Trying Something New 011

Club night had become a fun routine for Nina and gave her something unique to look forward to. Maybe joining a garden club or a book club would’ve been more normal and closer to the kind of life she led, but Nina was kind of over normal. She lived her whole life trying to be normal and now she was realizing there was so much more out there.

She’d been shopping for new clothes she could wear at the club and today wore a deep green sheath dress with a lacy cutout top. It wasn’t the classic black leather and latex and zippers that were the most popular attire, but Nina liked her personal style. She got to be something beautiful and colorful and different.

Nina played her usual game of Russian Roulette at the bar in ordering a random drink and made herself comfortable.


The person that sidled up to the bar beside Nina was colorful, too. Not because of their clothing; that was very typically mostly black if a little more youthful than usual, with fishnet sleeves peeking out from a band t-shirt and skinny jeans. It was their hair that caught Nina’s attention, because the short and spiky cut was half electric blue and half cotton candy pink. Their ears were studded with piercings, including fancy gauges, and they had additional studs in one eyebrow.

She couldn’t tell what their gender was, and that was when she realized why they looked a little familiar. Scorn had dyed their hair, but it was the same tall, long-legged, lanky frame she’d seen across the club and tangled up with Tabby on a handful of occasions.

“Why the fuck is my girlfriend avoiding me?” Scorn asked flatly.

Tabby had said that Scorn wasn’t a guy, but their voice–while soft–wasn’t particularly high or feminine. Nina had not been wrong about them really nailing the whole “androgyny thing”. Flat chest, shirt long enough to almost be a very short dress, completely unisex clothing for the style, and features that were both pretty and handsome.

“I have no idea. Keeping tabs on Tabby is like trying to catch a Sasquatch.” There was something about Scorn that was just a bit intimidating, but then Nina tended to find most of Tabby’s paramores on the more intimidating side. It made revealing to jilted lovers looking for the girl that Tabby had moved on very stressful, because Nina never knew if they were going to be the crazy type or not.

In this case, Nina hadn’t seen Tabby this week herself, so she wasn’t sure what was going on just yet. She felt a little bad for Scorn, even if they did have the silliest name ever.

“I like the new hair? It’s very 2000s harlequin.”

Scorn sighed.

“Thanks. I think.”

They flagged down the bartender and ordered something dubiously named a “Snakebite”, then glanced at Nina with slightly narrowed eyes. “Make that two. If she doesn’t want it, I’ll drink it.”

Turning back to Nina, Scorn continued to stare for a moment before rolling their eyes. “I’m getting dumped, aren’t I? Goddammit. She’s such a friggin’ drama queen. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Oh no, do I have that face again? I’m sorry! I really don’t know if she’s bailing, but she does tend to ghost instead of trying to talk…” Nina wasn’t going to turn down a free drink, even one with a name like Snakebite, so she made herself comfortable and turned to Scorn. Commiserating about breakups was something Nina was pretty good at.

“There’s something kind of charismatic about Tabby, so it’s not your fault,” Nina admitted, resting her chin in her hands. “She has these moments of being an absolute genius, but then she gets you into the craziest situations and you wonder where all that genius went. Sometimes I wonder if she’s actually a fae changeling here to torment us or an alien in a human suit trying to blend in.”

Nina’s actual order arrived, and then two shots were set down on the bar in front of them as well. Literally just shots, pale gold in color and looking surprisingly innocent for something with such an intimidating name.

Scorn downed theirs immediately.

“Fuck it,” they said. “I think you might be right. I kind of love that little shit but she drives me insane. I guess she doesn’t really know what she wants, and I probably knew that when I got into this, so I’m going to get really drunk and hit on cute girls and just let her do whatever the fuck she’s doing.”

Nina followed by example, because that’s just what you did with shots, and found herself immediately coughing and waving her hand at her mouth. It wasn’t spicy or anything like that, but it was harsh and sour and Nina could feel it burning all the way down her esophagus. How much alcohol was in that?

“That-” she coughed again, sticking out her tongue. “That was… interesting.”

More interesting that that, though, was Scorn’s mention of loving that girl. Tabby had spent more time with Scorn than her usual hookups, but Nina hadn’t thought it had grown that far yet. But then one sided affection seemed to be the common trend in Tabby’s relationships.

“Feral Tabbys have to roam, I guess,” she agreed, reaching for her original drink and praying it tasted better. “Well, I hope you have good luck hitting on cute girls and that Tabby doesn’t twist you up too badly. I’ve met a bunch of nice people here so far myself.”

“Yeah? I know Tabby set you up with a guy once, but you’ve mostly been hanging around with Jay, right?” Scorn held up their fingers to the bartender, who gave them a surly look and returned with two more shots.

“No more,” he told them. “Order something else next time.”

“Yeah, okay buddy.” Scorn snorted and tossed back their second Snakebite. “Jay’s a good dude. Nice to see he’s finally coming to the club when it’s not an obligation again.”

“I’m afraid I’m not quite what Marcus is looking for in a companion,” Nina responded with a laugh. She eyed the second shot and decided she’d like to avoid having alcohol poisoning. When the bartender wasn’t looking she slid it over to Scorn, mouthing a thank you but shaking her head.

Speaking of Jay, Nina gave a casual glance over her shoulder to see if he was lurking about before she turned back to her drinking companion.

“Obligations, you mean as the dungeon dad?” she asked, though it wasn’t what she was actually curious about. Mostly, Nina was just surprised that Scorn seemed to be familiar with Jay outside of just knowing who he was. “Almost everyone I’ve talked to now that knows Jay gets this look on their face when he comes up. Did something happen?”

Scorn gave Nina a measuring look.

“No one’s said anything, huh?” they asked, tapping their fingers against the bar top.

“What a bunch of horseshit. If I were you, I’d be ticked. You don’t seem like a delicate little flower, you don’t need them tiptoeing around you.” Third shot went down. “Look. Jay might be a little pissed that someone told you, but it’s not exactly a secret and he has to know you’ll find out eventually. He’ll get over it.”

They ran a hand through their colorful hair, sighing again. “A couple years back, Jay’s girl killed herself. It was all pretty fucked up.”

“Fuck!” Nina slapped her hand over her mouth and blamed that Snakebite for that one. She understood immediately why no one actually mentioned it, though. It was something immensely personal and not exactly the kind of topic you would bring up in casual conversation or should gossip about. For most people just talking about death itself was hard, but someone you care about committing suicide, that was on a different level.

Once she moved her hand, rested her arms on the bar and twisted in her chair. Nina finally understood why Jay always seemed to keep that barrier up between them, and why it always seemed like it was holding something back.

