005 (Unfinished!)

[Felicia was awake before the sun even rose, and making herself a pot of coffee. Who can sleep in this drafty old place?] -02:19 Jun 19

“Where’s my coffee?” complained old man Mr. Peters who had just appeared in a stool at the counter. “You quit work and no one serves me my damned coffee anymore, Caldwell. I ought to complain to your manager.”

[Bernhard arrived in the kitchen not long after the Peters fellow, on his own two feet, through the door, instead of teleporting.] -02:23 Jun 19
Felicia: *Felicia nearly sent sugar flying all over the kitchen from the sudden start. Not Mr. Peters too! Were all of her regulars dead people?!* …Mr. Peters… don’t you think it’s strange that I’m standing here in my pajamas and you’re in my kitchen at 4:30 in the morning asking for coffee…? -02:24 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Smirking as he sat down some distance away from Mr. Peters.* My, you have been doing this for awhile haven’t you? And just never knew it. *He looked as smug as the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.* -02:26 Jun 19

“I know that if I don’t get any coffee, I’m going to have a fit, and don’t you dare serve this young upstart before me!” said Mr. Peters, who clearly wasn’t going anywhere without his morning coffee.

Felicia: *Felicia, like any good employee would, poured Mr. Peters his cup of coffee, two spoonfuls of sugar and a drop of cream, just the way he liked it.. and set it in front of him.* It’s not all that funny. You’d think I’d realize I’ve been talking to dead people. …or that my coworkers would have said something! -02:29 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Leaned forward on the counter with his elbow on the table and his chin on his hand. He was slightly amused at the thought of being served by anyone, much more a Montgomery.* … How do you know your coworkers weren’t dead, too? -02:29 Jun 19

Mr. Peters drank his coffee. Ghosts can drink coffee if they damn well please. It helps when it’s served by a Summoner, at least!

Felicia: *She looked horrified at the thought!* … That couldn’t actually be possible… could it? I mean, I did get paychecks and tips… Someone alive was running the place. -02:31 Jun 19
Bernhard: Anything is possible, especially in your line of … business. The fact you got paid confirms that at the very least your manager was alive. -02:32 Jun 19

“Are you gonna keep yapping or am I going to get my breakfast muffin?” exclaimed Mr. Peters.

Felicia: Well, damn. Next thing I know, I’ll find out all my exboyfriends were dead people too. *Felicia poured Bernhard a cup of coffee as she rolled her eyes at Mr. Peters.* You know, there’s not any muffins, I’d have to bake them myself, and that’ll cost extra considering you’re in my spooky house and not a coffee shop. -02:34 Jun 19
Bernhard: Would it explain a lot if they were? *Smirked and accepted the coffee.* Ah, my thanks. -02:35 Jun 19

Mr. Peters made sure it was known that he didn’t care what it cost so long as he got his damned breakfast muffin.

Felicia: *A grimace!* Ugh, no. I think that’s wishful thinking on my part. *Mr. Peters wanted his breakfast and who was she to deny him? She snooped around until she fetched what she needed and pulled out some goodies from the fridge.* At least I hope I could tell the difference between a dead guy and a live one. -02:40 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Chuckled softly.* I’m quite sure you could. *He sipped his coffee.* After you serve your customer here, what did you have planned for today? -02:45 Jun 19

Mr. Peters had an empty coffee cup and he wanted a refill! “Those dead people give me the creeps. Always walking in an out of places and hovering around like a bunch of wraiths!”

Bernhard: Yes. Well … they were very much like that when they were alive … without the disappearing and reappearing trick. -02:48 Jun 19
Felicia: *Demanding old man. She poured him another cup of coffee and returned to her mixing.* I’m either going to explore, so when I’m running for my life I know where I’m going or I’ll see about some sort of self defense class. Do you suppose teachers make house calls? -02:49 Jun 19
Bernhard: They probably would … provided your house wasn’t the Montgomery estate. You could try summoning a self defense teacher but that can prove risky. -02:50 Jun 19

Mr. Peters snorted. “Got a wise cracker over here. You want me to dispose of him, Caldwell? Then we can have a quiet breakfast without some idiot butting in!” He really was a crotchety old man.

Bernhard: *Smirked.* Take a number, Grandfather. -02:51 Jun 19
Felicia: *Pouring batter in to a muffin tin she cast a side look at Mr. Peters.* Mr. Peters, did you want something besides breakfast? Or do you just want to be ornery and sour all morning? -02:53 Jun 19

The ghost snorted, drinking his coffee with that superior air that old people usually got when they admitting something that they thought was embarassing. “I wanted my damned cup of coffee, and you’re the only wench that’ll serve me any. You got a problem with that?”

Felicia: *She sighed! Why she felt sorry for a mean old dead man, she didn’t know! Felicia slid the pan in to the oven, and finally poured herself a cup!* Then stop being so wretched. I’m trying to have an important conversation with Bernhard. -02:59 Jun 19

Mr. Peters snorted again. But he shut up, not forgetting to give Bernhard a glare.

Bernhard: *Innocently sipped his coffee.* -03:04 Jun 19
Felicia: I guess you’re going to be teaching me more than useful Montgomery things, if I can’t get anyone to come here. If I have to scream for help everytime something is trying to get me, I think eventually you’re gonna feed me to the wolves. -03:04 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Smirked.* Not to worry … we don’t have wolves. *He chuckled softly.* But I see your point. I suppose we could ask a few of your relatives but the only ones to know useful self-defense techniques lived back in the 1700’s and earlier. -03:06 Jun 19
Felicia: Great… This must be life’s way of punishing me for not staying in college. *She was muttering to herself as the timer on the stove dinged. A handy pot holder and she pulled out the pan, plucking out muffins to set on plates. One for Mr. Peters, one for Bernhard, one for herself and some extra for Kylie when she woke up.* -03:09 Jun 19
Bernhard: You’ll do fine. I’ll teach you what I can. *He sipped his coffee again.* -03:13 Jun 19
Felicia: Born to do it and all of that destiny stuff, right? *Giving them each their breakfast, she also set out a dish of butter. Mr. Peters liked his with butter.* Would either of you like a glass of milk too? -03:15 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Smirked.* Destiny has nothing to do with it. No, thank you. *He started to eat his muffin.* -03:16 Jun 19

“Milk is for babies.” grumped Mr. Peters, who was already buttering and devouring his breakfast muffin as if he hadn’t eaten in decades. …It might have been true!

Felicia: *Shaking her head at the old man, she ate slowly, debating on the best thing to do for the day. She really wanted to avoid any summoning. Another accident like that last one would be a disaster. Were there sticks you could hit aggressive ghosts with?* -03:20 Jun 19

Good old Uncle Larry appeared, looking as wonderful as ever! “Well, well. Montgomery serving a demon and a ghost breakfast. This IS a sight to see.”

Bernhard: *Sipped his coffee and ate his muffin.* -03:26 Jun 19
Felicia: Would you like breakfast, Uncle Larry? *She was done with hers anyway, she picked up her cup for a sip.* -03:27 Jun 19

Uncle Larry pointed a finger at her mug making the thingy boil! “No, no. Looks much too hot. I thought today was a grand day to teach my eldest niece something useful.”

Bernhard: … Like how to be a complete jackass? *Asked casually.* -03:29 Jun 19

“Oh ho! Dear, remind our servant that he’s not to speak unless spoken to.” sneered Uncle Larry. “You should come out to the graveyard with me, Felicia. I will teach you how to summon properly.”

Felicia: *Blink…! She frowned at her cup and sat it back down on the counter.* I already have plans today. -03:31 Jun 19

Mr. Peters muttered. “Who let the asshole in?” …With that he promptly and wisely poofed!

Bernhard: *Raised an eyebrow and chuckled softly. He was beginning to like Old Peters.* -03:32 Jun 19

“It’s really not a request, little niece. After all, it’s vital to learn the tools of your heritage and who else better to learned from than your dear highly skilled old uncle?”

Felicia: You know, I think I’m going to get dressed so I don’t start my day running in terror while still in my pajamas! *She announced quickly, heading for the door!* -03:36 Jun 19

Uncle Larry let her leave, choosing to sit in the stool next to Bernhard. “I don’t intend to let you teach her any of your filthy demon habits.”

Bernhard: *Sipped his coffee.* It is her choice, after all. At least I’m not tossing her out of windows and leaving her in the cold. -03:43 Jun 19

“The girl thinks you’re harmless, but we know better don’t we.” Uncle Larry smirked. “I won’t sit idly by while you give lessons…”

Bernhard: *Sideways glance at Larry.* You would know better than anyone, wouldn’t you? Now, now, what’s this? Afraid I might actually teach her something you possibly can’t? -03:49 Jun 19
Felicia: *Felicia escaped to her room, getting dressed faster than she normally would so early in the morning. Some jeans a long sweater, socks and shoes. Uncle Larry said ‘not a request’ and that seemed to mean she was going to get shoved off a building or dropped in the snow somewhere. …She still thought there might be wolves.* -03:49 Jun 19

“My niece seems to be able to do things that Kylie cannot… More than some demon could teach her, I am sure. There is no reason to allow you to leech such knowledge from a stupid clueless girl.”

Bernhard: *Smirked.* Of course. No reason. Because you intend to do exactly that. -03:53 Jun 19

“Yes. I do.” The look on Uncle Larry’s face suggested he planned on doing exactly that, as he suddenly ploofed away!

And that was when a wolf jumped out of Felicia’s closet! A big furry, drooling, and very hungry looking wolf! Greeoowl!

Bernhard: Of course. *Sipped his coffee and ate his muffin. His shadow suddenly broke away and disappeared under the door. -03:57 Jun 19
Felicia: *Felicia paused mid fixing her hair… and quickly climbed on to the dresser! She knew there were wolves! How do wolves get in to closets, anyway?!* Get back in the closet! -03:58 Jun 19

Uncle Larry appeared, floating above Felicia and clucking his tongue! “Didn’t he say there were any wolves here? That demon is a rather bad liar. I could teach you how to deal with summoned wolves, Felicia.” The wolf didn’t think the dresser was that high of a jump and it lunged!

Felicia: *Felicia jumped off the dresser to scramble on top of a much higher wardrobe! She might as well figure out how to deal with a wolf and not call Bernhard for every little thing. This was bound to happen a lot.* I’m sure I can handle a wolf, Uncle Larry. -04:01 Jun 19

“I don’t know. He’s rather not a normal wolf is he. Do you even know how to vanquish or summon?” Uncle Larry asked, hovering still as the wolf had climbed on to the dresser to leap up on the wardrobe!

Felicia: *Sliding off the wardrobe to fall right in to bed, Felicia grabbed up one of the blankets.* If you’re just going to hover and comment, maybe you should dissappear or something! -04:08 Jun 19

The wolf bounced on to the wardrobe and then lept in to the bed after Felicia! “Is that a request for help, dear niece? Uncle Larry would be more than happy to assist if you wished.”

Felicia: *Got it…! She tossed the blanket over the wolf, and with all it’s thrashing it ended up with itself tangled in the sheets!* I’d rather get help from another wolf! -04:10 Jun 19

“I will take that as a ‘Yes, Uncle Larry, save me!'” he said with a smirk! Hovering over her again he snagged her by the shoulders and… PLOOF! Right in to the graveyard! “Oh, whoops! I brought the wolf too!”

Felicia: *Now balacing precarious on a headstone, she toppled off and landed right on someone’s grave! There was the wolf now ripping it’s way out of her sheets, and all she could do was groan.* Thanks a lot, Uncle Larry. *She thought quickly for something that sounded like vanquishing!* -04:15 Jun 19

Riiiiip! The wolf shredded it’s way free, drooling and foaming, catching it’s prey in it’s sights! It ran full steam ahead before it pounced!

Felicia: *Crap…! Thinkfastthinkfast!! Felicia rolled out of the way!* Discostare! Remove! Vanquish! Scram! -04:27 Jun 19

The wolf landed where Felicia had been sitting seconds before, and jumped to lunge again! As it pounced it dissapeared nose first down to his tail like he had jumped down a rabbit hole in mid air! The wolf had poofed!

Felicia: … Oh thank god. *Felicia plopped over on the cold ground. She was really digging for these spells, and thought she might’ve summoned up a mutant or something.* -04:30 Jun 19
[Felicia ended up in the graveyard anyway. Thanks Uncle Larry.] -02:32 Jul 08
[Bernhard figured Larry was up to something … so he decided to track Ms. Felicia down!] -02:33 Jul 08
Bernhard: *One can never be too careful when dealing with Larry Montgomery so … he decided to go the incognito route. My, this should be interesting …* -02:34 Jul 08

Uncle Larry chuckled. “That was mighty impressive, little girl. How ~do~ you open those portals?” Uncle Larry was sitting on top of one of the gravestones.

Felicia: *Felicia stood up and dust herself off.* If I knew, I don’t think I’d tell you anyway. *She held out her hands!* Any more wolves, Uncle Larry? -02:35 Jul 08
Bernhard: *And they said demons were terrible. Humans were more so. He moved closer to keep Felicia in his sights. It was a good thing he’d thought to use a little magic and a tracking spell.* -02:36 Jul 08

Uncle Larry seemed to think about it for a moment or two. “No, no more wolves. But aah… You’re so clever maybe you can open another portal for me, if I tell you the right words.”

Felicia: Yeah, I’m really going to fall for that. *At least she could see the house from here, she started walking!* -02:39 Jul 08

Uncle Larry poofed right in front of her. “Now Felicia, how am I supposed to give you lessons if you won’t try things out. It’s only a few simple little words and a small finger prick. You’ll be serving the dead their coffee in no time.”

Bernhard: *Followed after Felicia. He wanted to know more about what Larry was up to and … yes, he was a tad bit curious about how Felicia would react. She was spirited but Larry could be … persuasive. He stayed within earshot.* -02:41 Jul 08
Bernhard: (testing.) -02:41 Jul 08
Felicia: See, I might have tried but then blood had to be involve, and nothing with blood involved is ever good. *She stepped around Uncle Larry!* -02:44 Jul 08

Uncle Larry though being a ghost had grabbed her wrist! Whoopsie! He was wearing one of his jagged little rings and now she had a little bleeding knick. “Ah! See there, spell half ready, might as well give it a try. What were those words… Distrugga il demone?”

Felicia: Ow..! What the hell! *She had snatched her arm away to examine her wrist, trying to rub the itchy pain away. At least it wasn’t like.. a suicide slice!* …That’s not words for opening a portal, that’s destroying a demon! -02:49 Jul 08

“Of course! You can’t safely open a portal when there is a demon lurking in the shadows ready to attack. You have to clear the area first.”

Bernhard: *Eyes narrowed into slits. He had a pretty good idea which demon Larry had in mind, too! But he’d never been considered a threat before …* What’s the matter, Larry? Can’t I tag along? *He appeared to one side of Felicia.* -02:53 Jul 08
Felicia: *Felicia jumped! Eyeing Bernhard carefully… sneaking around invisible like that, he was lucky she didn’ well.. scream or something!* -02:55 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Turned to Felicia and grinned.* I felt lonely. *He clasped his hands behind his back.* And I figured I come on a field trip of my own. -02:57 Jul 08

“Yes, she’s so lucky to have you around. Oh but… It’s strange how he said there wasn’t wolves but there is… And how his shadow detaches and ‘rescues’ just in the nick of time. And yet there’s a shadow always trying to devour my little Kylie…” Uncle Larry looked dreadfully concerned!

Bernhard: Indeed. No normal wolves. But of course, you are such an expert at these things, aren’t you, Uncle Larry? However, even you know I cannot harm a Montgomery, in any shape or form. That includes my shadow. It says so in the Everto Pactum. The Demon Contract. -03:02 Jul 08
Felicia: It’s strange how you showed me off the roof of the house, but I haven’t vanquished you…. yet. *Felicia muttered sarcastically. Always a joy with Uncle Larry.* -03:02 Jul 08

“Oh yes! The contract! Has your little demon friend told you what he ~did~ to a Montgomery, that he had to have a contract placed on him?”

