Trying Something New 012

Yoga was both a great idea and the worst idea ever.

Nina had known for a couple of months now that she needed to add some kind of exercise routine to her hobbies. Even outside of her new interest in sex acrobatics, she was coming up on the big thirty next year and it was way overdue that she took her health seriously. Going to the gym hadn’t really fit her personality at all, but yoga seemed like a simple and elegant choice.

She did not expect to stretch out and pull every single muscle in her body just in one beginners class.

The second Nina got home she kicked off her sneakers, pulled off her socks, and tossed her jacket aside. Then she went straight to the kitchen to put on a kettle for tea, shuffling her feet and groaning all the way. She could pair hibiscus tea with jasmine bath salts and have herself long soak.

No sooner had she put the kettle on to boil than there was a knock on her door.

Jay was standing on her doorstep in his leather jacket, wearing a v-neck sweater and jeans and holding a small package. He gave Nina a grin when she opened the door, running a hand through his hair.

“Sorry for dropping by unannounced, but I brought you a little something.” His eyes flicked over her. “You just been working out?”

“I wasn’t kidding about starting a yoga class,” she explained, stepping aside to let him in and closing the door behind him. It was hard not to smile when Jay was around, especially when he came with treats.

“You’ve got good timing too, I just got home.” And clearly hadn’t been expecting company, because Nina quickly stooped to pickup her jacket and socks and to kick her shoes to a more discreet location. Once she stashed her clothes in a box, Nina plopped on the sofa and patted the seat next to her.

“Yoga, huh? How are you liking it?” He sat down next to her, cradling the box on his lap. He was close enough that their legs were touching, his knee bumping against hers.

“I also thought I’d get those books back while I’m here,” he confessed. “This isn’t anything special, just a little present.”

“I don’t know why, but I thought it would be a lot easier and less sweaty,” she admitted. Nina tried to pretend like she wasn’t eager to see what was in the box, but that lasted all of two seconds.

“Your books all in my finished pile in the bedroom.” Nina tapped the top of the box with her fingernails. “I’m not lucky enough for this to be a box of cupcakes, am I?”

“Afraid not. But this lasts longer and hopefully is just as satisfying.”

When she tore open the wrapping, she found it covered a clear package with fancy lettering that spelled out “l’Amour” and did nothing at all to hide the large, lavender, distinctly-shaped object inside.

“Told you we’d get you one,” said Jay. “Obviously you’re not allowed to have too much fun with it, but…”

Nina immediately started laughing. She might’ve blushed too, but she was already worn out from yoga and didn’t have the energy to be embarrassed about the prettiest lavender penis she’d ever seen. She went ahead and opened up the packaging just so she could get a look at the instructions.

“It’s nice and normal! So thank you for that,” she laughed again and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “It’s a shame that I’m going to be having moderate fun with this while you’re trapped thinking about it all week.”

“It’s also supposed to be quiet and waterproof, with a lot of different settings, so…” He tucked a piece of flyaway hair behind her ear. “Have fun testing it out. Feel free to call me if you need some help again.”

“I might,” teased Nina. She was already considering giving it a try in her bath, but figured that maybe a salt bath wouldn’t be the best place to test it.

Nina set her new toy on the coffee table, then leaned back into the couch cushions to read over the care instructions, all the while keeping an ear out for her kettle.

“Would you like to stay for some tea? I picked up this tin of hibiscus tea at the farmer’s market and it smells amazing. Oh! And a maple chai.”

“Tea sounds good. That’s fancier than anything I usually buy but I’m game to try it.” As if on cue, the kettle began to whistle in the kitchen. Jay rose to his feet, shrugging out of his jacket and setting it on the arm of the couch. “I’ll get that. Where do you keep the mugs?”

“The cabinet next to the fridge, but you don’t have to do that,” insisted Nina, already shifting to get up. He was always doing these little things for her, and she knew it was something he liked to do, but Nina couldn’t help feeling a little guilty taking advantage of it. She knew how much it sucks being the only one doing all the care taking and Jay definitely needed somebody to stop and thinking about him once in awhile.