“And I thought my ex-husband situation was a mess,” she admitted grimly. “Do you know what happened with her?”

“Amber was a sweet girl, but really not right, you know?” Scorn grimaced. “You know Jay, you know his kinks. He and Amber met at the club and they got into their DD/lg thing. They were together… fuck, three years? Something like that. In the last year she kept pushing and pushing Jay for more intense scenes. Risky pain play, non-con roleplay, and that’s just what I know about. Nothing wrong with that, but… I guess everyone kind of just missed the signs that something was up, even though it all seems so obvious looking back.

“Anyway, she hanged herself in their apartment. There was a note. Apparently she actually got abused by her father for years and never told Jay. Or anyone.” They frowned, looking away. “The cops actually came here and interviewed people, it was this whole big thing. Some people were kinda pissed about it.”

“God, that’s a long time to be with someone and not know.” How heartbreaking. And trust destroying! This was the sort of thing that really damaged people on the inside in ways they probably didn’t even realize. Coming back to the scene had to have been so hard, and no wonder he hadn’t been able to get involved with anyone seriously. Nina wasn’t sure if she would’ve been able to come back had something like that happened to her.

“Thanks for telling me,” she confessed, twisting her glass on the bar top. “I would’ve felt really bad if I said something insensitive or asked the wrong question at the wrong time.”

“He’s doing better now, do you think?” Nina finally asked after a long moment of silence. “You’re the second person to tell me that you’re glad to see him out and about. Has it been that long since he’s been here regularly?”

“Keeping secrets isn’t good for anyone.” Scorn shook their head. “Yeah, it really has. Pretty much since everything went down. Like I said, some people were dicks about it because… well, some of them just because cops, and some because they think Jay should have known what was going on. Doms are supposed to know if their subs aren’t in a good headspace, and a Daddy? They’re caretakers, right, that’s their whole thing. But what the fuck ever, some people just need someone to blame or like being self-righteous.”

They crossed their arms, leaning more heavily on the bar. “Thankfully, my uncle had Jay’s back. They couldn’t keep Jay from DMing if Tom had anything to say about it, no one’s gonna argue with Tom. He earned his leathers back when that meant something. Besides, his partner owns the place.”

“You can only observe and see so much on your own, even if you’re the most insightful person on the planet. A person has to want to communicate with you and even then you don’t always know what’s really wrong until the worst happens.”

Nina nursed her drink slowly. That shot had did a good number on getting her loose, and she didn’t want to tip it so far that she started giggling awkwardly at things she shouldn’t. Still, she was thankful for it at the moment cause it kept her from fidgeting and fretting. Nina had a bad habit of being a caretaker to the extremes herself, and the last thing Jay needed was her jumping up and trying to rescue him from his pain by being a fussy overbearing mother. Clearly he was already starting to heal without her getting involved.

“I’m glad there’s people here that support him! I don’t know if I would’ve kept coming back here myself if he hadn’t been so helpful in showing me around. Jay’s got a way with helping people feel safe here, so it’s pretty special.”

“Also it’s really fun to know Tom is your uncle! He’s the sweetest cherub in leather I have ever met,” she grinned. “You know, I think I can see the resemblance now. Tabby is really shooting herself in the foot ignoring you like this. You deserve better.”

“Ha, I know I do.” Scorn glanced around. “Do you want to dance or what? Or are you meeting someone?”

The clunky boots Scorn was wearing seemed about as practical for dancing as the Snakebite shots did for staying sober, but Scorn seemed equally unworried about both. Nina guessed they knew what they were doing. There was an aura of effortless confidence about them, and maybe that was something else they’d inherited from Tom.

Scorn still seemed like a prickly person, but they weren’t quite the kind of moody that Tabby had described. Of course, Tabby was known to exaggerate.

“I’m here for me, and don’t mind me dancing,” she answered, taking a moment to polish off the rest of her drink before she slid out of her chair.

“Why the name Scorn?” Nina finally asked the burning questions that’d been on the back of mind ever since she heard it. Now even more so getting to talking to them longer then two words and finding the person Nina had been imagining wasn’t the reality.

“Why not?” They shrugged, but when they grabbed Nina’s hand they gave her something that almost looked like a smile. “It’s the name of a character in my favorite book from when I was a kid. It always stuck with me. It tells people what they’re gonna get, you know?”

Making a beeline for the other side of the stage, Scorn tugged Nina toward the small spiral stairs up to an empty cage. “Come on. Up here you don’t have to worry about drunk asshats bumping into you.”

Nina laughed outright. She supposed that was as good of a reason to have a nickname than any, and pretty darn adorable on top of it, for someone that looked like they carried at least three knives at all times. She had nothing but giggles for the cage, as well. Drunk asshats weren’t much of a concern for Nina (if she wasn’t one of them, she was pretty good about being aware of her space and dodging them), but she appreciated the tip.

“Hey! Did you know that the sixties popularized dancing in cages to the mainstream, and that go-go was inspired by French phrases and alluded to being joyfully extra? I never would’ve thought you’d be the cage dancing type!”

“I didn’t.” They took Nina’s other hand to help her up the last steep step into the cage, then pulled her into a spin. “I dunno about ‘joyfully extra’, but I like to dance.”

The music playing at the moment was the typical industrial, electronic sound that Nina had gotten used to by now. Something dark with repetitive beats, dissonant sounds, and ambient echoes that only belonged in a nightclub or a horror movie. It had a certain slick vibe that was equal parts sexy and dangerous, she reckoned–but it was also really easy to dance to without looking stupid, especially in the pulsing lights of the club.

Or maybe Scorn just used that same confidence to their advantage again. They certainly seemed to move pretty fluidly, despite the confines of the cage and close proximity to Nina. It wasn’t joyful exactly, but they had an energy that was infectious as they swayed to the beat. It definitely wasn’t the awkward toe-tapping or shuffling most guys seemed to prefer, nor was it the provocative wriggling girls tended to favor–or even the intimate grinding typical for couples; Scorn mostly moved their limbs and their neck, but it was weirdly sensual all the same.

“It doesn’t matter what you do,” they told Nina over the music, like they knew what she was thinking. Their hands dropped to Nina’s waist and turned her around with them as they leaned in to speak into her ear. “The cage makes it look good.”

Nina could see what was so enticing about Scorn and why Tabby had actually stuck with this one longer than most of her hookups. Scorn had the it factor. That magical thing that made them so confident, so flawless that they were magnetic. And because Scorn was so naturally broody, they had the extra bonus of being that edgy dangerous personality, without actually being an edgy asshole about. There was a big difference between the Antons and the Scorns of the world.

Nina found herself laughing again and was more than happy to dance along. She wasn’t anything to brag about, but she knew how to follow a beat and how to play off a dance partner.

