Felicia arrives at the Montgomery Estate to take over her inheritance and the half-sister she never knew existed.

[Felicia is ready to face her new life! With a little half sister… in this… big…creepy… house. Arriving in a taxi, getting out with her bags… yeah this doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.] -03:47 Mar 15

The Montgomery Estates are massive. A huge century plus old house with three floors, many windows, towers, twists, turns, gardens, family grave site, animals, land for a small farm… And it looks like there’s another big snow coming in to cover everything in a blissful white blanket!

[Kylie *Sits ontop of the long winding stairwell, inside that big enormous mansion she lived in….all alone. So. A half sister was arriving. She hugs Dominoe, her faithful pet Dominoe at her side… She knew this unknown half-sister was going to leave her. Just as everyone else did. She wondered how long she\’d last…. ] -03:54 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia drags her two bags out of the back of the taxi, while the driver gets the ones out of the trunk. She’s staring at the house for a minute before realizing the driver is ready for his money and seems to be itching to go. With a mumbled apology she handed over a few bills, and blinked in surprise as he jumped in to his vehicle and drove off like the devil was on his heels!* …Hey! Who is going to help me carry all this inside?! -03:54 Mar 15
[Bernhard is standing behind and to the side of Kylie. So, Old Man Montgomery had another kid. The old coot …] -03:55 Mar 15
Felicia: *She flicks a finger at the fleeing taxi…!!* …Well damnit. *Resigned to her fate, she halls one stra over her shoulder, tucks a bag under her arm, and grasps the other two by the handles to drag them towards the front door.* -03:57 Mar 15

At least the snow is beautiful!

Kylie: *She yawns a bit. Her silver-ringed green eyes were fixed on the door. She’d meet this half sister soon enough. But she wouldn’t let herself get close. Maybe then the older girl might have half a chance…..unlike the rest of her family. She nods to Berhnard, knowing the half-sister was here…she’d need help with the bags, and probably didn’t travel light either.* -03:59 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Decided to go with a "normal" human appearance in case this particular female could actually see him. Tall and lean, wearing a black suit with a long tail and looking every bit like a butler. Black hair and copper eyes. He figures he should act the part as well and walks down the stairs, opening the front door just as a woman lugging her bags gets there.* Miss Felicia, I presume. I see your taxi was in a hurry to leave. *He can’t help but smile slightly at that. It never ceased to amuse him how ordinary people avoided the place like the Black Plague.* Allow me to help with your luggage. *He steps forward and takes each and every one of her bags from her.* -04:03 Mar 15
Felicia: Oh, thank god. I thought I was going to have to drag those all the way to me room. *Felicia blinked at the man and… He seemed kind of weird. Nah, she’s just spooked by this creepy house.* I guess you already know I’m Felicia… you’re a butler, right? *She steps inside the house, cautiously! So, where was this little half sister?* -04:05 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* You could say that. My name is Bernhard. *He follows her inside and closes the door behind him, going the extra mile by closing it with his foot.* Welcome to the Montgomery estate. -04:08 Mar 15
Kylie: *Gets to her feet; looking smaller than her age; dressed in all black, her long brown hair was tied in a pony tail. Dominoe whined in the back of his throat, but otherwise was calm. She put a hand on his back, then walked down the stairs; scarilly quiet, for a kid.* "Hi…I’m Kylie." She says blinking up at the older girl. If she lasted more than a week– she’d be amazed!* -04:08 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia blinked down at the little girl and her..uh… dog? with much the same expression.* I’m Felicia. *She said again. …Okay, what do you say to a little girl that’s your sister after her family died and you never met her, but now have to be her new… sister.* I’m your new sister! Um… I guess. Never been a sister before, so if I’m kind of lame, I’ll get better, I promise. *She gives a big genuine grin!* -04:10 Mar 15
Kylie: *She blinks a few times at Felicia, then smiles a little.* It’s ok. I’m not that good either.. *Her eyes go to Bernhard at that comment; knowing it was actually only he who could ever stand up to that Shadow Creature and keep him from getting her. She was starting to worry she might actually like this half-sibling…and then…..he’d find out….* -04:14 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia scratches the back of her head nervously. Yeah, this was going to be real awkward for awhile!* Okay, so.. I guess you guys can show me to my room and then we’ll just get to know each other for a bit? -04:19 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Catches Kylie looking at him. He was no angel but he was doing what he could with what he had. Deciding to break the silence, he says.* I believe your room was just across the hall from Miss Kylie’s. -04:19 Mar 15