“I’m not doing it because I have to,” Jay answered, sounding amused. “I’m already up. It’s not exactly hard work.”

He stepped in to catch her as she stood up, his hands circling her forearms. One of his thumbs brushed the inside of her wrist. “You look worn out. Just take it easy.”

“Well, I know that,” she insisted. It counted both for knowing he didn’t have to and the fact she looked tired. She had to look haggard, because she was so tired she didn’t care that she did! But what was she going to do, really? Fight him over pouring a cup of tea? That was insane.

“I’m not good at taking it easy,” Nina admitted reluctantly. He probably already knew that too, half the time she was a bundle of nervous energy and the other half she was running full speed ahead. “I just- What if I get spoiled and lazy because you’re way too nice to me, and then I forget how to say thank you and then I don’t know, become a Tabby.”

“Then I punish you,” he said, laughing, and then his lips were pressing soft against Nina’s cheek.

Before she could do or say anything in response, Jay turned and headed for the kitchen. About time, because the kettle had reached a shrill scream. She heard him take it off the burner, followed by the cabinet opening and the clinking of ceramic.

“Sugar?” he called.

Nina plopped back down on the couch with a heavy thump, her cheeks burning and all sorts of things running wild in her imagination. That’d probably involve spanking among other things, which Nina really shouldn’t be pondering testing the limits of. Unfortunately, she’d figured out she fell under the bratty category and though that’s not quite what she imagined herself as, Nina did really enjoy getting to play-fight with someone and not have anyone’s feelings getting hurt.

And then she realized she hadn’t answered the question!

“Yes, sugar, please!”

Nina flopped over on the sofa and dragged a pillow over her face. She really did need to learn how to relax!

Fortunately she’d mostly recovered by the time Jay came back from the kitchen. At least she wasn’t hiding under the pillow like a lunatic anymore.

“Sit up. I don’t want to have to drive you to the ER if you spill hot tea all over yourself.” He handed her a mug of floral-scented tea, then sank back down on the couch next to her with his own cup. Eyeing her thoughtfully, he tapped his fingers against the side. “…You just tired out from yoga?”

He was examining her again in that way he always did, and now Nina finally knew why. It went far beyond the usual concern about a newbie to the scene and more into Jay being absolutely terrified to see someone else end up like Amber. This was something she could ease his mind with, at least, without ever having to meddle or butt into his personal life.

“There is this professor at work driving me insane with his latest arctic circle requests, but that is pretty par for course,” she started after a long sip of tea. Nina immediately sighed. The hot drink was exactly what she needed.

“Hmm, but I supposed all these sex acrobats have been exhausting too.” she freely admitted. “Which is why I went ahead and signed up for yoga in the first place, so I can have more stamina than a newborn giraffe and meditate my brain too.”

“I’m still a little surprised about you and Scorn.” Jay grinned. “You’re really something special if they like you. Not everyone gets that honor. …Tabby being a poor example. She’s a bit much even for Scorn and I’m not entirely sure witchcraft isn’t involved there.”

He took a sip of his tea, settling more comfortably into her couch. “This is nice. Smells like I’m drinking perfume… but tastes nice. I’m more of an oolong or Earl Grey kind of guy usually.”

“The right blend of tea can change your entire day,” explained Nina. She could probably go on for hours and hours about tea blends much like she could about food in general, but it was better saved for another day when she could drag him shopping and show him.

Nina shifted so she could sprawl her legs over his lap and lean against the arm of the sofa. It certainly wasn’t sitting up straight, but it was comfortable and she wasn’t likely to spill tea all over the place. At least, not what was in her cup!

“I’m pretty sure Tabby is some kind of sorceress, but I haven’t been able to prove it yet,” she confessed. “But I’m pretty easy to like, I think? Being interesting is a totally different story though. Maybe I’ve been this closeted sex goddess this entire time, but that’s going to wear off after awhile and everyone is going to realize I’m just Nina in spicy dresses.”

“I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think ‘just Nina’ is plenty interesting.” Jay’s free hand found her calf and rubbed across sore muscles over her yoga pants. “As for Dane, he’s half in love with you and you can do no wrong in his eyes, let alone be ‘just Nina’.”