“I’m glad, because I don’t think I’ve drank enough yet to really put on a good show!”

“Doesn’t look so bad to me.” Scorn’s hands flirted up and across Nina’s arms without actually touching. “Don’t get too drunk. Then I’ll feel like a fucking creep.”

Their hair was getting wilder, messy from moving around so much. It just made them look a little more like some kind of rockstar.

“So you come from like. Jesusville, basically. Right?”

Nina groaned and tilted her head back, but it was that self deprecating laughter sort.

“Yeah, pretty much! My parents were the black sheep of their families, but like we were still going to church for big holidays. There’s not even a regular night club in my home town. It’s either college sports bars or country bars!”

She’d picked the right dress for the evening. Nina probably looked like seventies business man asked his secretary to get into the gogo-cage during a shady business dealing, but she felt cute dancing around in their private space bubble. Nina did, however, pause long enough to kick off her heels and slid them out of the way. Dancing was always better without her shoes on.

“That sounds like ass,” Scorn pronounced flatly. “My parents were Bible-thumping Fundies. If it weren’t for Uncle Tom and Mal I’d probably have stuck my head in an oven before I was out of school.”

They danced farther away and then closer, deftly avoiding Nina’s discarded heels. “The queer thing went over about as well as you’d expect. The best thing about my relationship with my parents is that they’ve stopped calling. Sometimes though, I think about their faces if they found out I take after Uncle Tom a lot. BDSM is even more of a perv lifestyle.”

“My ex’s family is like that. All I asked for was a divorce and his sister said I was going to hell for breaking the sanctity of marriage! They’d all be having heart attacks if they knew what I was up to now.”

Nina took Scorn’s hand and twirled herself under their arm.

“You know who can go to hell? Her. And your parents! I think you and your uncle are perfectly lovely and we can all just be filthy happy pervs together.”

A few songs later (Nina thought. It was hard to tell sometimes when songs ended and started), Nina and Scorn were back at the bar for another round. Scorn ordered them both tequila shooters, which the bartender delivered with a lime wedge apiece and a shaker of salt.

Scorn caught Nina’s eye and licked the wedge of skin between their thumb and forefinger on the back of their left hand, then shook salt over the damp skin. The crystals stuck, shining in the lights. Then they knocked back the shot, and bit down into the lime wedge. There was a sucking sound as they drained the juice.

“Just like that,” they told her, dropping the husk of the lime into the shot glass. They picked up the salt shaker again. “Go on, lick.”

“This is going to taste horrible, I just know it,” exclaimed Nina, but she went ahead and licked her hand as instructed and held it out for Scorn to do the dusting.

“Okay, salt, shot, lime?” she confirmed one more time. Nina looked so serious about it, as if she were about to be graded on a test, but she mimicked just the way Scorn did it. A quick lick of the salt, swallowed her shot in one fast gulp and in her mouth went the lime.

“Yep, it’s bad!” she croaked, stopping her foot on the floor to push past the taste. This time she remembered to get her shoes back on, as Tabby had never given back her last pair.

“You like that sugary fruity shit that doesn’t taste like alcohol, don’t you?” Scorn rolled their eyes. “Gross. At least you followed through with it.”

“I do,” admitted Nina with absolutely no shame at all. “I’ll try almost anything once though.”

She smiled, wide and cheeky. “It’s better than the Snakebite, at least. It doesn’t make my throat feel like it’s on fire and it’s more fun.”

“Never say anything. I might make you do sugar shots.” There was that almost-smile again. “Which are even grosser, by the way. You take a half-and-half single, peel it back, dump in sugar packets until it’s thick. Take a shot.”

Scorn leaned across the bar. “Yo, Raooooul. You still got those coffee creamers in the back?”

The bartender shot them an annoyed glance from down the bar, where he was serving a girl in a dress that seemed to be made entirely from zippers.

“You say that like I don’t naturally just drink creamer and sugar packets on my own instead of normal coffee!”

Nina burst into laughter, both because of sugar shots, but also because the bartender (named Raoul apparently) was so completely done with the pair of them.

“Dooon’t,” she insisted, grabbing the edge of Scorn’s sleeve to tug gently as she giggled. “Leave the poor man alone, we’re too much. He won’t recommend me good drinks anymore!”

“Well what are we gonna do instead then?” They turned back to Nina, which resulted in them halfway sitting on the bar, their long legs stretching out in front of them. “Back to the cage already?”

“You just like having me all to yourself,” teased Nina. That last shot had settled in nicely, giving her a nice warm glow and making her a smidgen more touchy-feely than normal. She tucked her hair behind her ears to glance around, then she turned back to Scorn holding two fingers up.

“We should do a walk about,” Nina suggested. “I need to find new things to add to my checklist anyway and I bet you know all the best secrets.”

“I know all my favorites.” They pushed themselves up off the bar and took Nina’s hand, leading her toward the playspace. “Not sure we have the same tastes. But shit, let’s give it a whirl.”

Tugging Nina closer, they gave her another narrow-eyed glance. “You switchy at all? Because you scream ‘dominate me’, frankly, but some people are stealth.”

“Do I really scream dominate me? How!” Nina didn’t realize that was the vibe she was putting in the world. It’s not like it was wrong (Nina loved letter someone else have all the control for once), but she though she was more of an independent, get stuff done sort of lady. She never did anything she didn’t want to do.

“I don’t really know, I haven’t tested it out yet? I do think about tying Jay up sometimes and bossing him around, because turnabout is fair play and it’d serve him right, but I’m not so sure he’d like that.”

“Holy fuck, really,” Scorn said, entirely dryly. “I mean, he might let you, but I don’t think you’d be in charge like you think.”

They tapped Nina on the nose. “You do. You vibe subby as fuck, Nina. I’m more of a switch myself. Service Top is my comfort zone, I guess you’d say.”

“Oh I would definitely be in charge,” Nina insisted. She already had all kinds of scenarios in mind, even if she wasn’t sure how she’d pull any of them off. But she rubbed her nose and gave Scorn a curious examining squint of her eyes.

“I didn’t see Service Top on my checklist of things? What’s that supposed to be?” Just from the title Nina could infer an idea, but a lot of these things tended to have a lot of subtle nuances you could miss if someone didn’t explain it to you.

“Well. Some people consider them Doms, but…” Scorn’s nose wrinkled. “I mean, they can be. For a scene. But mostly they’re tops–you know, the ones doing the fucking–who get off on their partner getting off. That’s not really domination, that’s worship, which is usually considered a sub thing. Especially if the bottom is bossing you around, you’re not really Domming them. I say I’m a service top because I’m not really into bottoming but I do like the rest.”

