Trying Something New 010


Why am I sitting at the club by myself?

Was your date that bad? Or that good?

my date was a m a z i n g

he is amazing

and because of that YOU can sit there and suffer as i now suffer

because like hell am i leaving this house and looking at any more spicy scenes

what is the equivalent of blueballs for girls


One simple text probably would’ve answered him just fine, but Nina was curled up in bed and covered in a mix of peppermint oil and lavender for her aching muscles and still so horny that she’d spent the entire day fumbling things, dropping stuff, and mixing up words in her head. Thank god it wasn’t a work day, she’d be a monster.

And all of this was Jay’s fault, because otherwise she could’ve spent all night riding Dane like a rodeo pony. There was no way she could go out to the club and hold herself together. In fact, Nina was thinking about avoiding all men in the world until her time ran out, as she wasn’t so sure she wouldn’t jump some poor random guy on the street.

I’m surprised you haven’t broken down and gotten yourself off by now.

I know you wanted to try orgasm denial, but this is pretty extreme.

you said no cumming and that is usually all encompassing

i wouldnt even know what to do with myself

When Nina put orgasm denial on her list, she was expecting a couple hours, not a month. And honestly, she could’ve gone the whole month had Jay not repeatedly teased her. Or brought a gem of a professor into the mix.

Granted, Dane had shifted from being Jay’s fault to her own dang fault, but she was going to blame him anyway. Dane could ask the world of her and she’d be happy to give it, just to see him getting wild and filthy. Jay was going to get the brunt of every bit of her sexual frustration, though, because he’d been the one to issue the challenge in the first place.

i’m prolly going to die but i’ll die winning this dumb challenge and haunt you specifically

It took longer than usual for Jay to text her back.

What do you mean, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself?

You do know how to masturbate, right?

“Jay, seriously,” she muttered at the phone.

i KNOW how masturbation works jay. i’m not 12

Admitting that she never really touches herself was a lot less embarrassing over texts. He didn’t have to be there to see her flushing or the way she squirmed deeper into her nest.

i’m not into myself so i’m just gonna what? grope my own boobs and stick my fingers up there and pretend like i don’t feel weird?

it never worked anyway

Okay, time out.

I’m not judging you, Nina. I’m upset that you’ve been missing out. You skipped right to kink first?

Before she could protest or argue, another text followed.

I’ll let you cum this once. I can help. If it doesn’t work, you never have to try it again.

It had to be pretty sad that out of all the kinky things she was down to trying, even the embarrassing ones, it was touching herself for herself alone in her room that seemed the most daunting. She wasn’t sure if Jay understood why it was such an odd thing. Honestly she wasn’t sure herself half the time. Having sex for the first time had been easier than her fumbled attempts at getting off alone.

On the other hand, she didn’t doubt Jay would have some useful advice. He always did. Nina could already picture him at the club glaring down at his phone wondering why she was taking so long to answer and fretting about it. It seemed to kill him a little bit anytime Nina had one of these confessions. And it seemed silly to deny him the chance to help just because she was mad at him, especially when it’d be so freaking great if she could get past her mental block.

do you promise you’re not being sneaky and that I won’t get in trouble for saying okay?


And he’d proven he kept his promises, hadn’t he?

Serious question, not a line. What are you wearing?

Nina grinned at the phone and thought about telling some bold lies, but for once she didn’t feel the need to be a little punk. She glanced down at herself the nightgown she’d been in all day because she hadn’t even felt chill enough to leave the house for errands.

just a nightgown, nothing foxy

And because she couldn’t think of anything more descriptive than “blue” Nina just kicked her blanket out of the way and took a selfie. Complete with her patented squinty, dubious stare.

You don’t feel foxy in that?

I think you look hot as shit, but this is about you. If you don’t like it, put something sexy on. And clean up your room.

What Nina saw and what Jay saw had to be two vastly different things, because all she saw was a bed lump in blue covered in peppermint essential oils. Her room was also fine. Well, she still had her clothes from last night tossed around, and work clothes for the week. But she was too sore to bother with laundry today.

Grumbling to herself, she rolled out of bed and quickly picked up all her clothes to toss in the hamper. Nina found her shoes and tucked them away in the closet, straightened up her books, and watered one of her poor plants because it looked thirstier than she did.

As for what she should wear, that turned out tricky. Nina pushed around some stuff in her closet and then went foraging around in her dresser. She ended up rediscovering a black lacy bustier she’d bought once because she needed something strapless to wear under an evening dress. That would definitely fall in the sexy category! Nina put it on and found a nice pair of undies to match, then checked herself out in her standing mirror.