His fingers worked their way up to her knee, digging expertly into knots she hadn’t even known were there.

“It’s true that you’re new and you’re riding a wave of experimentation and excitement, and that’s helping draw people to you, but you really don’t give yourself enough credit. There’s a lot more to you than a likable girl in a spicy dress. If you find yourself a Dom you want to make a contract with, they’ll be a lucky man–or person.”

Nina almost choked on her tea. Her hand came up to cover her mouth so she could swallow without spitting all over herself, then she was giving Jay that squinty-eyed look like he was pulling a sneak on her again. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe what he said about her, or that she hadn’t even considered contracts with a Dom yet. But the thought of anyone being even remotely in love with her right now was far fetched!

“He is not,” now that the shock had worn off, Nina laughed. “You don’t have to exaggerate, I get it. I’m not just Nina, I’m… Something Nina. Maybe I should think about a code name after all. Duchess Vixenrella or something else equally as gaudy? I guess I don’t really feel like that Nina yet.”

“Just be aware that I will laugh at you,” Jay informed her. He drained the rest of his tea and leaned across her to set his empty mug on the coffee table, squeezing her knee, then began to work her other calf in both hands. That little frown was hovering at the corners of his mouth again. “…You’re really tight. Do you want a real massage? I think you overworked your muscles. You’ve got to remember to pace yourself.”

Nina almost immediately blurted out yes, because who wouldn’t want a massage from a professional after a work out? But again, she felt guilty about letting him do all these things for her. She wasn’t his responsibility to take care of.

But he also kind of seemed to need someone to take care of.

So with that everlasting warmth in her cheeks, and her never ending dilemma of should-she-shouldn’t-she, Nina caved.

“I did exactly what the instructor told me to do,” she defended first. Once she finished her tea and set her mug on the table, she pulled out her phone. “Yes I would love your professional hands all over me, but I’m going to order us Chinese takeout in exchange and you’re not allowed to pay for it.”

“I don’t care what the instructor tells you. Unless they know you well enough, they’re going to take cues from you on whether you’re past your limit or not.”

He didn’t object to her offer to buy food, though, and after a few minutes of looking over the menu, their food was ordered and on the way. Jay slid his arms around Nina’s waist as soon as the order sent, pulling her back against his chest in a loose hug.

“You want to wait for the food or do you want to go ahead and get started?” he asked. “It’ll probably be better to wait so we’re not interrupted. I need you relaxed and not distracted.”

“Why do you even give me two options when you already know what the best one is?” she laughed. Nina was perfectly content with just hanging out until dinner arrived, and proved it by going limp and making herself comfortable right where she was. As limp as she could anyway with awkward stiff areas here and there. She shifted just enough to undo her braided hair and run her fingers through it.

Nina wanted to say he could come to her class and boss around her instructor in person, but decided that poor space case didn’t need to be under fire of one of Jay’s intense stares.

“I’ve got to preserve the illusion of choice, right?” he joked. His fingers combed through her hair. “I’m glad you’ve realized I always know best though. Makes things simpler.”

“No,” Nina held up a finger and twisted just so she could frown at him. “You’re only best most of the time. The rest of the time I do but you’re too stubborn to notice.” She was pretty confident in that statement too, reaching up to boop him right on the nose.

Her hand was snatched up and pinned against the back of the couch before Nina could blink.

“You want to rethink that?” he asked, and then she felt fingers playfully wiggling across the sensitive spots under her arm and over her ribs.

It was some kind of miracle that Nina didn’t shriek. He’d probably seen her cringe here and there because of ticklish spots, and even just the threat was enough to have her giggling. Nine kept her best straight face, though, and a frown to go with it.

“I don’t have to rethink a thing! You holster those fingers, Jay.”

“No, I don’t think I will.” A sly grin was her last warning. Jay’s fingers attacked her side without mercy, the weight of his arm holding her in place against his chest.