Bernhard: I believe the punishment fit the crime, has it not? But I guess if Miss Felicia wants to, we could even take a trip down there sometime. -03:04 Jul 08
Felicia: Okay! *Felicia held up a finger!* I love playing cat and mouse, really, but it’s kind of cold out here so maybe we can take a trip to the wonderful history of the Montgomeries inside the house. -03:07 Jul 08

Uncle Larry scowled flicking a hand off in the direction of the house. “Your lesson isn’t over with yet. But yes. DO go back to the house. Please.” That scowl of his suddenly turned in to a wicked smile!

Bernhard: … I guess the stories were true and your mother was a goat, Larry. You look just like her. *Said off handedly.* -03:10 Jul 08

Uncle Larry hissed through his teeth before he PLOOFED and disappeared! But, for Bernhard’s enjoyment, he left a present… or three! A few pretty wolves!

Bernhard: He never did take jokes well. *His shadow moved and morphed into a large shadow cat again and clawed at a wolf who came too close.* -03:14 Jul 08
Felicia: *At least it’s just wolves and not like… wel, she couldn’t think of anything worse at the moment! She stepped behind Bernhard! What was that portal spell again?!* You’ve really got a way with Uncle Larry! -03:15 Jul 08

The first wolf tangoed with the shadowcat while the other two circled around their prey! Big shining teeth and drooling jaws! Both pounced, snapping for legs!

Bernhard: *The shadowcat hissed and batted, then jumped out of the way of a pounce! Meanwhile, Bernhard wrapped one arm around Felicia’s waist and jumped onto a thick branch of a nearby tree. He made a sweeping motion with his hand!* Matris terra voro lemma! *The earth shook and gave way right under the wolves as if the earth was trying to swallow them up!* -03:19 Jul 08

The wolves yelped as they tried clawing and leaping on falling rocks to get back to solid ground but they found themselves eaten up by the earth! Only a few pitiful wolfie yelps remained!

Felicia: *Tree!! Okay this was kind of weird. She was pretty sure this sort of thing happened in anime. Maybe she shouldn’t be thinking about anime when they were in a tree.* So, just to make sure, you’re not gonna get tired of dagging me out of trouble and eventually say ‘You’re on your own, Felicia!’? -03:24 Jul 08
Bernhard: *The earth stopped shaking and closed up as if nothing had ever happened. The shadowcat went back to being a shadow. He seemed to be murmuring something under his breath but he opened his eyes and glanced over at her. He grinned.* If it is any consolation, I haven’t had this much fun in years. But … I digress. We were headed back to the manor. *He glanced down at the ground at least twelve feet down.* I assume you want to go the human way and walk? -03:26 Jul 08
Felicia: *She glanced down. …and quickly back up again!* Not if we have to take the human way out of this tree too. -03:29 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Soft chuckle.* You humans are a blast. If you’re going to walk the human way, you might as well get out of a tree the human way. *He grinned.* So it’s either the human way or we do it the demon way and teleport. -03:33 Jul 08
Felicia: I’d swat at you if I weren’t afraid of falling out of this tree! *She looked down again… and groaned!* The demon way! -03:34 Jul 08
Bernhard: Right away, Miss Felicia. *He reached out and took her hand and the two of them disappeared! And reappeared in the all-too-familiar study!* -03:39 Jul 08
Felicia: *One or two misteps, trying to keep her balance from the sudden shifting… and ignoring that strange feeling that came along with it.* I hate that part, I really do. *She glanced around wearily… everything looked normal…. as normal as the Montgomery house could be anyway.* -03:41 Jul 08
Bernhard: You get used to it after awhile. Do you need something warm to drink? -03:45 Jul 08
Felicia: Yeah… That’d be really nice, actually. *She grinned at him. He went from bodyguard to butler in three seconds, it was kind of funny!* -03:46 Jul 08
Bernhard: Right away then. *He started for the door only to pause and turn back to her.* Perhaps … you’d like to accompany me? Considering … *He gestured.* Everything. -03:48 Jul 08
Felicia: *She pointed towards the books.* Actually, I was going t- *She blinked, seeming to think twice about that!* Yeah, I’ll just stay with you. -03:50 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Chuckled softly as they walked to the kitchen.* I won’t be long. Why don’t you tell me something about yourself while we past the time? *They got to the kitchen and he whipped out the tea kettle.* Like the coffee shop you worked at. -03:57 Jul 08
Felicia: *Felicia slid in to a chair, tapping her fingers on the counter.* Freedom of Espresso… Just a typical coffee shop. I’ve worked there since I quit college… -03:59 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Filled the tea kettle with water and put it on the stove to boil.* Sandwich? *Grin.* Fighting wolves works up an appetite, doesn’t it? -04:01 Jul 08
Felicia: *She nodded!* …not that I was fighting the wolves. Well, those wolves. …I didn’t really fight that wolf in my room either, I was busy climbing the furniture and avoiding it’s teeth. You know, it’s really no wonder there aren’t any Montgomeries left at this rate. -04:03 Jul 08
Bernhard: Yes, I see your point. *He reached into the fridge.* Turkey or ham? -04:05 Jul 08
Felicia: Turkey. I was wondering… seeing as how most of the Montgomeries seem to be a bunch of crazy jackasses… We’re you…uh… trying to save any of them. Besides Kylie… -04:08 Jul 08
Bernhard: Besides Kylie. Just one. *He pulled out the turkey and a few things besides such as the tomatoes and the mayo.* -04:16 Jul 08
Felicia: I don’t count considering I asked you to. But I guess that answers my question. *She rest her chin in her hand.* If I hadn’t offered to break your contract, would you let me die too? -04:19 Jul 08
Bernhard: No. The one I tried to save was your father. *Appeared to think about that for a moment.* But no, I would not let you die, truth be told. Mayo? -04:22 Jul 08
Felicia: Oh! *She blinked, sitting up straight again.* Yes, please. …Was he different from everyone else? My father. -04:24 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Added mayo to the sandwich, followed by lettuce and the turkey.* The others were more concerned with their power than he was. He wanted to keep to the old ways, to guide the dead and vanquish the evil. He didn’t like the road the Montgomery bloodline had gone down, nothing but corruption and greed. -04:34 Jul 08
Felicia: Strange words for a man that cheated on his wife. *She frowned, slumping in her chair again to rest on her arms.* I didn’t think I was annoyed by it, but it came with a few extra surprises.. -04:36 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Small shrug.* He was human. Things become complicated when love and lust are involved. *The tea kettle began to whistle so he took it off and poured the hot water into a cup.* Few extra surprises, hm? -04:38 Jul 08
Felicia: Finding out about your real father doesn’t usually come along with haunted houses, demons, and family legacies… -04:39 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Nod.* Point taken. But for someone who just learned all of this and is still learning, you are doing very well. -04:50 Jul 08
Felicia: *She gave a small halfhearted grin.* Which means sometime in the near future somethings gonna happen and I’m either going to flip out, or be just totally screwed… -04:52 Jul 08
Bernhard: Well, until that time, what will you do? Tea? -05:01 Jul 08
Felicia: With lots and lots of sugar. I thought I would look for a cure to your contract, stumble over the solution to the Montgomery murders, and… not die. Think that’s too much? -05:03 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Chuckled softly.* Seeing as how there is little else to do here, I do not see how that would be too much. *He placed her tea in front of her.* -05:18 Jul 08



[Felicia was nursed by a dead family member… which was creepy, but comforting? She\’s sleeping soundly on the sofa, perfectly medicated!] -04:48 May 13
[Bernhard decides to stick around a bit. It\’s not like he has anywhere else to go …] -04:49 May 13

Uncle Larry had made sure Kylie was tucked away in bed with her guard dog… and now he was lurking around Felicia’s sofa to “check” on her. Now where did Ellen leave that bag, Felicia looks like she’s in pain!

Bernhard: *Sitting in the arm-chair not too far away, watching Larry.* Looking for something? *He looks very smug. Sitting in the chair with his legs crossed and his arms on the arm rests.* -04:51 May 13

Uncle Larry looks unspooked as well as unconcerned about being spied upon. “My poor niece is in pain, and you just sit there as assinine as can be. Where is that painkiller so that I might ease her torment?”

Felicia: *Felicia was plenty medicated, she wasn’t even disturbed by the voices. She was sleeping soundly, occasionally mumbling a word here or a phrase there. Silly things in Italian.* -04:54 May 13
Bernhard: Weren’t you the one who said she had to "bear it"? Such concern is touching. But you have "ease her torment" confused with "wanting to OD her". -04:55 May 13

“Clearly you put your own wicked thoughts upon me as if they were my own.” Uncle Larry floated himself to the sofa, sitting on the edge of the cushion to stare down at Felicia with his most concerned expression. “The poor little dear has no idea that you’ll betray her in the end. It’s your demonic habit, after all.”

Bernhard: I find it amusing that you Montgomeries worry about betrayal so. I might be a demon but I keep my contracts. It is a shame the same cannot be said about you or yours. -05:01 May 13

“Alas, speaking of contracts… I think I will let you clean up the mess the little amatuer has created.” With his mysterious closing comment… Uncle Larry disappeared with a ploof!

Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow. Hm. Well, this should be interesting.* -05:06 May 13
Felicia: *Felicia remained asleep, though had tried to roll over, only resulting in angry mumblings with more Italian mixed inbetween!* -05:07 May 13

The room seemed perfectly quiet, and nothing particularly strange.. But there was a humming from the fireplace like there was a TV turned on! Out of thin air a head poked through… a dead half rotten head withhalf it’s teeth missing… soon followed by the rest of it’s body!

Bernhard: *This is what he got for making contracts with mortals. A large fire ignites in the fireplace and his shadow moves. It becomes solid and takes the form of a large cat that swipes at the body and attempts to push it back into the fire.* -05:14 May 13

The zombie body shuffles backwards… only to find itself bumping in to another one climbing out of the thin air just above the fire! Moooan! ..Was there a third one trying to poke through?!

Bernhard: *These were no shadow-creatures so whatever evil had been plaguing this place was out of the question. And then he recalled what Larry had said. A "mess" casued by a "little amatuer." He would never call Kylie that. So that left … And he’d thought he’d seen it all. Well, time to "book it." He gets up and shakes Felicia. HARD. Meanwhile, his shadow is being kept busy, batting at zombies.* -05:20 May 13
Felicia: *Felicia growled what sounded like a rather nasty insult! She very nearly started swinging punches as she groggily blinked her eyes open.* What’s the matter with you…? -05:22 May 13
Bernhard: Perhaps you could ask them. *He calmly stops shaking her hard and points to the zombies.* -05:24 May 13
Felicia: *Felicia blinked. Twice! She opened her mouth possibly to start shouting with fright, but found herself too weary to bother.* …tell them to go home, I’m too tired to run away. -05:27 May 13

There were now four zombies out of the fireplace, and one of them was sitting in the fire roasting nicely for lack of room to shamble! They really didn’t look like they wanted to go home!

Bernhard: Certainly. Had it not been for the fact that I have no idea how they got here. Although I suspect you had something to do with it. *He sees the look she gives him.* You were speaking Italian in your sleep. -05:30 May 13
Felicia: …I sleep talk?! *She’s not sure what she’s more horrified by.. talking in her sleeping, or apparently summoning ZOMBIES while she sleeps!* What am I supposed to do about it?! I don’t know how I did it! -05:32 May 13
Bernhard: On the bright side, they’re only coming out of the fireplace. *His shadow becomes intangible and returns to him.* So you might have opened a portal. *Which was interesting. No Montgomery had ever opened a portal before … He picks up the firepoker.* I guess we could try closing whatever hole they came out of. *He swings his way to the fireplace, flinging the zombies back and then swings at the head beginning to climb out.* -05:38 May 13
Felicia: A portal to the dead?! *Now she was just stating the obviously needlessly… and rolling off the couch to crawl behind it to saftey!* I should have never taken that language class. Uh.. chiuda il portello dei morti! Close the door of the dead? Vanno gli zombies domestici! Go home zombies! …. What’s Italian for closing portals?! -05:44 May 13
Bernhard: Vicino il portone? *Shrugs a bit.* My Italian is rusty. -05:47 May 13

A zombie head goes rolling across the floor after being knocked clear off it’s shoulders. The body seems to be stuck now, half way in and half way out… And it can’t wiggle though!

Felicia: *Felicia peeked over the back of the sofa.* … I think that worked…? *And ducked when one of te stray zombies takes a swipe at her head!* Shove them back the other way! -05:51 May 13
Bernhard: *Ghosts. Shadow-creatures. Zombies were the logical next step. Fortunately, he’d cleaned enough messes to know dwelling on it wouldn’t get it cleaned up any sooner. He starts "herding" the stray zombies back to the fireplace. If they couldn’t go back through the portal, maybe he could fry them instead.* -05:54 May 13
Felicia: *If she can summon up zombies just by sleep talking, surely she can get rid of them with a simple phrase too… but what would she-* I have an idea! *Felicia climbed up to her feet, and with all the hope she could muster she tried her made-up spell!* Che cosa è stato fatto, ora undo! -05:57 May 13

There was a whoooosh and the air felt so heavy it was almost dizzying. All the zombies disappeared and the portal was nowhere in sight! But, the room looks so much cleaner and newer than it had before…

Bernhard: *Looks around and rests the fire poker over his shoulder.* Hm. Not bad. But what, pray tell, did you say in this spell of yours? -06:00 May 13
Felicia: I… can’t believe that… worked. *Felicia glanced around… Well, it worked, but it worked so well it cleaned out the whole place! It looked a good hundred years younger!* I said "What was done, now reverse." -06:01 May 13
Bernhard: *Glances around a bit more. He walks to the window and glances out just to be on the safe side.* -06:03 May 13

There’s a car out front, but it’s a nice looking antique! Right about then Uncle Larry walks through the door, only.. It’s not Uncle Larry just a man that looks a lot like him! “What the hell are you doing here!”

Bernhard: *Something flickers on his face but quickly disappears.* Not a clue. -06:11 May 13

The man snorts! “Bloody demons getting cheeky these days. What is this, your meal?!” He motions an angry finger at Felicia before he blinks, taking a second look at her. “Wait a minute. You look like…” He crossed the room towards her quickly!

Felicia: *Felicia backed up a few steps before dashing behind Bernhard and shamelessly using him as a shield! The man looked a lot like Larry, and she was pretty wary about Larrys for the time being!* I have a feeling I screwed up that spell. -06:16 May 13
Bernhard: Indeed. This is Albert Montgomery. Larry’s father. *He tells her, eyes trained on the man.* -06:18 May 13

“You are supposed to be in Paris with the rest of the clan. Are you shirking you duties for a tryst? …Step aside and let me see that woman!” Bellows Albert who gives uo to waltz around him!

Bernhard: *Quick. Story.* Alexia sent me back. I packed the wrong gown for her. You know how particular she is. Then she said the seamstress had done it wrong and ordered me to fetch her. I brought her here to mend the gown. -06:27 May 13

Yet I heard her mutter something about a spell… Ah ha!” Albert managed to catch Felicia’s arm while she was trying to evade him, and dragged her good and close. “Those are my wife’s eyes. Patricia. Why is there a seamstress with my wife’s eyes and the smell of summoning on her finger tips, Bernhard.” Albert had the sudden look of a man who had stumbled over something very juicy!

Felicia: *To her credit she didn’t squeek, despite her wide eyed look. How did she open that portal again?! That would be handy now!* I’m a distant cousin…? -06:33 May 13
Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow.* Knocked back a few bottles of vodka again, have you? -06:34 May 13

That look on his face died as he shoved Felicia back at the demon. “Playing a demons tricks on me, are you! I’ll not be played a fool by the likes of you. I will be in my study. Don’t to damn dare to disturb me.” He stalked away in the blackest of moods!

