Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 001: A Witch’s Trick

[Will is going out for trick or treating one last tiem before colledge, with the girl he will miss most and has been wanting to ask out forever.] -06:04 Nov 05
[Chantilly is not a sexy witch, or a scary witch, but a CUTE witch! And this year is the last time she gets to dress up silly with the ONE person in the world she actually likes.] -06:09 Nov 05
Chantilly: There was a little bit of wind and it was a little chilly. So half the time Chantilly was walking with her hand on her head trying to hold her hat in place so it wouldn’t blow away. In her other hand was a cauldron of candy, and under the candy was hidden all the things they needed for this year’s ‘trick’. Every year they planned a trick for one special, nasty person that pissed them off. And this year was that crotchedy old hag down on that creepy street who always kept trying to run her over on the street in the mornings when she was walking to school. "I still think you should have used some glitter…" -06:13 Nov 05
Will: "I keep telling you I’m not a twilight vampire." he said shooting her a look and pulling back his lips to show off his fake fangs. "Think Blade, or Drakula, or even those trashy books Megan always reads instead of going to gym." he wad the cape, the white shirt, the riding boots, even cut his hair for this one. "Hy vant to sucj hyur blud liddel vun." he said before throwing his cape over her. "Om nom nom nom nom nom nom." -06:18 Nov 05
Chantilly: She both screamed and laughed, swatting at him and shoving him away. Having to snatch her hat back up from the ground, and then swatted him with that too while she grinned. "Sooo? Those Twilight vampires are way scarier. I’d sure as hell run if somebody sparkled at me." Chantilly loved those books, but that was one girlly secret she sure wasn’t going to tell Will! He knew way too much about her already. "What do you think about mine, though? It took me two weeks to get the patterns right for this dress." She skipped ahead just far enough so she could twirl in the red and black getup she made. -06:26 Nov 05
Will: "Don’t get me started with everythign that is wrong with those books." he complained. "And it’s verry… you. It’s got that Chantilly touch of cuteness that can only be matched by what you wore last year." he looked at the bag he had slung over his shoulder and grinned. It was bursting with candy. "I think it’s time to egg and roll." he said. "Then hide in tha park and see what we go.. Ooh." he snatched up what he knew was her favorite nutty chocolate bar and shook it at her. "I’ll trade you this for throwing the first one." -06:33 Nov 05
Chantilly: Snatch! It was out of his hand in a heartbeat, and she was trying her damndest not to be grinning like some sort of idea. She had been that way since the start of the school year. That epiphany moment she realized high school was almost over and in a few months they’d probably be off to separate schools and new different lives. And he really was the only person that could make her smile like that. "You’ve got it. And I bet I can hit the top windows. You throw like a girl." Within a few more paces they were in front of the house. Even -before- the old hag moved in, it was a rundown, probably turn of the century building. Now it looked like it belonged in a horror flick, and it wasn’t even decorated for Halloween. "Top attic window! Give me the big ones!" -06:38 Nov 05
Will: "I’m throwing first." he reminded her and picked one at random to send sailing into the upper floor wall near the attic. "Here you go." he said holding out the pallet and taking abother egg. "Let’s see you do better." he wasu eyeing her and grinning his fang just appearing over his bottom lip and pinching it. SO close to the end of the year and then… "You’d better hit it, or I’ll have to visit you in colledge to remind you about how you didn’t." -06:43 Nov 05
Chantilly: Man, all those years being friends. Why was she only noticing now how much she was gonna miss him. ..and the cute. Had to be those goofy fangs. She was such a dumb fangirl. Bouncing the egg in her hand for a second, she pulled back and threw! "…whoops…!" Not that it was an accident. Maybe Chantilly missed the attic window and hit one of the second floor windows on purpose. "I guess that means you’re going to be spending a billion dollars in gas money." -06:47 Nov 05
Will: "Or I could call every day. ‘Hello, wille miss witch, hes.. you miiisssed.’ Click." he took another egg and sent that one flying sailing over the rool and hitting the chimny. Even if you don’t miss I’ll still call. And that’s still weeks away, still lots of time for nights like this." -06:50 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Yeah, but it’s not ever really going to be the same, is it." This time she did hit the attic window. Then she was snatching her cauldron up and digging around to get out a roll of toilet paper and some silly string. "No more pranking the neighborhood, or dressing up in fun costumes, or treehouse sleepovers. We’re going to have to actually act like adults." Chantilly was climbing up the iron fence and dropping down to the other side. Gripping the bars to peer and grin at him. "You’re probably going to get some stupid desk job where all you do is punch a calculator." -06:58 Nov 05