Nina nodded. As expected there were a lot of layers to it, just like everything else in the culture. She leaned in with a grin, bumping against Scorn’s arm.

“You know, now you and Tabby make a lot more sense. I was having a hard time picturing you being dommed around by Tabby and at her mercy when you’re so you.”

“You spending a lot of time picturing me fucking?” Scorn wanted to know. “Shit.”

Ducking through the curtain with Nina in tow, Scorn led the way through the crowd. Tonight, the playspace was packed. There was clearly some kind of event going on, because there was a large group at the center of the room. Nina caught a glimpse of a kneeling woman in fetish gear having a thick leather dog collar fastened around her neck.

“…Tabby’s not really a Domme, you know.” That was muttered into Nina’s ear, Scorn’s lips close enough to brush against the shell. “She’s like. The pushiest power bottom ever.”

Nina hadn’t technically thought about Scorn actually in the act of banging somebody, but now it was there and swirling around. It was probably the first time Nina had ever met someone of Tabby’s that Nina actually liked as a person, so that wasn’t helping at all. Now her face was all red.

“Not- Not you specifically in any detail,” Nina defended. “I didn’t even know you yet.”

“See, this.” Fingers seized Nina’s flushed cheeks and pinched gently, squishing her face. “This is that Sub Energy I’m talkin’ about.”

Before Nina could protest, Scorn let go of her face and tugged her past the crowd. They wound up heading down a short hallway Nina hadn’t seen before. It turned out there was another section of the playspace, and it was filled with more equipment–some of which were currently in use, but most empty. Nina’s eyes were immediately drawn to what looked like a St. Andrew’s Cross, except it was attached to a wheel that appeared fully capable of rotating 360 degrees.

Also in the room was something that looked like a mechanical bull, but with a large and very obvious extra attachment on the seat, and a wooden chair with holes cut into the bottom and straps attached to the sides and arms. There was a table in the corner that looked uncomfortably like something used in an autopsy or gynecological exam. A woman lay across an oddly shaped, curvy piece of furniture, her wrists and ankles tied to what looked like giant bolts, while her partner teased her through her panties; another sat astride a wooden wedge, the point at the top digging into her folds, her hands cuffed behind her back and a ball gag secure in her mouth.

“I like the swing,” Scorn told Nina, pointing to a leather hammock with stirrups suspended from the ceiling. “And the queening stools are Tabby’s favorite.”

Nina recognized those from her Google searches. The padded seat with the headrest underneath for the sub’s head was a lot less scary-looking than the ones she’d found, which had looked a lot more like toilet seats than she’d been comfortable with.

Nina wasn’t sure how she felt about having ‘sub energy’ and that people would look at her and just want to dominate her. Her first thought always went to murder, like she was the perfect bait to get kidnapped and murdered by some crazy psycho, but that was mostly from growing up as a girl and being conditioned to make sure she didn’t put herself into positions for that to happen.

Her second thought had her flushing even more, because apparently there was a part of her that liked that thrill of danger. Maybe not to the extremes where it felt more like violence and terror than kink. There was such a big difference from being tied up and feeling vulnerable compared to being strapped down to a medical table and feeling like she was in a horror movie (which Nina just realized that was definitely going to be on the no-no list).

Nina wasn’t sure about these more advanced mechanisms (some just looked a little too much like torture devices), but others had her curious enough that she might revisit the ideas later. For now, Nina was pressing her hands against her cheeks trying to will that redness to go away as she turned back to Scorn.

“I have the queening stool on my list of maybe things, but I’m actually more curious about how the swing works, because it looks like a hanging death trap.”

“It’s pretty straight-forward really. You lay back or forward here–” Scorn’s hand ran across the seat, “–and put your feet in the stirrups or just hold on to them. You can add restraints in if that’s your thing. It’s mostly to make all kinds of fun angles and positions possible that just don’t work without suspension. Makes it easier for the top too if they don’t have to lift your weight the whole time, and then there’s the rocking motions…”

“So like aerial sex!” Nina did some safety investigating of her own through checking where the mounts were, tugging on it gently to test the weight, and then examining the stirrups and straps to see how they worked. Once that was satisfied she took a look around to make sure no one was waiting around to use the thing, then hopped herself up into the seat. She made a startled squeak when she tipped, but she didn’t go slipping out or falling.

“There’s all kinds of potential with this thing, isn’t there,” she exclaimed, kicking her feet a little to get the rocking motion. “I really do need to start taking yoga classes for this stuff. There’d be a lot of stretching involved even with the swing doing all the work.”

“It’s pretty legit. I want to save up and get one for my room.” Scorn reached over to grab the straps holding up the swing, stilling it as they leaned in to keep Nina from tipping again. “First time I ever made out was in a hammock, you know. Good times. Up until we got caught, anyways.”

“The first time I made out with someone was on a dryer. It was supposed to be this big epic party, but only a dozen or so of us showed up so we just played truth or dare in the basement.”

Nina grinned at Scorn, still kicking her feet slightly. No one ever really grew out of swings, did they? And now that she was certain it was sturdy enough, Nina stopped holding on so she could fish her phone out of her purse.

“This thing is so going on my list!”

“What are you, taking a selfie?” Snorting, Scorn gave the swing a little push. “Glad you like it. Although, you know, dryers can be fun too. Usually you wanna have them running, but.”

“I suppose I could give running dryers a try too,” Nina laughed. She brought up her checklist to add a few notes. This wasn’t quite the toy Nina was thinking of when she agreed that she needed one, but it seemed like a lot of fun. And it didn’t matter who she tried it with, because she was fairly certain both Jay and Dane would find aspects entertaining.

“Look, it’s my list.” Once Nina had everything updated she held it out for Scorn to take a look. “Thanks for adding to it!”

They gave Nina’s list a scroll-through, raising their eyebrow.

“Wow. Detailed.” Glancing back up at Nina, they handed the phone back over, their fingers brushing hers. “You know, I could take you for a spin sometime.”

Nina laughed, tilting dangerously back in the swing and nearly startling herself again. She almost dropped her phone in the process too and had to stuff it back into her purse.

“Scorn, are you flirting with me?” she asked, not sounding at all upset by it, even smiling wider. “If you hadn’t drank a dozen of those Snakebites I might think you’re serious!”

“I’ve been flirting with you all night, dumbass.” Their hands settled to either side of Nina, holding the seat still. “And I’m not drunk.”

They leaned in again, speaking into Nina’s ear. “Hey. I’ve got something else I can show you. I can sneak you somewhere not open to the public.”