Bernhard: *Catches Felicia and watches him march out. He chuckles softly and smirks a bit.* That went rather well. -06:39 May 13
Felicia: *She waited until he was gone before she finally breathed!* I don’t know how you keep a straight face. I think he could see right through me. -06:40 May 13
Bernhard: Albert was considered one of the stronger Montgomeries in his time. Fortunately, he has a past drinking problem that cost him his wife and many’s respect. *He heads for the door and locks it.* Ready to try that spell to send us back? -06:43 May 13
Felicia: *There was a cold wave of panic that was starting to make her lightheaded.* I don’t think that’s such a good idea. What if I.. What if we end up in… hell or somewhere worse! -06:45 May 13
Bernhard: *Thoughtful expression.* Good point. But tell me … how eager are you to live here at this time with these people? -06:47 May 13
Felicia: *That sounded just as bad. So despite the sinking feeling in her stomach, she grabbed on to his arm so she could make double sure it was both of them that went and where ever they ended up she wouldn’t get stuck there alone.* …. I don’t know any spells… that last one I made up went all wrong. -06:50 May 13
Bernhard: I’m not much of a teacher but spells are literal. You said to reverse what was done and it did that and time along with it. If anything you could call this, "hands on" learning. -06:56 May 13
Felicia: I was afraid you would say that. *Which basically meant "try it and find out!" …Felicia thought about it, and the only logical thing was to do the same thing only backwards! So she took a deep breath!* Che cosa è stato fatto, ora digiuni in avanti! -06:59 May 13

A whoooooosh in the opposite direction pressed down on the air, and when it disappated everything seemed back to normal. Older. Dusty. A zombie head on the floor, but back to normal.

Felicia: *That whooshing was more thanher head could bare and Felicia found herself sinking to the floor. Hopefully present dated floor!* -07:03 May 13
Bernhard: *Lets Felicia sink to the floor. Albeit carefully. Then he walks around a bit just to make sure they’re back at the right time, right place.* -07:04 May 13

Uncle Larry ploofs right behind the Felicia in the floor, looking… flabberghasted and annoyed. “Where did you go? How did you do that? Did Berhand do it?”

Bernhard: *Turns to look at Larry.* What do you know … we are back. -07:07 May 13
Felicia: Ugh.. Larry. *She remained seated on the floor, not bothering to turn and look at good old Uncle Larry. Her head was swimming, and if she moved she might end up clonking her head on the floor and summoning up a hellcat!* -07:08 May 13

“Did YOU do it, demon!” Uncle Larry demands to know! It’s apparently really important!

Bernhard: Calm down. Felicia is not feeling well, remember? Perhaps she needs some tea. -07:13 May 13

Uncle Larry narrows his eyes, but he slowly starts fading out. “Yes. Tea is a good idea.” He ploofs quietly.

Felicia: So apparently time reversing isn’t a normal thing to do around here…? *She was trying to sound nonchalant, but it came across more jittery than she wanted.* -07:17 May 13
Bernhard: *Looks at the spot Larry disappeared from even after he’s gone.* I’ve never seen him so worked up before … *Murmurs to himself. He turns to Felicia.* First of all, let’s get you back on the couch. But yes, manipulating time and space is not the norm. -07:19 May 13
[Felicia and time travel seems totally out of hand!] -05:47 Jun 01
[Bernhard ] -05:47 Jun 01
Felicia: Prolly because I’m not an inbred crazy Montgomery freak…? *She might have been joking… but probably not! Felicia crawled her way to the sofa.* -05:49 Jun 01
Bernhard: Hm … So, when do we start your next lesson? *Asks casually as he half-sits, half-leans on the sofa arm-rest.* -05:50 Jun 01
Felicia: Oh jeeze.. *She grabs the nearest sofa cushion and pulls it over her head. Muffled grumbling!* wrap me up in bubble wrap and get me a helmet first..! -05:53 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Leans forward to peer under the cushion.* Life is full of risks. Why not take the chance of not being wrapped up in bubble wrap and a helmet? -05:55 Jun 01
Felicia: That’s perfectly easy for you to say, you don’t serve coffee for a living. *She sat up and blinked for a moment.* …you don’t ONLY serve coffee for a living. -05:58 Jun 01
Bernhard: Just one of my many talents. *Smirks a bit.* I guess you do deserve to rest a bit. I find it curious that you, of all the Montgomery bloodline, has such a gift. -06:06 Jun 01
Felicia: I need a vacation and I just got here. *A frown as she sat back on the sofa and tightly crossed her arms. Except, there’s no leaving the house! Well, aside from time traveling.. and what a trip that was!* Do you think if I get powermad and uppity about it, that it’ll all poof away to spite me? -06:10 Jun 01
Bernhard: If you want to get rid of it so much, it is possible. But until then, you either learn to control it or let it control you. *It had been quite a surprise to see Albert again. And Paris … Ah, he hadn’t been there since.* -06:15 Jun 01
Felicia: Bah… If I get rid of it, I have to deal with a complicated idenity crisis… I’ve always talked to dead people, why stop now just because they are slightly more.. hm… Aggressive. *Aggressive clearly wasn’t the word she was thinking. Maybe scary. Horrifying. Uncle Larryish. Felicia sighed, blowing a bit of hair out of her face.* I don’t want to let Kylie down, anyway. So… it’s Summoning 101 with Professor Bernhard? -06:20 Jun 01
Bernhard: Excellent. *That smirk again. But best not to let her know that the last time he had been entrusted with pupils, well … Let’s just say that Granny had good reason to be upset like she’d been. But a contract was a contract.* Before we begin though, want a bite to eat? -06:24 Jun 01
Felicia: As long as it’s not Uncle Larry’s special tea. *Felicia was suspicious and rightly so. That tea was probably laced with arsenic!* -06:26 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* If it is any consolation, I am not one for poison. Perhaps if you focus on a particular place and time when you use your gift might prevent something as drastic as a return to the Dark Ages. -06:31 Jun 01
Felicia: I’ll try to remind myself of that next time I’m rambling foreign languages in my sleep! *She didn’t think it was so funny! Well… maybe it was kind of amusing. In a queer sort of way. Felicia half smile as she rose wobbly to her feet.* I think I can eat and discuss travel basics at the same time. -06:35 Jun 01
Bernhard: If you insist … *He stands and gives her a half-bow.* So tell me, did the dead tip you for the coffee? -06:37 Jun 01
Felicia: *Felicia blinked at his bowing… then smacked her forehead!* …they didn’t! Those cheap ghosts! It’s no wonder I never made enough to pay my bills! *She shuffles for the kitchen mumbling about that wicked old lady that always asked for more sugar and never left her so much as a quarter!* -06:40 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Once they had gotten into the kitchen, he started to make her some food.* American ghosts are different from ghosts like Egyptians and Greek. Now they had something to leave to graverobbers. -06:47 Jun 01
Felicia: *Felicia slid in to a chair and watched, tapping her fingers on the counter and considering her ghostly customers.* But’s it’s different for the rest of the Montgomery family, apparently. Kind’ve like the Ghostbusters in finding them and zapping them away. ….did they get paid for that, or are they just beyond filthy rich that it doesn’t matter anymore? -06:49 Jun 01
Bernhard: Both. It started out as duty, obligation. They did the things they did because they realized someone had to. Then the grateful people whose loved ones were laid to rest began to give them something in return. They lost sight of their true purpose, became the way they are now. *He says in a tone as casual as if he’s discussing the weather, not the decline of an entire family.* -06:53 Jun 01
Felicia: A bunch of murdering crazies? *She can’t believing she’s talking so casual about it either. She should be screaming her head off and calling her Mom to come drive her to the funny farm or something.* Hmm.. What if we all get wiped out? What happens then without any Montgomeries left? -06:56 Jun 01
Bernhard: The last weight will fall. The scale will be broken completely. It already began to fall apart with the extinction of the Kavanagh bloodline. -06:58 Jun 01
Felicia: *…She didn’t like the sound of that…* The scale of good and evil or the scale of live and dead? *Felicia blinked!* ….what is a kuhvahnogg? -07:00 Jun 01
Bernhard: Both. Good and evil. Life and death. Yin and yang. The Kavanagh bloodline was the yin to the Montgomery bloodline’s yang. The Kavanagh the dark. The Montgomery the light. A family. Like the Montgomery. To keep them in check. -07:05 Jun 01
Felicia: So the whole universe is being held together by a little girl and a college drop out? …I think we’re in a lot of trouble. *That was the cherry on the cake! She’s really in it now!* Are there not any Kavanagh left? -07:08 Jun 01
Bernhard: Left in this plane of existence? One. But … let’s just say, he’s out of reach. The tea is ready. *He starts to pour her a cup.* Some honey? -07:10 Jun 01
Felicia: I like honey. …I’ll pretend to be optomistic and say nothing’s out of reach. Espcially if I can open time portals. I think it’s safe to say if anything can happen, it’s bound to happen to me. But I guess I can’t go searching the world for anyone if I can’t even leave the house. -07:13 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Adds some honey for her tea.* It is not a matter of space for you to find this last Kavanagh. It is a matter of time, of how far back you go into the past. -07:16 Jun 01
Felicia: I guess that makes it more complicated. More reason to be a good schoolgirl. Yay me! *Trying to be optimistic was getting ridiculous, but she gratefully took the cup of tea, sipped, and grimaced… She still didn’t like tea. But the honey made it much more consumable. And it was warm, that was a plus!* -07:19 Jun 01



[Kylie *Was asleep, with Dominoe curled up happily next to her….. but she\’d wake up soon enough!* ] -02:29 Mar 24
[Felicia had gone to sleep as well.] -02:31 Mar 24
[Bernhard is in Kylie\’s room.] -02:31 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* No wonder you Montgomeries are nearly extinct. *He smirks at Larry before he disappears.* -02:32 Mar 24

Dead uncle Larry only matched a smirk before he disappeared. He’s a naughty dead man indeed.

And the night passes on to morning without incident…so it seems.

The black housecat with the copper eyes yawns and stretches from its perch on the window sill at the top of the stairs. It jumps off, then struts down the hall. -Bernhard

Felicia: *Morning… well, it’s not actually morning, maybe more like 1pm. Felicia couldn’t sleep well at all! She spent the night shivvering. Bed covers were supposed to be warm, but the whole night her room was ice cold! She had pulled on a short robe and shuffled down the stairs towards the kitchen, looking much like a zombie…* -02:35 Mar 24

The cat stops by Felicia’s room first and sees her gone. Then it scratches at Kylie’s door and when there’s no reply, pushes it open with a paw. -Bernhard

Kylie: *She yawns and stretches sometime in the afternoon! She had slept through the morning, and the only thing that woke her that afternoon, was that cat scratching the door open! She blinks a few times…* -02:41 Mar 24
Felicia: *Groooan… the kitchen. blessed kitched. Felicia grabs the coffee pot and finds… nothing in it. Coffee… where is the coffee.* -02:42 Mar 24

“Rise and shine, Miss Kylie …” The cat says in an all too familiar voice. -Bernhard

Bernhard: I see your last escapade cost you dear … *He finishes, reverting from cat to his human butler form.* -02:43 Mar 24

“Make me a spot of coffee too if you would, please!” says a tiny little old woman standing just by the counter wearing a funny hat.

Felicia: *Felicia yelped! Nearly dropping the pot!* M..Mrs. Applebee?! How did you… How in hell did you get in here!? -02:43 Mar 24

“Well sweetie, I just walked in! You are the only one at that coffee shop that ever serves me coffee, I was starting to get parched!”

Kylie: *Aack! Kylie nearly falls off the bed just as she sees Bernhard shifting back to his human form! Wow that trick never got old..* I was just tired, that’s all……and that was downright sneaky of you. She says with a grin! Apparently she feels alright.* -02:44 Mar 24
Felicia: You just wal-… I’m the only o-… Good god, are you dead?! -02:45 Mar 24

“Four years dead, and it’s been a real vacation! Of course, we at the shop have missed you terribly! Those other newbies don’t pay us a lick of attention!”

Felicia: I haven’t..even been working there that long. *Felicia slowly set the pot down on the counter, gave Mrs. Applebee a wide birth as she moved to plop in to a chair at the kitchen table.* …. I’ve been serving coffee to dead people? -02:48 Mar 24
Bernhard: That would probably have worked if not for the fact I know these things better than most. *He raises an eyebrow.* Come along then. We have to get you fed as well as get a bite for Mutt there. -02:48 Mar 24
Kylie: *She nods, then hurries to her bathroom to change into a warm blue sweater and jeans. Then she hurries off with Bernhard, Dominoe was already awake, and trailing behind them.* So…..did anything happen last night after you two left? -02:50 Mar 24

“Serving coffee, solving dying regrets.. Oh, you’re a wonderful counselor. Unlike some of THESE folks you talk to us before we cross over. Just because we’re dead doesn’t mean we aren’t people anymore!” Mrs. Applebee does like to chatter. She goes on about the others at the cafe, and the severe lack of attention.

Felicia: ….? *She clonked her head on the table. So much for being a normal girl and having a normal life.. so apparently she’s been a freak this whole time and had no idea! …She clonked her head on the table again!* -02:52 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Is tempted to tell her "Nothing much than Larry being a royal jack-ass" but again, she’s too far gone. Larry can do no wrong in her eyes …* Absolutely nothing. I trust you slept well. -02:53 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry is now in the kitchen puffing his pipe and standing over Felicia. “Not a good morning? Here, have this cup of coffee.” He sets a mug down next to his neice!

Mrs. Applebee clucks her tongue! “No deadman could make a decent cup of coffee.”

Kylie: *Raises an eyebrow at Bernhard! Of course Larry was a jerk…he was a Montgomery!* I slept pretty good… I’m glad you woke me up though, I probably would have slept until tonight. *She enters the kitchen just in time to see Uncle Larry and Mrs. Applebee chatting with Felicia! Maybe teaching her wasn’t going to be so hard after all…* -02:57 Mar 24
Felicia: Any cup of coffee is good right now. *Felicia picks up the mug and is about to drink when she has a nasty coughing fit! Cough cough! She has to set down the mug before it spills!* -02:58 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry frowns… but quickly is smiling again at the sight of his little Kylie! “My sweetling! Top of the afternoon to you!”

Kylie: *She hugs Uncle Larry!* Afternoon uncle. Were you up to no good all of last night? *Asks with that suspicious, knowing look of hers!* -03:00 Mar 24

“Only a bit of teasing the demonboy, you know I can’t resist!” That dashing Uncle Larry grin followed by a smirk at Bernhard!

Bernhard: *Grin.* Teasing is not the only thing you cannot resist, is it? *He remarks as he strides past him to make some breakfast for Kylie.* Would you care for some tea, Miss Felicia? -03:02 Mar 24
Felicia: *Cough!* Ugh… hate tea. *She drops her head back on the table again!* -03:03 Mar 24

“Felicia doesn’t need any tea, I made her a nice cup of coffee myself! But I bet Kylie would love something good, wouldn’t you, sweetling?

Bernhard: Everyone underestimates tea. *He says, making himself a cup.* -03:04 Mar 24

Mrs. Applebee who seems to feel no need to introduce herself to the room, tut tuts! “Oh dear, drinking that coffee would kill her! Do try the tea, Felicia! It’ll do you a world of good!”

Kylie: *Snickers at Uncle Larry and smiles at his antics. That was his usual testing methods for new arrivals. Related or not….* Sure would, thanks. I think rose-petal tea with a little honey would be perfect. *She looks as innocent as any normal 7-year old kid as she plops down in a chair next to Felicia….who looked like she got hit by a semi-truck!* -03:06 Mar 24
Bernhard: Lemon tea. *He places a cup in front of Felicia.* And rose-petal tea for Miss Kylie. A little honey included. *He makes another cup.* -03:08 Mar 24

Uncle Larry practically scowls at the old lady ghost. “Begone out of my house, wench! You weren’t invited!”

Felicia: *Felicia’s hand was moving towards the mug of coffee before the tea was set in front of her… She sat up slowly, taking the tea and giving it a small testing sip…* ..blech… *..And she promptly sneezes! Nearly sloshing tea all over the place!* -03:09 Mar 24

Mrs. Applebee looks more than a little offended, and with a huff (along with a good insults aimed towards those stinkin’ montgomeries) she disappeared!

Bernhard: Now, now, Larry, is that any way to treat a guest? *He tsks as he fishes a dish cloth out of thin air and begins to wipe up the mess.* -03:10 Mar 24
Kylie: Thanks Bernhard. *She watches Uncle Larry and the new ghost having a spat.. Arguments with dead-people were even more fun than soap operas. Says Gazuntide to Felicia when she sneezes. Uh oh…..if her sister was getting sick; she’d end up catching that cold soon enough!* -03:10 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry claims the cup of tea out of Felicia’s hands and replaces it with the mug of coffee. “Demonboy doesn’t understand that a real montgomery prefers something good and strong in the morning! Drink up, Felicia. You and I will have a private lesson today.”