Will: "Calculators need to be pnched. How welse are we going to prvent the machine uprising?" he saud before vaulting the fence and sending the relaing eggs into the wall and dropping the pallet. "And we will dress up, even if it’s just us camping out on the beach. You know it’s true, nothing can keep us apart, not even colledge." -07:01 Nov 05
Chantilly: Chantilly laughed, but it didn’t really ring true. That’s what everyone said! That can pounced in her hand for a second, before a wicked look crossed her face. "Hey Will…" She waited until he turned around, then without warning she was aiming the silly string at him and cackling! -07:06 Nov 05
Will: He lifted his cape to shield his face. "Hyu cennot see me. Hy am invisibul. AH ah ah ah." he then stepped to the side and fell over the edging of the overgrown garden and landed on his ass. "Shit." he looked up at her then started laughing. "Get the witch’s house, then we’ll head to the park. I want to ask you something." -07:10 Nov 05
Chantilly: "That’s the worst accent ever, Will!" She was still laughing at him even when she dashed off to approach the house. Chantilly made sure to aim high. The hardest and the worst places to get silly string stuck in. The stupid old witch would think twice about trying to run people over on their way to school! -07:13 Nov 05
Will: He got up and followed her, stealing the roll of toilet paper and unwindin it a little to send it flying over the roof trailing a white strip after it. "That’s making me want to ask less and less, you’d beter have soem good candy to trade." he stuck his tongue out at her and then froze as he heard a sound from inside. "Breaker, somone’s home." -07:16 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Oh hell!" she squeaked out and froze. "She’s never home at night…!" she whispered in alarm. Crazy hag worked night shifts or something, she was never home in the evening. …too late to take it back now! "Final launch and abandon ship!" Chantilly squeeled, tossing as much stuff as she could in a flurry of action. If they were going down, they were going down with mission accomplished! -07:22 Nov 05
Will: He grabbed her hand and headed for the fence. Then he was looking back as a light came on, but it was dim and flickering like a lantern and he watched for a moment before grabbing the iron bars. "Wierd." -07:31 Nov 05
Chantilly: The front doorsswung open and backlit by what looked like candlit was a hunched over form with dark grey, wild looking hair and a very angry, very wrinkled face. The old woman was shrieking words at them, but it sure didn’t sound like english. And in her hand was either a broom, a stick, or a gun. Chantilly was leaning towards gun, because the minute she hopped over the fence with him she heard a loud pop! and for a split second she though the old hag was shooting at them! Squealing like mad, Chantilly was grabbing her cauldron and running down the street with him! -07:35 Nov 05
Will: Ever the fence he felt like he was hit by somehting but he wasn’t stopping, not until he was overtaking Chantilly and then dragging her into the park and climbing the gave. The park at night had always been their hidaway ever since they became classmates and she had brought him here. -07:39 Nov 05
Chantilly: Chantilly nearly tripped up the steps of her favorite pavillion, half crawling across the floor until she plopped her butt on a bench. Just to sure, she patted herself down to see if there were any gunshot wounds. "Christ, I think she was trying to kill us…! Are you okay?" -07:42 Nov 05
Will: He was looking at his claok to make sure there was nothing on it. "I thought she hit me but… nothing. He looked at her and ran a tongue over his fang and griined. "OOh I think I have … yesss." he pulled out a bar of nougat and unwrapped it quickly. "My fa… ewww." he had bitten into it and immediatly shuddered. "That doesn’t taste right at all." -07:46 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Yeeeah, I thought she hit me too. Maybe she had some rocks or something." Chantilly snatched the candy from his hand and popped it in to her mouth. Which in hindsight might’ve been stupid if it was poisoned or something, but she hadn’t thought of that until it was too late. "Tastes okay to me?" Chantilly tugged on his cape taking a look at him too, just in case. She felt a little tinglie, but obviously that was all the adrenaline. She was snickering now. -07:49 Nov 05
Will: "That was mine." he complained loking at her. "You owe me…." he emptied his bag over her candy so they could split it like they always did, then he srabbed a sucker and unwrapped it to have in his mouth as he counted up the loot. "UUugh…" he pulled it back out to look at it. "Must be something in my mough making it taste wierd. I’m going to switch toothpaste." -07:53 Nov 05
Chantilly: Chantilly moved to spread out the candy a bit, before glancing up at him curiously. Then she was laughing all over again. "Um… you might have a lot more success if you try taking those stupid fangs out, Will…" She could see them all too easily when he scowled like that. "Anyway, you said wanted to ask me something?" -07:56 Nov 05