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door! “Hello? Miss Kylie? Miss Felicia, are you here? It’s Mr. Ravencroft, your father’s lawyer. We spoke on the phone.

Felicia: I think I’m going to need a ma-… *At the doorknock, Felicia did the kind thing and moved to answer it herself considering poor Bernhard’s hands were full with her stuff.. Jeeze, why didn’t he put it down for a second? Felicia opens the door wide!* Mr. Ravencroft! I didn’t really expect to see you so soon. I just got in… -04:21 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Great. Ravencroft couldn’t see him which meant … Stepping into the shadows, he appears to "sink" into them, appearing in Felicia’s room and depositing the luggagge on her bed. Then he "sunk" into some shadows and reappeared behind Kylie.* -04:23 Mar 15

Ravencroft, a thin man with eyeglasses and a briefcase, smiles. “Yes. Well, I was quite worried. What with Kylie alone and you having just arrived. I wanted to make sure the two of you were all settled down. And … I believe there are a few papers for you to look over and sign.”

Kylie: *She looks up at the lawyer, and could tell Dominoe didn’t like him much at all, he was growling that quiet growl of his; which she hushed him for, then decided to go back to her room; which was surprisingly innocent and childlike enough. Unlike the rest of the house!* -04:26 Mar 15
Felicia: She’s not alone, Bernhard is here. *Felicia had turned to point a finger at the butler, only to find him moved behind Kylie and her luggae missing. …Man, he was fast.* Oh yeah, those papers. I suppose we should get that out of the way. -04:26 Mar 15

Ravencroft blinks at her. Butler? Why, there hadn’t been a butler here since, since … He is about to tell her about that when she reminds him of the papers. “Ah yes … Yes, indeed. It might take a bit of a while. How about the study? It is rather close by.”

Felicia: Sure, it’s just-… Ah. You better lead the way. *She says sheepishly… Kylie already left to her room, and Felicia was wanting to do much of the same. Lawyers weren’t fun to deal with at all.* -04:30 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Follows after Kylie. You would think the man would get the hint after awhile. Out of sheer boredom, he had played a few … tricks … on the man which only made Ravencroft all the more nervous about this place.* -04:32 Mar 15
Kylie: *Watches cartoons from her bed, knowing Berhnard would get rid of that pesky lawyer easilly enough. And then she could give Felicia a tour! Lawyers were annoying time-wasters!* -04:33 Mar 15

Ravencroft smiles and nods. “Yes, yes … Uh …” He steps inside and looks around. “Right … this way!” He marches to the right and down a short hall, opening one of a pair of doors near the end. The study looks like a large office right out of a movie. Elegant wooden furniture, large windows with heavy curtains behind a huge desk. There was a giant globe in the corner and even a few paintings, the sort whose eyes appeared to follow you no matter where you are in the room.

Bernhard: *Once Kylie is settled in and her mutt is there, he excuses himself and disappears into a shadow again. He reappears in the hall just as Ravencroft closes the door behind himself and Felicia. How to get rid of Ravencroft and not have Felicia see him doing it would be child’s play.* -04:36 Mar 15
Felicia: *Yep, the place was exactly how she thought it would be. Straight out of those Stephen King novels. But hey, can’t let that get her distracted, time get get business done!* All so… Let’s just have a seat and look at those papers, shall we? Is there a whole lot I need to sign? -04:36 Mar 15

Ravencroft sets his briefcase down on the desk and opens it. Then he starts digging through it, shuffling papers. “No … not at all … if only … Oh dear, I know I had them with me. There are uh … ownership papers you see, for the estate and guardian papers for your sister.”