Felicia: *Felicia pauses before sipping the coffee.* …I thought Kylie was going to teach me things…? -03:13 Mar 24
Kylie: I can only teach so much, Felicia. Besides… I was taught by Uncle Larry……. and everyone else. *Says rather mysteriously as she sips her own tea when its ready!* -03:14 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow at that. A private lesson … It sounded suspicious, indeed. Particularly after the stunt he pulled last night.* -03:15 Mar 24

“Now that I know Felicia has already been able to send the dead on their way to the otherside, of course she needs a master training and much more advanced lessons! Kylie can spend her day with Bernhard, perhaps build a nice snowman in the yard.”

Felicia: *Taking a swallow of the coffee, she followed through with a most disgusted expression! Eeww! Mrs. Applebee was right! That tasted horrible! She set down the mug and pushed it aside.* I guess I’ll go get dressed and we’ll get this over with… -03:20 Mar 24
Kylie: Yay! Snowmen! *But of course Kylie wanted to sneak out and find a way out of this house–if only for a few hours…..after all, it was just sad when you were just a kid and was already starting to forget what a real park/playground area….. or the movies….and when was the last time the kid had even seen a real mall?* -03:22 Mar 24

“Better watch Kylie, demonboy. We don’t want another incident like last night.” Says Uncle Larry as he poofs away!

Bernhard: Snowmen it is. *He says, turning to Kylie.* You sure you don’t want a bite to eat? Waffles? Pancakes? That gruel slop Larry calls oatmeal? -03:28 Mar 24
Felicia: *Felicia is moving dreadfully slow… More coughing on her way upstairs, a little sneezing… All that mess yesterday she’s done caught herself the flu. And blech! She should have never tried that coffee, it’s making her feel all kinds of queesy! But alas, Felicia gets dressed as quickly as she can and leaves her room.* -03:29 Mar 24
Kylie: *She smiles when Bernhard disses on Uncle Larry’s oatmeal.* Hm…I guess I’m not hungry….but I should have at least some eggs. If that’s alright? -03:30 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry ploofs right in front of Felicia! “I have decided that our training should begin on the roof. If you will follow me, please.” he states, floating down the hall for the main stair case.

Bernhard: Eggs should do just fine. Over easy or scrambled? -03:30 Mar 24
Felicia: *her reaction time was so slow, she didn’t jump from surprise until Uncle Larry was already gliding down the hall. She dutifully followed after him.* …what sort of training do you do on the roof? -03:32 Mar 24
Kylie: Scrambled please. *She takes another sip of tea–and glances outside to be sure there was plenty of snow to make a snowman with…and the gates.She seemed fascinated with those gates today for some reason….Her eyes wouldnt stay off them.* -03:33 Mar 24
Bernhard: And how many today? *He gets out the frying pan and greases it up after moving the tea kettle off. Then he gets out the eggs and starts cracking some.* -03:34 Mar 24

“Just a little bit of the basics, of course it’s a whole new lesson just for your case, but I’m sure you’ll do beautifully!” All the way up the stairs until Uncle Larry comes to a wide set of double doors. They lead on to a balcony of sorts set up right on the roof, a bit like a watchtower spot! “Here we are! It’s a lovely view, isn’t it?”

Kylie: Just two is fine… Bernhard…. do you like Felicia? *She asks,quite randomly! The kid obviously had lots on her mind… and she was hiding it as best she could.* -03:35 Mar 24
Felicia: *Felicia stepped out on to the balcony, half wondering if she should have worn much warmer clothes… Especially after what Uncle Larry did last night. …Well it WAS kinda of pretty up here.* I do like the snow. *Surpressing a cough, she moved to the railing to peer over the side. Wow! This house really is huge! Those icecicles go down a long way!* -03:38 Mar 24
Bernhard: Particularly more than any other of your relatives, alive or dead. *He says as he slides one of the fried eggs onto the plate and pours the other egg into the pan.* -03:39 Mar 24
Bernhard: Ketchup? *He asks as he finishes up the last egg and it joins the first. The plate is already in front of Kylie.* -03:39 Mar 24

The railing suddenly shifts out of place sending Felicia tumbling right over the edge! “Dear me! I forgot to mention that rail needed some repairs!” calls Uncle Larry!

Felicia: ..! *There’s no time to react much less scream! Felicia finds herself sliding down the roof, and by some sort of sheer luck she stops herself from slipping off the edge by planting her feet on the gutter!* …uncle larry…! This isn’t part of the training is it…!? -03:41 Mar 24
Kylie: *Giggles at that remark….. she knew quite well the Montgomeries have lots of meanstreaks… just couldn’t be helped! She only tried to fight hers off a lot better than most.She takes the bottle of ketchup, and uses just a little on the side.* Thanks. *She eats her eggs! They were tasty as ever too!* -03:42 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Cleans up.* As much as you enjoy the company of Ravencroft, it seems you will have to give him a call. We need some groceries. I do not intend on using canned meat that expired … back when the term "Flower Power" was a sign of encouragement. -03:44 Mar 24

Uncle Larry is innocent smoking his pipe. “A Montgomery has to be prepared at all times, Felicia.” Meanwhile downstairs…. there’s a shadow lurking under the kitchen table

Kylie: *She twitches…..Ravencroft was a creep and a goon no doubt about it….. but when they needed groceries, she couldn’t exactly go to the store herself…* Alright. I’ll go ahead and do that first thing before we go make snowmen…. *She agrees, helping Bernhard clean up, then she’s off to find the lawyer’s number and give him a call!* -03:46 Mar 24
Bernhard: *The cleaning is done in no time and he follows Kylie to call Ravencroft and get her some warm clothes!* -03:48 Mar 24

Uncle Larry ploofs himself to standing right next to Felicia! “A Montgomery should even be prepared to fly. Can you fly, Felicia?” Without another word Uncle Larry snags her by the collar and shoves her right off the edge of the roof!

And the shadow from under the kitchen table follows after Bernard and Kylie.. choosing that exact same moment to attack the little girl!

Kylie: *Kylie gives a cry of protest as she’s knocked off her feet to the hard kitchen floor!* Ow! *She tries to get to her feet and kick that stupid creature right in the face!* -03:50 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Grabs Kylie and Mutt and teleports to her room!* Warm clothes. Quick. *He looks down at Mutt when he releases the dog.* I warned you not to binge on sausages. -03:51 Mar 24
Felicia: Of course I can’t fl-AAAH! *Rotton son of a…! Felicia makes a very unpleasant landing on a tree branch, which then decides it wants to snap under her weight and have em both go splatting on the snow covered ground! CRACK! …it’s a dim dark world!* -03:54 Mar 24
Kylie: *She’s grabbed, then there’s that horrible teleporting sensation!* Warm clothes…? *She hurries to pull on an extra warm sweater and a jacket….! Hopefully they’d be able to make it outside!* No more human food for you Dominoe. Least for a week. *She says as Dominoe whines.* -03:54 Mar 24

Uncle Larry suddenly appears in Kylie’s bedroom! “What’s this, my Kylie in danger again? You’re slacking, Bernhard…”

Bernhard: … Where is your latest pupil, Montgomery? -03:56 Mar 24
Kylie: That creature was hiding under the table Uncle Larry…. neither of us had time to see anything before it pushed me… -03:56 Mar 24

“Nevermind that, we must get Kylie to saftey!”

[Felicia was shoved off the roof of the Montgomery mansion. Stupid Uncle Larry.] -02:29 Apr 15
[Kylie *Was hiding in her room with Bernhard and Uncle Larry from that huge scary monster! Of course the only place safe was that mauseleum…* ] -02:29 Apr 15
[Bernhard is apparently in Kylie\’s room … although he\’s more concerned about his other charge …] -02:30 Apr 15
Kylie: Where is Felicia, Uncle Larry? *She decided now was a good time to ask that question!* -02:31 Apr 15
Bernhard: Where. Is. She. *All his attention is on Larry, though! The scary monster is the least of his worries.* -02:31 Apr 15

“Kylie is in danger, I demand you take her somewhere safe at once.” Says uncle Larry who doesn’t look as concerned as he sounds.

Bernhard: Kylie. I am going to find your older sister. Would you like to come? *Keeps his eyes on Larry as he talks.*( -02:33 Apr 15
Kylie: Ok Bernhard. Let’s go find Felicia! *Summons her faithful pet, Dominoe to leave with them. She’s headed for the door!* -02:33 Apr 15

“You can’t take that child out in to danger while Felicia is under going her lessons! Kylie should be somewhere safer!” Shouts Uncle Larry! Damn that Bernhard!

Meanwhile outside, the shadow beastie is closing in on the only Montgomery it can get closed to. The one out cold and pinned by a tree branch! It’s like a free shish-kabob!

Bernhard: It might be faster if we know where to look, Kylie. *Says as he follows her to the door, then goes first to check the hallway.* -02:36 Apr 15

Uncle Larry, though annoyed, speaks easily. “I think Kylie would be in much better care with me. Kylie, how about we take a short walk to the conservatory?”

Kylie: But Uncle Larry.. I think I know where Felicia is! *She says, not wanting Bernhard and Larry to keep arguing; and really wanting to help find her half-sister before she got eaten by something.* -02:38 Apr 15
Bernhard: Lead the way, Kylie. We do not have much time. -02:39 Apr 15
Kylie: *She takes a running start knowing Bernhard can keep up! She’s running right outside that door, and out of the house! In fact, she seems to have a unique ability to track these monsters– because she heads right for the tree that is pinning Felicia!* There! Better hurry, or she’s lunchmeat! *Encouraging much?* -02:40 Apr 15
Bernhard: *Follows after Kylie. For a small mortal, she is quite fast. He disappears and reappears beside Felicia. He launches a ball of shadow at the beast to trap it cold!* -02:41 Apr 15

OM NOM NOM NOM. Well, it wasn’t chewing yet, but the shadow beastie was hovering over the fallen Montgomery getting ready to om nom when it spotted Kylie! It’s eyes glowed shiny red as it’s suddenly stuck frozen in place! Unable to move!

Uncle Larry appeared next to Kylie, smoking his cigar. “Look at that. Nearly eaten. At my age I could fight off those monsters with my hands tied behind my back.”

Bernhard: *Frees Felicia and picks her up in his arms. He jumps down and lands beside Kylie, the shadow beast still frozen in place. He sends the beast somewhere and then turns to Kylie.* We need to get her back into the house. *He starts inside.* -02:45 Apr 15
Kylie: *Raises an eyebrow at Uncle Larry.* I hope Felicia’s ok……. pleeeease go easy on her uncle? *She looks so little and innocent; who could refuse??* -02:48 Apr 15

“Leave that girl outside. She won’t grow any resistance if you’re always stepping in.” says Uncle Larry, whom clearly knows best. He blinks down at Kylie! “But, Kylie-sweetie! She has to learn and be as good as you, pumpkin!”

Felicia: *Felicia might as well been dead! …Not really, but she was mumbling something about a homicidal dead bastard and not moving again!* -02:50 Apr 15
Bernhard: She will be of no use to anyone if she is wounded and frozen to death. *He is still headed inside.* -02:50 Apr 15
Kylie: *She just grins at that remark as she follows Bernhard inside! If only her uncle had an inkling of all the other people who helped her with this stuff so much!* -02:51 Apr 15
Bernhard: *He takes her into the den and fetches plenty of blankets to cover her with. He makes sure she is comfortable before lighting a fire in the fireplace.* -02:52 Apr 15

“Clearly she’s not dead and there’s nothing to be worried about.” puffpuffs Uncle Larry, who leans over Felicia when she’s set down so he can check the damages.

Kylie: *Helps Bernhard take care of Felicia! She even hails a passing servant for hot tea and a few more pillows.* -02:53 Apr 15
Bernhard: Yes. Perhaps you are getting rusty, Larry. *He says casually as he sits down on the edge of the seat and checks Felicia’s pulse.* -02:55 Apr 15
Felicia: …let’s not finish me off… *Mutters Felicia rather crossly. And with good reason too! She hurts in every place imaginable! She sneezes, which produces the most dreadful groan outof her… crazy jerk made her crack her ribs on that tree!* -02:56 Apr 15

It wasn’t a servant Kylie hailed but.. the dog Dominoe, who goes WOOF and drags in a couple pillows by his teeth!

Kylie: *Good boy Dominoe! She smirks at herself for forgetting there were no servants; and gets Felicia the pillows. Then she goes to the kitchen by herself to make a cup of tea.* -02:59 Apr 15

Of course Uncle Larry doesn’t look at all offended. “Mayhaps Felicia is ready for our next lesson, while Bernhard runs off and does Kylie’s chores.”

Bernhard: *Two charges. One of him. Even his hands are full at this point. It seems some measures would have to be taken.* No. -03:01 Apr 15

Uncle Larry shrugs. “I’ll keep my protoge company.” He poofs off to the kitchen with Kylie!

Bernhard: Felicia is my charge as much as Kylie is. If there are chores to be done, I will take care of it. My way. -03:02 Apr 15

Right after frowning at Bernhard and his “way”!

Bernhard: It’s encouraging to know you’re still among the living. *Smirks a bit at Felicia while the fire does its job and makes the air nice and toasty.* -03:03 Apr 15
Kylie: *She has no problems at all making the tea for Felicia, and pours her a cup to carry back to Bernhard.* Boy you and Bernhard sure don’t like eachother, Uncle Larry. *She remarks, carrying the tea back to where her half-sister was.* -03:03 Apr 15
Felicia: … can I exorcise Uncle Larry? *She was half kidding. …No she wasn’t! She is going to KILL Uncle Larry! Again! Ow… right after she takes a whole bottle of aspirin… At least she’s warm!* -03:05 Apr 15

“Bernhard isn’t part of our family, sweets. It should be you and I caring for our poor home!” says Uncle Larry as he floats besides Kylie.

Bernhard: That is a very interesting question. In theory, it is possible. Difficult but possible. Are you still certain you want to get to the bottom of this? You can null and void the deal we have at any time. -03:07 Apr 15
Kylie: *giggles at Uncle Larry. He was always like that; thinking it should be just the two of them. But she was only 7 years old after all. She heads back to her room, knowing Bernhard would take care of Felicia just fine!* -03:07 Apr 15
Felicia: A deal is a deal. * she says sincerly, trying to sit up!* If I can live long enough! *Oh, she felt another sneeze coming.. she held her nose quickly!* -03:08 Apr 15
Bernhard: Hm. I see. *A single drop of blood falls to the floor but quickly disappears when it’s "absorbed".* -03:10 Apr 15

“Wouldn’t it be the grandest thing, you and I and remodeling this stuffy old house! And no more pesky meddling demons!” Uncle Larry suddenly sounded serious. “You know… I didn’t want to mention this but… I don’t think Bernhard likes having Felicia here…”

Kylie: *She blinks a few times at Uncle Larry!* Well sure it would be nice to remodel and everything…..but what do you mean Bernhard doesn’t like Felicia? He seems to get along with her pretty well. *Now she looks puzzled as she sits on her bed.* -03:11 Apr 15

A shadow moves across the floor of the den and disappears under the door before it’s noticed. Then it glides along the floor and disappears again … -Bernhard

Felicia: Maybe we need an on call doc… Wait, none will show up here, will they? I.. I..*She sneezed, despite trying not to! Another pained groan from Felicia!* -03:14 Apr 15

“Well.. Felicia has had an awful lot of accidents, and isn’t Bernhard supposed to protect you both…? It almost seems like he’s trying to get rid of her…” says Uncle Larry!

Kylie: *This sure was startling to hear! Certainly things had been getting weird lately…..but..* Uncle Larry, why would Bernhard want to hurt her? He’s always seeming to save her in the nick of time. -03:16 Apr 15
Bernhard: Unfortunately no. *Thoughtful for a moment.* There is always your cousin, though. Your deceased cousin, Dr. Montgomery. She might be able to help. -03:18 Apr 15

“Always in the nick of time! Which is most fortunete for Miss Felicia, but sort of suspicious! Bernhard seems to center around a lot of bad Montgomery luck..”