Will: "Yeah I did." he said putting his hand in his mouth to tak hold of the talse teeth and… "Huh. Guess they fell out. I wanted to know if you wanted to meet of friday night, as you know a… a da…" he cleared his throat. "It’s not easy with you looking at me like that." -08:01 Nov 05
Chantilly: "They’re not out, I can see them." Look at him like what? Like he’s an idiot? Chantilly rolled her eyes before she scooted close. Putting hand on the back of his neck and the other was grabbing his chin to pull his mouth open. It wouldn’t be the first time he glued stuff in there too well. "I’ll get ’em out. Hanging out Friday sounds cool, I can always do my homework on Sunday." -08:04 Nov 05
Will: Okay touching wasn’t helping either and she arleady though it was just to hang out and he was going red, or felt like he was, really he was looking pretty pale. "Aaaaah." he said opening wide. Maybe he’d suprise her! -08:07 Nov 05
[Chantilly enters.] -08:10 Nov 05
Chantilly: "Did you go get your teeth capped at the dentist or something? That’s hardcore…" she muttered. There sure wasn’t any plastic in there! Chantilly tried tugging on a fang. Tugging poking. Christ, it felt real too! She was dead set serious on getting it out though… at least until her thumb slipped and she pulled back with a yelp. "Sharp…! Ow… Wow that’s actually bleeding. What are they made out of, glass?" -08:14 Nov 05
Will: "I just got them at the store, they should sli… mmmmm." that tasted good. "You have some nougat on your fin… are you bleeding?" he was rigling though his pockets and pulled out a tissue to hold out to her, then he smelled it and shifted closer takign her hand in his and wrapping the tissue around the wound himself and unadle to take his eyes off of the redness spreading though the white paper. "You’ll be fine just need to apply a little pressure. And you said a guy taking home ec was girly. I told you I wanted to get into medical school." he smiled at her, then blinked. "You didn’t tell me you had a contact in." here eyes were different colours, he hadn’t noticed that. -08:20 Nov 05
Chantilly: "I’m not. I didn’t have enough money left over." He had probably wrapped her up and bandaged her up a million times before. He always fixed everything for her, and this might be one of the last times. It was sad… Suddenly she pounced and hugged him. Hiding the fact she was getting teary with another small laugh. "Sorry, I just keep imaginging you as Nurse Will ever since…" Chantilly frowned a bit. He didn’t have much body heat. She pulled back to look at his face. So pale too! "Maybe you’re getting sick, Will. You don’t look well." -08:29 Nov 05
Will: No, why did she have to pull away. "I feel great." he said putting an arm around her and cocking his head. "Your eyes look different colors. This one is normal but your left." he looked into her eye and smiled releaving the fangs again. "Purple is a good color on you." he tilted his head a small voice in the back of his mind wondering what she would do if he kissed her and he looked away. -08:33 Nov 05
[(Timeout) Chantilly has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:42 Nov 05
Chantilly: Those fangs looked really real. It was kind of weird. "It’s probably just because it’s so dark out here…" Curiosity was killing her. Probably because she had an over active imagination and a lame vampire fetish. Either way, she was snatching his chin again to open his mouth and take a second look. "Will, this is kind of strange. There might’ve been drugs in that candy!" -08:42 Nov 05
Will: He frowned at her. "I feel fine, you must be right. It’s just dark, maybe we should pacj everything into your cauldron and walk home. We have dumb stupid lame ass school in the morning anyway." -08:45 Nov 05
Chantilly: ..what was he suddenly so grumpy about! Chantilly retracted her hand and pulled away. Still casting him a wary, almost worried glance. She shifted to scoop up some of the candy, when bzzt~! static shock! Enough that she could actually see the spark and the jolt made her jump. Scowling herself now too she moved to grab it again when… a piece moved! Not just moved but… had little legs and was crawling! Chantilly shrieked and scooted back against him. But once she took a second look. Nothing. Perfectly normal, non moving candy. …oh she was definitely going nuts! "Um. Thought there was a spider…" -08:50 Nov 05
Will: He looked around and shook his head. "I don’t see anything." he said looking at her again and moving to scoop up a handfull himself. "I had fun tonight, wish it could last longer." getting her alone sounded nice, mayne unwrap her finger and… "Oh… you won, you hit the window, so you get first pick of the candy. if only we were allowed sleepovers." -09:11 Nov 05
Chantilly: "If it wasn’t a school night, we could sleep in treehouse." Chantilly was a little wary of the candy now. Between potential poison and possible spiders… But she was quickly scooping it in to the cauldron and nothing else went amiss. "We’ll sort it all out tomorrow at lunch, okay? Then we can sell off the stuff we don’t like to any suckers!" -09:15 Nov 05
Will: "Sounds like a plan, you were always smart, friday in the treehouse then." he pokes her nose, might make you wear this again in there." it was a joke of course but she did look good in it. "So let’s go home, and then tomorow when you eyes are right again, we’ll do lunch." -09:21 Nov 05

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