She could work with this. Nina ran her fingers through her hair a few times before grabbing her phone. She took a full mirror selfie this time so he could see her perfectly clean room too.

i made the bed too, dungeon daddy, are you proud of me?

He couldn’t see the way she was smirking, but it was there.

Good girl. I definitely like this look too.

Lock your bedroom. Doesn’t matter that you’re alone, just do it. Then get on the bed.

If you’re on your back you have more room for your hands. If you’re on your stomach your clit can rub against the sheets. Go with whatever feels right.

“This is absolutely stupid,” she spoke to the room. Nina locked the bedroom door though, and launched herself immediately onto the bed with a bounce.

Nina rolled back and both testing each position and decided on her stomach just wasn’t going to work. It just felt too silly and it reminded her that all her muscles were still a little sore. So Nina got comfortable on her back, crossed one leg over the other to bounce her foot and texted him again.

back it is. now what?

What’s a part of your body you like? Something you feel good about and like to show off.

Nina grimaced and dropped the phone down against her stomach. That was such a hard question to answer without doing that self-deprecating thing about fussing how she’s not attractive. Like realistically she knew it wasn’t true. She was pretty and got plenty of compliments too. Nina just never felt it very often when she looked in the mirror. She had too many random moles on her body and thought her face was too round.

“This was such a bad idea,” she complained up at the ceiling, throwing her arms over her head.

After a few moments of sulking, she gave it another consideration. Nina did really like wearing off the shoulder tops and ones with back cut-outs or wide and low necklines. She always felt more elegant and a little taller. It was the whole reason she ended up with her bustier in the first place, because she’d gone for one of those sleeveless gowns and spent the night feeling like an A-list actress.

Nina still felt silly about this, but she texted him the answer anyway.

Good. Focus on that feeling and run your fingers over your neck and shoulders. Touch where Dane gave you that hickey. Where your scarf was before I tied you up with it. Don’t rush. Close your eyes and pretend it’s someone else’s hands on you.

Nina huffed and set her phone aside, then squeezed her eyes shut and bent her arms until she could tap her fingers along both her shoulders. She found the spot where Dane had sucked and nipped her hard enough to leave a mark too dark to hide well enough with makeup. She mimic the pressure Jay had applied to the spot, somehow knowing exactly where it’d been and remember the wicked look on his face when he did it. Or how he pushed down on her shoulder until she was on her knees.

It felt a lot like cheating, thinking about these men and the things they did to her. Of course that’d get her heartbeat racing. There was a new bruise or two from yesterday she could feel under her fingertips that Jay didn’t even know about yet. She could almost still feel Dane’s hot breath on her neck, and Nina really would’ve loved to see Jay’s expression had he watched all of that.

Nina shivered dragging her hands up to her face now that it was burning warm. She snatched up the phone again.

okay maybe i can now see the merits of using imagination

Were you thinking about me?

Time to move lower. Move your hands to your breasts and down over your stomach where that lacy little panel is. Remember, go slow. Think about the picture you sent me. That thing you’re wearing looks so easy to slip right off of you, you know that?

A minute or so later, her text notification went off again, and when she looked…

Find your nipples. Are they getting hard?

“Such a cheeky bastard,” Nina muttered. She followed the instructions, though, strumming her fingers over the lacy bit of her bustier, almost kind of lazily. Lace was always something she really like the texture and look of, she realized. It was probably why most of the underwear in her drawers had lace detailing on some sort.

Once she picked up the phone again to read the new instruction, she pulled her left hand back up to cup her breast. The bra cups were were of a stiffer fabric, but she could still feel her thumb sliding over the satin and it didn’t take long to feel that tingle in the nub spread out and wash through the rest of her. It still felt a little weird because it was just her alone, yet all too familiar to being with Dane while he ran his rough hands over her.

Nina bit into her lip, uncrossing her legs just so she could press her knees together and rub her feet against the bedspread. With her other hand she typed out a text, hesitating only a second before she giggled to herself and sent it anyway.

are YOU getting hard? thinking about me?

Sweetheart, I’ve BEEN hard since I realized I was going to be teaching you how to fuck yourself.

Maybe if you’re good I’ll send you a picture.

Lower. Over the panties for now. Rub your clit. Not too hard. Like you’re teasing yourself.