Felicia: *Felicia blinked dumbfounded at Bernhard.* …you want me to see a dead docter? …I’m not sure if that’s disturbing or brilliant… -03:20 Apr 15
Kylie: *She thinks about what Uncle Larry is telling her.* Hmm… that might be possible; but I seem to attract a lot of bad things too, uncle. *She reminded him.* -03:20 Apr 15

“Did I hear someone mention me?” a voice asks. A woman drifts up through the floor to float beside Felicia. She is tall and thin, wearing what looks like a wedding gown. “Yes, yes, that would be me. Doctor Ellen Montgomery. Your second cousin on your father’s side.” She counts her fingers. “Er … yes, that’s right. Second cousin. I can take a look at you. And I know my medicine is still in the house.”

“But you aren’t the one doing them on purpose, are you pumpkin! But someone else is…”

Felicia: *Felicia jumped at the sudden woman! Er.. ghost!…Cousin? And regretted the sudden movement! There’s much owing before she settles down to eye the ghost with suspicion.* Are you as bad as Uncle Larry…? -03:23 Apr 15
Kylie: *Her eyes go slightly wider.* I hope it’s not Bernhard, Uncle. I like him too, even though you’re my favorite. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone I’m fond of. That would be sad. *She admitted as Dominoe curls up next to her.* -03:23 Apr 15

“Larry? Oh, heavens no! I was the black sheep of the family. My love was for science, not for the occult. Unfortunately I died when I came to pay my respects to your father. It was … rather sudden. I hang around here because I have nowhere else to go. No one to help me on my way, you see.” She sounds quite sad about that.

“You and I could get along just fine without him! After all, you are the Heir and will be able to do anything in the world once you’re older!”

Felicia: You died just because you came here? *That wasn’t good at all. Felicia looked rather pale at the thought! A sudden horrible death and being a ghost for who knew how long cause no one was around to do anything about it!* -03:28 Apr 15
Kylie: I still vote on keeping him…just because I can’t imagine the place without him. Besides uncle, you know he’s saved me a lot of times too. If something terrible does happen that he’s at fault for….well, we’ll deal with it then. As for being an heir and doing whatever I wanted, well.. I sure hope that involves breaking this curse that makes me unable to even leave the house. *She looked wistfull at that statement.* -03:30 Apr 15

“Whatever is behind this will not stop until all Montgomeries are dead. That is why you need to find a way to get away from this place with Kylie. We cannot allow either of you to meet the same fates we did. Please, let me help you. And if you really must learn, do so from Kylie and Bernhard first. After all, one must learn to crawl before one can walk. Even if one has only a limited amount of time to do so.”

Felicia: Believe me… No more ‘lessons’ from Uncle Larry. Felicia was wary, but Bernhard was RIGHT there so no one could hurt her, right?* I guess I am your patient? -03:33 Apr 15

“This will be over soon, I promise!” Smiles Uncle Larry as he takes a seat in one of the play chairs. “How about a tea party!”

Kylie: *She giggles because Uncle Larry was just too big for those chairs; even as a ghost!* Sure! *She plays the tea-party game with Uncle Larry, acting as the hostess!* -03:35 Apr 15

Ellen smiles and nods. “And we shall begin. First, the basics. Where does it hurt?” She puts a hand up. “Now before you say ‘Everywhere’, I need a precise location. Such as … do your ribs hurt when you sneeze or cough? Are you able to move your fingers, wiggle your toes, etc.

Felicia: Every time I breathe it’s like something stabbing me in the lung… *Felicia wiggles her fingers and toes, and deems she didn’t break her back or anything vital, at least!* -03:38 Apr 15

Uncle Larry is a wonderful tea guest. Though he ‘forgets’ his manners and occasional has to be corrected, but that is part of the game! He makes small talk with stuffed animals!

Kylie: *Aside from being so closely connected with death and horrible events, she sure was a normal kid! She loved playing imaginary games just as much as anyone else her own age!* -03:40 Apr 15

“Hm … It must be a broken rib. You will need painkillers and avoid anything that might put pressure. In this case, any of Larry’s elitist training. I have just the right amount of medicine for you right here in the house. The guest room I stayed in. I hid my medicine bag under the bed.”

Bernhard: *Disappears–and reappears almost immediately afterwards with a medicine bag in his arms. He sets it down on the table beside the chair and follows Ellen’s instructions on where to find the painkillers.* -03:45 Apr 15
Felicia: *Felicia was moving to go fetch the bag herself but Bernhard had poofed there and back in the blink of an eye! She blinked at him again!* how do you move so fast? -03:46 Apr 15
Bernhard: It helps when you know this house inside and out. *He replies as he searches.* -03:47 Apr 15

“I will need your height and weight, Felicia. To figure out the right dosage. Are you allergic to anything?”



in the middle of the night however; around 3 33 a.m. to be exact, a gathering of dead people– all of them evil spirits, gathered around that bed! Naturally, Dominoe started waking up and growling. But even if this didn\’t wake up Kylie– hands around her throat and ankles, and being drug under the bed sure would! And there\’s more of them flooding in the room– going for Felicia, with evil looks on their faces!

[Felicia is having a really bad dream. Wait.. this isn\’t a dream?!] -02:26 Mar 16
[Kylie *Was being drug under the bed by the evil dead people! She wasn\’t even awake– but she would be soon enough if she hit that hard floor!* ] -02:27 Mar 16
[Bernhard tackles one of the things dragging Kylie.] -02:28 Mar 16
Felicia: *She’s dreaming about zombies! Zombies trying to eat her brains! ..Blink blink! This isn’t a dream is it… With a shriek, Felicia grabs Kylie and attempts to roll off the other end of the bed with her!* -02:29 Mar 16
Bernhard: Mutt … This would be a good time to be useful right about now. *He remarks loudly as he’s pulled off of the thing he tackled and throws the thing that grabbed him over his head.* -02:29 Mar 16
Kylie: *Kylie hits the floor alright, and wakes up with huge eyes! What was going on?!* Bernhard! *Dominoe of course is soon awake and barking his head off; lunging at a particular group of dead creeps trying to surround Felicia and Kylie!* -02:31 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia sends a foot to a dead head, without letting go of Kylie!* Guh huuh! Get back…! -02:33 Mar 16

Raaaaghhh mooooaaaaan… Dead people on a mission, and there’s a lot of them! Priority is keeping Bernhard out of the way for open access to them girls!

Bernhard: *Fights free of some of the creatures. He dashes forward and jumps up, knocking over a few of them enough to get an opening to the Montgomery’s. He grabs Dominoe’s collar with one hand and wraps one arm around Felicia’s waist with the other without stopping.* Hold on. *He races straight for a closed door but before anyone can scream, darkness engulfs them! There is a shock of cold like being dropped into ice-water before they emerge–in an old barn?!* -02:34 Mar 16
PM From: Bernhard: To: Felicia Cffg! Ner lbh uvqvat ba NVZ? V arrq gb cybg nobhg Oreauneq. &yg;.&yg; -02:36 Mar 16
PM From: Felicia: To: Bernhard V’z uvqvat sebz fbzr rivy crbcyr… &tg;&tg;;; yrzzr frg hc n grzc anzr! -02:36 Mar 16
Kylie: *She gasps, surprised, she hated that teleporting feeling! She got a little dizzy, but clutched Felicia’s arm trying not to fall over.* The barn isn’t going to keep those things out Bernhard. You know that. -02:37 Mar 16
Bernhard: I know. *He lets go of Dominoe’s collar and of Felicia.* But it will give us time to regroup. *He would have teleported them elsewhere–even Belfast but … Kylie couldn’t leave the grounds.* -02:38 Mar 16
PM From: Felicia: To: Bernhard zrffntr Fcnprxvggrabet ! -02:39 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia wasn’t letting go of Kylie… And Felica didn’t like that… er.. teleporting business?* So… dead people, huh? That’s… going to get old real fast. *She plopped on the ground!* -02:40 Mar 16
Kylie: You and Felicia can at least get out of here for the night. I’ll just have to hide out here… I can climb up to the rafters; maybe they won’t get me from there. And I’ll have Dominoe with me too. -02:41 Mar 16
Felicia: No. You stay here, and I’ll go out and see if I can make it to town and get us a taxi. We’re not going to stay in this crazy house! -02:45 Mar 16
Bernhard: You will have a better chance of returning with a stolen car than a taxi. -02:47 Mar 16
Kylie: *She looks at Felicia sadly. Everytime she tried to escape; there was always that painful feeling— and then she’d end up right back in her bedroom, the doors magically locked!* -02:48 Mar 16
Felicia: *Well.. that didn’t sound promising…* I.. I have a pocket full of cash, someone will give me a car. *And she looks pretty damned determined to. Like hell she was going to feed her sister or herself to dead people and shadows! She set Kylie down and dusted off her hands.* So you wait here with Bernhard where it’s safe and warm. -02:49 Mar 16
Kylie: I’ll go with you! …. If you can get out; maybe I can too this time… *How hopeful she looked; but she wasn’t dressed at all for this wintry weather, that much was certain.* -02:50 Mar 16
Felicia: No. It’s snowing cats and dogs and it’s safer with Bernhard. -02:51 Mar 16
Kylie: I’m going too! *And to prove her point; she marches right for the doors of that barn, not caring at all how cold it was…she wanted out of this damn house too!* -02:53 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia snatches up the little girl under her arm.* I’m the one in charge here, and I say you stay here with the bodyguard until I come back with a car! -02:55 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Is thoughtful as he watches Kylie and Felicia argue. The Montgomery blood … Such stubborn humans.* Actually … the safest place on the grounds is the family graveyard. -02:55 Mar 16
Kylie: *The family graveyard….She thought for a moment. Sometimes when things got too scary in her room; she found herself the next day- waking up in that graveyard, usually close to her mother or father’s tomb-stone. As if she’d either slepwalked there, or had been carried there by someone who wasn’t Bernhard…and of course, she never told him that. But she’d agree to go there in anycase..* -02:57 Mar 16
Felicia: See, Bernhard knows the safest place. *She shoves Kylie in to his arms!* You can take her, and I’d not be gone for too long. -02:59 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Catches Kylie. He could take her to the mausoleum. All she would need was some light and warm clothing. The tomb wasn’t air tight and had been designed to allow air through.* -03:01 Mar 16
Kylie: *Ack! Falls right into Bernhard’s arms, and stares at Felicia; who was obviously going to find out the hard way there was no leaving this place!* -03:01 Mar 16
Felicia: *Hands on her hips, she gives Kylie THE LOOK, which was supposed to mimic her mom’s but eeriely loosk more like their scowling father!* I promise I’ll be back. I’ll run as fast as I can. Then we’ll jet out of here faster than you can say Ghostbusters. *With that in mind, and praying she wasn’t about to walk right in to a zombie feast, Felicia moved towards the barn door and sloooowly peeked out!* -03:04 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Ah yes. She was Bernard’s offspring alright. That scowl certainly proved it.* Good luck. -03:07 Mar 16
Kylie: *She looks at Bernhard sadly, knowing her half-sister might not come back at all!* -03:08 Mar 16
Felicia: Right… *She casts them one quick look before running off in to the snow like a madwoman! She’s on a mission!* -03:09 Mar 16

Suddenly… DEAD PEOPLE appear inside the barn! Raaagghh….

Bernhard: *Looks back at Kylie and grabs her.* So much for a moment of peace. Let’s go, Mutt. *He grabs Dominoe’s collar again and they disappear into the shadows. When they reappear, Bernhard lights an old torch, revealing them to be in the family mausoleum.* -03:11 Mar 16

Raaaggh? One of the dead people snaps their fingers! Missed again!

Kylie: *She turns her head and her eyes widen when she sees the dead people inside the barn! They were really determined tonight for some reason! She blinks again and is suddenly in the moseuleum!* I hope they can’t get in here……we’re running out of places to teleport. -03:12 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia ran! At least she was quick. It helped that snow on bare feet was frickin’ cold! Ack…! There was dead people trying to block her way! But there’s no stopping now… she runs right in to one and bounds off — then backsteps! YOINK! She stole the dead lady’s shoes before running off towards the front gates! The home stretch! Felicia tries squeezing herself through the bars!* -03:14 Mar 16
Bernhard: … They shouldn’t. The entire gravesite is warded and protected. Generations upon generations of Montgomery power. Your father often mentioned that each generation of Montgomery added an extra line of defense against evil. -03:14 Mar 16

The bars mooooaaan the way old metal usually does when it bends. And in a split second, Felicia finds one of the metal bars wrapped around her waist. There ain’t no getting through the gates now!

Kylie: Great. We’ll just hide out here for the night…. except now I want to find Felicia. *She admitted, worried….she’d seen so many family members die in really horrible ways; she just didn’t want to have to see that again…. was that too much to ask?* -03:17 Mar 16
Felicia: …?! *That did not just happen! Felicia twists, pulls, and… tries to duck backwards! Ack! She’s like some dumb cat stuck in a fence!* Damned gates..!! Let go of me! *She’s now trying to pry the bars off! C’mon! They have to be easy to bend!* -03:18 Mar 16
Bernhard: I suppose I could. Given t he time, I doubt she’s gotten far if she is, indeed, still on the grounds. Think you’re up to keeping an eye on Kylie, Mutt? *He glances at Dominoe.* -03:22 Mar 16

That gate ain’t moving and neither is a Montgomery, with a different last name or not! And those dead people have figured out they can’t get in the Mausoleum, so they’ll just go after the shish-kababob!

Felicia: … I am not your dinner…!! *So what if she’s stuck in a gate! Felicia can still twist around enough so she can see who she’s kicking in the face! Take that decaying old man! Eat foot, lady she stole these shoes from!* -03:23 Mar 16
Kylie: *Dominoe growls quietly in agreement and moves closer to Kylie in response to Bernhard’s question. But Kylie had a feeling he was going to need extra help that night; and tried not to reveal anything about what she was up to….* Alright….just be careful. -03:26 Mar 16

They’re not going to EAT her claim the dead people. They’re just going to – well they weren’t sure what they were going to do to her, but it was going to involve something pretty bad! Especially now that she stole some shoes! So the deadman grabs her foot to pull her out of the gate, even if she gets pulled in half!

Felicia: What?! That’s the lamest.. ragh!! Get off! *She kicks again to smash dead guy in the nose!* Go back to the deadside! Or the other side! Or where ever you came from! -03:37 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Nods.* As always. *He disappears into a shadow and reappears outside. There is snow and ice and darkness but he’s grown used to the cold. His wings grow and he dashes forward before taking off! It doesn’t take long for him to find Felicia, especially since he had decided to check the front gate first.* -03:39 Mar 16

These dead people were getting their faces kicked, and it could really bruise a dead person’s pride, considering the woman was stuck in a gate and should be easy pickings! There’s more of them than her, though! She can’t kick them all!

Kylie: *She sits crosslegged on the floor as soon as Bernhard leaves! She’s gathering up all of her energy, and readying herself for a huge excorsizing spell! She’d been studying a lot more than math and english and boring old science when Bernhard wasn’t around- that was for sure! She closes her eyes and concentrates extremely hard on the evil dead people suddenly disappearing!* -03:42 Mar 16
Felicia: *Watch her try, damnit! Now would be a really good time to know some of that family dead people skills!* Go back from whence you came! Hocus pocus! Ack… just lay off me! *Kickkick!* -03:43 Mar 16

without warning, or any explainable reason at all… the dead people currently after her and Felicia just vanish! And are nowhere to be found! What could possibly have happened??