“That’s not fair…!” Nina probably wouldn’t have been able to escape even if her muscles weren’t as useful as limp noodles, but she squirmed and struggled and kicked her feet anyway. She squealed in protest until she ran out of breath, until all that was left was gasping giggles and threats of stolen egg rolls.

When she’d gone limp, he let up, brushing his palm over her cheek. Nina caught him looking at her, saw his gaze drop to her mouth.

“Netflix?” he asked after a long moment. “We still have a bit of a wait on the food.”

“We’ll have to pick a new series soon,” she answered, not without a questioning look. It was the perfect time to steal a kiss, and Nina certainly wouldn’t have minded. Slowly, it dawned on her that he’d never actually kissed her yet. Oh, there was a ghost of a maybe, but not a real kiss. This man was Pretty Womaning her!

Nina almost called him out on it, even opened her mouth to do it, but decided that was a conversation best served for later. If it had anything to do with Amber, she definitely didn’t want to drag that up today when they were having a nice evening.

Later, as they finished up their takeout and turned off the last episode of Versace, Jay turned to Nina and waved his chopsticks at her.

“Go strip down and get on the bed,” he told her. “I’ll clean this up and meet you in there. Do you have any oils? I don’t need them but it’ll feel a lot better if I use some.”

“Hm, I might,” she responded, giving him a sort of wicked look. He had to know telling her to strip and look for oils sounded absolutely filthy.

Nina giggled her way to her room and stopped first in the bathroom where she rinsed out her mouth with Listerine so she wouldn’t taste ginger noodles all night. Then she stood to take a look under her cabinet. Bath time was her Nina Time, so she had mostly an assortment of bath salts, bombs, and bubbles, but there were a couple bottles of oils too for when the winter got dry. She grabbed the one with lavender and wild orchid because it made her think of the first drink Jay ordered her.

In the bedroom, she tossed the bottle on the bed and then pulled off her yoga clothes, except for the sports bra and matching underwear. At first she thought it was silly to get yoga-only underthings, but after a day of bending in all kinds of directions, Nina was glad she didn’t wear something lacy that’d rub her skin raw. Then she plopped on to the bed, kicking her feet behind her as she read over the bottle’s silly descriptive story.

“Do you have a spare sheet?” Jay asked from the doorway. He fiddled with his phone, turning on a piece of relaxing ambient music and setting it down on Nina’s dresser. At Nina’s direction, he fetched a sheet from her linen closet and handed it to her to spread out on the bed.

“If you’re going to leave these on,” he told her, hooking a finger in the strap of her bra, “the oil will stain. Let me get you a towel.”

Nina hadn’t even thought about oil stains. He was really going to do the whole fancy therapist thing, which had her grinning and nearly laughing again.

I’ll get the towel,” she insisted, already getting up again. Nina handed him the sheet to spread out himself, along with the bottle of oil.

It only took her a second to strip out of her undies and wrap up in a towel, even going one step extra and twisting her hair up into a messy bun. A hot bath was still on the agenda tonight, but getting oil all in her hair probably wasn’t a good idea anyway.

“Alright, lay face down,” Jay instructed when she returned. He had the bottle of oil in his hands and was pouring a little of it into one palm, then rubbed his hands together. “Make sure you’re comfortable. Where is it the most sore?”

“My arms and my legs and my stomach- um. It’s easier just to say everywhere. All of the poses are so easy to get into but they pull at the oddest places!”

Nina crawled into bed and plopped herself down, though it took a minute to find a comfortable position. Following instructions was easy enough, but it felt kind of weird to be getting into a massage position. She’d never been to a spa or gotten a professional massage before, and offers were few and far between and tended to stick to the shoulder area. (If she even accepted, some offers were skeezy!)

“Did you know that masseuse is the female term and a male is a masseur but because prostitutes hijacked the titles, professionals now use state law protected titles like therapist and practitioner?”

“I knew some of that.” Jay pulled the towel down to expose Nina’s back, and then warm hands were spreading oil in even strokes across her skin from the base of her spine to her shoulders, pressing slightly, then back down with feather light brushes. “This is called effleurage. It warms up your muscles and helps you relax.”