“Oh,” she mumbled, a little dumbfounded. Nina thought that was just the way Scorn was. Some people just naturally had those flirty vibes, though Scorn was a lot more subtle than most people. She also didn’t think Scorn would flirt with someone like Nina when people like Tabby seemed to be more their type. Quirky weirdos with an obscene amount of love for getting into trouble.

Nina was probably flushing again and was just going to have to accept the fact she was a blusher. She tucked her hair behind her ears.

“How man secret rooms are in this place?” she finally asked. “I’m a little tipsy, but if I drank as much as you did I think I’d be on the floor right now.”

“Not sure I’d call the playspace or the ‘gym’ secret,” said Scorn, snorting. “Neither is where I wanna show you, it’s just… not strictly supposed to be used by guests. But I can get in.”

They grabbed Nina by the waist and lifted her down from the swing, keeping their hands in place when they set her on her feet. “C’mon. I know how to show a girl a good time.”

“You’re almost irresistible, you know that?” laughed Nina. Now that she’d spent some actual time with Scorn and gotten to know them past all her misconceptions and first impressions, Nina felt pretty secure in letting them lead to anywhere. This wasn’t going to be a kidnapping. However, Nina didn’t want Scorn doing something they regretted either. Those Snakebites were really strong and they had tequila shots on top of it.

So Nina took one of Scorn’s hands and held up a finger, giving her serious squinty eyed stare.

“Okay, but listen. You have to promise me you’re not drunk and that you’re not doing anything extreme because of or in spite of Tabby. I don’t want you to get in trouble later.”

“Ugh. Yes. I’m not drunk.” Scorn rolled their eyes, pulling Nina by the hand back out of the so-called “gym” and into the hallway. “This is nothing to do with Tabby. And anyway, Nina, what are you thinking’s gonna happen?”

It looked like they were going back into the playroom, but Scorn stopped by a section of the wall and peeled back another curtain to reveal what looked like a service door. They fished a keyring from their jeans pocket–which, incidentally, flashed Nina a glimpse of denim-clad hip and pockets that looked way too tight to hold keys–and used a cheaply cut key to turn the lock.

Nina was tugged inside after them into a red-walled room. It was furnished with a comfortable-looking leather couch, another of those wheels with the St. Andrew’s Cross on it, and an absolutely enormous bed that was made from black wrought iron and looked like a furniture designer had been inspired by the dancing cages out by the stage. A set of black sheets was folded up in a square at the center of the mattress, and leather straps were affixed to the sides of the frame along the top and bottom.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Scorn leaned back against the door as they shut it behind them. “A little gross, since I know my uncle’s fucked in here, but it’s also totally private for when you don’t want to give the rest of the crowd a show.”

“Rooms like this are always in red, aren’t they. Red and black. Lustful Gothic, that’s what the style should be called.” Nina took a slow turn about the room, running her fingers over everything just to get a feel for all the different textures and materials. She was making fun of it, but really she kind of loved how beautifully extra it was. The room had an aura of filthy romance, and since it was a private room, Nina suspected the owner and possibly Tom had decided to make themselves a special love nest.

Nina finally turned back to Scorn and lifted her hands up in a shrug.

“I was just thinking, if I were mad at my girlfriend for ignoring me I might try to make her jealous by escorting another girl somewhere scandalous because I know she lurks around in hidey holes like some kind of gremlin and would see. Which, I don’t mind at all if that’s the case because I’ve seen her do the exact same thing to other people, but I also don’t want to ruin something for you if you really care about her?”

“I don’t play games.”

Scorn looked at her, mouth twisting.

“I do care about her, okay? But I’m obviously barking up the wrong tree for more from Tabby; she’s gotta grow her ass up. I don’t want to wait around for that because fuck only knows if or when that’s going to happen. I’d rather move on and have some fun and not keep dwelling on my shitty girlfriend right now. You’re not ruining anything she’s not ruining for herself.”

They stepped closer, reaching out to tip her chin up. “Now shut up. I’m trying to kiss you.”

Before she could say anything else, Nina was tugged forward and Scorn’s lips were on hers. Warm hands slid down over her back, tracing the open V between her shoulder blades.

Nina froze and a dozen thoughts flittered through her head at lightspeed. Was this gay? Probably. Scorn fell somewhere on the queer spectrum, and Nina never had a chance to ask specifics.

Did it bother Nina?

After a moment of being locked in place, Nina softened and made a tentative attempt at kissing back. Once she was actively leaning in, Nina found that kissing was still just kissing, and feelings of warm fuzziness because it was nice and you enjoyed the company of the person you were with were all the same.

The only weird feeling left was Nina’s fretting about Tabby. But Tabby herself was poly and so were most of her partners. Technically, she wasn’t doing anything wrong,

“Are you sure you’re not drunk?” Nina finally whispered when pulled away to take a breath. “I’m not- I didn’t think I was your type!”

“Not that drunk. And you’re judging that based on all of, oh… one person?” Scorn scoffed. They framed Nina’s face in their hands and set their forehead against hers. “Or are you trying to protest on grounds of being distressingly hetero? ‘Cause I’m about to call bullshit if so.”

They tucked Nina’s hair behind her ear, and then their teeth nipped at her earlobe. “We can do as much or as little as you like, you know, it doesn’t have to get weird. I’m good with just making out like kids.”

“I’ve never kissed someone like you before…” she admitted. “Someone with neon cotton candy hair.”

The teasing was a delay tactic while Nina processed, not that there was much for her to dwell on beyond Tabby. If she took that out of the equation, this was just another opportunity to explore the things on her list and to test where her limits might be.

“There’s nothing wrong with making out like kids.” she agreed. Nina reached out to pluck nervously at the edge of Scorn’s long t-shirt. “Honestly, though? I don’t know how to behave with you. I’ve only ever dated certain kinds of guys, and I know I shouldn’t have to be any different with you but I keep thinking I’m not going to do anything right? I’m not sure that even makes sense.”

“You’re trying to figure out what’s in my pants and if you’re going to upset me by asking or having a reaction.” Scorn didn’t look upset–not any more than usual, anyway. “Luckily for you, you’re actually allowed to ask the first, since you’ve had an invitation into my pants. The second is a no. I’m only upset when people are dickheads, and then they get an invitation to my boot up their ass.”

Picking up Nina’s hand, Scorn pulled her over to the couch and sat her down. A minute later, Scorn clambered up onto her lap, knees falling on either side of Nina’s hips.

“Enby,” Scorn said. “It’s kind of too cutesy in my opinion, but it’s easier to say than nonbinary. Fucking mouthful. I’m not a guy, not a girl. I thought maybe I was a transdude for a while, but that’s not me either; I just kinda wish I had a dick. I have the same plumbing you do and I’m not gonna freak out if you want to touch it.”