Felicia: Didn’t I already sign those with the papers you sent me last week? *Felicia stuffed her hands in her pockets, trying to remain patient… * -04:40 Mar 15
Kylie: *Had a feeling…. something shifted suddenly, in her room. Right out from under her bed, she sees something huge and shadowy moving, and of course; she hears a faint hiss of laughter as that creature stalks towards Felicia’s room! Oh no! Her new half sister wasn’t going to even last a night?! She hates this shadow monster bastard…! It already got her whole family…and ruined her life! Why was it going for Felicia when she hadnt been there even a whole day? And of course only the poor girl knew that the creature was there…. in her half-sister’s room. Waiting, and silently laughing at them all.* -04:41 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Disappears into a shadow and reappears in the study a good distance behind of Felicia. He picks up the letter opener on a table nearby which then disappears …* -04:42 Mar 15

Ravencroft suddenly stops and looks up at Felicia. “Oh dear … Did you …? I … I honestly can’t–Ow!” He cries out and jumps away from the desk. Something stabbed him in the foot!

Felicia: Are you okay? *A raised eyebrow, watching the lawyer jump away from the desk… Jeeze, what sort of professional can’t remember when important documents are signed? This is going to take forever, so she turns away from Ravencroft as she pulls off her jacket and drapes it across a chair.* I’m pretty sure I did, since it was all marked as "Urgent". You said you’d bring me the copies of the papers for filing. -04:45 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Smirks a bit. But he didn’t have time to play today … He stabs Ravencroft with the letter opener a few more times, first in his other foot, then returns to the one he stabbed first. Before long the lawyer is hopping around like mad.* -04:47 Mar 15

Oh dear, it was happening again! He gulps and as soon as the “attacks” pause for the briefest moment, he’s putting his papers back and closing his briefcase. “In … in that case, I will have my secretary fax them to you! Good day, Miss Felicia!” Then he’s hopping toward the door, out of the study, and out of the house.

Kylie: *Good ol Bernhard! Kylie grins when she hears the front door slamming; and a car engine starting. That lawyer sure didn’t last long. Now she’d have to warn Felicia about that terrible monster lurking under her bed…..and hope she wasn’t considered crazy like everyone else thought she was!* -04:50 Mar 15
Felicia: But you sa-…!! *Felicia could only stand there and blink for a moment, as the lawyer, much like the taxi driver, fled from the house like a bat out of hell.* …. So, the whole town is weird… *She mumbled rubbing her forhead.* -04:50 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Disappears again and reappears in Kylie’s room.* That was amusing … for a little while. *He takes a long look at Kylie.* What’s the matter? -04:52 Mar 15
Kylie: That creature went from under my bed- to Felicia’s room… I think he plans on killing her tonight, and I really should warn her— but she’ll only think I’m crazy… -04:53 Mar 15
Felicia: *At least now that the lawyer is gone, she can get to her room and spend some time with Kylie… If she can find her room. Felicia found her way to the stairs at least and started up them!* -04:54 Mar 15
Bernhard: You may have to risk it, Kylie. Her safety for what she may or may not think of you. But no matter what, I am behind you. -04:55 Mar 15
Felicia: *At the top of the stairs she had two choices… creepy hallway number one, or creepy hallway number 2. She pointed in each direction before choosing… number 2!* Kylie…? Bernhard..! …I am so going to need a map… -04:57 Mar 15
Kylie: Thanks Bernhard…I guess I owe it to my last remaining family anyway…. I hate when these things happen. *She agrees, and goes out to the hallway to meet Felicia..and promptly tell her, there was a really bad monster under her bed. And it wasn’t even night time yet!* -04:57 Mar 15
Felicia: There you are! *Felicia slid her hands in to he rpockets again, grinning at Kylie.* So the lawyer is gone. He must think I’m creepy… Hey, what’s the matter? -04:59 Mar 15
Kylie: *Can’t seem to think of a subtle way to put this… and it was going to come out all weird! But she has to try.* You have a bad monster under your bed, Felicia. A really bad one….. *Her eyes lower; she seems to know what was going to happen and didn’t like it!* -05:00 Mar 15
Felicia: A monster? *Felicia didn’t look at all surprised. After all, she’s talking to a seven year old and kids always thought there were monsters. And this house sure could rile up an active imagination.* Good thing I have a flashlight… *She dug in her pocket a second, pulling out a small keyring with a tiny weaklit flashlight.* How about we take a look and scare it out, then? -05:01 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Well, this was going … alright … so far. He stays hidden, though, just in case. He doesn’t like to take chances.* -05:03 Mar 15
Kylie: *At this point, the kid looks a little pale at that thought. But of course; she had to reason with the adult-mind. Which couldn’t possibly comprehend the idea of monsters being real… And she was smart for her age; already ages ahead of other kids her own age in almost every subject. Even psychology. She rolls her eyes, and tugs on Felicia’s hand; leading her into a really nice room– except for one or two problems. The room was icy- cold and shadowy… And there- under the bed, were two evil red eyes, watching the both of them with a smirk. Daring them to get closer.* It’s under there. *She points underneath the matress of Felicia’s bed; assuring Bernhard she wasn’t going to provoke the monster.* -05:05 Mar 15
Felicia: *Okay, so the room was cold, dark and shadowy… it’s an old house and has crappy air and lighting, right?* I’ll just take a quick look… *Felicia dropped to her knees by the bed, clicked on her flashlight and took a peek — she promptly clicked the light off and sat up.* ..Uh…. maybe I just… *Flashlight on… one more look.* …oh shit… what the hell…? -05:07 Mar 15