With each stroke, he increased the pressure. His palms glided up and along her shoulders and the back of her neck as well.

“Relaxing is really difficult,” grumbled Nina. At least she knew Jay, because for some reason letting a stranger run their hands all over her sounded kind of creepy, despite the fact she now had a record of one night stands behind her.

She’d kick a foot whenever he hit a spot that felt bruised or tinged, occasionally turning her face to the mattress to muffle a squeak, but found it was a lot more comfortable after a moment or two. Nina never realized before how big his hands were. Maybe she should’ve noticed before when he smacked her ass, but that seemed very different to feeling the entire expanse of his fingers against her back.

After a few minutes, he switched to kneading in short circles. He started light again, once again working up to harder pressure, occasionally throwing in the long stroking motions again.

“Petrissage.” His thumbs pressed deep into the knots of muscle. “For circulation and working out the tightness.”

“Are all of the moves going to be in French, I wonder?” Nina giggled, finding that hard to do when someone was occasionally pressing into all your sore spots. It seemed now she was getting the random facts lesson, which she didn’t mind at all. The next person to talk to her about massage was probably going to regret it, though.

Unfortunately, Nina was filled with so much fidgety energy she was having to force herself to try not to squirm around and to focus on anything other than having to be still. The soft music, the smell of lavender, how nice and warm his hands were.

“Not all of them,” he replied. The blades of his hands were now tapping rapidly along her back and shoulders in brisk chopping motions. “This one is, though. Tapotement. It stimulates your nervous system and your lymph nodes.”

After a few minutes, he switched to a squeeze and lift, alternating hands and moving up and back down her back. “This one is just a muscle-lifting technique. A kind of petrissage, but it’s usually just referred to as lifting.”

“Hmm. That’s um- because the core of the lymphatic system runs through the back, I think?” Nina tried to remember the medical diagrams she once scanned into the system by closing her eyes, and in the process of her pondering she finally ceased her wriggling and just sort of melted into the mattress. Why hadn’t she done this before? This was great!

“Can I just keep you?” mumbled Nina.

“You have lymph nodes throughout your body. Lymph is the fluid that circulates between your tissues through lymphatic vessels. It carries protein, fats… and other things that aren’t always so healthy.” Jay walked around Nina and faced the opposite direction, placing his thumbs at the nape of her neck. His hands began to work down her back again, pressing deep into her muscles and twisting from side to side.

“This is called fanning. Another kind of effleurage,” he said, leaning down to speak closer to her ear. “Good for circulation. You still doing okay there?”

“Yeeeeah,” was her dreamy reply. Nina wished people at the archives sounded like Jay when they were relaying all kinds of facts to her. She could even listen to him read out the dictionary all day. But that could also have something to do with his hands working special magic. It was almost better than sex and the thought had her grinning.

“I was just wishing I could end every class like this. I wouldn’t be so tempted to cancel.”

He brought his hands back to her sides and rubbed his hands across her torso in opposite directions, back and forth.

“I’ll have to remember this for a reward,” he laughed softly. Jay’s fingers slid over her shoulders again and down along her arms in short circular motions, then skimmed over the towel at her waist. She heard him squeeze more oil into his palms, heard him rubbing it between his hands, and then his fingers were working the warm oil into her ankles and upwards along the back of her calves.

“Really?” There went any chance of her pretending like this wasn’t potentially the best reward ever. It seemed Nina was incredibly treat motivated. She’d follow Jay to the end of the earth if they got to keep doing this all the time.

Now that he’d moved to her calves the giggling started again whenever he’d find a ticklish spot. Aside from the wiggling of her toes, Nina was too content to be fussy.

“Do you have clients fall asleep on you very often?” she asked.

“It happens,” he said. “Are you nodding off on me?”

Jay worked up along her legs, up to her thighs. He paused to push the towel until it just covered the curve of her ass, then dug his fingers into her muscles again.

“You know,” he began, as his hands made fanning motions against the inside of her thighs, “I can show you some techniques I don’t use on my normal clients.”

She giggled softly again.