The inescure feelings started to creep in again, so while she cradled the phone against her chest and moved her hand down over her stomach, she got a little stuck there. Her ears were burning and she didn’t even know what she was embarrassed by. It’s not like anyone was there to see her or could walk in. She wasn’t being graded on how good she was and no one was going to complain if it wasn’t amazing.

Nina crept her hand down lower, moving her legs apart just enough so she could stroke her fingers over the silk and lace of her panties. She followed the patterns in the lace at first, until some of that burning doubt faded off and she was a little more comfortable. Spreading her legs a little wider, Nina brushed the pads of her fingers over her clit, and pressed downwards gently.

She shivered. Digging her teeth into her bottom lip, she tested a circular motion and made a soft sound. There was something nice about taking a slow eternity with no one else involved and just feeling her way through it. Nina closed her eyes, brows furrowed and she forgot about her phone for a minute.

After a few minutes of stroking herself, though, it buzzed against her chest again.

How are you doing? Feeling good?

Feel between your legs. Are you wet?

Her panties were definitely damp and Nina hadn’t even introduced some fun thoughts yet. Like Dane’s liberal use of his tongue or Jay’s fingers coming dangerously close to her panty line.

what do you think?

She stopped her touching just long enough to make an okay gesture with her hand and snap a picture, and sent it away with another soft giggle.

kind of relaxing like this

no stress no expectations

Good. It should be relaxing. It’s a great way to relieve stress.

We’re going to have to get you a vibrator, Nina.

i have some

but they’re gifts from tabby

and probably cursed

Nina rolled over to her nightstand and reached down to open up the bottom drawer, kicking her feet all the while and still giggling to herself. She sent him a pic of the contents. There were a couple of unopened boxes that we’re obviously toys from Tabby, a couple of unassuming books, an emergency box of condoms, and what had to be a pair of handcuffs peeking out from under it all.

now you know why i call them ducklings

Jesus Christ. Shut that drawer before you kill the mood.

You need a real one, not something sold by the makers of Hello Kitty.


get me a real one

Nina closed up the drawer, rolled back into her spot, and laughed. Funnily enough, her mood wasn’t even close to ruined. She was having fun with her new experiment now and was more than ready for the next step.

when do I get that picture? i’ve been pretty good. 100% nina approved so far

That’s true.

It was over a minute before she received anything else, but then a photo attachment came through. It was a little dark, but when she opened the full image, she got a much clearer picture. Jay was definitely somewhere in the club, though Nina couldn’t pinpoint exactly where, his long legs spread and his jeans unzipped to give her a good view of his hand stroking his erection. Because of the angle, his face wasn’t in the frame, but she recognized his broad chest and the edge of his tattoo curling out from under his sleeve.

All for you, sweetheart. Thinking about you. You thinking of me?

She couldn’t believe he actually sent her a picture. Of course it wasn’t ting first time she’d gotten a dick pic, (it was basically currency on Tinder) but Jay sitting alone in the club stroking himself to her? That was kind of amazing.

i like to think about you all the time.

Nina nestled back into her comfortable spot, chewing her bottom lip again as she texted away.

what should i do next?

Hand inside your panties.

If you move your hips you can control the pressure better. Just like when you’re fucking.

Nina took her time and wiggled her hand into her panties, finding herself still damp with moisture. Without a barrier of lace in the way, her middle finger dipped between the folds of her labia easily and she got a faint little jolt from skimming her clit with her fingertip. Nina explored with different motions, pressing, rubbing, and circling to see what made her squirm and what send flashes of heat up her spine.

And to make sure he knew how the progress was going, Nina snapped him another picture with her hand buried between her thighs.

Not so bad, is it?

Fingers. One at a time. Show me how many you can fit.

Already slick, it was nothing to dip her first finger inside. Nina squirmed a bit at the clipping of her fingernail, but it wasn’t so much that it was uncomfortable. She pushed in as far as her knuckle, hooking her finger a little before sliding back out again. Heat bloomed at the back of her neck and Nina tried a second finger.

“Hrmf,” she sighed, pushing in deep again and grazing her clit when she pulled out. Sexual meditation is what it was. Without the anticipation of what could come next, Nina relaxed into it, her body melting into a warm languid puddle as she massaged her inner walls and pumped her fingers. Pushing in a third wasn’t quite as easy to find a comfortable position with her wrist, but she didn’t care so much about following instructions now and was focused more on how it just felt good.

She wasn’t sure exactly how long it had been when her phone started ringing. Jay was calling.

“Hey,” he greeted her, and if Nina hadn’t already known he was turned on, she would have now. “Put me on speaker. You can forget I’m here, I just… want to hear you.”