Aside from the deep crimson of embarrassment to have someone on her lap, Nina visibly relaxed and was able to rest her hands comfortably on Scorn’s outer thighs without fretting over whether or not she could. It was all still a little weird, but now that they walked through all the intimidating parts, all that was left was two people getting touchy feely.

“Okay,” Nina finally declared as she settled all the way back against the sofa, that wide-eyed expression plastered all over her face. Though she was still a bit awkward about it, curiosity and that need to touch had taken over, especially now that she was given permission and reassurance. Having someone on her lap was a different experience in and of itself. She ended up tugging gently at the edge of Scorn’s shirt and then pointing at her mouth.

“I’m all on board for the kissing!”

“You’re a dork.” That didn’t stop Scorn from leaning in to kiss her though, coaxing at Nina’s bottom lip with their tongue until she opened up. The kiss was… slightly different from what Nina was used to. Scorn still took the lead and was aggressive about exploring Nina’s mouth, but it was less rushed–the edge was still there, but it danced in and out of sight. Their fingers ran through Nina’s hair, tilting her head back against the couch.

All at once, while Scorn nipped at Nina’s mouth, they wound their fingers in her hair and gave a firm tug.

“Thanks for showing me your list, babe,” they purred. “Gonna make this more fun.”

“That list has changed my whole life,” giggled Nina against Scorn’s mouth. Making out with Scorn was different, but then everyone Nina had an experience with at the club had been different. It wasn’t like her Tinder dates, who might’ve all seemed different on the surface but all had intimate relationships with their trucks for some reason.

Nina, for her part, was enjoying the slow ride and had finally dug up the courage to move her hands from Scorn’s legs to wrap around their waist.

“I have to tell you, though,” she confessed. “I’m doing a thing with Jay so I can only have a moderate amount of fun.”

“Aw, what? Lame,” groaned Scorn. “What’s ‘moderate’? I don’t want to be a clit tease. …Unless that’s the point?”

Nina was now being eyed with consideration.

“If that’s how you get your kicks… I’m happy to help.” They trailed a finger down Nina’s neck, over the sheer lace that covered her decolletage, and kept right on going until they found the dip of her navel. Their teeth grazed the arch of Nina’s throat.

Nina giggled and tapped her heels on the floor, as there wasn’t much room to squirm anywhere with Scorn on her lap. Not that she was trying to escape at all. In fact Nina went ahead and kicked off her shoes again because such a lush room and plush sofa called for optimal comfort.

“I just can’t… um… finish?” Nina really needed to get over the dirty word embarrassment! It’d been almost a month since she’d started showing up at the club and it was ridiculous. “Jay said he’d give me a date if I could do it for a month, probably thinking I’d cave quickly.”

While she spoke, Nina moved her hands from around Scorn’s waist to their arms and over their shoulders. They were broader than most girls, which was half the reason she mistook them for a guy in the first place. Then Nina was grinning wide.

“He didn’t account for me being way, way more stubborn than he is. Um. And maybe I’m addicted to being filthy. It’s like going your whole life without a dishwasher, and then you get one, and you have to see how much you can cram in there.”

“So you’re saying I could edge you for hours if I want?” they asked. “I’m good with that.”

Tilting their head, they gave Nina a once-over, biting their lip and letting out a soft hum. “You know you have a bad habit of saying like the worst possible things? You’re basically catnip.”

They leaned in to capture her mouth again, their hands skimming Nina’s ribs. Short, blunt fingernails dug into her sides, then slid around between Nina and the couch to hook into the V line.

Everyone kept saying things like, always resulting in Nina flushing red. Nina had a hard time seeing it, or believing it, but here she was again wondering why she’d never been told these things before. (Well. She knew why, but disbelief was such a hard habit to break.)

She wasn’t going to complain about it though. This new lifestyle and never ending supply of affection and attention suited Nina just fine.

Her giggling had ceased into light shivers at the brush of fingers against her exposed back. Scorn kissed so differently from Dane, who always felt like a feral werewolf about to have a snack. It wasn’t delicate soft, either though. It seriously was just like that deep dive make out kissing Nina remembered from high school, which brought up all those fun feelings of trying naughty things she probably shouldn’t have.

After toying with the zipper for what felt like ages, Scorn pulled it down just enough to loosen Nina’s dress. Not enough that it would fall down past her shoulders, but enough to make it brush against her body when she moved and for a hand to fit between the fabric and her skin.

Shifting their weight, they nudged Nina’s hips and rolled to ease her back onto the couch.

“Nervous?” Scorn asked, finally coming up for air again. Their nails ran down Nina’s bare arms.

“A little bit,” confessed Nina, hoping she didn’t have that doe-eyed look again. “I’m always nervous though.”

She had goosebumps all up and down her arms now and it was almost bordering on being ticklish. Nina squirmed a bit to readjust herself to the new position and to reach up to pull her hair out of the way so she wasn’t laying on it. Then she was free to run her hands through Scorn’s mess of short cotton candy hair and grin, because it was so outrageously silly.

The pink and blue strands felt silky soft under her touch. The spiky appearance wasn’t from gel or any other hair product Nina knew about. Maybe the cowlicks were natural.

“You probably should be nervous.” There was that almost-smile again. “I kinda have you all vulnerable right now.”

They bit Nina’s jaw, a bit rougher than they’d bitten before, and brushed the back of their hand across the underside of her right breast. Scorn was settled over her, not quite sitting. With another guy, Nina could have easily ground against their erection, but that wasn’t an option here, was it?

“Which is just fine by me,” Scorn told her. Their other hand reached down to trail the outside of Nina’s thigh, incidentally causing her skirt to drag up higher on her leg.

“I like to think that I’m dangerous,” answered Nina. Though she felt much closer to the vulnerable side than the dangerous one. All of the touching was driving her crazy. It was so slow and almost felt accidental, except it wasn’t. Nothing about it was overtly sexual beyond the nipping, yet Nina’s heartbeat was picking up fast.

Turnabout was fair play though, and Nina was just as interested in exploring with touch. Sinking her teeth into her bottom lip and looking too much like she was trying not to let it all get her flustered, Nina dropped her hands down to Scorn’s sides, almost tentatively sneaking her way under the hem of their shirt.

At first, due to the length of the shirt, she encountered denim jeans over very slight hips. Once Nina got above the waistband, where she expected to hit bare skin, she instead found some kind of skintight, polyester material that conformed to Scorn’s shape. It took her a minute to find the hem because it was partially tucked into Scorn’s pants. The seam curled up slightly where her fingers found the edge, like it was trying to roll up from the bottom. There wasn’t a lot of give or room to sneak a finger under it.