Bernhard: *Drops down, next to Felicia, his wings disappearing. He raises an eyebrow as the things disappear and turn to Felicia.* I see you were entertaining company. -03:44 Mar 16
Felicia: …Bernhard… that’s not funny. *Reguardless of being glad to see him, she didn’t appreciate the humor at all. Felicia is once again trying to squeeze her way out of the bars wrapped around her waist.* So.. funny thing happened. The gate really likes me… -03:46 Mar 16
Kylie: *Just passes out unexpectedly! That had taken way too much energy out of the kid, and that could lead to trouble later. Now she was curled up in a little ball on the floor of the mosuleum.Dominoe can only perch in front of her to make sure nothing else happens.* -03:48 Mar 16
Bernhard: *Studies the gate.* Hm. So, you can’t leave either … *He tugs on one of the bars.* -03:49 Mar 16
Felicia: It was only the first try. There’s bound to be a way out somewhere. *She’s going to be a Felicia popcicle. On the place side, it’s not being murdered if you did it to yourself, right?* -03:50 Mar 16
Felicia: *plus side.. yay dyslexia! -03:52 Mar 16
Kylie: *Just doesn’t wake up for anything…not even once. She was too out of it to even try.* -03:55 Mar 16
Bernhard: First things first. Getting you free. It seems the harder you try to free yourself, the stronger the gate holds you. Have you tried … oh, I don’t know … relaxing and fousing that Montgomery power of yours on getting free? -03:57 Mar 16
Felicia: Oh gee. You make it sound like I knew anything about Montgomery power and how to use it. *She’s got that sheepish look on her face, and is rather tempted to kick him too… Felicia tries his suggestion and goes limp!* -03:58 Mar 16

As if convinced Felicia understood she wasn’t to leave anywhere, the gate spits her back out at Bernhard’s feet! As if it decided she didn’t taste very nice!

Felicia: *SPLAT right in the snow!* …. *Felicia angrily flips the gate her middle finger!* -03:59 Mar 16

The gate merely makes an awful screeching sound– as if to cuss her out or just make unpleasant noises in response to that finger, and possibly promising to bite it right off if Felicia crossed its path again!

Bernhard: *Crosses his arms and waits for Felicia and the gate to be done with it. Yes, giving the gate the finger is definitely going to help her chances of leaving the grounds.* Are you two done yet? -04:01 Mar 16

The gate goes back to being quiet and innocent looking as possible.

Felicia: *Blink!* !! *Felicia retrieves her finger and scoots backwards until her back hits Bernhard’s legs!* …is it going to be like this until something finally knocks me dead? -04:02 Mar 16
Bernhard: If you’re lucky. I don’t suppose you’re up to teleporting again. -04:04 Mar 16
Felicia: *She makes a blach face before glancing up at him.* Teleport us anyway.\ -04:05 Mar 16

Great Uncle Larry, yes Dead Uncle Larry, was sitting in the mausoleum smoking a pipe and patting ole Dominoe on the head. “Wake up little cream puff. They’re coming back.”

Bernhard: *Gives Felicia a half-bow.* Of course. *He reaches out and takes Felicia’s hand. The two of them disappear into a shadow and reappear … in the mausoleum where Bernhard left Kylie and Dominoe!* -04:08 Mar 16
Kylie: *Wakes up juuuust before Bernhard and Felicia teleport inside the moseuleum; and hugs Uncle Larry! She misses talking with him! But he’s gone just as soon as the other two arrive, so she really doesn’t have much time to say anything.* Are they gone? *She asks instead, looking innocent as can be!* -04:09 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia rubs her head… well at least teleporting that time was a little easier.* Are you trying to give that innocent kid "I didn’t do anything but this look says otherwise" face? -04:11 Mar 16

Dead Uncle Larry is now behind Bernhard and Felicia, making faces at Kylie.

Kylie: *She snickers at Uncle Larry! He was ruining her image of innocent…but she couldn’t help it. He was always too funny!* I didn’t do anything–honest! *Even Bernhard knows her better than that! And would definitely catch that tired look Kylie just happens to be unable to hide.* -04:14 Mar 16
Bernhard: Your face says otherwise. Is there … anything you’d like to share with the rest of the class? Say, about who got rid of all those things quickly and cleanly? -04:16 Mar 16
Felicia: Uh huh, cause I know I sure didn’t do it myself. *Felicia follows kylie’s grinning glance to peek over her shoulder. ACK! Another one! Felicia squeeks, hopping in front of Bernhard to use him as a shield!* -04:17 Mar 16

Great Uncle Larry just chuckles! “Don’t be so hard on the little sugarcake, demonboy! Someone has to teach big sister the ropes!”

Kylie: *Stares at Bernhard with her green eyes which are glowing silver somewhat; due to the fact she’s seen the dead-people almost all day, and just now, she was seeing Uncle Larry.* You don’t have to worry Bernhard; I don’t do that unless it was like tonight–and I had to make them leave somehow. And Felicia, this is Great Uncle Larry. He helps me lots in school. *She grins!* -04:19 Mar 16
Bernhard: Keep talking, ash-breath. *He looks up.* If she wants to teach Felicia, she can do it without using up her energy. -04:20 Mar 16
Felicia: *Felicia gives a weak wave to..uh.. Uncle Larry. Dead Uncle Larry.* Hi…? *Do ghosts even need to smoke? She’s just going to keep using Bernhard as a shield anyway.* about this Teaching Felicia business. …I’m thinking it might be a good idea… -04:22 Mar 16
Kylie: Sure! I can teach should be easy. *Boy she was tired enough to drop right then and there….. but she wasn’t going to let them know!* -04:24 Mar 16

Dead Uncle Larry puffs on his pipe with his old man grin. “Course Kylie needs a break, so there’s no reason why demonboy here can’t teach a few basic things. He’s got to be good for something.”

Bernhard: Yes, says the old fart who died. *Growls softly.* -04:26 Mar 16
Bernhard: (Minus the "Yes" x_x) -04:26 Mar 16
Felicia: Why does he keep calling you demoboy? *She half whispers to Bernhard… Oh geeze.. Wait, she already knows the answer to this doesn’t she.* -04:28 Mar 16
Kylie: *She blinks…looks at Felicia and just flat out says,* Duuuh. *Grins cause she knows how much big-half-sister looooves this kind of stuff!* -04:29 Mar 16
Bernhard: Because he’s an inflated wind bag afraid of his own shadow. *Remarks without taking his eyes off of Larry. Dead or not, it certainly looks like he’s about to attack the older Montgomery.* -04:30 Mar 16

Dead Uncle Larry has a seat. On an invisible chair. Puffing again, he crosses his ankles together. “Bernhard here is like the family pet. Course ain’t a one of us that wanted him, that’s just the way it goes. We better brush up on my neices suprnatural senses.”

Felicia: Hey! *She points a frozen fingers at the old – dead – man!* Give me a break! I grew up with soccer games and girl scouts! Not ghosts and zombies. Besides, demon or not, Bernhard’s saved our lives at least three times tonight, and that’s good for something! -04:33 Mar 16
[Felicia was just telling Dead Uncle Larry that Bernhard has been lots of useful!] -03:07 Mar 19
[Bernhard doesn\’t expect the old air bag to relent. He\’s a stubborn old fool …] -03:08 Mar 19
[Kylie *She was trying to keep herself awake; having just used an enormous amount of energy by excorsizing the bad people. She stiffles a yawn but perches next to Uncle Larry!* ] -03:09 Mar 19

Dead Uncle Larry just laughs as he puffs his pipe. “Yep, useful one day and missing the next! But Ah! My little prodigy is practically asleep on her feet! Now that little Kylie removed the dead and saved your lives, I think it’s time to return to the house for some rest.”

Kylie: *She yawns again, but she doesn’t want to go back to her room just yet…* Uncle Larry, should I teach Felicia by showing her the books you gave me? It might help if she read the basics first. -03:13 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Doesn’t say a word. He just leans against the wall with his arms crossed. This would’ve been the last place he would’ve gone had it not been for the fact Kylie had needed to come here.* Felicia and I should check the house first. -03:14 Mar 19
Felicia: Uncle Larry teaches a seven year old how to deal with dead people huh? *Felicia cats Uncle Larry a dirty look… Even the dead should have some sense of responsibility!* Yeah, Kylie will be safe here with Dominoe, right? We can check the house and then we’ll get some sleep. Teaching is better when we’re rested. -03:15 Mar 19

Uncle Larry merely smiles! “It’s kept our little Kylie alive hasn’t it?” Uncle Larry puffpuffs! “I’ll watch my girl while demonboy gets his job done!”

Kylie: *Grins sheepishly at Felicia….* Well… Uncle Larry isn’t the only one who teaches me stuff… At least they wait until I’m done with my homework.. *Her silver-green eyes are as innocent as can be!* -03:18 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Eyes narrow and flash as he glares daggers at Larry.* Shall we, Miss Felicia? *He turns to her, his expression somewhat softer.* -03:19 Mar 19
Felicia: Uh huh. *Boy, if she were a few years younger.. She’d be sticking her tongue out of Uncle Larry! Felicia leads the way back towards the house!* -03:21 Mar 19
Kylie: *Kylie grins and waves to the couple! She’s already convinced her half-sister likes Bernhard more than just a little! But she turns back to Uncle Larry..* I guess I’ll just make sure I fall asleep….but what about the Shadow Creature…… is it really gone? I haven’t seen it in a while… -03:24 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Follows after Felicia. He’s finally glad to be out of there. He would love nothing more than to be free of this servitude …* -03:24 Mar 19

Uncle Larry continues to smoke his pipe, seeming unconcerned! “Of course not. But I am sure you yourself will take care of that mean old beast, won’t you, little genius?”

Kylie: *She doesn’t know…! She looks a little uncertainly at Uncle Larry, but she manages a small smile anyway.* I sure hope so…I just wonder how I can do that before anymore family dies. -03:28 Mar 19
Felicia: *Felicia tired and annoyed… and more than a little freaked out, but she can only deal with one emotion at a time! And for now, it’s prowling around a big creepy house monster-proofing it for her little sister.* I need a gun! Wait… would that even work? Maybe holy water. -03:30 Mar 19

Dead Uncle Larry just shrugs. “Don’t get too attached to that one, little neice. She was not raised strong like us. Without you and the demon, she would be dead all ready.”

Bernhard: Your father kept a gun locked in a case under his bed. It might still be there. It’s not holy water but the gun was blessed so whether the ammo is blessed as well or not should not be a problem. -03:32 Mar 19
Kylie: *She sighed a bit, curling up next to Uncle Larry and Dominoe on her other side, just thinking about how she was starting to like Felicia too.* It’s not fair, Uncle Larry…. I hate to say it like that… but why is this creature so determined to make me lose everyone I like? Did I do something bad? -03:34 Mar 19
Felicia: Really? Now that sounds just right. *She casts a quick look at Bernhard before she pushes in through the back door of the house. Warily she peeks around what must be the kitchen!* All clear, I think. …. Were all of the Montgomeries like Uncle Larry? -03:35 Mar 19

Uncle Larry pats a ghostly hand on Kylie’s head. “We’ve had a good run, puppet. Of course… that shadow being wants something specific. Have you thought about what it might want?”

Bernhard: That depends on what you mean. Full of himself. Irresponsible. Self-righteous. Ruthless and merciless enough to introduce a child into a world of ghosts and shadows? And a dumb ass to boot. -03:37 Mar 19
Kylie: Hmm… not really, Uncle Larry….I just know it seems to be saving me for some odd reason; cause there were plenty of times it could have killed me too… but I have no idea why it just lets me live but kills everyone else. -03:39 Mar 19
Felicia: So he’s a real dick. And the others? *Felicia moves across the kitchen… Where would dead things pop out? At least nothing was screaming out creepy vibes… She moved to the next room!* -03:42 Mar 19

“Because children can see things that most others can not, wee Kylie. But we best not mention that to Bernhard ot Felicia.”

Bernhard: More or less like him. Their entire focus is on "their calling." Their world revolves around the dead. There were a few exceptions, of course. Your dad was one of those exceptions. He kept everyone in line. Perhaps that is why he died first … -03:47 Mar 19
Kylie: *She looks over at Uncle Larry and sits up, blinking. Rubbing tired eyes, she puts one hand on Dominoe’s head.* Ok, I won’t Uncle Larry.. I suppose that’s true though… it makes me more curious about what it is I’m suppossed to be seeing that it wants…? -03:47 Mar 19
Felicia: Guess I was the lucky kid. *Felicia mutters a little too loudly. She’s found herself in a… um… what is this room, like an extra family room? There were sofas, a fireplace, jukebox. A bit normal looking.* Are you just Kylie’s babysitter, or were you everyone’s whipping boy? -03:50 Mar 19

“We’ll find out in time, won’t we puppet?” Cheerfully says Uncle Larry! “In the meantime, why don’t we work on our exercises! The meditation ones!”

Kylie: *She blinks a few times! Then nods at Uncle Larry, standing first to stretch her already-stiff muscles from lying on the concrete; then getting in the cross-legged position, ready for a few basics at least! Unless Uncle Larry had something bigger in mind. She quirks an eyebrow at him, but is ready to start!* -03:54 Mar 19
Bernhard: The latter. I only became Kylie’s babysitter because everyone else had died. *He looks around.* Almost there. -03:57 Mar 19

Uncle Larry counts numbers, and does his best trying to distract Kylie to mess up her meditation… it’s part of the exercises!

Felicia: I guess if you didn’t have to stiick around here, you’d be gone in a heart beat? *Tough questions, but she felt a responsibility to ask him, If he WAS a demon and he WAS just there cause he HAD to be, who is to say he wasn’t going to try and screw them over the first chance he got… if he’s not already found a way to do it now! Felicia finds the stair case and starts up it.* -03:59 Mar 19
Kylie: *Isn’t fooled by her uncle’s counting even for a second; and she blocks that out with ease, for a 7 year old, she had amazingly good concentration.* -03:59 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Is thoughtful for a moment.* Interesting question. But quite possibly. I have been the Montgomery pet for far too long. *Small, nonchalant shrug.* Alas, my fate is a different one. -04:03 Mar 19

Uncle Larry is persistant! He goes as far as tickling! Vicious tickling!

Felicia: *Felicia stops in the middle of the hall, with her hands resting on her hips and gives Bernhard a good hard stare.* Well… I’ll make a deal with you. If you protect me and Kylie until this problem is solved, I will break your contract. If I can see dead people, there’s no reason why I can’t break your contract. Then you can do what you want. -04:05 Mar 19
Kylie: *Eeep! Nope, not falling for that trick! She stops herself from wanting to squirm, and manages to keep her face straight and her mind completely blank at the same time! She was shutting out even the cold of the room at this point!* -04:06 Mar 19

Uncle Larry plays hardball. He kicks Dominoe!

Kylie: *Dominoe can take care of himself! In fact, the black lab lifts his head and snarls! Then goes right back to sleep!* -04:07 Mar 19

Uncle Larry goes on undaunted. He’s making poor Dominoe float around in the air!

Kylie: *The seven year old hears Dominoe whining as he’s lifted in the air; but its almost as if she can sort of ‘see’ what her uncle was doing with her eyes closed! She just keeps her mind as blank as ever! She’d make it up to Dominoe later….* -04:09 Mar 19

Uncle Larry makes Dominoe tap dance on Kylie’s head!

Bernhard: *Stops and raises an eyebrow at her. He studies her for several long moments with a blank look on his face.* I enjoy a challenge. Very well, Miss Felicia. You have a deal. *He grins.* My protection for the broken contract. -04:11 Mar 19
Kylie: *Bad Uncle Larry! She resists the urge to scold! She had to keep concentrating…!* -04:11 Mar 19
Felicia: Yep. A deal. *That was almost sort of a relief! She started down the hall again!* -04:13 Mar 19

Felicia turns around and nearly runs in to an oooold woman. She’s so wrinklie and old she looks a century. “Making deals with demons, is it, girl?” She says.

Bernhard: Now, now, Granny, desperate times call for desperate measures. -04:15 Mar 19
Felicia: *Felicia backs up a step, trying not to make a blechy face at the old woman. This one was dead for sure. Gawd, she hoped the woman wasn’t alive looking like that…* Yeah.. what he said. -04:16 Mar 19

Uncle Larry drops Dominoe right on top of Kylie!

Granny sounds as cantankerous as she looks. “No Montgomery makes deals with demons… You don’t even deserve to be in this house!” Granny pulls up her cane to jab at Felicia!

Kylie: *Ouch! Dominoe whiiines in protest as he lands right on her lap, knocking her over on the concrete–! Kylie’s concentration is definitely broken and she has to struggle to help Dominoe off.* Evil ol Cheater. *She remarks at her uncle.* -04:18 Mar 19
Bernhard: Quiet, crone. *Steps between Felicia and Granny.* You are one to talk. Your children are dead and she and Kylie are the last of your bloodline. She possesses as much power as the rest of you fools. Now, out of our way. -04:18 Mar 19

Uncle Larry looks right pleased with himself. “Stuff is going to get thrown at you, sweetums! You just gotta swat it out of your way!”

