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  • 005 (Unfinished!)

    005 (Unfinished!)

    [Felicia was awake before the sun even rose, and making herself a pot of coffee. Who can sleep in this drafty old place?] -02:19 Jun 19 “Where’s my coffee?” complained old man Mr. Peters who had just appeared in a stool at the counter. “You quit work and no one serves me my damned coffee […]

  • 004


    [Felicia was nursed by a dead family member… which was creepy, but comforting? She\’s sleeping soundly on the sofa, perfectly medicated!] -04:48 May 13 [Bernhard decides to stick around a bit. It\’s not like he has anywhere else to go …] -04:49 May 13 Uncle Larry had made sure Kylie was tucked away in bed […]

  • 003


    [Kylie *Was asleep, with Dominoe curled up happily next to her….. but she\’d wake up soon enough!* ] -02:29 Mar 24 [Felicia had gone to sleep as well.] -02:31 Mar 24 [Bernhard is in Kylie\’s room.] -02:31 Mar 24 Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* No wonder you Montgomeries are nearly extinct. *He smirks at Larry before he […]

  • 002


    in the middle of the night however; around 3 33 a.m. to be exact, a gathering of dead people– all of them evil spirits, gathered around that bed! Naturally, Dominoe started waking up and growling. But even if this didn\’t wake up Kylie– hands around her throat and ankles, and being drug under the bed […]

  • 001


    Felicia arrives at the Montgomery Estate to take over her inheritance and the half-sister she never knew existed. [Felicia is ready to face her new life! With a little half sister… in this… big…creepy… house. Arriving in a taxi, getting out with her bags… yeah this doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.] -03:47 […]