“I’m trying not to so I can get a bath before bed,” she admitted. He wasn’t making that easy for her, though he did pique her interest and start her up giggling again. “Special privileges for Nina? I don’t think I can say no to that.”

“You sure?”

As if to punctuate the question, Jay’s forefinger stroked the sensitive skin at the very top of her inside thigh in a way that was distinctly not professional. He hadn’t actually touched anything private yet, but it was pushing the limits and just the amount of pressure, the pace at which his hand moved, felt different.

“It might help wake you up a little,” he told her, his other hand trailing delicately up over the back of her calf.

He wasn’t wrong about that. It was funny how instantaneously aware she was of his hands and fingers just because of a subtle little touch.

“I mean, I might as well take advantage of having a personal masseur while I have one,” she muttered in agreement, thumping her foot against the bed again. Nina could already feel the flush in her ears and tried to ignore it. She was probably tempting the devil and risking her challenge, but she’d spent the day exhausting both her body and her mind so Nina was feeling pretty cocky.

Nina also seemed to be a glutton for punishment if she were honest with herself.

“Good point.” His fingertips kneaded and teased up slowly over the curve of her ass beneath the towel. His other hand, meanwhile, grazed higher and higher up the inside of her leg, stopping here and there to dig deep into her muscles before his touch lightened again to a whisper.

“I almost want to show you how to use your new toy,” he went on, “but that’ll have to wait.”

Nina immediately laughed, shifting just enough to fold her arms and rest chin on them. She was doing a pretty good job of pretending like he didn’t have his hand on her ass, and like it was just another normal day for her. Aside from the breathyness that crept it’s way into her voice, anyway.

“Is that a promise then?” she asked. “Not that I’m going to wait to try it. Exclusive Nina Time is now part of the weekly schedule.”

The hand on her ass worked its way up along her side until the pads of Jay’s fingers grazed the underside of her breast. The other, meanwhile, slipped along her inner thigh until she felt one knuckle skim between her legs.

“Turn over,” he told her, straightening his finger out against her folds before slowly withdrawing.

Nina was trapped between sucking in breath and exhaling another round of laughing. It’s not as if he were sneaking things up on her — Nina had a pretty good idea of all the filthy ways this could go — but it still gave her that little zing of a thrill and it was hard to remember she was a grown adult that had, by now, done this plenty of times and didn’t need to giggle like she was a teenage virgin letting a boy see her naked for the first time.

And he hadn’t, had he? Now that she thought about it, both Dane and even Scorn had seen a lot more of her naked than Jay had.

Knowing she was being ridiculous about it, but not being able to help herself, Nina was very delicate about rolling onto her back and making sure that towel was conveniently pulled up so Jay couldn’t get a peep of anything. Most of it was just her liking the idea of being a mysterious tease, but a tiny insecure part of her was worried that she wouldn’t be so exciting once he got the full Nina picture.

It was pretty clear that he liked what he did see, at least. Jay had a good poker face, but even he couldn’t stop his eyes from darkening as his pupils widened or the small, involuntary twitched of muscle in his neck as he looked down at her. He didn’t move the towel, though, instead continuing to let his hands roam over her underneath the thin terrycloth. He ran his palm across her stomach and the inside of her arms and the top of her thighs first, but inexorably his hand made its way back toward her breasts. Jay had just begun to trace one of her nipples when Nina felt his thumb ghost her dampening entrance and up over her clit.

“Don’t move,” Jay said softly. “You don’t want to lose, right?”

She very nearly blurted out a what are you going to do because of course she had no intention of losing, but that kind of loaded question would’ve gotten her in to all kinds of trouble. It was probably better not to know, especially now that she could watch his face. The timber of his voice definitely didn’t match the look, and she hoped that don’t move didn’t apply to her splaying her hands and nervously tapping her fingertips against the sheets. Nor to her twisting her feet and pressing her heels into the mattress.

“I’m definitely not going to lose now,” she murmured with amusement. Of course, now that he told her not to, Nina was finding it difficult to keep herself from squirming.