“Going to be hard to forget about you,” Nina mumbled. She had the tone of someone who’d spent an hour in a nice hot bath mixed with something a little breathless. Once she switched over to speaker, she dropped the phone next to her head and settled back in. There was the faintest sound of club music in the background and it made her laugh.

“Are you having fun at the club without me, Jay?” she asked cheekily.

“I’d rather be there.” She could hear him grinning, even if she couldn’t see it. “But that would be too much of a distraction from Nina Time.”

He took a deep breath. “How about you? Getting to know yourself a little better?”

“I was. You’re still distracting, you know.”

Nina might’ve liked having him there too, but decided she’d much rather have it this way. No temptations to frustrate her or urge her along. In fact, the one that sounded on the edge of his seat was Jay and that filled Nina with a sense of wicked power. She actually felt like the spicy fox. As if she had someone wrapped around her finger.

“What are you up to, Jay? I found I have a thing for lace.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll have to remember that.” There was a pause. “I already told you. I’m thinking about you. Wondering if you like someone listening as much as you like to be watched.”

“Who says I like to be watched?” Nina was betrayed by her own breathless voice. There wasn’t any lying about it, though. Knowing he was on the other end of the phone having to listen to her but not being able to touch or interact had a heady effect. She found herself chewing into her lip and giggling softly to herself

“Do you have any more instructions for me or are you preoccupied now?”

“Do you need more instructions? I’d thought you’d have figured things out by now,” he said slyly. “Unless… you want me to tell you what to do next?”

And then, “What’s your hand doing right now, Nina?”

Nina hadn’t done much since she answered the phone, but her hand was still in her panties and she gave her fingers a little wiggle. Her breath hitched a bit both from the reminder of what she was supposed to be doing, and because speaking it out loud was so much harder than writing it in a text. Nina could barely say curse words sometimes, getting specific about dirty details always had her blushing.

“Touching things…” she started slowly. That wasn’t spicy enough for a foxy temptress to say though, so Nina went silent for a second pondering something better. Once she had an idea or two, there was a slight twist of a smile on her face and her tone had shifted.

“There’s no sense in me keeping these panties on though, they’re soaking wet.”

“Well that depends,” replied Jay, slowly. “There’s the sensation of the fabric. Do you like feeling it rubbing you? The way it restricts your hand movements? Or would you rather be exposed?”

He laughed, low and a little breathless. “Are you trying to be coy? Touching where?

Nina huffed. He was really going to make her say it out loud! She couldn’t even think of a delicate way to phrase things without blushing. Even sending him pictures was easier.

“I’ve got my hand between my thighs, lazing about with two fingers in me and my thumb brushing my-” she couldn’t even say it straight. There was a soft giggle followed by a few unintelligible words. After a moment she stopped her giggling and muttered with a low voice.

“The only thing I like restricting me is you.”

“You horrible little suck-up,” he breathed. “I know for a fact that isn’t true. Remind me again how amazing your date was. Just for that… I ought to make you pinch your clit, but I’ve got a better idea. Do you have a hairbrush or anything with a long, rounded handle?”

Nina started laughing. He couldn’t possibly be jealous could he? He set her up with Dane to begin with, and she was sure by now he liked watching just as much as she liked being watched.

“I do,” she confirmed once her giggling stopped. “You sound a little frustrated, are you mad you weren’t invited too?”

“I’ll be less frustrated if you hurry up and get that for me,” he replied.

She had to fetch the hairbrush from the dresser, so it took her a moment to climb to her feet, cross the room, and scurry back; but Jay clearly heard the mattress springs depress when she hopped back on the bed.

“Good. Now get a condom,” he told her, “because you’re going to be putting that inside you in a minute.”

Nina glanced wide-eyed at her brush and then shot glance at the phone. She was going to do what now? That was just- Nina was very glad he couldn’t see her face, because she’d caught a glance of herself in the mirror and she looked all disheveled.

She leaned to open up her nightstand drawer to grab one of the condoms out of the box, then she scooted back on the bed to tear open the wrapper.

“This is not a smooth handle,” she mumbled to herself. The brush had those ribbed rubber handles that kept it from slipping out of your hands. Well. Now it had an extra layer of rubber.

“This seems a little odd, are you sure you don’t want me to grab the duckling?” she teased.

“If you could fit a rubber duck inside of you, I’d be impressed.” Jay snorted. “Take your panties off and get comfortable again. Run the handle over yourself until it’s wet. Use your fingers to help if you need to.”