Granny is not intimidated by no curse-bound demon, and she is fine with threatening him with that cane too! “Watch your mouth demon. You are the cause of this. YOU are the reason my babies are gone, and it’s only a matter of time before you are the cause of that one’s death too!” She hiiiiisses!

Bernhard: Perhaps your children should have learned never to fight fire with fire. *He takes Felicia by the elbow and guides her around the woman–avoiding the cane–and down the hall.* -04:23 Mar 19
Kylie: *Grins and has to comfort a terrified Dominoe!* You mean like that time that lamp was hurled at my head a few weeks ago? That wasn’t you was it? *Dominoe finally calms down again, and huddles at Kylie’s side, not going anywhere near her uncle!* -04:23 Mar 19
Felicia: *Oh boy, more Montgomery back history. Of course, this wasn’t helping her trust issues with mister Demon Butler Bodygaurd Bernhard. But a deal is a deal.* I get the feeling they don’t like bastard children around here either. -04:24 Mar 19

The old crone shakes her cane at them before she disappears!

Uncle Larry is back to puffing on his pipe and looking as innocent as a newborn babe. “I’d never hurt you, sweetums. Just keep that in mind.”

Bernhard: *Smirks a bit.* She thinks every Montgomery who isn’t inbred is a bastard child. -04:27 Mar 19
Felicia: *There’s that icky face!* …ew! Please be joking… *Oh bleeeeccch! Family inbreeding? And she thought seeing dead people and being murdered was bad! Horrible mental images!* Okay…! Before my mind gets away with me, which one is my father’s room so I can get that gun. -04:29 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* That one. *He points to the end of the hall where a large oak door stands. The knob is brass and engraved with a leaf.* -04:31 Mar 19
Kylie: *She nods, knowing he wouldn’t…. but it’s awfully strange how that lamp had gone flying at her that one night; just three weeks ago before Felicia arrived; it had been aimed right at her head with an amazing speed. If she hadn’t of ducked in time, she would have been definitely knocked out cold. And Uncle Larry most definitely has never allowed her to get even a small scratch when he taught her things… * I’ll remember that Uncle. I think I need a nap though….I haven’t slept so great lately. *She admits, feeling really tired….* -04:31 Mar 19

“Go to sleep, puppet. It’s always safe here with the family.”

Felicia: *Still making those dreadful faces, Felicia heads towards the doors and with only a slight moment of hesitation she pulled them open to step in to the Master’s Bedroom. She’s at the bed before she stops, considering whether or not she reeeaally wants to peek under there and see another one of those shadow beasts.* Uh.. could you…? *She wiggles her finger at the bed!* -04:33 Mar 19
Kylie: *She decides to do just that and promptly passes out, using Dominoe partially as a pillow.* -04:33 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Stands in the doorway and looks at the bed when she points at it.* Hm. Of course. *He steps up to the bed and checks underneath it.* -04:35 Mar 19

As soon as Bernhard is leaning on the floor to check under the bed, there’s a soft PLOOF sound! There’s Dead Uncle Larry popping behind Felicia to grab her around the waist along with a hand over her mouth and PLOOFS away with her! There’s some laughter echoing in the room from Good Old Dead Uncle Larry! “Weren’t you supposed to be protecting my little prodigy? She’s lonely there in the mausoleum.”

Bernhard: *Lifts his head to look at where Felicia had been!* Miss Felicia! *He growls. He knows that laughter anywhere! But first … he moves under the bed to grab a wooden box engraved with the Montgomery "coat of arms". Then he "sinks" into a shadow and disappears!* -04:40 Mar 19

“Do make sure my little neice is tucked sweetly in to her bed after you give her a few cookies. Felicia will find her way back to the house, I’m sure!” Echos a laughing Uncle Larry!

Felicia finds herself dropped suddenly in to a great big cold pile of snow quite a bit away from the house! At least one can barely.. sort of see it in the distance! Uncle Larry laughs some more!

Felicia: *Another SPLAT! Felicia is so stunned that by the time she digs/stumbles/falls out of the snow drift, she’s cursing something nasty!* UNCLE LARRY YOU SLEEZY NO GOOD SON OF A FILTHY WHORE! YOU BETTER BE SCARED CAUSE ONCE I FIGURE THIS OUT I’M SENDING YOUR SOUL STRAIGHT TO HELL! *Hiiiisss! Spit! Hiss! Groooowl! …good god it’s Freezing out here! What a DICK!* -04:43 Mar 19
Kylie: *And there was Kylie, curled up, pale from being out in the cold so long, but she’s definitely unconscious. Too tired to even notice anything going on…* -04:45 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Appears on top of the Montgomery manor, overlooking the grounds with the box still tucked under his arm. He needs to find Felicia and fast. She is his first priority. He focuses his power.* Find the older Montgomery girl, Felicia. -04:45 Mar 19

His shadow moves and then splits into eight smaller shadows that head off in eight different directions, moving along the ground as quickly and silently as mice. -Bernhard

Uncle Larry grinning from ear to ear returns to the mausoleum and scoops up his little neice. He ploofs them to her room and tucks her neatly in bed. Let Bernhard figure it out. It’s not like Felicia will die out there in the snow. Well, unless she heads in the wrong direction and falls in the lake. Or if the wolves are out. Or if she freezes to death. Or if there’s more shadow beasts. At least Kylie is safe!

Felicia: Crazy stupid family… should have told that lawyer to fuck off… *Felicia sheilds her eyes to try and get a good look at the house. …Holy crap, the estates for this house was huge… There’s a forest over there, and she thinks all that flat stuff might be the lake… And.. wait, did she hear wolves? And see a shadow…? …Best not to think about that, she heads for the shape that looks the most like a house, cursing Larry all the way!* -04:49 Mar 19
Kylie: *Dominoe loyally follows Larry back to the house to plop himself nice and comfy on the big warm bed in Kylie’s room! And she was turning over on her side, much warmer now than she was earlier.* -04:50 Mar 19
Bernhard: And to think, they called me a bastard. Before they roasted me alive. *He murmurs to no one in particular. The wind howls here and then all eight pieces of his shadow return, melding together to form an entire shadow. He sinks into the darkness again and reappears a few feet beside Felicia.* Ah, there you are. -04:52 Mar 19
Felicia: Th-that man is a dick. *She was stating the obvious, but she was that damned mad. Uncle Larry was going to get it, and he was going to get it good. For the moment she was stuffing her hands under her arms cause she couldn’t feel her fingers!* -04:55 Mar 19
Bernhard: Indeed. We should get you warm before you really do freeze. Are you up to teleporting? -04:57 Mar 19
Felicia: I th-think in an emergecy… you d-dun have to ask. *Someone needs to teach this man some common sense…! later! after she gets revenge!* -04:58 Mar 19

Uncle Larry has seated himself in a chair in Kylie’s room, just a smoking his pipe with his big old smile.

Bernhard: I guess this would warrant an emergency. *He reaches out and takes her elbow. The two of them disappear and they find themselves back in Felicia’s room.* -05:00 Mar 19
Kylie: *She knows Uncle Larry is in her room; how she knows this even while asleep is abnormal enough; but she does seem to rest more peacefully with him nearby; and those pesky nightmares don’t bug her at all.* -05:00 Mar 19
Felicia: Muh-much obliged…! *Despite teleporting dizzie and being as stiff as a board, Felicia almost robotically turns Bernhard towards he door and gently pushes him out!* n-now get my sister to bed… I’mma sleep till ‘morrow. -05:02 Mar 19
Bernhard: *Thanks to a sneaking suspicion, he heads for Kylie’s room first and steps out of a shadow in the corner, opposite of Larry.* Having fun? -05:04 Mar 19

Uncle Larry puffs his pipe. “Now, that girl coulda found her way back to the house just fine. How is she supposed to get strong with you out fetching her from trouble?”

Felicia: *No more wet clothes…! Not that it was easy getting undressed and digging her pajamas out of her suitcase, but she managed to fumbled through it and crawl in to her bed with a shivering sigh! Uncle Larry was going to learn a whole new meaning of dead tomorrow…* -05:07 Mar 19
Kylie: *Inspite of the two men arguing, she was fast asleep, and Dominoe was dozing at the foot of her bed; but he opens both eyes to stare pointedly at both of them as if saying, ”Don’t you wake her up with that bickering!", then he closes his eyes again!* -05:09 Mar 19
Bernhard: So says the man who nearly beat his son to death for not being able to calm the spirits of 30-odd institutionalized lunatics. -05:10 Mar 19

“A clan is only as strong as it’s weakest link… You find the weak ones and to replace them.” Uncle Larry puffs away, not even seeming the slightest bit perturbed or ashamed of the conversation!

Bernhard: Of course, you do. That is what you always do. Why you’re raising Kylie to follow in your footsteps without her even realizing the monster she will become. -05:14 Mar 19
Felicia: "Kylie will grow up to be the greatest Montgomery there has ever been, and soon enough be sole heir. …even without my help." -05:16 Mar 19



Felicia arrives at the Montgomery Estate to take over her inheritance and the half-sister she never knew existed.

[Felicia is ready to face her new life! With a little half sister… in this… big…creepy… house. Arriving in a taxi, getting out with her bags… yeah this doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.] -03:47 Mar 15

The Montgomery Estates are massive. A huge century plus old house with three floors, many windows, towers, twists, turns, gardens, family grave site, animals, land for a small farm… And it looks like there’s another big snow coming in to cover everything in a blissful white blanket!

[Kylie *Sits ontop of the long winding stairwell, inside that big enormous mansion she lived in….all alone. So. A half sister was arriving. She hugs Dominoe, her faithful pet Dominoe at her side… She knew this unknown half-sister was going to leave her. Just as everyone else did. She wondered how long she\’d last…. ] -03:54 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia drags her two bags out of the back of the taxi, while the driver gets the ones out of the trunk. She’s staring at the house for a minute before realizing the driver is ready for his money and seems to be itching to go. With a mumbled apology she handed over a few bills, and blinked in surprise as he jumped in to his vehicle and drove off like the devil was on his heels!* …Hey! Who is going to help me carry all this inside?! -03:54 Mar 15
[Bernhard is standing behind and to the side of Kylie. So, Old Man Montgomery had another kid. The old coot …] -03:55 Mar 15
Felicia: *She flicks a finger at the fleeing taxi…!!* …Well damnit. *Resigned to her fate, she halls one stra over her shoulder, tucks a bag under her arm, and grasps the other two by the handles to drag them towards the front door.* -03:57 Mar 15

At least the snow is beautiful!

Kylie: *She yawns a bit. Her silver-ringed green eyes were fixed on the door. She’d meet this half sister soon enough. But she wouldn’t let herself get close. Maybe then the older girl might have half a chance…..unlike the rest of her family. She nods to Berhnard, knowing the half-sister was here…she’d need help with the bags, and probably didn’t travel light either.* -03:59 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Decided to go with a "normal" human appearance in case this particular female could actually see him. Tall and lean, wearing a black suit with a long tail and looking every bit like a butler. Black hair and copper eyes. He figures he should act the part as well and walks down the stairs, opening the front door just as a woman lugging her bags gets there.* Miss Felicia, I presume. I see your taxi was in a hurry to leave. *He can’t help but smile slightly at that. It never ceased to amuse him how ordinary people avoided the place like the Black Plague.* Allow me to help with your luggage. *He steps forward and takes each and every one of her bags from her.* -04:03 Mar 15
Felicia: Oh, thank god. I thought I was going to have to drag those all the way to me room. *Felicia blinked at the man and… He seemed kind of weird. Nah, she’s just spooked by this creepy house.* I guess you already know I’m Felicia… you’re a butler, right? *She steps inside the house, cautiously! So, where was this little half sister?* -04:05 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* You could say that. My name is Bernhard. *He follows her inside and closes the door behind him, going the extra mile by closing it with his foot.* Welcome to the Montgomery estate. -04:08 Mar 15
Kylie: *Gets to her feet; looking smaller than her age; dressed in all black, her long brown hair was tied in a pony tail. Dominoe whined in the back of his throat, but otherwise was calm. She put a hand on his back, then walked down the stairs; scarilly quiet, for a kid.* "Hi…I’m Kylie." She says blinking up at the older girl. If she lasted more than a week– she’d be amazed!* -04:08 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia blinked down at the little girl and her..uh… dog? with much the same expression.* I’m Felicia. *She said again. …Okay, what do you say to a little girl that’s your sister after her family died and you never met her, but now have to be her new… sister.* I’m your new sister! Um… I guess. Never been a sister before, so if I’m kind of lame, I’ll get better, I promise. *She gives a big genuine grin!* -04:10 Mar 15
Kylie: *She blinks a few times at Felicia, then smiles a little.* It’s ok. I’m not that good either.. *Her eyes go to Bernhard at that comment; knowing it was actually only he who could ever stand up to that Shadow Creature and keep him from getting her. She was starting to worry she might actually like this half-sibling…and then…..he’d find out….* -04:14 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia scratches the back of her head nervously. Yeah, this was going to be real awkward for awhile!* Okay, so.. I guess you guys can show me to my room and then we’ll just get to know each other for a bit? -04:19 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Catches Kylie looking at him. He was no angel but he was doing what he could with what he had. Deciding to break the silence, he says.* I believe your room was just across the hall from Miss Kylie’s. -04:19 Mar 15

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door! “Hello? Miss Kylie? Miss Felicia, are you here? It’s Mr. Ravencroft, your father’s lawyer. We spoke on the phone.

Felicia: I think I’m going to need a ma-… *At the doorknock, Felicia did the kind thing and moved to answer it herself considering poor Bernhard’s hands were full with her stuff.. Jeeze, why didn’t he put it down for a second? Felicia opens the door wide!* Mr. Ravencroft! I didn’t really expect to see you so soon. I just got in… -04:21 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Great. Ravencroft couldn’t see him which meant … Stepping into the shadows, he appears to "sink" into them, appearing in Felicia’s room and depositing the luggagge on her bed. Then he "sunk" into some shadows and reappeared behind Kylie.* -04:23 Mar 15

Ravencroft, a thin man with eyeglasses and a briefcase, smiles. “Yes. Well, I was quite worried. What with Kylie alone and you having just arrived. I wanted to make sure the two of you were all settled down. And … I believe there are a few papers for you to look over and sign.”

Kylie: *She looks up at the lawyer, and could tell Dominoe didn’t like him much at all, he was growling that quiet growl of his; which she hushed him for, then decided to go back to her room; which was surprisingly innocent and childlike enough. Unlike the rest of the house!* -04:26 Mar 15
Felicia: She’s not alone, Bernhard is here. *Felicia had turned to point a finger at the butler, only to find him moved behind Kylie and her luggae missing. …Man, he was fast.* Oh yeah, those papers. I suppose we should get that out of the way. -04:26 Mar 15

Ravencroft blinks at her. Butler? Why, there hadn’t been a butler here since, since … He is about to tell her about that when she reminds him of the papers. “Ah yes … Yes, indeed. It might take a bit of a while. How about the study? It is rather close by.”

Felicia: Sure, it’s just-… Ah. You better lead the way. *She says sheepishly… Kylie already left to her room, and Felicia was wanting to do much of the same. Lawyers weren’t fun to deal with at all.* -04:30 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Follows after Kylie. You would think the man would get the hint after awhile. Out of sheer boredom, he had played a few … tricks … on the man which only made Ravencroft all the more nervous about this place.* -04:32 Mar 15
Kylie: *Watches cartoons from her bed, knowing Berhnard would get rid of that pesky lawyer easilly enough. And then she could give Felicia a tour! Lawyers were annoying time-wasters!* -04:33 Mar 15

Ravencroft smiles and nods. “Yes, yes … Uh …” He steps inside and looks around. “Right … this way!” He marches to the right and down a short hall, opening one of a pair of doors near the end. The study looks like a large office right out of a movie. Elegant wooden furniture, large windows with heavy curtains behind a huge desk. There was a giant globe in the corner and even a few paintings, the sort whose eyes appeared to follow you no matter where you are in the room.