Like a snake preparing to strike, the creature waits. When Felicia gets on her knees and turns the flashlight on, the light reveals it to be solid shadow, if that is even possible. It hisses when the light turns on and suddenly it moves forward, knocking the flashlight out of Felicia’s hand and reaching for her!

Felicia: Run away…! *What the fuck…! Felicia scrambles backwards across the floor, promptly pointing an arm and finger towards the door!* Runa way, right now! *Okay… She’s a big sister now, when kids see monsters under the bed you do the grownup thing and get rid of them! Only… they’re not supposed to be freaking real! Felicia jumps up to her feet and grabs… a… a… candlestick! Choice weapon!* …Demon begon! uh.. I banish you! -05:13 Mar 15
Kylie: *She blinks at Felicia a few times! then snickers.* Smooth move there er…… older-half sister. Now you’ve just gone and made him mad… *She takes off a shoe and hurls it under the bed; hoping to smack it in the forehead!* -05:15 Mar 15
Felicia: Kylie, you don’t throw stuff at monsters! Run away, already! -05:18 Mar 15

The creature makes a strange “AAHHRRRROWWW!” sound as it stands and knocks the bed over after being “candlesticked” and had a show thrown at it. The room gets colder and the creature appears to be getting bigger, starting to fill the room!

Kylie: Felicia…… run! just get out of here! I’m going to make it at least leave your room! *She yells to Felicia, just as the room got a lot darker for this time of day…. and the curtains were wide open, but that certainly didnt make a difference!* -05:21 Mar 15
Felicia: I’m the big sister here! *Crap! Crap damnit and hell fire and a whole bunch of other dirty words! Felicia darts across the room and scoops up Kylie under her arm before running for the door!* -05:22 Mar 15
Kylie: *Protests as she’s picked up and ran away with!* I guess we’ll have to hide in my room now! *She yells, twisting to see if that creature was following……she really hopes not!* -05:24 Mar 15

As the creature moves to go after them, the door slams shut!