While Nina explored, Scorn shifted, their knee slipping in between Nina’s. With another deep kiss, they stroked their fingertips up along Nina’s thigh and hip, while their other fingers traced up between her breasts and then in a slow circle around the outlines of just the left side.

Nina made a soft sound and she couldn’t help but slink her arms around Scorn’s waist to draw them against her body. She even draw her hands up Scorn’d back, testing her fingers against the taut fabric as high as it went. And Nina absolutely couldn’t keep still as she twist her legs this way and that, rubbing her feet against the soft leather of the couch.

What Scorn was wearing under their shirt seemed to be some kind of tank top, going all the way up to the neckline of their t-shirt; her thumbs found skin finally–almost by accident–at Scorn’s shoulders where the sleeveless garment ended. It was tight all the way up.

“It’s called a binder,” Scorn explained half into Nina’s mouth, their pointer finger circling ever closer and in tighter circles to the peak forming on Nina’s breast. “I’m not a big fan of these on myself, so it makes me feel more comfortable to bind.”

Meanwhile, their other hand had snuck under Nina’s skirt. Snaking up to grab Nina’s hip, Scorn lifted her from the cushion to meet the top of their thigh, rubbing insistently. It was a totally different sort of grinding than Nina was used to, but it still hit at the right angle. She didn’t need to spread her legs wide to get enough friction.

“You’re cute as fuck,” Scorn told her, and licked a line from Nina’s collarbone to her ear.

Nina wondered if you could get drunk off of languid touching and quiet muttering, because it all had her deliciously warm and hazy. Nothing about Scorn was what Nina expected, and it was a pleasant surprise. She giggled again, flinching when Scorn licked over a ticklish spot, and comfortably rested her arms around them with just her fingertips grazing that peek of skin under their shirt.

“I think you’re going to get me in trouble,” she mumbled, turning her head to bury her face in Scorn’s neck. She took in a deep breath, getting the scent of alcohol and some deodorant she didn’t recognize before she pressed her lips softly to their neck and then nipped sharply with her teeth.

Nina’s reward was a soft hiss and Scorn wriggling against her leg.

“Trouble is my middle name.” It was hard to tell if they were joking. Scorn had a talent for deadpan delivery–or maybe it was just that everything they said sounded just a little bit sarcastic. Either way, with a name like Scorn, it wasn’t exactly clear cut.

Their fingers found the waistband of Nina’s panties and skimmed along the edge. At the same time, their other hand had narrowed its concentric circles to the area just around Nina’s nipple. They teased and flirted but never quite brushed the right spot, and it was definitely on purpose because there were occasional ghosts of a touch over the hardened nub.

“Did you know it’s possible to cum just from having your tits played with?” Scorn breathed. “I shit you not. You ever get off that way, Nina?”

“Really?” she asked, though she wasn’t surprised. This place had basically turned sex into an art and all kinds of things were possible. Nina had long since figured out she was sensitive to touching, and it was already difficult for her to just stay still in one place. Her breast was almost thrumming from the attention, which really shouldn’t have been a new sensation for Nina who was a divorcee (and lately a huge slut).

“I think that- that maybe we should avoid getting me off until after… after a week or so!” she whispered with a giggle, her breath falling warm against Scorn’s neck. Nina was actually quite happy where she was positioned as it made it all the easier to lave her tongue at their pulse point and kiss hard enough to leave a hickey.

“You want me to keep this up for a whole week?” teased Scorn. “Damn. I mean, I can try.”

They ground down against Nina’s leg again, moving their thigh against her in tandem. Scorn’s hand abandoned Nina’s aching breast to steal around behind her and pull her zipper the rest of the way open. No sooner had they loosened the dress than they switched sides to begin tracing the same slowly narrowing path around her other breast. The fabric slid slightly under Scorn’s touch.

“Get this fucking thing outta my way.” Scorn tugged at the inside of Nina’s skirt, the dress pulling but blocked from much progress by Nina’s arms and where she lay atop it. “You look good in it but I bet you’ll look better out of it.”

Nina wasn’t so sure about that, but that was all her baseless insecurities talking. People liked to see her naked, at some point she was going to have to stop doubting it. At least she was glad they were squirreled away in the secret romance room, so she didn’t have to worry about the world having a look. Not to mention, she was so over-heated by now that having cool air against her bare skin was going to be a blessing!

She wiggled her arms free to reveal a fairly simple strapless black bra. Nina really hadn’t expected to fall into another clandestine moment with a random patron or she might’ve worn her bustier just for the bit of excitement. At this point, she was really going to have to go shopping for some fancy show off panties.

Scorn’s hands moved to cup Nina’s breasts through her bra, kneading gently before both thumbs grazed her nipples. They kissed her, tongue lapping at the roof of Nina’s mouth. With a breathy hum that reverberated against Nina’s palate, they rocked on top of her, then unhooked Nina’s bra.

Nina made a soft little squeak and even tensed up a little, though she didn’t try to stop them. It was actually kind of embarrassing because she’d slept around with all of these people, but couldn’t think of a one that’d seen her topless. Dane had likely gotten her the least dressed, but none of them had gotten a full view of the ladies. And of course her country bumpkin self had to go and think of them as ladies, so Nina was eternally grateful no one could read her mind.

The important thing was to push all of that out of her head and focus on the most important task at hand, which was not focusing on the way Scorn’s leg was grinding up against her in all the right ways and how those goosebumps had never gone away so she was both shiver and too warm.

“You good?” Scorn asked, biting Nina’s bottom lip and raking their nails tentatively down Nina’s abdomen. Her bra slipped down as they did, exposing Nina’s nipples; after half a beat, Scorn ducked down and blew across the pebbling flesh. Their lips peppered soft kisses slowly along Nina’s collar bone and over the top of her cleavage.

Yep,” she squeaked again at an ever higher pitch. Nina was afraid to breathe, if only because her breath kept hitching every time she shivered. She squirmed again too, pulling her hands away to tap against her own shoulders, as she couldn’t decide if she wanted to grab Scorn’s soft hair or simply lay back and soak up all the attention.

“This is the- um- the how the service and worship and such comes into play?” she asked in that same breathless voice. Nina supposed a power bottom would do some ordering around, and she kind of liked the idea, but Nina also couldn’t think of a thing that wasn’t going to immediately get her all fired up way too much.

And now it was too late, because the thoughts of asking Scorn to do all kinds of things were dancing around in her imagination and they were absolutely filthy. Nina tried to temper the flushing in her cheeks as she brushed her hand against her forehead.

