside Nina’s head. The way he fucked her was the exact opposite of the careful, sweet, hesitant Dane who’d taken her to dinner. The noises he made barely even sounded human.

She could feel how close he was, but he just seemed to keep on going.

What a nightmare not being able to move! Nina tugged once or twice on the tie binding her wrists, turning her head towards her arm to muffle the loud, plaintive groan that escape. She didn’t doubt for a second that he’d be able to make her scream, as the heavy gasps she made and the sudden frustrated exclamations were all she could do to send that energy somewhere.

Even then sometimes she’d forget, and the scrape of buttons against the bare skin of her stomach would make her tense and her stomach dip and the small rock of her hips would have him landing in just the right spot to have her tilting her head back and sighing soft curses.

The louder Nina got, the more Dane tensed up and the rougher he grew with her. When she made a particularly high noise, he slid one hand higher up her body to knead her breast through her bra, making a wrecked noise of his own.

“Say my name,” he rasped, the rocking of his hips stuttering to a crawl.

Nina shivered and gave a soft staggering laugh that turned into another one of those pained, frustrated sounds. She couldn’t be sure if slower was better or worse. It did, however give her a chance to catch her breath and attempt to slow her pounding heartbeat before it burst right out of her chest. Trying to keep herself from letting go, and keeping her body so taut, had her skin feeling shiny and her muscles quivering.

Dane.” She said his name like he was killing her. “God, I wish I could come right now..!”

He gave a strangled answer, and then surged forward to kiss her so hard that she felt raw. Shuddering, he pumped rapidly, and then she could feel him twitch inside her too.

“Fuck,” he gasped into her mouth, sounding almost defeated. He groaned as the aftershocks rolled over him, unable to completely stop his hips until he rode it out.

So hot,” she squeaked through her clenched teeth. “Oh my god, I’m going to die.”

Nina was being a little dramatic but she felt like her muscles were on fire, and she hadn’t suffered through anything so sweet and spicy sexy in her whole life. She squeezed him with her legs again because she couldn’t kick her feet and glanced up where her hands were bound to see if she could weasel her way out of it with a little bending.

“I need a cold shower right now and oh my god, I want to see you naked, but I can’t- I can’t. Ice water now, naked later. Naked during! I can’t stand up!”

Dane groaned again, but he slipped the knot loose from her wrists and brushed her hair away from her face.

“You’re sure?” he tried one last time, though he’d clearly accepted that she was going to insist.

Immediately her arms went around his neck and she kissed him like she’d been starving for affection her entire life. For a moment it seemed like she might’ve changed her mind, as she slipped her hands into his hair to hold him tight while she ravished his mouth and even went as far as trying to pop the first few buttons of his shirt.

Finally she was giving an anguished moan and pulling away to shake her head, and didn’t look a bit happy about it.

“Shower. Icy shower.”

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