Bernhard: *Moves to stand between the door and the creature.* … My turn. -05:26 Mar 15
Felicia: What the hell is that thing?! *Felicia shouts, with Kylie still under one arm, as she points her free one at the door!* -05:26 Mar 15
Kylie: *Eep..! She twists and wriggles her way out from under Felicia’s arm to lead her back to her room.* Um.. That was the thing that killed off all our family. One by one. Siblings, parents—- nobody ever had a chance; and the only reason I’m still here is cause of Bernhard, and Dominoe. *She says quite calmly, indicating the huge black lab on her bed, who was now wide awake and growling at that door!* -05:29 Mar 15
Felicia: Murdered by monsters?! We live with monsters?! *And the kid is just saying it like it is.. Like it’s no big thing! Felicia followed the little girl in to her room, and blinked again at the dog!* …. *blink.* ….. Are you series?! -05:32 Mar 15
Felicia: *serious -05:32 Mar 15
Kylie: Just one monster– that one. The other dead people who live here are mostly all family or friends. Never would hurt either of us. And I’m very serious. I kind of have to be since I saw all of them die… just hope Bernhard can tame it a little. -05:35 Mar 15
Felicia: The other…dead… people..?! *Felicia blinked again! This was.. this was.. raagh!* OKAY! Okay… *A deep breath! She is the legal guardian here and has to be responsible and logical — no matter how freaking crazy it seems.* Monsters.. dead people. So..so this has only been happening the past couple years, Layerman told me, so… it’s like an assasination! So.. so… *She was saying "so" way too much.* It’s a plot, and once you find out the plots, you stop it and.. there we go! Find out the plots and save our necks! *Felicia was pacing the floor now, and likely not making a lick of sense!* -05:38 Mar 15
Kylie: Yeah…. hold that thought and calm down, sis. I’m going to check on Bernhard. *Before Felicia can even move to stop her, she’s telling Dominoe to guard her and darting out of the room to go see if Bernhard was alright across the hall! She tries opening the door…!* Bernhard?? Is it safe yet? -05:41 Mar 15
Felicia: Hey, get back here you little shrimp…! *Felicia tries to grab her before she escapes, but her fingrs just miss! Felicia goes storming after her, pale faced and panic stricken… but not little kid is going to get eaten on her watch!* Don’t you open that door! -05:43 Mar 15

The door is firmly locked! … But at the sound of Kylie’s voice, the knob turns and the door opens slowly …

Kylie: *Snickers at being called a shrimp and makes a face at Felicia! Then she turns serious again when she walks through the door, looking for Bernhard and the monster!… What was going on?* -05:44 Mar 15

The room is nice and tidy … making it impossible to believe a monster just wrecked the place. Except for that scorch mark right there on the floor, just as you come in!