“Oh no?” His fingertip rubbed and coaxed in a drawn-out figure eight around her clit, his other fingers tracing her labia and the creases of her thighs as he cupped her breast. The mattress creaked slightly when he sat down on the edge of the bed. Nina felt the tip of his pinkie dip shallowly inside of her.

“So you don’t want me to give you more?” asked Jay, stroking her more intently. His fingers found her nipple and gave a light pinch.

It took all of Nina’s willpower not to throw her arms out or slap her hand to her forehead and instead just dig her teeth into her bottom lip. The way he phrased his question was surely a trap. Of course Nina wanted more. She managed to survive Dane trying to screw her brains out without caving in, Nina was sure she could handle whatever Jay was dreaming up. The trap was that she was bound to like it too much and then try not to be snippy at work all week.

Nina didn’t even know why she was giving it a second thought, she already knew she was going to continue letting him do whatever her wanted and she was going to enjoy every torturous minute of it.

“You do want me to have the best massage experience, right? I’d hate to give you a bad review!”

He let out a huff of laughter, but then his pinkie thrust all the way inside of her in one fluid motion. He let it sit there unmoving as he continued to toy with her clit, his fingers exploring her breasts beneath the towel and teasing both of her nipples to peaks.

“You like this.” It wasn’t a question; of course it wasn’t, because he’d read her list and had ample opportunity to figure out Nina’s buttons since. “Don’t you think it’s going to be even better when I let you cum?”

The circular motion of his thumb grew more intense as he applied more pressure. His skin was slick from Nina’s own moisture and the traces of oil.

She yelped and promptly slapped her hand over her mouth. That probably, definitely counted as moving but in this instance he was just going to have to forgive her. Most of the time his face was unreadable, and when it was he’d have that intense look about him. But something about the way his face lit up when he laughed was disarming and she hadn’t been ready for something sneaky! At least she hadn’t drawn up her legs and trap his hand, because she did like this and he already had her stomach coiling.

“Is that a promise that it’s going to be you that makes me?” she asked through her fingers once she was sure she could breathe.

The look that Nina received in answer was scorching. His hands faltered for just a moment, but then a second finger slipped inside of Nina and curled, stroking just the right spot on her walls. Nina had never been massaged from the inside out before.

“You’re going to do it when I tell you to so yes,” Jay told her tightly. His free hand abandoned the dip of her breasts to snatch her wrist and tug her hand away from her mouth. Her wrist was pinned back against the mattress, none too gently, and all of a sudden Nina found herself prone and restrained and nearly naked with Jay leaning heavily over her. His breath was hot against her cheek. “Even if it’s someone else fucking you.”

It was a threat and a promise, and even though she was the one pinned to the mattress more by his intense stare than his hands, and supposed to follow all of the rules, Nina had never felt like she had someone wrapped around her finger as she did right then. Somehow she’d managed to get under his skin the same way he always managed to get to her, and in that teeny tiny little moment Nina was certain Jay wanted to see her make it to the end of his ridiculous challenge too.

Nina broke into a brilliant wide smile, but her throat had gone dry and all the oxygen had whooshed out of her lungs. Chewing into her lip again didn’t do much to help, but it did give her enough time to catch her bearings again.

“That sounds like an interesting date,” she agreed, sounding more squeaky than she wanted to and completely unable to wipe that smile off her face.

“Maybe you’ll get to find out if it is. If you’re good,” he added, giving her a wicked grin in answer. His fingers were still rubbing inside and outside of her as he closed the distance between them with a strangely chaste kiss.

Jay’s lips were soft but firm against hers, coaxing.

“Beg.” The word was spoken against her mouth.

Nina squirmed in frustration, all flushed cheeks and thoughtful huffing as she rubbed her feet against the sheets.

“Beg for what,” she complained, more than asked. There was already a pretty big list to work with and not a single item involved asking for him to stop. Her mouth followed his and she was so sorely tempted to just grab his head and get a real kiss. Wouldn’t it serve him right for all of his wicked teasing? Except that wouldn’t be her behaving would it?

“Can I beg you to shut up and kiss me for real?”

