Ylva / Yvonne

Character Name: Ylva the Invincible
Gender: F
Job/Role: Wizard
Age (at time of death): 36

General Appearance:
Goal/Purpose: Protecting the lives of helpless people. Teaching newbies.
General Personality: Ylva is a god-sent gift to the world. At least that is how she thinks of herself. Beautiful, clever, wise, powerful, graceful… Ylva holds herself in the highest of regards. Of course everyone else describes Ylva as a conceited, shallow, heartless, braggart. Ylva has very little respect for anyone she finds beneath her, makes quick judgments based on first appearances, and everyone would be much happier if she’d just shut up and die. (And boy did they get their wish.)
General History:
Ylva was born the only child to very well off parents who pushed their daughter in to achieving the greatest she could be. This came natural to Ylva who displayed fantastic magical aptitude, quick wit, and an eagerness to learn everything she could get her hands on. This made her a model student, but did very little to curb her ever growing ego. The more Ylva learned, the more pride Ylva had in her skill. As she grew older she helped in many skirmishes in the city, then finally took up a teaching position with the local magical university.

Much to everyone’s displeasure, Ylva really was a talented wizard. So trying to explain to her that her attitude was a bit over the top, would just fly right over her head as she laughed them out. Ylva knew that people would be jealous over her immense talents.

How did S/He die?: The city was under attack by a huge demon! Some idiot decide to try out a spell from one of the library books and let the beast loose. After several failed attempts by other wizards Ylva snorted with impatient. “Can’t any of you buffoons handle a summoned demon?” she had said. Marching out in to the square with a wand held ready, Ylva looked pretty impressive. At first it might have even seemed like Ylva had it all under control! But the demon was a lot stronger than he looked, able to bend a wizards magic to turn against them! The more spells she cast the worst they turned against her. Ylva refused to call for help and in a last ditch effort, instead of casting a spell directly at the demon, she cast at an object to THROW at the demon – and missed. Missing so badly it set off a chain reaction of crashing market stalls. By the time the dust was clear, the demon was still terrorizing the square and Ylva was struck by two forks, a set of throwing daggers and an arrow!

Character Name: Yvonne
Gender: F
Species/Race: Human
Age: 16
Birthplace: Haler’s Mill
Parents: Thormund Smith, Denia Halsvad


General Appearance: 5’7″. Strawberry blond hair, wavy, and shoulder length. Hazel eyes. Well toned lean, body. Average clothing styles, though Yvonne more often prefers pants to skirts or dresses. Not that she doesn’t enjoy wearing pretty girly clothes – it’s just never practical for what she’s getting in to. Yvonne has a birthmark with pair of dice showing double fours on the lower left of her stomach. (She tries not to think about it, because it brings up more questions than she can get answered.)
Strengths: Yvonne has a strong and healthy body! Good resistance against illness, weather, conditions, and physical strength.
Weaknesses: Like any human being, Yvonne is not invincible. Yvonne isn’t exactly a trained combat fighter (but could hold her own in a small scuffle). She also has a low tolerance for pain.


Current Goal/Purpose: Adventure! Fame! Fortune!
Talents: Clever, Inquisitive. Yvonne likes figuring things out, knowing how things work, where things come from.
Inabilities: Understanding people’s feelings. (“Why can’t you just tell them about it?” “Yvonne, it’s more complicated than that…”)
Fears: Demons. Even just thinking about them gives her the creeps. If she ever came face to face with one, she may as well just die on the spot.
General Personality: To the world Yvonne is a bit of a friendly nuisance. Much like the little kid that comes around asking a million questions without respite. Yvonne is naturally curious, liking to learn everything she possibly can about, well. Everything. Occasionally in her personal quests of figuring stuff out, she’ll forget to mind her manners or use tact, which has gotten in her trouble on multiple of occasions. She never means to insult anyone, but has a hard time know when to keep her mouth shut. (“But a fact is a fact, I thought you said we aren’t supposed to lie?!”) Where no one particularly hates her, they do find her exhausting after awhile.
Inner Personality: Yvonne just likes to learn. Every time she discovers something new it’s this great rush of excitement! She has a hard time understanding why her parents and all the people in the village are so content to live everyday doing the same old thing, when there is just so much in the world to see and do. Her father is always a particular source of frustration, because he just doesn’t seem to get her and his answers never quite satisfy her. (“If you spent your life looking for something new, you’re going to miss what’s right in front of you, Yvonne.”) Of course, when she thinks about it, Yvonne has a hard time understanding people in general. Beyond her desire to run wild and free, Yvonne is still an obedient daughter, who does what she’s told, respects her parents and …usually… stays out of trouble.
Secret: Even though she was taught not to lie (and then later explain to that sometimes you might have to in order to spare someone’s feelings), Yvonne has a dreadful secret. If her Father ever found out that Mother gave her permission to use his favorite pair of slippers in an experiment… (“Honey, I don’t care WHAT you do with them. Those smelly things need to go!”) Well. It’s the end of life. On the bright side, Yvonne discovered that stink bombs are very effective weapons against boys invaded your club house.


General History: Yvonne was born to hardworking parents in Haler’s Mill. Her father, Thormund a former Army Blacksmith, with his own business in town. His wife Denia was an adventurer, who has settled happily in the life of a homemaker and farmer. Though having had grand adventures in their youth, they prefer the quiet humble life of Haler’s Mill. When Yvonne came along it was a joyful blessing! However, raising such a wild daughter without breaking her spirit has occasionally been stressful! Yvonne has an insatiable desire to know everything. Bringing about innocent moments of following around the Sheep Herder to find out why his sheep come back naked, to more dangerous ventures like asking a bear in person why he sleeps all winter. Everyone in town seems to find Yvonne amusing, as long as she’s not getting curious about what they are doing.

Present Life: As a coming of age teenager, Yvonne hasn’t lost that inquisitive streak, she’s just found better ways of managing it. “Consider the consequences before you act.” as her father always says. Yvonne is now feeling restless in her humdrum life, and as far as she’s concerned she’s learned all she could in the tiny little village. She wants to run off in to the world and see what else there is to see. Magic seems particularly interesting, or maybe pirating, or alchemy, or dragon hunting… There is a whole world out there!

Special Historic Notes: Yvonne receives the memories of her past life as Ylva after turning 16.

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