Felicia: *Felicia stumbles through the door right behind Kylie and on quick alert to grab her and run off again… Everything looks… sort of okay.* ….Is it gone? -05:46 Mar 15
Bernhard: … You realize that if I really was a butler, this is my cue to ask for a raise. *He says from right behind Felicia and Kylie! Bernhard is still in human form and wearing the butler outfit.* And yes, it’s gone. For now. -05:47 Mar 15
Kylie: *She turns to hug Bernhard! She’d been really worried after seeing that scorch mark!* I’m glad it left. . . I hope it never comes back. *She knows it would though.* -05:48 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia jumped! And didn’t bother trying to play it off… she cast a cool look towards Bernhard…* … I knew you were weird. If you’re not a butler, what are you? Oh hell, I might as well ask what’s up with the place and the eventual question of monsters, and dead people, and why we’re probably going to get murdered while we’re sleeping…? -05:49 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Ruffles her hair a bit and hugs her back. He looks at Felicia.* An … indentured servant? -05:50 Mar 15
Bernhard: Kylie is better at explaining things. -05:51 Mar 15
Kylie: *Grins a bit at Felicia and Bernhard, then sneeeaks back to her own room! What a weird kid…* -05:51 Mar 15
Felicia: So much for Kylie explaining things. *Felicia blinks at her escaping grinning sister!* … we can’t stay in this house. -05:52 Mar 15
Bernhard: This is going to sound ludicrous but … you can’t. This is the safest place for both of you. You could leave but it will only follow. Until both of you are dead or the thing is destroyed. -05:54 Mar 15
Felicia: You have to be kidding me. *Another blink. Sinking feeling of doom and despair…! Felicia was rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands.* It’s so safe here, there’s only Kylie… and me by sheer fluke! -05:56 Mar 15
Kylie: *Even she knew leaving the house wasn’t possible… she’d tried; but every time she thought she’d make it right around the corner and to the city; she was strangely flung back to her own room! As if by an invisible force that wanted her to stay there forever– until even poor Felicia was dead; and that creature had gotten whatever it was that it wanted from her.She knows she was left alive for a reason, but could never figure out what…maybe she should go ahead and ask it…later tonight that is; when it came back.* -05:57 Mar 15
Bernhard: The Montgomery family are Summoners. People who can see and talk to the dead, tasked with the responsibility to help the dead move on, stop evil spirits, exorcise, you get the picture. Kylie cannot leave this place. She has tried and failed. -05:59 Mar 15
Felicia: *Talking to the dead.. well, that brought up some old creepy memories she doesn’t want to think about right now. So she focused on what was more important. Leaving!* Well I’m here now, and that’s going to change! No little kid should have to fear monsters under their bed! I’m going to take Kylie and find a better place to stay. -06:00 Mar 15
Kylie: *She decides to take a nap! And curls up next to Dominoe; the sun was starting to set now, and that never meant anything good. Maybe she could sleep through the night for once without anything weird happening?* -06:04 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Is looking out the window at something. He turns to look at her.* Good luck. You will both need it. *Then he’s gone, leaving Felicia to her own thoughts and returning to Kylie’s room, to sit by her bed.* -06:05 Mar 15
Felicia: *Alone! In a dark hallway… at sunset… twitching. Okay,… it IS sunset, so it’s a bad idea to go running out in the snow until morning, especially without a car. Felicia turns towards her bed… and stops. …Kylie must be scared with all these monsters, she shouldn’t have to sleep alone! Felicia crosses the hall to Kylie’s room and knocks on the door!* -06:07 Mar 15
Bernhard: *He stands and answers the door because Kylie is fast asleep and he doesn’t want her to wake up. She needs all the rest she can get.* Yes, Miss Felicia? -06:08 Mar 15
Felicia: I don’t want Kylie to sleep alone.. so I thought I would sleep with her. -06:09 Mar 15
Kylie: *She hears the knocking, somewhat, but she knows Bernhard is there. And she curls up on one side. Dominoe looks up briefly at Felicia, blinking at her a few times, then he’s putting his head back on the foot of the bed and snoozing again.* -06:10 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Steps back and to the side so she can enter.* The more the merrier. *He looks over at Kylie and Dominoe.* Would you like anything to eat or drink? -06:10 Mar 15
Felicia: i think I’m too twitchy to eat. *She replied honestly, slipping off her shoes as she moved for the bed. Lucky little girl getting such a big bed! Felicia isn’t going to bother about her clothes* Just…um.. stay within two feet? -06:12 Mar 15
Kylie: *Yep. Lucky little girl had a super-cool room too. Hey, there had to be some compensation for never being allowed out of this place, right? She remains sleeping. Tired from having been awake for almost a week straight before Felicia arrived!* -06:14 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Smiles a bit and nods.* Of course. *He shuts the door once she’s in.* -06:15 Mar 15
Felicia: *Silent as a cat… or at least, trying to be, Felicia slips in to bed and under the covers, trying not to disturb sister or big scary Dominoe… Now if she could will herself to sleep!* -06:16 Mar 15
Kylie: *Amazingly, for once the kid-sister is actually able to sleep even through a tornadoe at this point! She was so tired…..she’d probably sleep well past noon– that is, if everything went well that night..* -06:19 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Humans and animals needed sleep. Fortunately, Bernhard is neither so he sits back and enjoys his own company for awhile.* -06:20 Mar 15

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