Character Name: Zahra
Gender: Female
Job/Role: She hasn’t mentioned what she did before the Quest. But she does seem to have a knack for translating languages.
Age: She hasn’t mentioned this either, but looks to be mid 20s.

General Appearance: Long curly brown hair, light blue eyes. She often looks to have dark circles, or seem very weary. Average figure.
Current Goal/Purpose: Find Yggdrasil.
General Personality: Reserved, withdrawn and completely inapproachable. At least, on a first impression. Zahra offers very little information about herself, but is more than willing to talk about her quest, or any other topic that might be brought up. She’s very secretive. People are kept at an arms length. She will, however, take complete charge of a situation with a surprising amount of capability.
General History: Everything about Zahra before she appeared asking people to join her quest is a complete mystery.

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