Nina was starting to figure out the more clipped and professionally bossy he got, the more worked up he was. Which meant he was probably sitting there at the club with that dead serious, intense look on his face. Grinning to herself, she wiggled out of panties and tossed them to the side, then she laid back down in her cozy spot.

She was a little more wary about testing out a hairbrush on herself, and the ribbing turned out to have an interesting effect, drawing out a whispered oh, okay when she rubbed it over her clit. Nina was still pretty wet, and with a few slow, well placed strokes and a little unintentional squirming it was practically dripping.

“..okay… okay we’re definitely going to get me a toy.”

“Yes. We are.” He took a deep breath, then told her, “I want you to imagine that’s my cock while you fuck yourself on that brush. Don’t stop until you cum.”

“So you want me to think about you screwing me,” she laughed softly. “Are you thinking about it too?”

Nina took it painfully slow. It was one thing to push in her fingers and another to use a hair brush, but she was so slick the tip of handle just slid right on in without any resistance. She gasped and froze in place, counting to ten before she pushed it in farther. Her thighs and her inner muscles all clenched up and she shivered. Fingers were fine for shallow touches, but having something more solid buried deeper inside her had her sizzling.

And she was supposed to imagine it was Jay. What would that even be like? He always seemed to sneak something new in on her.

But Nina knew what he looked like when he came, and that thought had her legs shifting as she let out a long sigh.

“I’m doing more than thinking.” His voice had dropped lower, tighter. “What do you think about me doing to you, Nina? What do you want?”

Was he jacking off right there in the club? Nina slapped her hand over her mouth, muffling another sound before she pulled them away just enough so he could hear her clearly.

“I’d rather it be you right now than this dang brush,” she squeaked. That much was obvious though. Nina readjusted her grip on the hair brush, cause slow and steady was driving her nuts, and her heart was beginning to pound against her chest.

“When I’m in the shower, I think about letting you tie me up there,” she admitted, straining to keep her volume even. “You and hot water and cold tiles and fucking me so hard-“

A muffled sound cut her off. She’d given the so hard bit a try and now every part of her was throbbing.

“Do that again,” he growled, though he couldn’t possibly know exactly what she’d done.

“I’d fuck you until you’re raw,” Jay bit out. “Tease your clit until you came, over and over–“

Nina never had a chance. Even over the phone, something about him growling out what was surely promises made her stomach twist. There was no one for her to grab and cling onto, all Nina could do was slap her other hand down against her inner thigh and squeeze as if she could hold her own rolling hips while she kept pumping that brush until her wrist hurt.

And when she rubbed her thumb over her clit imagining Jay whispering in her ear, it was Nina who was coming, and coming, and coming. Too fast for her to have covered her mouth before she yelped, and too far gone to even care about who else on the other end of the phone could hear all the sounds she was making.

Fuck,” she heard Jay hiss in the background. His breath juddered along with her body.

As Nina lay panting, trying to recover, she heard a shaky chuckle. “I want another picture. I need to know what you look like right now.”

“Really,” she complained half-heartedly. She’d laid there for a few moments, not even pulling the brush out until every last shiver and convulsion stopped. Then, quite slowly, and murmuring a soft hrmph, out it came and the condom went into the wastebasket next to her nightstand.

The brush she gave a frown. How was she supposed to brush her hair now and not think about this? Nina opened up what was now dubbed the dirty duckling drawer and dropped it inside.

Rolling back over to the phone, she snapped a quick picture of her on her back and flipping him the finger with a cheeky grin.

“There. Now where’s mine?”

“What, you need something to look at later when you’re not allowed to get off?” he laughed. A moment later though, she got a message alert, and when she pulled up the photo she was greeted by Jay smirking at the camera.

“Game’s back on now,” he reminded her. “Think you can last now you actually know what to do with yourself?”

“I think you made a terrible mistake in giving me a night’s reprieve because now I’m fiiiiiine.” Even the way she said it, Nina sounded like a pleased purring house cat. All the tension she’d been building up over the past few weeks had been effectively erased with one lovely night of filthy relaxation.

“You know, I might not even need guy anymore. Maybe all I need is me.”

“You’re the one who was pushing for the date.”

There was a pause, and then he added, “It’s never been about winning for me, Nina.”

Click. The line went dead.

It was an abrupt hangup, but Jay hadn’t sounded upset. They usually texted, or talked in person, so maybe she just wasn’t used to his phone habits. Still, it was an odd thing to say and leave off on.

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