Bernhard: *Once Kylie is settled in and her mutt is there, he excuses himself and disappears into a shadow again. He reappears in the hall just as Ravencroft closes the door behind himself and Felicia. How to get rid of Ravencroft and not have Felicia see him doing it would be child’s play.* -04:36 Mar 15
Felicia: *Yep, the place was exactly how she thought it would be. Straight out of those Stephen King novels. But hey, can’t let that get her distracted, time get get business done!* All so… Let’s just have a seat and look at those papers, shall we? Is there a whole lot I need to sign? -04:36 Mar 15

Ravencroft sets his briefcase down on the desk and opens it. Then he starts digging through it, shuffling papers. “No … not at all … if only … Oh dear, I know I had them with me. There are uh … ownership papers you see, for the estate and guardian papers for your sister.”

Felicia: Didn’t I already sign those with the papers you sent me last week? *Felicia stuffed her hands in her pockets, trying to remain patient… * -04:40 Mar 15
Kylie: *Had a feeling…. something shifted suddenly, in her room. Right out from under her bed, she sees something huge and shadowy moving, and of course; she hears a faint hiss of laughter as that creature stalks towards Felicia’s room! Oh no! Her new half sister wasn’t going to even last a night?! She hates this shadow monster bastard…! It already got her whole family…and ruined her life! Why was it going for Felicia when she hadnt been there even a whole day? And of course only the poor girl knew that the creature was there…. in her half-sister’s room. Waiting, and silently laughing at them all.* -04:41 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Disappears into a shadow and reappears in the study a good distance behind of Felicia. He picks up the letter opener on a table nearby which then disappears …* -04:42 Mar 15

Ravencroft suddenly stops and looks up at Felicia. “Oh dear … Did you …? I … I honestly can’t–Ow!” He cries out and jumps away from the desk. Something stabbed him in the foot!

Felicia: Are you okay? *A raised eyebrow, watching the lawyer jump away from the desk… Jeeze, what sort of professional can’t remember when important documents are signed? This is going to take forever, so she turns away from Ravencroft as she pulls off her jacket and drapes it across a chair.* I’m pretty sure I did, since it was all marked as "Urgent". You said you’d bring me the copies of the papers for filing. -04:45 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Smirks a bit. But he didn’t have time to play today … He stabs Ravencroft with the letter opener a few more times, first in his other foot, then returns to the one he stabbed first. Before long the lawyer is hopping around like mad.* -04:47 Mar 15

Oh dear, it was happening again! He gulps and as soon as the “attacks” pause for the briefest moment, he’s putting his papers back and closing his briefcase. “In … in that case, I will have my secretary fax them to you! Good day, Miss Felicia!” Then he’s hopping toward the door, out of the study, and out of the house.

Kylie: *Good ol Bernhard! Kylie grins when she hears the front door slamming; and a car engine starting. That lawyer sure didn’t last long. Now she’d have to warn Felicia about that terrible monster lurking under her bed…..and hope she wasn’t considered crazy like everyone else thought she was!* -04:50 Mar 15
Felicia: But you sa-…!! *Felicia could only stand there and blink for a moment, as the lawyer, much like the taxi driver, fled from the house like a bat out of hell.* …. So, the whole town is weird… *She mumbled rubbing her forhead.* -04:50 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Disappears again and reappears in Kylie’s room.* That was amusing … for a little while. *He takes a long look at Kylie.* What’s the matter? -04:52 Mar 15
Kylie: That creature went from under my bed- to Felicia’s room… I think he plans on killing her tonight, and I really should warn her— but she’ll only think I’m crazy… -04:53 Mar 15
Felicia: *At least now that the lawyer is gone, she can get to her room and spend some time with Kylie… If she can find her room. Felicia found her way to the stairs at least and started up them!* -04:54 Mar 15
Bernhard: You may have to risk it, Kylie. Her safety for what she may or may not think of you. But no matter what, I am behind you. -04:55 Mar 15
Felicia: *At the top of the stairs she had two choices… creepy hallway number one, or creepy hallway number 2. She pointed in each direction before choosing… number 2!* Kylie…? Bernhard..! …I am so going to need a map… -04:57 Mar 15
Kylie: Thanks Bernhard…I guess I owe it to my last remaining family anyway…. I hate when these things happen. *She agrees, and goes out to the hallway to meet Felicia..and promptly tell her, there was a really bad monster under her bed. And it wasn’t even night time yet!* -04:57 Mar 15
Felicia: There you are! *Felicia slid her hands in to he rpockets again, grinning at Kylie.* So the lawyer is gone. He must think I’m creepy… Hey, what’s the matter? -04:59 Mar 15
Kylie: *Can’t seem to think of a subtle way to put this… and it was going to come out all weird! But she has to try.* You have a bad monster under your bed, Felicia. A really bad one….. *Her eyes lower; she seems to know what was going to happen and didn’t like it!* -05:00 Mar 15
Felicia: A monster? *Felicia didn’t look at all surprised. After all, she’s talking to a seven year old and kids always thought there were monsters. And this house sure could rile up an active imagination.* Good thing I have a flashlight… *She dug in her pocket a second, pulling out a small keyring with a tiny weaklit flashlight.* How about we take a look and scare it out, then? -05:01 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Well, this was going … alright … so far. He stays hidden, though, just in case. He doesn’t like to take chances.* -05:03 Mar 15
Kylie: *At this point, the kid looks a little pale at that thought. But of course; she had to reason with the adult-mind. Which couldn’t possibly comprehend the idea of monsters being real… And she was smart for her age; already ages ahead of other kids her own age in almost every subject. Even psychology. She rolls her eyes, and tugs on Felicia’s hand; leading her into a really nice room– except for one or two problems. The room was icy- cold and shadowy… And there- under the bed, were two evil red eyes, watching the both of them with a smirk. Daring them to get closer.* It’s under there. *She points underneath the matress of Felicia’s bed; assuring Bernhard she wasn’t going to provoke the monster.* -05:05 Mar 15
Felicia: *Okay, so the room was cold, dark and shadowy… it’s an old house and has crappy air and lighting, right?* I’ll just take a quick look… *Felicia dropped to her knees by the bed, clicked on her flashlight and took a peek — she promptly clicked the light off and sat up.* ..Uh…. maybe I just… *Flashlight on… one more look.* …oh shit… what the hell…? -05:07 Mar 15

Like a snake preparing to strike, the creature waits. When Felicia gets on her knees and turns the flashlight on, the light reveals it to be solid shadow, if that is even possible. It hisses when the light turns on and suddenly it moves forward, knocking the flashlight out of Felicia’s hand and reaching for her!

Felicia: Run away…! *What the fuck…! Felicia scrambles backwards across the floor, promptly pointing an arm and finger towards the door!* Runa way, right now! *Okay… She’s a big sister now, when kids see monsters under the bed you do the grownup thing and get rid of them! Only… they’re not supposed to be freaking real! Felicia jumps up to her feet and grabs… a… a… candlestick! Choice weapon!* …Demon begon! uh.. I banish you! -05:13 Mar 15
Kylie: *She blinks at Felicia a few times! then snickers.* Smooth move there er…… older-half sister. Now you’ve just gone and made him mad… *She takes off a shoe and hurls it under the bed; hoping to smack it in the forehead!* -05:15 Mar 15
Felicia: Kylie, you don’t throw stuff at monsters! Run away, already! -05:18 Mar 15

The creature makes a strange “AAHHRRRROWWW!” sound as it stands and knocks the bed over after being “candlesticked” and had a show thrown at it. The room gets colder and the creature appears to be getting bigger, starting to fill the room!

Kylie: Felicia…… run! just get out of here! I’m going to make it at least leave your room! *She yells to Felicia, just as the room got a lot darker for this time of day…. and the curtains were wide open, but that certainly didnt make a difference!* -05:21 Mar 15
Felicia: I’m the big sister here! *Crap! Crap damnit and hell fire and a whole bunch of other dirty words! Felicia darts across the room and scoops up Kylie under her arm before running for the door!* -05:22 Mar 15
Kylie: *Protests as she’s picked up and ran away with!* I guess we’ll have to hide in my room now! *She yells, twisting to see if that creature was following……she really hopes not!* -05:24 Mar 15

As the creature moves to go after them, the door slams shut!

Bernhard: *Moves to stand between the door and the creature.* … My turn. -05:26 Mar 15
Felicia: What the hell is that thing?! *Felicia shouts, with Kylie still under one arm, as she points her free one at the door!* -05:26 Mar 15
Kylie: *Eep..! She twists and wriggles her way out from under Felicia’s arm to lead her back to her room.* Um.. That was the thing that killed off all our family. One by one. Siblings, parents—- nobody ever had a chance; and the only reason I’m still here is cause of Bernhard, and Dominoe. *She says quite calmly, indicating the huge black lab on her bed, who was now wide awake and growling at that door!* -05:29 Mar 15
Felicia: Murdered by monsters?! We live with monsters?! *And the kid is just saying it like it is.. Like it’s no big thing! Felicia followed the little girl in to her room, and blinked again at the dog!* …. *blink.* ….. Are you series?! -05:32 Mar 15
Felicia: *serious -05:32 Mar 15
Kylie: Just one monster– that one. The other dead people who live here are mostly all family or friends. Never would hurt either of us. And I’m very serious. I kind of have to be since I saw all of them die… just hope Bernhard can tame it a little. -05:35 Mar 15
Felicia: The other…dead… people..?! *Felicia blinked again! This was.. this was.. raagh!* OKAY! Okay… *A deep breath! She is the legal guardian here and has to be responsible and logical — no matter how freaking crazy it seems.* Monsters.. dead people. this has only been happening the past couple years, Layerman told me, so… it’s like an assasination! So.. so… *She was saying "so" way too much.* It’s a plot, and once you find out the plots, you stop it and.. there we go! Find out the plots and save our necks! *Felicia was pacing the floor now, and likely not making a lick of sense!* -05:38 Mar 15
Kylie: Yeah…. hold that thought and calm down, sis. I’m going to check on Bernhard. *Before Felicia can even move to stop her, she’s telling Dominoe to guard her and darting out of the room to go see if Bernhard was alright across the hall! She tries opening the door…!* Bernhard?? Is it safe yet? -05:41 Mar 15
Felicia: Hey, get back here you little shrimp…! *Felicia tries to grab her before she escapes, but her fingrs just miss! Felicia goes storming after her, pale faced and panic stricken… but not little kid is going to get eaten on her watch!* Don’t you open that door! -05:43 Mar 15

The door is firmly locked! … But at the sound of Kylie’s voice, the knob turns and the door opens slowly …

Kylie: *Snickers at being called a shrimp and makes a face at Felicia! Then she turns serious again when she walks through the door, looking for Bernhard and the monster!… What was going on?* -05:44 Mar 15

The room is nice and tidy … making it impossible to believe a monster just wrecked the place. Except for that scorch mark right there on the floor, just as you come in!

Felicia: *Felicia stumbles through the door right behind Kylie and on quick alert to grab her and run off again… Everything looks… sort of okay.* ….Is it gone? -05:46 Mar 15
Bernhard: … You realize that if I really was a butler, this is my cue to ask for a raise. *He says from right behind Felicia and Kylie! Bernhard is still in human form and wearing the butler outfit.* And yes, it’s gone. For now. -05:47 Mar 15
Kylie: *She turns to hug Bernhard! She’d been really worried after seeing that scorch mark!* I’m glad it left. . . I hope it never comes back. *She knows it would though.* -05:48 Mar 15
Felicia: *Felicia jumped! And didn’t bother trying to play it off… she cast a cool look towards Bernhard…* … I knew you were weird. If you’re not a butler, what are you? Oh hell, I might as well ask what’s up with the place and the eventual question of monsters, and dead people, and why we’re probably going to get murdered while we’re sleeping…? -05:49 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Ruffles her hair a bit and hugs her back. He looks at Felicia.* An … indentured servant? -05:50 Mar 15
Bernhard: Kylie is better at explaining things. -05:51 Mar 15
Kylie: *Grins a bit at Felicia and Bernhard, then sneeeaks back to her own room! What a weird kid…* -05:51 Mar 15
Felicia: So much for Kylie explaining things. *Felicia blinks at her escaping grinning sister!* … we can’t stay in this house. -05:52 Mar 15
Bernhard: This is going to sound ludicrous but … you can’t. This is the safest place for both of you. You could leave but it will only follow. Until both of you are dead or the thing is destroyed. -05:54 Mar 15
Felicia: You have to be kidding me. *Another blink. Sinking feeling of doom and despair…! Felicia was rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands.* It’s so safe here, there’s only Kylie… and me by sheer fluke! -05:56 Mar 15
Kylie: *Even she knew leaving the house wasn’t possible… she’d tried; but every time she thought she’d make it right around the corner and to the city; she was strangely flung back to her own room! As if by an invisible force that wanted her to stay there forever– until even poor Felicia was dead; and that creature had gotten whatever it was that it wanted from her.She knows she was left alive for a reason, but could never figure out what…maybe she should go ahead and ask it…later tonight that is; when it came back.* -05:57 Mar 15
Bernhard: The Montgomery family are Summoners. People who can see and talk to the dead, tasked with the responsibility to help the dead move on, stop evil spirits, exorcise, you get the picture. Kylie cannot leave this place. She has tried and failed. -05:59 Mar 15
Felicia: *Talking to the dead.. well, that brought up some old creepy memories she doesn’t want to think about right now. So she focused on what was more important. Leaving!* Well I’m here now, and that’s going to change! No little kid should have to fear monsters under their bed! I’m going to take Kylie and find a better place to stay. -06:00 Mar 15
Kylie: *She decides to take a nap! And curls up next to Dominoe; the sun was starting to set now, and that never meant anything good. Maybe she could sleep through the night for once without anything weird happening?* -06:04 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Is looking out the window at something. He turns to look at her.* Good luck. You will both need it. *Then he’s gone, leaving Felicia to her own thoughts and returning to Kylie’s room, to sit by her bed.* -06:05 Mar 15
Felicia: *Alone! In a dark hallway… at sunset… twitching. Okay,… it IS sunset, so it’s a bad idea to go running out in the snow until morning, especially without a car. Felicia turns towards her bed… and stops. …Kylie must be scared with all these monsters, she shouldn’t have to sleep alone! Felicia crosses the hall to Kylie’s room and knocks on the door!* -06:07 Mar 15
Bernhard: *He stands and answers the door because Kylie is fast asleep and he doesn’t want her to wake up. She needs all the rest she can get.* Yes, Miss Felicia? -06:08 Mar 15
Felicia: I don’t want Kylie to sleep alone.. so I thought I would sleep with her. -06:09 Mar 15
Kylie: *She hears the knocking, somewhat, but she knows Bernhard is there. And she curls up on one side. Dominoe looks up briefly at Felicia, blinking at her a few times, then he’s putting his head back on the foot of the bed and snoozing again.* -06:10 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Steps back and to the side so she can enter.* The more the merrier. *He looks over at Kylie and Dominoe.* Would you like anything to eat or drink? -06:10 Mar 15
Felicia: i think I’m too twitchy to eat. *She replied honestly, slipping off her shoes as she moved for the bed. Lucky little girl getting such a big bed! Felicia isn’t going to bother about her clothes* Just…um.. stay within two feet? -06:12 Mar 15
Kylie: *Yep. Lucky little girl had a super-cool room too. Hey, there had to be some compensation for never being allowed out of this place, right? She remains sleeping. Tired from having been awake for almost a week straight before Felicia arrived!* -06:14 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Smiles a bit and nods.* Of course. *He shuts the door once she’s in.* -06:15 Mar 15
Felicia: *Silent as a cat… or at least, trying to be, Felicia slips in to bed and under the covers, trying not to disturb sister or big scary Dominoe… Now if she could will herself to sleep!* -06:16 Mar 15
Kylie: *Amazingly, for once the kid-sister is actually able to sleep even through a tornadoe at this point! She was so tired…..she’d probably sleep well past noon– that is, if everything went well that night..* -06:19 Mar 15
Bernhard: *Humans and animals needed sleep. Fortunately, Bernhard is neither so he sits back and enjoys his own company for awhile.* -06:20 Mar 15