“Mmhmm,” hummed Scorn, as they bit down and sucked on the flesh at the top of Nina’s breast. They ducked down further to lick a line through her cleavage, fingernails doodling idly on Nina’s stomach. “Your tits are worthy of worship, let me tell you.”

Scorn’s hands came up to cup her chest again, this time skin-to-skin, and very lightly began to tweak her nipples. Every so often they would give a firm pinch and tug only to go back to the torturous crawl of soft brushes and flicks.

Then they surged forward to take one between their teeth, immediately soothing with a swirl of tongue and hot breath.

Nina slapped her hand over her mouth to muffle any further squeaking. She’d always thought the phrase aching with need was sich a ridiculous way to describe breasts, but she was starting to understand why it was so common. She ached. Her nipples were hard and something about the teasing was vibrating all the way down her chest, through her stomach, deep between her legs. Only Scorn’s frank way of speaking was keeping her from getting too tense, as Nina just couldn’t help but giggle.

Making a muffled sound around Nina’s nipple, Scorn gave a parting lick and sat back. They pulled their t-shirt up and over their head, revealing the binder tank top and the top of their jeans, ruffling their hair. It fell to the floor beside the couch as they rolled and shifted their hips against Nina again.

“You wanna try something else fun?” they asked, voice husky. They raked their nails down over Nina’s sides. Their right hand kept going, stopping just before tracing her clit and instead slipping under her hip to knead her ass. “Ever rode someone’s face?”

“Like, ride ride? In which way?” Nina knew it was a silly questions, but there were a lot of different positions popping into her head, all fueled by their tour through the gym. The few times she’d had someone’s mouth down there were few and far between and none of them Nina would have considering riding. She pressed her hands against her cheeks.

“I don’t- don’t know if I trust my knees to hold up while I’m all- um. Stimulated?”

“That’s why you hang onto the back of the couch.” Scorn slid down off of Nina, pressing biting kisses to her stomach and upper thigh. “C’mon. Sit up.”

They pulled Nina up onto her knees, then slipped down onto the floor and settled their head against the couch cushion.

“Hands on the back of the couch, then just sit down over me,” they told her, smirking. “You can keep your panties on if it’ll make you feel better.”

It was crazy for Nina to think she could accidentally smother someone with her vagina, and it was probably the fault of all her creepy books. Even if Nina did collapse into a puddle of jelly, it’d be easy for Scorn to just roll her out of the way. Which left her with the burning embarrassment that seemed to be so hard for her to shake. Nina liked feeling powerful, didn’t she? This was such a power move!

Nina did decide to keep her panties on to make sure things didn’t get too intense and risk her challenge, then she delicately shifted into position over Scorn. She brushed her hair over her shoulders and rest her hands on the back of the couch. It did feel all kinds of spicy like this, being topless and practically sitting on someone’s face, despite being intimidating as well.

Scorn snorted. Their hands smoothed up along Nina’s thighs and settled on her ass.

“Not what I meant, but we’ll ease you into it I guess,” they said, and then Nina felt a tongue sweep over the crotch of her panties, hot and wet and conforming to her folds. After outlining Nina’s clit, Scorn gave another long lick and then latched their mouth around it, just barely sucking through the fabric.

At least this time Nina didn’t mouse-squeak, but the sound she made was just as terrible. A low and breathy sigh she tried to muffle with her hand. The thin fabric was absolutely useless as a shield, for Nina could feel every bit of the warmth and wetness of Scorn’s tongue. She couldn’t help but rock into it, finding it way too easy to do sitting up like this.

With an encouraging hum, Scorn guided Nina’s hips down against their mouth. They continued to lap at her slowly, with only as much room as Nina gave them; while Scorn could drag her closer easily, their head was hemmed in against the couch by Nina’s body. If Nina wanted, she could take full control.

One of their hands slipped between Nina’s legs, a fingertip rubbing into her damp panties over her entrance.

Nina had thought that getting to cum a few days ago would’ve calmed down her urges and make it easier to get back to all her filthy deeds without losing herself so quickly. But something about the slow build up from soft touches, sharp nips, to sizzling tongue had her whole body feeling heavy and Nina couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to let someone just fuck her until she passed out.

She could already feel herself clenching in anticipation, drawing out a faint groan and causing her to reach down and thread her fingers through Scorn’s hair.

Scorn’s tongue stilled almost entirely. They slowed to long, languid licks, while their hands skimmed up Nina’s sides in a steadying motion. Fingernails bit into Nina’s skin, scraping the underside of her breasts before Scorn’s fingertips found Nina’s nipples and began to tease with soft, unhurried brushes and flicks.

“Oh my god,” she hissed. “Do they give awards for this- they should.”

It was almost painful trying to hold herself together. Whenever she relaxed, she was flooded with warm and goosebumps everywhere Scorn’s hands and tongue would go. When she tensed, she could could her stomach twisting up and all the muscles in her body just begging for her to let go. Every part was delicious torture and Nina was definitely, definitely going to do this again in the future.

Scorn’s chuckle reverberated against her clit.

With one last suckle and lick, they roughly tweaked Nina’s nipples, then dropped their hands to her thighs to hoist her away from their lingering tongue.

“Can’t have you losing your game,” they said in a thick voice, and pulled her down onto their lap. Scorn’s chin was slick with moisture, hair tousled. They reached up to wipe their face with the back of one hand.

Nina helped as best she could, wiping at Scorn’s cheeks with her hands and her thumbs and trying to smooth their hair back to, well, back to a slightly less messy. It was over way too soon, but probably for the best. Much more and Nina would be going into work a total wreck again. Right now Nina felt sensational, not entirely satisfied, but definitely pleased.

“You’re a nice surprise,” Nina admitted with a grin. “I wouldn’t mind a next time.”

“Doesn’t have to be over yet.” Scorn leaned in to kiss Nina, deep but soft. “Wanna have a slumber party?”

Their fingertips crept along Nina’s sides again before flirting with her shoulder blades and the arch of her spine.

“There’s a nice big bed in here. I can make sure you get a good night’s sleep.”

Nina giggled, taking the opportunity to get as many post-spicy snuggles as she could get. She curled her arms around Scorn’s torso and rest her head against their shoulder.

“That’s tempting,” mused Nina out loud. “Tom’s romance nest does look very comfortable.”

She gave it some serious consideration. Spending more time with Scorn would be great, but there was the Tabby situation too. Nina had already kind of skipped over the line and set it on fire and poured some gasoline on top, so spending the night together really wouldn’t make much of a difference at this point, but Nina figured she should at least try to show some restraint and be more respectful, even if Tabby wasn’t always known for that herself.

“Hm, maybe after the Tabby has been sorted out,” she admitted. “That way when I can have all the fun we want, I won’t have anything to worry about?”

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