She’d barely gotten the sentence out before Jay’s tongue was in her mouth, thrusting and sweeping in tandem with his fingers. It wasn’t the ravenous, feral kissing that Dane gave her but it nonetheless burned with a fire that was just barely restrained.

“God, Nina,” he groaned when he came up for air. “You’re like a heat-seeking missile for trouble, you know that?”

Nina all but melted into the mattress. Really the only thing that could’ve made it better was if she could swing her arms around him and rip his shirt off. And then of course the ten steps afterwards that might be considered holding someone hostage? Somewhere in her long dreamy sighing, she’d forgotten she was supposed to stay still and her one unpinned hand reached up to tug gently at his shirt hem.

“Am I?” She wasn’t seriously asking or even really registered the statement, but she did have just enough sense to realize requesting things came with very nice rewards. “More kissing, pleeease?”

Letting out a short, harsh breath, Jay obliged her. The motion of his hand slowed to a crawl, but his focus had switched almost entirely onto her mouth; there were only occasional slow slick rolls of his thumb across her clit that seemed to be in perfect time with the sweeps of his tongue.

He let go of her wrist and covered her breast with his hand, palming her through the thin towel. The rough terrycloth prickled her already sensitive nipples.

Nina shivered and any left over insecurity that making out with Jay wasn’t going to live up to all her fantasies was completely obliterated. For all of her inexperience with deviant sexual activities, kissing was at least one thing she knew she was good at, and it was effortlessly easy to lean up into his mouth and explore with her own tongue as if it were something she enjoyed doing everyday.

Not so easy was keeping her hands to herself, because as soon as her wrist was loose she brushed her fingers against his neck and rest her palm there, surprised it wasn’t just her body that felt all sizzling and scorching hot. The sound she made was near scandalous, and she squirmed again, straining not to twist and shift her legs too much.

Jay made a noise in answer that vibrated down the back of Nina’s throat.

“Red light,” he breathed, pulling up short. He frowned, almost looking like he hadn’t meant to say it, but he shook his head. “Nope. Cool it off.”

His fingers withdrew from inside her, and then he was tucking Nina’s hair behind her ears and sitting back. His pupils were still blown, and Nina would have known he was hard even if she couldn’t see the tent of his jeans, but the set of his mouth told her he wasn’t about to change his mind.

Nina pulled her hands away immediately, resting them next to her head for a moment before digging one of them into her twisted up messy bun. She certainly didn’t look like she wanted to, with her face flushed pink and her brow furrowed, and the way her mouth was half parted, but if it had been her squeaking about red lights and tow trucks, she’d have wanted him to stop just as quickly.

There was a moment of brief panic that she’d done some horribly wrong, but he’d brushed away her hair with that same gentleness he always did and Jay looked anything but upset. Which left her stomach doing flips both with elation and frustration.

“You said I was trouble,” she muttered, blinking at him with wide eyes. Nina finally dislodged her fingers from her hair only to rub them over her puffy lips. Her throat was dry all over again and her skin was still humming.

“You are,” he told her, laughing breathlessly, and ran his hand through his own hair. “I really only planned on giving you a massage, you know. A normal massage.”

Jay looked at her, grinning and still eyeing her mouth. “You should grab that bath. I’ll let myself out in a few. You feeling less sore, though?”

While she stretched her arms and legs, probably looking more like a preening cat than a woman testing to see how sore she was, Nina pondered the whisper of trying to convince him into taking a bath with her. It wouldn’t take much, she was sure, and be well worth the effort. But it wouldn’t take much tip her into losing her whole challenge, either with her heart still beating a mile a minute and that godforsaken ache between her legs. Worse yet, she had a shiny new toy and a new-found confidence in touching herself, and she couldn’t even use it!

Nina definitely needed a long, long, long bath.

She sat up with a sigh, carefully tucking her towel around her body and slid her legs off the edge of the bed. When she stood she felt wobbly, but thankfully that was because she was all loose and melty, not from any kind of soreness.

“I do feel much better. Mostly,” she replied with a laugh, reaching out to gently boop him on the nose. “But not so sure I’m going to be able to sleep now.”

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